Facts About the Presidents by coold


									Facts About the Presidents
                                 13th PRESIDENT

                            Millard Fillmore

Date of birth—Jan. 7, 1800                           Term of office—July 10, 1850–Mar. 4, 1853
Place of birth—Summerhill, Cayuga                     (Fillmore succeeded to the presidency on the
 County, N.Y.                                         death of Zachary Taylor)
Education—Received basic local instruc-              Term served—2 years, 236 days
 tion; apprentice cloth-dresser; self-taught         Administration—16th
 through library reading; classes at academy         Congresses—31st, 32nd
 in New Hope, N.Y.; private studies at law           Age at inauguration—50 years, 184 days
 offices of Judge Walter Wood, Montville,
 N.Y., and of Asa Rice and Joseph Clary,             Lived after term—21 years, 4 days
 Buffalo, N.Y.                                       Occupation after term—Chancellor of Uni-
Religion—Unitarian                                    versity of Buffalo, president of Buffalo His-
                                                      torical Society, presidential candidate
                                                     Date of death—Mar. 8, 1874
Career—Lawyer, state legislator, U.S. con-
 gressman, state comptroller, Vice President         Age at death—74 years, 60 days
Political party—Whig                                 Place of death—Buffalo, N.Y.
State represented—New York                           Burial place—Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buf-
                                                      falo, N.Y.


                FATHER                               Date of death—May 2, 1831
                                                     Age at death—About 51 years
Name—Nathaniel Fillmore
Date of birth—Apr. 19, 1771
Place of birth—Bennington, Vt.
First marriage— Phoebe Millard, c. 1796                 Millard Fillmore was the second child in a
 (d. May 2, 1831)                                    family of nine.
Second marriage— Eunice Love, May 2,                 Children of Nathaniel Fillmore and Phoebe
 1834                                                Millard Fillmore
Occupation—Tenant farmer; magistrate,                Olive Armstrong Fillmore, b. Dec. 16, 1797
 justice of the peace                                Millard Fillmore, b. Jan. 7, 1800, d. Mar. 8,
Date of death—Mar. 28, 1863                             1874
                                                     Cyrus Fillmore, b. Dec. 22, 1801
Place of death—East Aurora, N.Y.
                                                     Almon Hopkins Fillmore, b. Apr. 13, 1806, d.
Age at death—91 years, 343 days                         Jan. 17, 1830
                                                     Calvin Turner Fillmore, b. July 9, 1810
                MOTHER                               Julia Fillmore, b. Aug. 29, 1812
                                                     Darius Ingraham Fillmore, b. Nov. 16, 1814,
Name at birth—Phoebe Millard                            d. Mar. 9, 1837
Date of birth—1780                                   Charles De Witt Fillmore, b. Sept. 23, 1817,
Place of birth—Pittsfield, Mass.                        d. 1854
Marriage—Nathaniel Fillmore, c. 1796                 Phoebe Maria Fillmore, b. Nov. 23, 1819, d.
                                                        July 2, 1843

                                   Facts About the Presidents

              MARRIAGES                               Age of wife at marriage—44 years, 112
             First marriage                           Age of husband at marriage—58 years, 34
Married—Abigail Powers                                Years married—16 years, 36 days
Date of marriage—Feb. 5, 1826
Place of marriage—Moravia, N.Y.                                      CHILDREN
Age of wife at marriage—27 years, 329                 Children of Millard Fillmore and Abigail
                                                      Powers Fillmore
Age of husband at marriage—26 years, 29
 days                                                 Millard Powers Fillmore, b. Apr. 25, 1828,
                                                        Aurora, N.Y.; d. Nov. 15, 1889, Buffalo,
Years married—27 years, 53 days
                                                      Mary Abigail Fillmore, b. Mar. 27, 1832, Buf-
            Second marriage                             falo, N.Y.; d. July 26, 1854, Aurora, N.Y.
Married—Caroline Carmichael McIntosh                  Children of Millard Fillmore and Caroline
Date of marriage—Feb. 10, 1858                        Carmichael McIntosh Fillmore
Place of marriage—Albany, N.Y.                        None

