2008 Partnership Tax returns by wev47737


									2008 Partnership Tax returns

The 2008 partnership return is available in v11.01 of Sage Taxation. The return is presented
via the Tax Return Viewer - something that was first made available for Personal Tax in the
release of v11.00.

When a 2008 partnership return is selected, the viewer will display the return as follows:

Tasks in Partnership Tax

The tasks panel in Partnership Tax 2008 now includes easily accessible options for the tax
return generation process; less common options can be accessed using the return menu.

- Import accounts data

You can import data from several accounts production packages to the correct areas of the
Partnership Tax forms, eliminating the need to re-enter data.
- Profit sharing ratios

The profit sharing ratios window has been updated.

You can now enter ratios with 3 decimal points rather than 2. This can be opened through
Tools > Profit Sharing Ratios, or can be accessed from the Tasks pane.

- Transfer partners' data

Partners' data for the tax year 2008 can be transferred from Partnership Tax to Personal Tax
by selecting Tools > Transfer Partners' Data, or clicking Transfer Partners' Data in the Tasks
pane. This will enable the completion of the individual partner’s Personal Tax return for 2008.

- SA 2008 validations

Updated validations provided by HMRC have been included for 2008 to provide increased
assurance for online filing.
Filing returns 2008 Partnership Tax return

The process of submitting tax returns remains the same but the windows during the
submission process have changed.

To submit a return online:

1. Open the final return.
2. Click start submission process. The submission wizard appears.
3. Choose file online.
Note: If the return has failed validations, file on paper will be the only option available.
4. Click Next - the send return to client page appears.
5. If you haven't already sent the return to the client for them to sign, you can either print the
return or save as PDF and send to them via email for them to review.
6. Enter the date you sent the return to the client.
7. Click next. The client approval page appears.
8. Click yes and enter the date of acceptance.
9. Click next. The ready to file page appears.
10. Click close.
11. Start control centre.
12. Choose Tools > Agent Filing (FBI) > File Returns. The agent filing window appears.
13. Select the return to file then click the arrow button to move the return to the returns to file
14. Click file. Progress bars appear showing the submission status

- Submitting amended returns online

HMRC have also extended their online services to allow the electronic submission of
amended returns for tax years 2008 and later - this facility is available in v11.01 to allow
amended 2008 returns to be submitted online. You will need to continue to submit
amendments for 2007 and earlier on paper.

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