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									        FAQ about going on a
     BizX International Exchange

                 How FANTASTIC will my exchange be?

Just give me the facts: Where can I go on exchange? How long will it last?

             Exchange sounds AWESOME! But do I qualify?

               How much does this “exchange” thing cost?

                      Gimme the important dates!

          How do I choose which courses to take when abroad?

           This is a vacation, right?? Do I need to go to class?

                    Wait! Where am I going to sleep?

                            Need more info?

                       I’m sold! Where do I apply?
How FANTASTIC will my exchange be?
The BizX DeGroote Student Exchange Program is an opportunity for you to Xperience, Xplore
and Xcel!

       Xperience - The challenge of dealing with different cultures, learning a language,
 studying in another country and performing in a new academic environment.

      Xplore - Travel, learn more about different regions, countries, religions and governments
 by immersing yourself in their lives and their environment.

      Xcel - Prepare yourself to be a `globe-ready' manager through the breadth and depth of
 knowledge gained through exchange, and present a `you' that is more dynamic, adaptable,
 independent and influential.

Just give me the facts: Where can I go on exchange? How long will it last?
BizX offers exchanges in 13 countries, and 22 schools across the world.

Most exchanges last for only one semester. However, the following schools offer a Commerce
exchange for a full year:
      The University of Manchester
      Université Catholique de Lille
      Hokkaido University

Exchange sounds AWESOME! But do I qualify?
The table below summarizes all you need to know about qualifying for exchange. The decision
is made by a Committee of faculty and academic counselors that reviews each application. The
Committee may request interviews with some applicants.
                                      Commerce                                  MBA
When can I go?          During third year                     During third study term

What marks do I need?     You must have a CA of at least 6.0 at You must have a GPA of 5.5 or higher
                          the end of Commerce II                after the first year

What other criteria are          Extra-curricular activities
looked at besides                Community involvement
academic                         Maturity and self-sufficiency
Do I need to be able to   Students have to be proficient in the language that they are going to be taught
speak the native          in. Most of the BizX exchange partners now offer a good mix of business
language?                 courses taught in English. But still knowledge of the local language is valuable
                          to fully experience the cultural part of an exchange.
How much does this “exchange” thing cost?
The costs vary with each specific program. Tuition and incidental fees are paid at McMaster,
using the McMaster fee structure. But students are responsible for travel, boarding / lodging
and other living expenses while abroad.

But keep in mind that DeGroote does offer some externally funded scholarships for MBA and
Commerce students going on exchange. These are awarded based on academic merit.
For more scholarship info just click here.

Gimme the important dates!
OK, so applications are due on the third Monday in January. (And in the rare case that this date
falls on a recognized holiday, the deadline will be extended to Tuesday of that week)

You will find out if you have been selected for exchange the second week of February when
students are mailed an offer letter. You have ten days from the date of the letter to accept the

How do I choose which courses to take when abroad?
The courses you take overseas must be able to fit into your academic program. For undergrads
the courses taken on exchange may be used as substitutes for required courses, Commerce
electives, or non-Commerce electives depending on the course content. For MBAs the courses
taken may be used as substitutes for stream requirements or as electives.

Both MBA and Commerce students must consult with their Academic Advisor and obtain
approval for the courses they want to take while overseas.

This is a vacation right?? Do I need to go to class?
YES you need to go to class! Although exchange will be an amazing experience, part of the
learning comes from the courses, faculty and students you will be exposed to. Courses
successfully (meaning passed!) taken abroad are credit towards your McMaster degree. But the
grades received for these courses are not used in calculating averages and do not appear on
your transcript.

Wait! Where am I going to sleep?
In most cases, your accommodation will be arranged by the host school before you leave on
exchange. Many of the schools either have residences where exchange students can stay or will
place students in apartments or private homes. However, you always have the option of making
your own housing arrangements. Remember, you will need to pay for boarding and lodging
either before departure or soon after reaching the host school. Costs of living vary significantly
but you should plan to spend what you do on average in Canada.

Need more info?
Have a chat with Professor Mandeep Malik. He’s the Director of the BizX DeGroote Student
Exchange Program. His office is DSB 228 and can be contacted by e-mail: bizx@mcmaster.ca.

If you want to know more about a specific exchange program, you have three options:
        You can pick up brochures, calendars and program descriptions from Professor Malik in
  DSB 228
        A meeting can be arranged for you and a student who has already been on exchange
        You can attend the annual information night that is held in early November of each
  academic year

I’m sold! Where do I apply?
First you need to pick up and fill out your application. Application forms can be either
        Picked up in DSB 228
        Downloaded from http://www.degroote.mcmaster.ca/curr/forms/bizx_app.pdf

Once your application is complete you can either drop it off to DSB 228 c/o Mandeep Malik, or
mail it to:
DSB 228 c/o Mandeep Malik
Director, BizX DeGroote Student Exchange Program
DeGroote School of Business
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4M4

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