                            THE PRESIDENT’S WIVES

                First wife                            Date of birth—Oct. 21, 1813
                                                      Place of birth—Morristown, N.J.
Name at birth—Abigail Powers
                                                      Mother—Temperance Blachley Carmichael
Date of birth—Mar. 13, 1798
                                                      Father—Charles Carmichael
Place of birth—Stillwater, N.Y.
                                                      First marriage—Ezekiel C. McIntosh (d.)
Mother—Abigail Newland Powers
                                                      Second marriage—Millard Fillmore, Feb.
Father—Reverend Lemuel Powers                          10, 1858, Albany, N.Y.
Father’s occupation—Baptist clergyman                 Children—None
Education—Self-taught through reading                 Date of death—Aug. 11, 1881
Marriage—Millard Fillmore, Feb. 5, 1826,              Age at death—67 years, 294 days
 Moravia, N.Y.
                                                      Place of death—Buffalo, N.Y.
Children—Millard Powers Fillmore, b. Apr.
 25, 1828, d. Nov. 15, 1889; Mary Abigail             Burial place—Buffalo, N.Y.
 Fillmore, b. Mar. 27, 1832, d. July 26, 1854         Years younger than the President—13
Occupation—Schoolteacher                               years, 287 days
Date of death—Mar. 30, 1853                           Years she survived the President—7
                                                       years, 156 days
Age at death—55 years, 17 days
Place of death—Washington, D.C.
                                                                 THE FIRST LADY
Burial place—Buffalo, N.Y.
Years older than the President—1 year,                   Abigail Powers Fillmore met her future
 300 days                                             husband at an academy in New Hope, N.Y.,
                                                      where she was a teacher and he was a 17-
Years the President survived her—20                   year-old student attending classes in his
 years, 343 days                                      spare time. She was well known for her love
                                                      of books.
               Second wife                               Mrs. Fillmore was an invalid by the time
                                                      her husband succeeded to the presidency.
Name at birth—Caroline Carmichael
                                                      Her daughter, Mary Abigail Fillmore,

                                        Millard Fillmore

assumed the functions of First Lady. Mrs.
Fillmore died less than a month after her
husband ended his term of office, having con-
tracted a chill while attending the inaugura-
tion of President Franklin Pierce.

18—, attended primitive rural schools and              1846, commanded a corps of Home Guard
  was self-instructed                                    during the Mexican War
1815, apprenticed to wool carder and cloth-            1846, named chancellor of the University of
  dresser                                                Buffalo (served until his death)
1818, taught school at Scott, N.Y.                     Jan. 1, 1848–Feb. 20, 1849, New York State
1823, admitted to the bar; practiced in East             Controller
  Aurora, N.Y.                                         Mar. 4, 1849–July 9, 1850, Vice President
1829–1831, New York State Assembly (Anti-                under Zachary Taylor
  Masonic party)                                       July 10, 1850–Mar. 4, 1853, President (suc-
1830, moved to Buffalo, N.Y.                             ceeded to office at death of Taylor)
Mar. 4, 1833–Mar. 3, 1835, U.S. House of               June 1852, unsuccessful aspirant for Whig
  Representatives (from New York)                        presidential nomination
Mar. 4, 1837–Mar. 3, 1843, U.S. House of               Nov. 1856, unsuccessful candidate for the
  Representatives (from New York)                        presidency on the American (“Know-Noth-
1842, declined to be a candidate for renomi-             ing”) Party and the Whig Party tickets
  nation to U.S. House seat                            1862–1867, president of Buffalo Historical
1844, unsuccessful Whig candidate for gover-             Society
  nor of New York

                July 10, 1850                          noon on Wednesday, July 10, 1850, Judge
                                                       William Cranch, Chief Justice of the United
   Millard Fillmore, succeeding President              States Circuit Court of the District of Colum-
Zachary Taylor, who died on July 9, 1850,              bia, administered the oath to Fillmore in the
was the second Vice President to succeed to            Hall of Representatives.
the presidency on the death of a President. At

                                   July 10, 1850–March 3, 1853

State—John Middleton Clayton, Del., contin-            War—George Washington Crawford, Ga.,
 ued from preceding administration; Daniel              continued from preceding administration;
 Webster, Mass., July 22, 1850 (died Oct. 24,           Samuel J. Anderson (chief clerk), ad interim
 1852); Charles Magill Conrad, La. (secre-              July 23, 1850; Winfield Scott (major gen-
 tary of war), ad interim Oct. 25, 1852;                eral, U.S. Army), ad interim July 24, 1850;
 Edward Everett, Mass., Nov. 6, 1852                    Charles Magill Conrad, La., Aug. 15, 1850
Treasury—William Morris Meredith, Pa.,                 Attorney General—Reverdy Johnson, Md.,
 continued from preceding administration;               continued from preceding administration;
 Thomas Corwin, Ohio, July 23, 1850                     served to July 22, 1850; John Jordan Crit-

