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									Contract Closeout Plan

             Where we're at
Backlog of approximately 1,463 expired contracts
  and Interagency Agreements
Undisbursed obligations total $41.8M

Backlog of approximately 300 expired contracts
  and Interagency Agreements
Undisbursed obligations total $20M
If each expired contract took up
   one foot of shelf space:

              1,763 ft of

• Eliminate the current backlog of expired
  contracts and IAs by the end of 2009

     How we’re going to do it
1. Establish one closeout Point of Contact
   for each procurement office
2. PMs have been provided a list of expired
   contracts and IAs. Each office will
   inventory its expired contracts and IAs to
   verify that the information shown on the
   list is correct.

     How we’re going to do it
3. PMs will ensure that each contract/IA is
  assigned to a Contracting
  Officer/Specialist. This person will be
  responsible for working through the
  closeout of that instrument and reporting
  on it on a monthly basis to either the PM
  or the POC until the contract is retired.
  PMs will report progress monthly as part of
      How we’re going to do it
4. COs or Specialists will send out:
  a) Confidential Business Letters to
  contractors if the appropriate clause is not
  in the contract;
  b) Closeout notification letter or email to
  the contractor; and
  c) Closeout notification and request for
  audit to DCAA as applicable.
      How we’re going to do it
5. To add a contract/IA to the Closeout
  Services contract (contractor: LeGacy):
  a) Ensure that all outstanding contract
  issues have been resolved and that the
  Technical Officer’s Certification is signed.
  b) For contracts/IAs on the inventory list,
  simply e-mail the contract/IA number to
     How we’re going to do it
6. When transferring contracts/IA's to
  LeGacy for closeout, provide the following:
  a) The basic contract document.
  b) Final issued modification(s).
  c) Any documents already received that is
  listed on the NF 1612, Contract Closeout
  d) Signed CBI letter, if applicable.
  e) Technical Officer's Certification.
     How we’re going to do it
7. LeGacy will proceed with closeout in
  accordance with the Agency-Wide
  Contract Close Out Services Service
  Delivery Guide.

8. If you have any questions about closeout
  or the closeout process, call Randy Belew
  at x6-6204.
                                         Metrics         Responsibility     Applicability to Instrument
                                                                            IA          FP          Cost
Contract/IA reviewed                                CO/Specialist            x           x           x
CBI Letter Sent                                     CO/Specialist                        x           x
CBI Letter Received                                 CO/Specialist                        x           x
Closeout Notification Letter to Contractor/Agency   CO/Specialist            x           x           x
Notify DCAA (audit, quick closeout etc.)            CO/Specialist                                    x
Contract added to closeout task order               Closeout technical
                                                                            x           x            x
Submit final incurred cost proposal (if not quick   Contractor
DCAA Audits proposal, final rates negotiated (if    CO/Specialist
not quick closeout)
Submit final voucher/payment request                Contractor              x           x            x
Obtain various closeout documentation               LeGacy
       Final New Technology Report Submitted                                            x            x
       Final Patent Right Report Cleared                                                x            x
       Final Royalty Report Cleared                                                     x            x
       Plant Clearance Report Received                                                  x            x
       Property Clearance Report Received                                               x            x
       Assignments and Releases Received                                                x            x
       Final Past Performance Report Complete                                           x            x
Prepare final voucher package and send to CO        LeGacy                              x            x
Deobligation modification if necessary              CO/Specialist           x           x            x
Submit final voucher package to finance             CO/Specialist                       x            x
Prepare and execute SF 1611/1612                    LeGacy                              x            x
Complete Closure Report in CMM                      CO/Specialist (LeGacy
                                                    may be given this       x           x            x
Access contract/IA                                  LeGacy                  x           x            x     11

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