VENDOR AGREEMENT

This agreement shall be between______________________________(Designer) and
D.I.V.A. Productions, Massari Ent., and Irresistible Times (IT) (Event Host).

Event name: Fashion Rock CT Part II

Location: Holiday Inn Stamford, CT.

Term: April 25th 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Name of Owner(s):_______________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

City: __________________ State: ________________ Zip Code: __________________

Email Address: __________________________ Phone Number: ___________________

Alternate Phone Number: ______________________

Describe Merchandise being sold/Item(s) being promoted:

Other Information:

Cost and Payment:

The cost of the vendor space is $50.00. There will be no pro ration for partial day or no
shows. Payment in full must be made by one week prior to the show. A non refundable
deposit of $25.00 is required to reserve your space.

Terms and Conditions:

The event host will provide one table and two chairs to each vendor, along with two
vendor passes. No more than two people are allowed to be present in the assigned vendor
station unless otherwise approved by the event host no later than 48 hours prior to the
event. An additional cost will charged per additional person added to your vendor space.
Vendors shall be required to provide all materials and supplies necessary for set up,
display and sales.

The vendor has the sole responsibility to collect proceeds from their sales and to pay all
taxes due. All records of sales transactions are the property of the vendor.

The vendor is an independent agent/contractor and their activities are under their control.

The vendor at its own expense, costs and risks shall defend any and all claims, actions,
suits, or any other proceedings that may be brought against them as a result of their

Vendors at their own risk agree to participate in this event and will not hold the event
host responsible for any damages that occur to their merchandise unless otherwise
discussed and agreed upon in writing before the event by both parties.

D.I.V.A. Productions, Massari Ent., and Irresistible Times (IT) will provide the
appropriate space at the event venue, and provide advertisement of the event in various
media. D.I.V.A. Productions, Massari Ent., and Irresistible Times (IT) will provide
access to the site by 5:00PM on Saturday April 25, 2009 for designers.

If D.I.V.A. Productions, Massari Ent., and Irresistible Times (IT) determines, in it’s sole
discretion, that the designer’s actions under this agreement are unsatisfactory D.I.V.A.
Productions, Massari Ent., and Irresistible Times (IT) may suspend this agreement.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Print Name: _______________________                Print Name: _____________________
                 (Vendor)                                         (Event Host)

Signature: _________________________              Print name: _____________________
                  (Vendor)                                         (Event Host)

Date: _____________________________               Date: __________________________

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