                                   Facts About the Presidents

 tenden, Ky., July 22, 1850; entered upon               Aug. 2, 1850; John Pendleton Kennedy,
 duties Aug. 14, 1850                                   Md., July 22, 1852; entered upon duties
Postmaster General—Jacob Collamer, Vt.,                 July 26, 1852
 continued from preceding administration;              Interior—Thomas Ewing, Md., continued
 Nathan Kelsey Hall, N.Y., July 23, 1850;               from preceding administration; Daniel C.
 Samuel Dickinson Hubbard, Conn., Aug. 31,              Goddard (chief clerk), ad interim July 23,
 1852; entered upon duties Sept. 14, 1852               1850; Thomas McKean Thompson McKen-
Navy—William Ballard Preston, Va., contin-              nan, Pa., Aug. 15, 1850; Daniel C. Goddard
 ued from preceding administration; Lewis               (chief clerk), ad interim Aug. 27, 1850; Alex-
 Warrington (captain, U.S. Navy), ad interim            ander Hugh Holmes Stuart, Va., Sept. 12,
 July 23, 1850; William Alexander Graham,               1850; entered upon duties Sept. 16, 1850
 N.C., July 22, 1850; entered upon duties


           THIRTY-SECOND                               President pro tempore of the Senate
             CONGRESS                                     —William Rufus Devane King, Ala.,
                                                        resigned as president pro tempore on Dec.
       March 4, 1851–March 3, 1853                      20, 1852; David Rice Atchison, Mo., elected
                                                        Dec. 20, 1852
First session—Dec. 1, 1851–Aug. 31, 1852
                                                       Secretary of the Senate—Asbury Dickens,
 (275 days)
Second session—Dec. 6, 1852–Mar. 3, 1853
                                                       Speaker of the House—Linn Boyd, Ky.,
 (88 days)
                                                        elected Dec. 1, 185
Special session of the Senate—Mar. 4,
                                                       Clerk of the House—Richard Montgomery
 1851–Mar. 13, 1851 (10 days)
                                                        Young, Ill.; John Wien Forney, Pa., elected
Vice President—Millard Fillmore (suc-                   Dec. 1, 1851
 ceeded to the presidency on July 9, 1850, on
 the death of Zachary Taylor)

Associate Justice
Benjamin Robbins Curtis, Mass., Sept. 22,
  1851 (replaced Levi Woodbury)

Sept. 9, 1850, California admitted as the 31st         Dec. 5, 1851, General Louis Kossuth, an
  state                                                  architect of the Hungarian revolution of
Sept. 11, 1850, first American performance of            1848, arrived; celebration at New York
  Jenny Lind, “the Swedish Nightingale,” at              City, Dec. 6, where he was proclaimed a
  New York City                                          champion of liberty
Sept. 18, 1850, fugitive slave law enacted,            Dec. 24, 1851, Capitol at Washington, D.C.,
  making recovery of runaway slaves the                  partly destroyed by fire
  responsibility of the federal government             1852, Harriet Beecher Stowe published Uncle
July 4, 1851, cornerstone laid for the south             Tom’s Cabin, the novel that kept slavery a
  House extension of the Capitol                         burning issue

                                        Millard Fillmore

Nov. 1852, Commodore Matthew C. Perry                  Mar. 2, 1853, Washington Territory created
 sent on expedition to open the ports of                out of northern part of Oregon
 Japan to commerce                                     Mar. 3, 1853, federal assay office building

