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					                                                      Amanda & Bernard Bushee
                                                      23 east roadAtkinson, NH 03811

This contract applies only to the dog ********* , being used at stud on
Owner:__________________________________________Co-owner ____________________________

The owner of the Bitch hereafter referred to as the breeder.
The owner of the Dog hereafter referred to as the Sire’s owner.

The Sire’s owner shall provide copies of all health clearances preformed on this dog, photos and title certificates
to the breeder. We will also provided information to what this stud dog has produced and pedigree information
that is available at the time of the breeding.

The Breeder shall provide copies and results of ALL health clearances that have been run on this Bitch. 4 stacked
pictures of the bitch for the stud dog’s records. Copies of any title certificates AND A copy of a NEGITIVE
Brucellosis test NO MORE than 30 days before breeding.
**** REQUIRED****
Hip Rating ___________ ____________ CERF EXAM____________Date:________________

ELBOWS__________MRD1 status_____________HSF4 Mutation ______________

The Breeder agrees that all puppies will be sold on a written contract. No puppy resulting from the breeding
shall under any circumstance be sold through a pet store or broker.
         Puppies with disqualifying faults, mismarks or non standard colors per the AKC/ASCA breed standard
and ALL Pups placed into companion (pet) homes will be sold on Spay/Neuter contracts NOT FOR
BREEDING and/or limited Registration.
         All dogs sold as Potential show or breeding prospects MUST be sold with a written contract and or co-
ownership that limits breeding until this dog has passed Hip and Eye certification and also matured into a good
example of the breed (titles are the preferred)
          NO dog will be sold for the sole purpose of breeding. No puppies that are a result of this breeding can be
sold to pet stores, brokers wholesalers, at auction or commercial breeders. No resulting offspring from this cross
can be sold as or bred to “mini” Australian shepherds or other “size” variety of Australian shepherd.
         The breeder has the primary responsibility to be able to take back, or re home any dog that results from
this breeding for their lifetime. However the Sire’s owner agrees to accept return of any puppy if the breeder of
the litter is unable to do so. If the Sires owner accepts return of a puppy, the breeder shall be responsible for any
reimbursement due the puppy buyer. The breeder and Sire’s owner shall work closely together for placement of
any puppy returned to the Sire’s owner. Primary concern is to place all puppies into good loving homes and to not burden
rescue, shelters with placement of the puppies.
         The breeder will provide to the sire’s owner information on the puppies resulting on from this litter.
Information on litter size, tails, colors any faults, results of eye exams, health status, titles, temperaments along
with any changes in the health/temperament status of the bitch or resulting pups. This information will be kept
primarily for the sire’s owner’s personal use and kept in the stud dogs files.
         We do give permission to the breeder to give out our Name and contact information to their buyers.
The Stud fee is $1000.00 Payable at time of breeding.
          It is the Breeders responsibility to ensure that the bitch is NOT bred by another male. If this happens
      DNA profiling of the entire litter to determine proper parentage will be required. Cost of this is the
                                              responsibility of the breeder.
        If the bitch is to stay at the stud owner’s house for breeding, or more than 48hrs, a boarding fee may be
charged at a rate of $5.00/day if food is provided (recommended) or $10.00 a day without food. The bitch will be
given proper care and handling, to prevent escape, theft or injury. The Sire’s owner cannot accept responsibility
for losses due to cause other than negligence.
         The stud dog owner Guarantees that this bitch will only be covered by the above mentioned stud during
her stay. The sire’s owner will guarantee at least TWO breeding to every bitch either by Natural service or direct
collection and AI preformed by Sire’s owner and breeders consent during her stay.

The breeder in good faith believe that they have presented the sire’s owner a bitch that can conceive and is in her
proper time of her cycle, and the stud dog owner has provided a male that is capable of providing a successful
stud service. In the case of irregularities in the breeding process, Stud dog owner reserves the right make a
request that target progesterone be run to assist in determining the best date for mating. If run by the breeders
consent, Costs for this test are the responsibility of the breeder. Vaginal smears may be preformed by the Sire’s
owner at no cost to the breeder. We will also provide Progesterone testing or any other additional testing at the
request of the breeder. Additional expenses for these tests are the responsibility of the breeder.

We guarantee at least TWO (2) live saleable puppies will be born as a result of this breeding.

***IF the bitch does not whelp 2 live puppies. A repeat breeding will be offered with the same stud dog on same
bitch within 18 months.

***If the bitch is no longer available, or the breeder chooses not to use the repeat breeding within 18 months this
contract is considered fulfilled.****

***If The Stud dog is no longer available either by natural, fresh chilled or frozen semen ½ the stud fee will be
refunded at the time of the bitches next cycle****

****The sire owner reserves the right to offer the option of a repeat breeding on a different bitch owned leased or
co-owned by the breeder. This would be as a replacement to and instead of this bitch and must take place within
18 months ***

        If AI (fresh chilled/frozen) is to be preformed, it is the breeder’s responsibility for any additional cost
involved with this; this includes but is not limited to. Travel time to the veterinarian by the stud dog owner, fees
for collection, prep and shipping of semen and performing of the AI. Cost for this service will be determined and
paid for at the time of this service. THERE IS NO REFUNDS for this additional expense.
If checked
 ______The stud dog owner will retain the option of evaluating of picking a puppy from this litter for the price of
the “Stud Fee”. Any sex or color preferences may be expressed when the litter is whelped but, the Stud dog
owner will only make final decisions “our pick” at 7-8 weeks of age after the pups have been examined by an
ophthalmologist and a Veterinarian. We DO allow the breeder to retain the right of FIRST pick on their litter.
We will make our selections from the remaining pups in the litter BEFORE any selections are made by other
interested parties.
Puppy taken as payment for the “Stud Fee” WILL have full registration and sole ownership rights and will carry
the kennel name Muddyfeet either solely, or in addition to the breeders kennel name at the Stud dog’s owner’s
discretion. The breeder is not responsible for any additional Warrantees due to the Stud dog owner for this
By signing this contract, the breeder agrees that he/she has authorization from any co-owners of the above
named bitch to proceed with this breeding and relieve the sire’s owners from any liability they may incur as a
result of the use of the sire for this breeding.

It is understood by the breeder the Sire’s owner cannot make ANY guarantees as to the health and fitness for a
specific use of any puppies resulting from this breeding. It is UNDERSTOOD that breeding dogs has risks; The
Breeder assumes the risk that any dog bred can produce health/temperament/color or breed standard faults. It is
understood that any resulting offspring may also produce Health/Temperament/Color or breed standard faults.

The breeder assumes the risk that new information either on the Stud dog or the Bitches pedigree in the future
can affect the suitability for breeding or any other use of the stud dog, bitch or any resulting offspring.

It is UNDERSTOOD and AGGREED on that “if” any health/temperament/color or breed standard faults
should be produced both the sire’s owner and the breeder will update each other so further information can be
collected and appropriate steps can be taken to avoid or reduce or eliminate the risk of producing such concerns
in the future.

The primary goal of collecting such information is for the welfare of any future litters and THE BREEDS future.

Information will shared in a professional manor to appropriate parties. The sole purpose of this is to prevent,
reduce or eliminate if possible such issues or risk factors in the future. Under no circumstances is this information
to be used a negative fashion or try to place blame or responsibility against a specific dog, breeder or kennel.