Essentials of Grantsmanship by coold


									                          Essentials of Grantsmanship
Grant – Financial assistance in the form of money, or property or technical assistance
in lieu of money, awarded by a government agency or private organization
(foundation or corporation) to an eligible applicant to accomplish some public

    Grantsmanship should not be viewed as one more fundraising specialty - like
special events, planned giving, or direct mail. The grants process is an opportunity to
get an agency's ideas, experiences, goals and objectives down on paper, to consider
seriously the needs of the clients or constituency and to find out what they think they
need. It is an opportunity to develop programs that have a chance at solving real
problems in the community.

    Grantsmanship is more than fund raising; it ties together planning, management
and fund development. The concepts, the ideas – the heart of the proposal – should
be the responsibility of the institution's staff or faculty. A grant writer helps with the
presentation and writes proposals to get the grant award, however in order to do that
they need a well thought out plan for a necessary program or service. Organizations'
staff and faculty together must be responsible for good planning.

    In developing a proposal: Imagine that you are looking at this proposed program
for the first time from the eyes of a funding organization. How does this program
really operate? Is it effective? How can it be improved? Can you quantify the
products and results? Can you describe this program and why does it matter? Can
you describe them in terms an ordinary person can understand?

    Grant managers must serve many "masters". They must facilitate the work of
program staff while ensuring that every obligation to a funding source is being met
including government grants which have strict compliance and reporting

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