                     ADDITIONAL DATA ON FILLMORE

MILLARD FILLMORE                                       FILLMORE DECLINED HONORARY
——was the second President born in New
 York.                                                    Oxford University, through its chancellor,
——was the second President whose father                the Earl of Derby, offered to confer the honor-
 was alive when he was inaugurated.                    ary degree of Doctor of Civil Law (D.C.L.) on
——was the second President to remarry.                 Millard Fillmore. He refused the honor, stat-
——was the fourth President to marry a                  ing, “I had not the advantage of a classical
 widow.                                                education and no man should, in my judg-
——was the first President to have a step-              ment, accept a degree he cannot read.”
                                                       FILLMORE SOUGHT
BOOKS FOR THE PRESIDENT                                RENOMINATION AND
    According to contemporary reports, when
President Millard Fillmore took office the                Millard Fillmore served until the comple-
White House had no books, not even a Bible.            tion of the term ending March 3, 1853. He
His wife, Abigail Powers Fillmore, a former            was an aspirant for the presidential nomina-
schoolteacher and a voracious reader, con-             tion at the Whig convention held in Balti-
verted a large room on the second floor into a         more, Md., in June 1852, but the Whigs
library, and the appropriation act of March 3,         nominated General Winfield Scott.
1851 (9 Stat. L. 613) authorized “for purchase            Four years later, Fillmore was nominated
of books for a library at the Executive Man-           for the presidency by the anti-immigrant,
sion two hundred and fifty dollars to be               anti-Catholic American Party (the “Know-
expended under the direction of the President          Nothing” Party) but was defeated in the elec-
of the United States.”                                 tion. He received approximately 875,000
                                                       votes against 1,341,000 for John Charles Fré-
FILLMORE’S REPLY TO                                    mont, the first presidential candidate of the
                                                       newly formed Republican Party, and
                                                       1,838,000 for James Buchanan, the Demo-
  Fillmore wrote as follows to L. J. Cisti on          crat, who was elected.
January 4, 1855:                                          The platform adopted by the American
                                                       Party on February 21, 1856, at Philadelphia,
  In compliance with your request I have               Pa., contained the following section:
  frankly stated the facts connected with
  my early history, and as no man is                     Americans must rule America; and to
  responsible for the circumstances of his               this end native-born citizens should be
  birth, they furnish nothing of which he                selected for all state, federal, and munici-
  should be ashamed or proud, and there-                 pal offices of government employment, in
  fore while they require no apology they                preference to all others. A change in the
  can justify no boasting. I need hardly add             laws of naturalization, making a contin-
  that this letter is not intended for publi-            ued residence of twenty-one years, of all
  cation.                                                not heretofore provided for, an indispens-
                                                         able requisite for citizenship hereafter,
                                                         and excluding all paupers and persons

                                 Facts About the Presidents

  convicted of crime from landing upon our
  shores; but no interference with the
  vested rights of foreigners.

                               FURTHER READING
Barre, W. L. The Life and Public Services of         Rayback, Robert J. Millard Fillmore. 1959.
  Millard Fillmore. 1971.                            Smith, Elbert B. The Presidencies of Zachary
                                                       Taylor and Millard Fillmore. 1988.

                          The Presidents

       Chronology, Family History, and Personal Background

      PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED                34. Dwight David Eisenhower 1953–
        STATES—YEARS SERVED                       1961
                                              35. John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1961–
1.    George Washington 1789–1797
2.    John Adams 1797–1801
                                              36. Lyndon Baines Johnson 1963–1969
3.    Thomas Jefferson 1801–1809
                                              37. Richard Milhous Nixon 1969–1974
4.    James Madison 1809–1817
                                              38. Gerald Rudolph Ford 1974–1977
5.    James Monroe 1817–1825
                                              39. Jimmy Carter 1977–1981
6.    John Quincy Adams 1825–1829
                                              40. Ronald Wilson Reagan 1981–1989
7.    Andrew Jackson 1829–1837
                                              41. George Herbert Walker Bush 1989–
8.    Martin Van Buren 1837–1841                  1993
9.    William Henry Harrison 1841             42. William Jefferson Clinton 1993–
10.   John Tyler 1841–1845                        2001
11.   James Knox Polk 1845–1849               43. George Walker Bush 2001–
12.   Zachary Taylor 1849–1850
                                                   BIRTH AND DEATH DATES
13.   Millard Fillmore 1850–1853
14.   Franklin Pierce 1853–1857               Washington 1732–1799
15.   James Buchanan 1857–1861                J. Adams 1735–1826
16.   Abraham Lincoln 1861–1865               Jefferson 1743–1826
17.   Andrew Johnson 1865–1869                Madison 1751–1836
18.   Ulysses Simpson Grant 1869–1877         Monroe 1758–1831
19.   Rutherford Birchard Hayes 1877–         J. Q. Adams 1767–1848
      1881                                    Jackson 1767–1845
20.   James Garfield 1881                     Van Buren 1782–1862
21.   Chester Alan Arthur 1881–1885           W. H. Harrison 1773–1841
22.   Grover Cleveland 1885–1889              Tyler 1790–1862
23.   Benjamin Harrison 1889–1893             Polk 1795–1849
24.   Grover Cleveland 1893–1897              Taylor 1784–1850
25.   William McKinley 1897–1901              Fillmore 1800–1874
26.   Theodore Roosevelt 1901–1909            Pierce 1804–1869
27.   William Howard Taft 1909–1913           Buchanan 1791–1868
28.   Woodrow Wilson 1913–1921                Lincoln 1809–1865
29.   Warren Gamaliel Harding 1921–           A. Johnson 1808–1875
                                              Grant 1822–1885
30.   Calvin Coolidge 1923–1929
                                              Hayes 1822–1893
31.   Herbert Clark Hoover 1929–1933
                                              Garfield 1831–1881
32.   Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1933–
                                              Arthur 1829–1896
                                              Cleveland 1837–1908
33.   Harry S. Truman 1945–1953
                                              B. Harrison 1833–1901

