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									            What is Fax Broadcast?
            Fax Broadcast is sending of information to large number of audience through
            fax simultaneously.

            What is Fax Broadcast used for?
            Fax Broadcasting is an effective tool for

                 -    Sending newsletters
                 -    Press releases
                 -    Marketing to existing and new clients
                 -    Technical bulletins
                 -    Program updates
                 -    Product announcements
                 -    Survey questionnaires

            Why use Global Voice Fax Broadcasting?
            1) No monthly fees.

            2) No setup fees

            3) Send hundreds and thousands of faxes easily

            4) Send multiple Fax Broadcasts simultaneously

            5) No need for special computer equipment, expensive fax boards or servers,
            special software, multiple phone lines.

            6) Support fax machine on manual mode.

            7) ’Do Not Fax’ lists
            If a recipient of one of your faxes ever asks to be excluded from your future
            broadcasts, simply place their fax number in your "Do Not Fax" list. If this fax
            number is in any fax list that you use, our system will skip delivery to that
            particular fax number.

            8) Receive your fax results
            Once your Fax Broadcast has finished, you will receive all of your
            "undeliverable" fax numbers so you can keep your database up to date and
            ready for your next Fax Broadcast.

            9) When you send us your fax order via email, you will get an email response
            confirming we have received your faxing order. Your fax will begin at the time
            you specify in your email to us.

8 Lorong Bakar Batu #04-12 Singapore 348743 Tel: (65) 6846 8878 Fax: (65) 6846 7228 URL: www.globalvoice.com.sg Company Regn No. 199409480E
            What format does the fax document have to be in?
            Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and RTF files.

            What format does the distribution list file have to be in?
            Any database compatible format. .xls, .csv, .dbf, .txt are all acceptable. The
            distribution list file should have 2 columns, one for the recipients’ name and
            the other for the recipients’ fax number. The recipients’ fax number should
            include the country code and area code if they are overseas.
                    Global Voice           68467228

            Do you provide fax numbers as part of your fax broadcasting service?
            No, we do not. We are not a fax list provider. Our clients have a fax list

            Do I need any special software to use your fax broadcasting service?
            No. All you have to do is email us your documents. Our techs will review your
            document and list and set up your broadcast and send it. Please email your
            documents to faxbroadcast@globalvoice.com.sg.

            Can I get to see a proof before you send the fax advertising campaign?
            Yes. We are happy to send a proof to you. When you send us your fax, simply
            ask us to send you a test fax and include your fax number. Just call or email
            us to approve it so we may send out the rest of the fax advertising campaign.

            How do I submit fax broadcasting jobs?
            Simply email us your fax list and fax document files and tell us the date and
            time you want it to be sent. Our email is faxbroadcast@globalvoice.com.sg.

            How many retries are there for an unsuccessful broadcast attempt?
            Every single fax number retried up to 3 times. We DO NOT charge for failed

            What are the billing options for payment on a fax advertising account?
            Credit card or check payment.

            How do I know if my faxes were successfully delivered?
            You will receive a fax broadcasting campaign report after the broadcast has
            been completed via email.

            How long do you take to send the faxes?
            For a campaign of 10,000 numbers, it takes less than 5 hours if the fax list is

8 Lorong Bakar Batu #04-12 Singapore 348743 Tel: (65) 6846 8878 Fax: (65) 6846 7228 URL: www.globalvoice.com.sg Company Regn No. 199409480E

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