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					 Drafting Employment
Contracts, HR Letters &                                                                     (Offer Solutions to your Business Problems)

        26th & 27th April 2010 (9am to 5pm) – CORUS HOTEL, Kuala Lumpur

                                                                                           100% SBL & PSMB Claimable
This program is designed to assist HR Practitioners in drafting letters and
formats issued to employees in various circumstances related to Human               Normal Fee: RM850 Per Participant
Resources and Industrial Relations. The course is designed to impart the
skills of using the correct language, words and terminology.                        Early Bird & Group of 3 or more:
                                                                                    RM700 Per Participant
The course is also aims to impart methods to save-guard the interest of             (Register by 9th April 2010 - Friday)
the employer by understanding the consequences of the written
communication issued to the employees.                                              ** Certificate of participant will be awarded upon
                                                                                                 completion of the program

DAY 1                                       Module 5 - Demotion                               Module 11 – Disciplinary Action (Minor
Module 1 : Drafting Appointment Letters      •   Demotion following misconduct                Misconduct)
•   Important Clauses to included            •   Demotion voluntarily accepted by              •   Minor misconduct
•   Reference to Handbook and Code of            employee                                      •   Counselling
    Conduct                                  •   Salary reduction                              •   Show Cause Letter
•   Pre-employment medical                                                                     •   Warning letters
•   Nomination of Beneficiary               Module 6 - Termination Simpliciter
•   Medical Declaration                      •   Termination with and without notice          Module 12 – Disciplinary Action (Major
•   Retirement Clause                            period                                       Misconduct)
•   Offer & Acceptance                       •   Termination without assigning reasons         •   Major Misconduct
                                                                                               •   Suspension pending preliminary
Module 2 : Probation & Extension of         Module 7 – Self-Termination                            inquiry
Probation                                    •   Section 15 Employment Act 1955                •   Show Cause Letters
•    Duration                                •   Employers’ obligations                        •   Notice of Domestic Inquiry
•    Extension of probation                  •   Confusion over abscondment vs                 •   Importance of verbatim DI reports
•    Documentation of assessment                 resignation                                   •   Importance of recommendation of DI
•    Letter of Extension                                                                           Panel
•    Termination of probationer             DAY 2                                              •   Importance of comments by approving
                                            Module 8 – Drafting Fixed Term Contracts               CEO
Module 3 : Transfer                         and Termination                                    •   Letter of Dismissal
•   Circumstance where transfer can be       •    Expiry of contract
    effected                                 •    Termination due to misconduct               Module 13 – Managing Resignations
•   Transfer clause in appointment letter    •    Termination mid-way through the              •   Acceptance of Resignation
•   Question of refusal by employee               Contract                                     •   Managing retraction of resignations
•   Mala Fide/Bona fide                                                                        •   Annual leave and short of notice
•   Transfer Letter                         Module 9 – Termination due to Poor
                                            Performance                                       Module 14 – Discussion on recent cases
Module 4 : Promotion                         •    Initial Notification & counselling           •   Retraction of resignation
•   Probation upon Promotion                 •    Performance Appraisal                        •   Change of mind after acceptance of
•   Changes in Terms and Conditions          •    Placement on Performance Improvement             VSS
•   Question of reverting to former               Program                                      •   Suspension during DI
    position                                 •    Termination                                  •   Fixed Term contracts
•   Acting Assignment                        •
                                            Module 10 – Redundancy / Retrenchment
                                             •    Redundancy and surplus to requirement
                                             •    VSS
                                             •    Outsourcing
                                             •    Obligations to Labour Department

The Trainer, Vilasini Menon is an experienced Human Resources Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in the
field of Human Resource Management (HRM) and Industrial Relations (IR).
Vila commenced her career in Human Resource Management in Sime Darby Plantations and later moved on to Sistem
Televisyen Malaysia (TV3). In addition to the experience acquired in the previous two establishments, her career in the Human
Resources Department in Colgate-Palmolive (M) Sdn Bhd provided her a wealth of experience in Compensation and Benefits,
HR Systems, Training and Industrial Relations. She was also involved in Union Negotiations as well as in the Company’s
disciplinary management. She has also served as Company Secretary in Colgate-Palmolive for 3 years where she handled the
portfolio of advising on legal aspects of Industrial Relations as well as managing the organization’s Company Secretarial Matters
and Employee Share Option Scheme.
Whilst in Colgate-Palmolive, she pursued a Law Degree and the Certificate in Legal Practice. She subsequently moved on to
do her Pupilage (Chambering) for a period of 9 months at Messrs Shook Lin & Bok in Kuala Lumpur. Having completed the
pupilage in March 2004, Vila was called to the Malaysian Bar in May 2004. Apart from her legal qualification, Vila also holds the
Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators from the UK.

          For Registration form, please contact Marcus Ong or download from www.victormarc.com.my

                                      Customized in-house training is also available.

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                                                                                                                             Taman Sg. Sering,
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                                                                                                                          Selangor Darul Ehsan.

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     (Offer Solutions to your Business Problems)                                                                           Office: 03-9080 4654
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                                                                                                                E-mail: marcusong78@gmail.com

        Drafting Employment Contracts, HR Letters & Documents
                                                     Date: 26 - 27 April 2010
                                                       Time: 9am to 5pm
                                                    Venue: Corus Hotel, KL

                                                       Registration Form

                Name of Participant(s)                                I/C No.                        Designation
                                                                                                                                     ( )





Company Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Company Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Contact Person: _______________________________                                       Designation: _______________________

Tel: _________________                            Fax: ________________                            Email: _____________________

Nature of Business: ____________________________________________________________________

Enclosed is the Cheque (No: ____________) of RM ____________ , crossed and made payable to
VictorMarc Consulting Services

Do you need us to assist you on the booking of hotel accommodation?                                  Yes                       No

If Yes, Please specify:                           Check-in date: _____________                     Check-out date: _____________

* The hotel accommodation is subject to availability. Please re-confirm with the coordinator before the training and
payment directly to the hotel on the training day.

Terms and Conditions:

1.     The above registration is 100% claimable under SBL Scheme. Please apply to PSMB for approval before the commencement of
       the program.
2.     The fee is inclusive of training materials and meals (2 tea breaks and 1 lunch).
3.     If notice of withdrawal is given written before the confirmation of your registration, no fee is charged.
       No cancellation is allowed once confirmation letter is forward to you. If the registered participant is unable to attend, a substitute is
       allowed. No refund if participant does not turn up and being substituted on the training day.
4.     Cheque should be crossed & made payable to VictorMarc Consulting Services before / upon training.
5.     VictorMarc Consulting Services has the right to change the dates, venue, time, and trainer or cancel the training scheduled due
       to circumstances beyond its control.

____________________ (Company Name & Chop)