                               Facts About the Presidents

McKinley 1843–1901                                Garfield Ohio, Republican
T. Roosevelt 1858–1919                            Arthur New York, Republican
Taft 1857–1930                                    Cleveland New York, Democrat
Wilson 1856–1924                                  B. Harrison Indiana, Republican
Harding 1865–1923                                 McKinley Ohio, Republican
Coolidge 1872–1933                                T. Roosevelt New York, Republican
Hoover 1874–1964                                  Taft Ohio, Republican
F. D. Roosevelt 1882–1945                         Wilson New Jersey, Democrat
Truman 1884–1972                                  Harding Ohio, Republican
Eisenhower 1890–1969                              Coolidge Massachusetts, Republican
Kennedy 1917–1963                                 Hoover California, Republican
L. B. Johnson 1908–1973                           F. D. Roosevelt New York, Democrat
Nixon 1913–1994                                   Truman Missouri, Democrat
Ford 1913–                                        Eisenhower New York, Republican
Carter 1924–                                      Kennedy Massachusetts, Democrat
Reagan 1911–                                      L. B. Johnson Texas, Democrat
G. Bush 1924–                                     Nixon New York, Republican
Clinton 1946–                                     Ford Michigan, Republican
G. W. Bush 1946–                                  Carter Georgia, Democrat
                                                  Reagan California, Republican
                                                  G. Bush Texas, Republican
                                                  Clinton Arkansas, Democrat
Washington Virginia, Federalist                   G. W. Bush Texas, Republican
J. Adams Massachusetts, Federalist
Jefferson Virginia, Democratic–                       DATES AND PLACES OF BIRTH
    Republican                                    Washington Feb. 22, 1732, Westmoreland
Madison Virginia, Democratic–Republican               County, Va.
Monroe Virginia, Democratic–Republican            J. Adams Oct. 30, 1735, Braintree (now
J. Q. Adams Massachusetts, Democratic–                Quincy), Mass.
    Republican                                    Jefferson Apr. 13, 1743, Shadwell, Va.
Jackson Tennessee, Democrat                       Madison Mar. 16, 1751, Port Conway, Va.
    (Democratic–Republican)                       Monroe Apr. 28, 1758, Westmoreland
Van Buren New York, Democrat                          County, Va.
    (Democratic–Republican)                       J. Q. Adams July 11, 1767, Braintree,
W. H. Harrison Ohio, Whig                             Mass.
Tyler Virginia, Whig                              Jackson Mar. 15, 1767, Waxhaw, S.C.
Polk Tennessee, Democrat                          Van Buren Dec. 5, 1782, Kinderhook, N.Y.
Taylor Louisiana, Whig                            W. H. Harrison Feb. 9, 1773, Berkeley, Va.
Fillmore New York, Whig                           Tyler Mar. 29, 1790, Greenway, Va.
Pierce New Hampshire, Democrat                    Polk Nov. 2, 1795, Mecklenburg County,
Buchanan Pennsylvania, Democrat                       N.C.
Lincoln Illinois, Republican                      Taylor Nov. 24, 1784, Orange County, Va.
A. Johnson Tennessee, Democrat (but               Fillmore Jan. 7, 1800, Cayuga County,
    nominated and elected with Lincoln on             N.Y.
    Republican ticket)                            Pierce Nov. 23, 1804, Hillsborough, N.H.
Grant Illinois, Republican                        Buchanan Apr. 23, 1791, Cove Gap, Pa.
Hayes Ohio, Republican                            Lincoln Feb. 12, 1809, Hardin County, Ky.

