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					2009-2010 Physical Science Syllabus Mrs. Gilson ( 517-456-6511 Course Content:
Physical Science is an introductory class that covers some fundamental principles in physics, chemistry, and earth science. The following areas will potentially be covered: Physics: motion, forces, work, energy, sound, electromagnetic spectrum, light, electricity, magnetism Chemistry: properties of matter, atomic structure, periodic table, bonding, chemical reactions, nuclear chemistry Earth Science: plate tectonics, rocks & minerals, earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers, geologic time, weather, solar system

Required Class Materials:
*The following materials must be brought to class daily.

1. 3-ring binder

Your binder will be graded at the end of each chapter. A 1 ½ inch to 2 inch binder works best. Only use blue or black ink pens or pencils please! Any other color ink will not be graded. You are responsible for bringing your textbook to class every day and keeping it in good condition. Do not switch books! At the end of the year, you will be responsible for the condition of the original book assigned to you. 1 one subject spiral notebook is needed for lecture notes. This notebook should only be used for science. It will be collected the day of your chapter test and occasionally on Fridays to grade daily warm ups and notes. Paper for daily assignments and class work. Loose leaf or spiral is fine. Any calculator will be sufficient. A scientific calculator is preferred.

2. Pen/pencil

3. Textbook (provided)

4. Paper
 

5. Calculator

Class Rules:
*A proper learning environment is a key component of success. All the school rules outlined in the student handbook apply!

1. Responsibility



It is your responsibility to follow directions, bring all required materials to class, and to take an active part in your education by asking questions and participating. Be courteous to yourself, others, and the teacher at all times. Respect implies listening when others are speaking, not throwing things, using proper language (no swearing), keeping your hands to yourself, and being non-judgmental of other’s ideas and beliefs. Be on time to class! Tardies will be recorded for any student not in the room when the bell rings. Promptness also applies to following directions. You should only need to be told to do something once. A tardy contract will be issued for every tardy and appropriate disciplinary action will result. **Students with no tardies at the end of a quarter will receive 20 extra credit homework points.

3. Promptness
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4. Attendance
      

You are responsible for making up any missed assignments, notes, labs, tests, etc. when absent. Check the SCRIBE notebook when you are absent. If an assignment is due the day you were absent, it must be turned in the day you return. You will be allowed the number of days you were absent from school to complete all make up work. All work must be made up before you take the chapter test, otherwise you will receive a zero on those assignments. When returning to school from an absence, you MUST come to your first hour class with an admit slip. Failure to do so will result in a tardy, and you will be sent to the office to obtain one. **Perfect attendance each quarter will result in 30 extra credit homework points. No food or beverage is allowed in the classroom or lab. Bottled water is permissible in a plastic, sealable bottle in class only. All other food items will be confiscated and NOT returned.

5. Eating & Drinking

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior:
*Poor behavior choices and/or failure to follow classroom rules will lead to the following consequences.

1. 1st violation: Verbal warning

A gentle reminder to modify your behavior. This should prove sufficient!!

2. 2nd violation: Warning/Relocation (if appropriate)
  

Reminder of classroom rules and their violation Removal from class (into lab), group work, or lab group. Given alternate or additional written assignment in lieu of lab or group project.

3. 3rd violation: Teacher detention (Parents notified)

Required to serve a 20 minute detention with me before (7:30 am) or after school (3:00 pm). If you do not show up for this detention, it will be written up as a referral. During this detention a brief conference will be held to discuss your behavior. You should bring class materials because homework will be required if available, or routine classroom tasks will be assigned.

4. 4th violation: School referral (Parents notified)

Sent to the office and given a school referral.

** If the behavior is deemed extreme (such as violence against another student or teacher), the student may skip steps #1-3 and be sent directly to the office with a referral!

*The following is a breakdown of how your quarter grades will be calculated.

1. Quarter Grades:  Homework: 20%  Tests/Quizzes: 40%


Lab Reports/Projects/Lab Participation: 30%  Classroom Participation: 10%

Retests are available for all chapter tests. Any student may take a retest! Students must sign up for a re-take. The scores of the two tests will be averaged (20% for the first test and 80% for the second) for your final grade. All re-takes must be completed on the assigned date. If you score lower on the retest than the original test, your higher score will be kept.


2. Semester Grades: You must pass two out of the three areas to pass the class!
 Quarter 1 or 3:  Quarter 2 or 4:  Final Exam: 40% 40% 20%

3. Extra Credit:
  

No tardies: 20 points homework extra credit per quarter Perfect attendance: 30 points homework extra credit per quarter Extra credit sheets are usually handed out after every chapter test. (Maximum of 10 points homework extra credit)

4. Late Assignments:

No late assignments will be accepted!
Copying another student’s homework, lab, extra credit, or test will result in all people involved receiving a zero on that assignment, as well as having their parents notified. Plagiarism: the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work. This includes cutting and pasting off of the internet and not properly referencing it in a bibliography. 1st offense: 0 on assignment, referral to the office for discipline 2nd offense: fail marking period, referral to the office for discipline 3rd offense: fail class, referral to the office for discipline

5. Cheating:
 


Parents: Please review the attached syllabus with your student. It contains information regarding their success in Physical Science for the upcoming year. They should keep this syllabus for further reference. Once you have reviewed the attached syllabus, please sign and fill in the contact information below and have your son or daughter return this page to me. The best way to contact me is via email. My email address is listed on the front page of the syllabus at the top. Please use it to keep in touch with how your son/daughter is doing. If email isn’t an option, then please don’t hesitate to call me at 456-6511. Thank you,

Mrs. Gilson

I, (Print student’s name) ________________________________, have read the 2009-2010 Physical Science syllabus. I understand its contents and agree to follow the rules outlined in it. Student’s Signature: _________________________________ Parent’s Signature: ___________________________________ Parent’s email address: _________________________________ Date: ______________ Date: ______________


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