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Women's Launch Pad 2007 2008


									Women’s Launch Pad 2008/2009 Mentee Application
WIW Use Only: Application#____

Please complete as soon as possible and no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, September 8, 2008. Please drop off 4 copies of your completed application at the Maddock Alumni Center’s front desk (38 Brown Street, corner of Brown and George).

Directions: Please complete the form in its entirety by providing your answers in the gray area. You may use the tab key to move from question to question.
1. Contact Information Name: Email: Home City, State, Country: Cell Phone: School Address: Preferred Method of Contact:

Campus Phone: Phone E-mail


2. Brown Student Information Concentration: Class Year: Ethnicity (optional): Student Activities/Groups – currently, formerly involved in:

Other Campus Activities (employment, peer advisor, residential, sports, etc.):

3. Professional Interests Please rank top three fields of interest from the list below: 1. 2. 3. Fields of Interest a. Arts, Culture & Entertainment b. Business c. Communication & Media d. Computing, IT & Technology e. Consulting f. Education g. Engineering h. Finance i. Government j. Health & Human Services k. Law l. Life, Physical & Social Sciences m. Medicine n. Non Profit o. Other/Not classified (please specify) p. Real Estate q. Transportation & Utilities


4. Ethnicity/Racial Identity (Optional) Asian American Black/African American Caucasian/White International Latina Multiracial Native American

5. Mentor Preferences (please note preferences are not guaranteed) Please rank from 1 to 7 your preferences/interests to be matched with a mentor: Career Field Concentration Ethnicity/Racial identity Geographically accessible Graduate School interest (Please specify what kind) Speaks a language other than English Working/Living abroad

6. Short Essay Question Please explain why you would like to be mentored through the Women’s Launch Pad. How do you expect to benefit from a mentoring relationship? What would you hope to learn from your mentor/mentee relationship? Please explain. Are there any women within your community that currently serve as a mentor for you (relative, professor, coach, friend, etc.)? Please explain.


7. Short Essay Question What do you envision discussing with your mentor? Please list several possible questions/topics you would bring up in your initial conversation.


Please list your post graduation plans/career interests.

8. Additional Information (required) Please attach a sample letter of introduction to be shared with your mentor. The letter should be polite, informative and include where you are from, your interests and personal background. Please provide your resume. If you are selected for the program, this letter will serve as the initial introduction to your mentor. Also (for fun) please share the following information: 1. Favorite class to date at Brown 2. Favorite past-time/hobby 3. Best spot to study


4. If you could have dinner with any three people, living/dead/real/fictional, who would they be?

9. Women’s Launch Pad Time Commitments and Events Can you commit to attend the Kick-Off Program on October 23, 2008? Can you commit to contact your mentor on a monthly basis? Can you commit and attend small mentee group check ins on a monthly basis? Can you commit to attend the end of year event in mid-May?

No Yes No Yes No Yes No


Specific details of these commitments will be discussed at the program’s introductory meeting the first weeks of September at which time you will be asked to sign a commitment agreement.
You will be notified by email from Women in the World of your acceptance to the program by Friday September 19. Please contact Anastasia Aguiar at with application questions.


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