                    Chronology, Family History, and Personal Background

A. Johnson Dec. 29, 1808, Raleigh, N.C.                 Only one President, Taft, was born in Sep-
Grant Apr. 27, 1822, Point Pleasant, Ohio            tember.
Hayes Oct. 4, 1822, Delaware, Ohio                      One President, Coolidge, was born on a
                                                     national holiday, July 4, 1872.
Garfield Nov. 19, 1831, Orange, Ohio                    The first President born outside the origi-
Arthur Oct. 5, 1829, Fairfield, Vt.                  nal thirteen states was Lincoln.
Cleveland Mar. 18, 1837, Caldwell, N.J.                 The first President born west of the Mis-
B. Harrison Aug. 20, 1833, North Bend,               sissippi River was Hoover.
    Ohio                                                The President born farthest north was
McKinley Jan. 29, 1843, Niles, Ohio                  Arthur, in Fairfield, Vt.
                                                        The Presidents born farthest east were
T. Roosevelt Oct. 27, 1858, New York,                John Adams and John Quincy Adams, in
    N.Y.                                             Braintree (now Quincy), Mass.
Taft Sept. 15, 1857, Cincinnati, Ohio                   The President born farthest south was
Wilson Dec. 29, 1856, Staunton, Va.                  Lyndon Baines Johnson, near Stonewall, Tex.
Harding Nov. 2, 1865, Corsica (now                      The President born farthest west was
    Blooming Grove), Ohio                            Richard Milhous Nixon, in Yorba Linda,
Coolidge July 4, 1872, Plymouth, Vt.                 Calif.
                                                        Only two Presidents were born in large cit-
Hoover Aug. 10, 1874, West Branch, Iowa
                                                     ies: Taft, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Theodore
F. D. Roosevelt Jan. 30, 1882, Hyde Park,            Roosevelt, in New York City.
    N.Y.                                                Only three Presidents were born in a hos-
Truman May 8, 1884, Lamar, Mo.                       pital: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George
Eisenhower Oct. 14, 1890, Denison, Tex.              W. Bush.
Kennedy May 29, 1917, Brookline, Mass.
                                                          PRESIDENTS BORN BRITISH
L. B. Johnson Aug. 27, 1908, near                                SUBJECTS
    Stonewall, Tex.
Nixon Jan. 9, 1913, Yorba Linda, Calif.                  Eight Presidents were British subjects at
Ford July 14, 1913, Omaha, Neb.                      birth even though they were born in North
                                                     America: Washington, John Adams, Jeffer-
Carter Oct. 1, 1924, Plains, Ga.
                                                     son, Madison, Monroe, John Quincy Adams,
Reagan Feb. 6, 1911, Tampico, Ill.                   Jackson, and William Henry Harrison. The
G. Bush June 12, 1924, Milton, Mass.                 first President not born a British subject was
Clinton Aug. 19, 1946, Hope, Ark.                    Van Buren.
G. W. Bush July 6, 1946, New Haven,
    Conn.                                                     THE PRESIDENTS OF
                                                             CHARLES CITY COUNTY
   Two Presidents were born in 1767: Jack-
son (March 15) and John Quincy Adams (July              Charles City County, Va., is noted as the
11). Two were born in 1822: Grant (April 27)         birthplace of two men who were simulta-
and Hayes (October 4). Two were born in              neously elected President and Vice President
1913: Nixon (January 9) and Ford (July 14).          of the United States. They were William
Two were born in 1924: Carter (October 1)            Henry Harrison and John Tyler, elected
and George Bush (June 12). Two were born in          November 3, 1840, and inaugurated March 4,
1946: Clinton (August 19) and George W.              1841.
Bush (July 6).                                          The careers of the two men who became
   Two Presidents were born on November 2:           the ninth and the tenth Presidents had much
Polk in 1795 and Harding in 1865. Two were           in common. Both had been governors, Harri-
born on December 29: Andrew Johnson in               son the territorial governor of Indiana and
1808 and Wilson in 1856.                             Tyler the state governor of Virginia. Each
   Only one President, George Bush, was              had served in the House of Representatives
born in June.                                        and the Senate.

                            The Presidents and Their Vice Presidents

                The Presidents and Their Vice Presidents

       VICE PRESIDENT’S OATH                            Madison
  I do solemnly swear that I will support                 George Clinton (first term)
  and defend the Constitution of the                      Elbridge Gerry
  United States against all enemies, for-               Monroe
  eign and domestic, that I will bear true
  faith and allegiance to the same: that I                 Daniel D. Tompkins (first and second
  take this obligation freely, without any              terms)
  mental reservation or purpose of evasion,             J. Q. Adams
  and I will well and faithfully discharge
  the duties of the office on which I am                  John Caldwell Calhoun
  about to enter. So help me God.                       Jackson
        PRESIDENTS AND VICE                               John Caldwell Calhoun (first term)
            PRESIDENTS                                    Martin Van Buren (second term)

