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                                               FACT UPDATE
                                            May 1 – June 15, 2007

North County Pilot Project
        Work continues on the North County Pilot Project. Representatives from the cities of Carlsbad,
Oceanside, Vista and San Marcos and representatives from the Oceanside Senior Citizens Association, Inc.
(who operate the Oceanside Nutrition Program and Redwood Elderlink (who provide senior transportation for
the City of Escondido) have been meeting monthly to work on this project. The group has identified the
existing vehicle resources, staffing and other parameters of their operation and shared this with each other as
an education about what each agency does and how they operate. This education, this learning about what
each other does is the beginning of looking at the transportation issue from a regional perspective rather than
a “my city or agency” perspective. This in itself is an excellent first step.

       Other discussions have centered on determining the true allocated cost of rides that may be offered to
the general public in the future, insurance and liability coverage for providers and FACT, and standards and
practices for driver training. FACT is in the process of developing a strategic plan for the Pilot Project that will
drive our decision making and actions over the next year.

        The next meeting of the North County Pilot Project work group will be Wednesday June 20, 2007, at
10:00 AM at the Oceanside Senior Center. If you are interested in participating in this group please attend our
meeting. Participation in this work group is open to any agency, group, or entity that may have resources that
will be beneficial to the development and implementation of a coordinated system. These resources include
but are not limited to:
        Vehicles                              Possible in-kind support for FACT
        Training expertise                    Knowledge of establishing the cost of transportation
        Funding for rides for clients Knowledge of insurance and risk management
        Maintenance facilities

       There are many questions and perceived barriers to developing a truly coordinated system of
transportation; however, by approaching the task “one step at a time” and using creativity and imagination,
and employing local, state and national resources we will overcome all obstacles.

Volunteer Driver Programs
        This group continues to meet monthly and has added two new members, the City of La Mesa and the
City of Oceanside. These to cities will be receiving New Freedom funds to develop a Volunteer Driver
Program in their city. Other members of the group include Jewish Family Service – Rides & Smiles, City of
Vista – Out and About, Peninsula Shepard Senior Center, Del Mar Community Connections, Encinitas Senior
Center, and ITN America.

        This group is discussing the development of guidelines for members of the coalition and standardizing
rider applications, having driver standards, vehicle safety standards and collective marketing. The group as
agreed to begin collecting specific data across all programs in July. By coming together and gathering the
same data the coalition will be able to demonstrate the true impact these agencies have on the seniors in San
Diego. Volunteer driver programs provide door to door transportation to a large number of seniors living within
the service boundaries of these agencies.

                                               810 Mission Avenue
                                              Oceanside, CA 92054
                                                  760 967 4197
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        All organizations that have a volunteer driver program are open to joining the coalition. The next
meeting is Monday June 25, 2007 at 10:00 AM at Jewish Family Service on Balboa Avenue. Please contact
me if you would like additional information.

Community Partnership Program
       The FACT Community Partnership Program continues to grow as agencies, cities and organization
make the decision to show their support for the vision and mission of FACT. As of June 15, 2007 FACT has
gathered the support from the following:

          Statement of Support – City Council of Vista

          Partnership Agreements – City Council of Escondido
                                   Transit Alliance for a Better North County
                                   At Your Home Family Care
                                   Del Mar Community Connections

          Partnership Pledge – City Council of Escondido

      For more information on the FACT Partnership Program, please visit the FACT website

CTSA Activities
Council on Access and Mobility (CAM)
      The last CAM meeting was held on April 19. Debbie Majia and Betty Templeton from Sharp Hospital
System Transportation gave an in-depth presentation on the services they provide. Additionally there were
updates from MTS and NCTD on their para-transit services and a complete update from SANDAG on the
SAFETEA-LU programs and the development of the Public Transit and Human Services Coordinated
Transportation Plan

      The next CAM meeting is scheduled for July 18, 2007, 10:00 AM, at the Caltrans building near the Old
Town Transit Center.

CTSA Training
       The next CTSA Training is scheduled for June 29, 2007, at 10:00 AM at the Caltrans building near the
Old Town Transit Center. A CHP Officer will be reviewing Compliance with Controlled Substances and
Alcohol Testing Requirements and Driver Safety.

        All providers of transportation for seniors, people with disabilities and other transportation
disadvantaged populations are welcome to attend and participate in both the CAM meetings and the CTSA
training. All training is provided free of charge.

CTAA Coordinated Transportation Institute
        The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) has selected a team assembled by
FACT to attend a Coordinated Transportation Institute in August 2007. The team will consist of Reg Javier
from the Workforce Partnership/Career Centers; Alex Montenegro from the North County Center for the Blind,
as well as Alane Haynes from NCTD, and Floyd Willis from AIS. The goal of this team is to create a plan for
the taking FACT from start up to implementation.

      Please check the FACT Website: for the latest FACT/CTSA information, and the
agenda, minutes and Executive Directors reports from the FACT Board meetings.

Or contact Rob Carley, Executive Director, 760 967 4197, for more information.

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