The Track and Field Camp Application medical Treatment Authorization by nmr41826


									The Track and Field Camp Application                                           medical Treatment Authorization Form
REgisTER AT www.spoRTCAmps.msu.Edu
pLEAsE pRiNT iNFoRmATioN BELow oR ENRoLL oNLiNE                                ______________________________________ DOB___/____/____
                                                                               Participant’s Name
Name: _________________________________________________                                                     Track and Field
                                                                               What Sport: ______________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________                                                                July 12-16
                                                                               Date of Camp: ____________________________________________

City: __________________________ State: ______ Zip: __________
                                                                               Participants are automatically enrolled in MSU’s accident insurance plan.
Parent or Guardian: ________________________________________                   Eligible covered expenses will be paid only if they are in excess of other valid
                                                                               and collectible insurance.
Daytime Telephone: (_________) ______________________________
                                                                               1. List any medical conditions that camp personnel should be aware of
Evening Telephone: (_________) ______________________________
                                                                               (use additional pages if necessary): ______________________________
E-mail: ________________________________________________                       _______________________________________________________

Grade in September: ___________________ Age: _____________                     2. List any medications currently taking: __________________________
Sex: ______ Date of Birth: _____________ Ht: ________ Wt: ________
                                                                               3. List any allergies: ________________________________________
Roommate preference: ______________________________________                    _______________________________________________________

________________________                 ________________________
Suitemate preference                     Suitemate preference                  in case of emergency please contact:

(A SUITE IS TWO ROOMS WITH CONNECTING BATH)                                    _______________________________________________________
Position: ________________________________________                             __________________________ ____________________________
                                                                               Daytime Telephone           Evening Telephone
Shirt Size:       qS     qM       qL     q XL                                  _______________________________________________________
                                                                               Name of Medical Insurance         Company Telephone
please enroll me in the following Track and Field camp:
Camp Date                    Resident                   Commuter               Insurance Policy Numbers

                                                                               ____________________________________________, as parent or
JuLY 12-16                   q $355.00                  q $290.00              legal guardian of the participant named above, authorizes MSU to seek
                                                                               medical and/or surgical treatment which is reasonably necessary to care
                                                                               for the participant. I further authorize the medical facility that treats the
                              U.S. FUNDS ONLY.                                 participant to release all information needed to complete insurance claims.
                        Please make checks payable to                          I acknowledge my responsibility to pay all costs associated with the partici-
                         miCHigAN sTATE uNiVERsiTY                             pant’s medical care and authorize all insurance payments, if any, to be made
                                                                               directly to the medical facility.
                Check one: q CHECK q MASTERCARD q VISA
                                                                               _______________________________                   ____________________
                                                                               Signature (Parent or Guardian)                     Date
Card Number

3 digit security code                                              Exp. Date
                                                                                   Send Application and Medical Treatment Form with payment in full to:
                                                                                                        miCHigAN sTATE uNiVERsiTY
Amount of Check/Charge enclosed                                                                              sports Camp office
                                                                                                          402 Jenison Field House
                                                                                                        East Lansing, mi 48824-1025
                                                                                                            Fax: 1-517-355-6891

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