   There have been 43 Presidents (with                  Van Buren
Grover Cleveland counted twice since his two              Richard Mentor Johnson
terms were not consecutive), of whom only 39
had Vice Presidents. Four of the men who                W. H. Harrison
succeeded to the presidency did not appoint a             John Tyler
Vice President to take their place and were
not subsequently elected to the presidency in
their own right. Each of the four other men               ———
who succeeded to the presidency served out
his predecessor’s term without appointing a
Vice President, but was then elected in his               George Mifflin Dallas
own right along with a vice presidential run-
ning mate. Seven of the 35 remaining Presi-
dents had two different Vice Presidents, and              Millard Fillmore
one had three, so there have been 48 separate
   However, only 46 individuals have held                 ———
the office of Vice President: George Clinton
and John Caldwell Calhoun each served
under two different Presidents.                           William Rufus Devane King
   The following is a list of the Presidents            Buchanan
and their Vice Presidents. Biographical mate-
rial on each Vice President may be found in               John Cabell Breckinridge
Part I in the appropriate presidential section.         Lincoln
Washington                                                Hannibal Hamlin (first term)
  John Adams (first and second terms)                     Andrew Johnson (second term)
J. Adams                                                A. Johnson
  Thomas Jefferson                                        ———
Jefferson                                               Grant
  Aaron Burr (first term)                                 Schuyler Colfax (first term)
  George Clinton (second term)                            Henry Wilson (second term)

                                 Facts About the Presidents

Hayes                                              Eisenhower
  Williams Almon Wheeler                              Richard Milhous Nixon (first and second
  Chester Alan Arthur                              Kennedy
                                                     Lyndon Baines Johnson
  ———                                              L. B. Johnson
                                                     ———(first term)
Cleveland (first term)                               Hubert Horatio Humphrey (second term)
  Thomas Andrews Hendricks
B. Harrison                                           Spiro Theodore Agnew (first term;
  Levi Parsons Morton                              resigned October 10, 1973, after serving 10
                                                   months of his second term)
Cleveland (second term)                               Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. (second term;
  Adlai Ewing Stevenson                            December 6, 1973, sworn in, filling vacancy
                                                   left by resignation of Spiro Agnew)
  Garrett Augustus Hobart (first term)             Ford
  Theodore Roosevelt (second term)                   Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (sworn in
                                                   December 19, 1974)
T. Roosevelt
  ———(first term)                                  Carter
  Charles Warren Fairbanks (second term)             Walter Frederick Mondale
Taft                                               Reagan
  James Schoolcraft Sherman                           George Herbert Walker Bush (first and
                                                   second terms)
   Thomas Riley Marshall (first and second         G. Bush
terms)                                               James Danforth Quayle III
Harding                                            Clinton
  Calvin Coolidge                                    Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.
Coolidge                                           G. W. Bush
  ———(first term)                                    Richard Bruce Cheney
  Charles Gates Dawes (second term)
                                                       VICE PRESIDENTS—TERMS OF
Hoover                                                   OFFICE AND PRESIDENTS
  Charles Curtis                                                 SERVED
F. D. Roosevelt                                    1. John Adams
   John Nance Garner (first and second               1789–1797, Washington
   Henry Agard Wallace (third term)                2. Thomas Jefferson
   Harry S. Truman (fourth term)                     1797–1801, J. Adams
Truman                                             3. Aaron Burr
  ———(first term)                                    1801–1805, Jefferson
  Alben William Barkley
                                                   4. George Clinton
                                                     1805–1809, Jefferson
                                                     1809–1812, Madison

                            The Presidents and Their Vice Presidents

5. Elbridge Gerry                                   23. Adlai Ewing Stevenson
  1813–1814, Madison                                  1893–1897, Cleveland (second term)
6. Daniel D. Tompkins                               24. Garret Augustus Hobart
  1817–1825, Monroe                                   1897–1899, McKinley
7. John Caldwell Calhoun                            25. Theodore Roosevelt
  1825–1829, J. Q. Adams                              1901, McKinley
  1829–1832, Jackson
                                                    26. Charles Warren Fairbanks
8. Martin Van Buren                                   1905–1909, T. Roosevelt
  1833–1837, Jackson
                                                    27. James Schoolcraft Sherman
9. Richard Mentor Johnson                             1909–1912, Taft
  1837–1841, Van Buren
                                                    28. Thomas Riley Marshall
10. John Tyler                                        1913–1921, Wilson
  1841, W. H. Harrison
                                                    29. Calvin Coolidge
11. George Mifflin Dallas                             1921–1923, Harding
  1845–1849, Polk
                                                    30. Charles Gates Dawes
12. Millard Fillmore                                  1925–1929, Coolidge
  1849–1850, Taylor
                                                    31. Charles Curtis
13. William Rufus Devane King                         1929–1933, Hoover
  1853, Pierce
                                                    32. John Nance Garner
14. John Cabell Breckinridge                          1933–1941, F. D. Roosevelt
  1857–1861, Buchanan
                                                    33. Henry Agard Wallace
15. Hannibal Hamlin                                   1941–1945, F. D. Roosevelt
  1861–1865, Lincoln
                                                    34. Harry S. Truman
16. Andrew Johnson                                    1945, F. D. Roosevelt
  1865, Lincoln
                                                    35. Alben William Barkley
17. Schuyler Colfax                                   1949–1953, Truman
  1869–1873, Grant
                                                    36. Richard Milhous Nixon
18. Henry Wilson                                      1953–1961, Eisenhower
  1873–1875, Grant
                                                    37. Lyndon Baines Johnson
19. William Almon Wheeler                             1961–1963, Kennedy
  1877–1881, Hayes
                                                    38. Hubert Horatio Humphrey
20. Chester Alan Arthur                               1965–1969, L. B. Johnson
  1881, Garfield
                                                    39. Spiro Theodore Agnew
21. Thomas Andrews Hendricks                          1969–1973, Nixon
  1885, Cleveland (first term)
                                                    40. Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.
22. Levi Parsons Morton                               1973–1974, Nixon
  1889–1893, B. Harrison

                                   Facts About the Presidents

41. Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller                         29. Harding, Coolidge
  1974–1977, Ford                                      30. Coolidge (second term), Dawes
                                                       31. Hoover, Curtis
42. Walter Frederick Mondale                           32. F. D. Roosevelt (first and second terms),
  1977–1981, Carter                                      Garner
43. George Herbert Walker Bush                              VICE PRESIDENTS—STATES
  1981–1989, Reagan                                         REPRESENTED AND PARTY
44. James Danforth Quayle III
  1989–1993, G. Bush                                   Adams Massachusetts, Federalist
                                                       Jefferson Virginia, Democratic-Republican
45. Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.                            Burr New York, Democratic-Republican
  1993–2001, Clinton                                   G. Clinton New York, Democratic-
46. Richard Bruce Cheney                                   Republican
                                                       Gerry Massachusetts, Democratic-
  2001– , G. W. Bush                                       Republican
       PRESIDENTS AND VICE                             Tompkins New York, Democratic-
      PRESIDENTS—NUMERICAL                                 Republican
             POSITION                                  Calhoun South Carolina, Democratic-
    Although the President and the Vice Pres-          Van Buren New York, Democrat
ident are inaugurated at the same ceremony,
it does not follow that their numerical posi-          R. M. Johnson Kentucky, Democrat
tion with regard to their offices is the same.         Tyler Virginia, Whig
As some Vice Presidents have served two                Dallas Pennsylvania, Democrat
Presidents and as some Presidents have had             Fillmore New York, Whig
two Vice Presidents (three, in the case of F.          King Alabama, Democrat
D. Roosevelt), and as some Vice Presidents
                                                       Breckinridge Kentucky, Democrat
have succeeded to the presidency without a
corresponding Vice President, there is often           Hamlin Maine, Republican
little relationship in the numerical positions         A. Johnson Tennessee, Democrat (but
of the Presidents and their Vice Presidents.               nominated and elected with Lincoln on
    The following list shows the numerical                 Republican ticket)
order of the Presidents and Vice Presidents            Colfax Indiana, Republican
whose numbers were the same:                           Wilson Massachusetts, Republican
1. Washington, Adams                                   Wheeler New York, Republican
2. J. Adams, Jefferson                                 Arthur New York, Republican
3. Jefferson (first term), Burr                        Hendricks Indiana, Democrat
4. Madison, Clinton (second term)                      Morton New York, Republican
7. Jackson (first term), Calhoun (second               Stevenson Illinois, Democrat
                                                       Hobart New Jersey, Republican
11. Polk, Dallas
                                                       T. Roosevelt New York, Republican
12. Taylor, Fillmore
16. Lincoln, A. Johnson                                Fairbanks Indiana, Republican
18. Grant (second term), Wilson                        Sherman New York, Republican
19. Hayes, Wheeler                                     Marshall Indiana, Democrat
20. Garfield, Arthur                                   Coolidge Massachusetts, Republican
25. McKinley (second term), T. Roosevelt               Dawes Illinois, Republican
26. T. Roosevelt (second term), Fairbanks              Curtis Kansas, Republican
27. Taft, Sherman                                      Garner Texas, Democrat
28. Wilson, Marshall                                   Wallace Iowa, Democrat


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