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					                                                                LABRADOODLE         218    Camp Canine
                                                             GETTING TO KNOW YOU 219    Pamela Withage
                                                                      AND          220    23457 130th St
                                                             ADOPTION AGREEMENT       Staples, MN 56479

Name:                                               Address:                                    City,ST,Zip:

Phone:                                              Email:                                      Dog’s Name:

What will this dog be used for: (ie:                Where will the puppy live? Inside or        What are your plans for puppy training classes?
Companion, pet, therapy hunting or agility?)        outside?                                    Would you like to be contacted when I have our
                                                                                                Obedience classes?
If hunting, would you get proper training?

Have your raised dogs before? Please list:          How long would the puppy ever be            Do you have children? Have they been taught
                                                    alone for any length of time? (whie at      about having a puppy? (I.e. not to tease, etc?)
                                                    work, etc?)                                 Please explain.

Where did they live (inside or outside)
                                                    Where would the puppy stay when
                                                    going out of town?

Why do you specifically want a Labradoodle?         Are allergies and or shedding an issue      What gender do you prefer?
                                                    or concern?

Information about adopted Labradoodle:
Kennel:                                             Phone:                                     About the Labradoodles:
                                                                                               Dam: “Holly” AKC Reg Lab (cream)
Withage Farms Camp Canine                           218-894-1324 (home)                        Sire: “Sparky” AKC Reg Poodle (white)
Mike and Pamela Withage                             320-250-2464 (cell)                        Born: October 17, 2009
23457 130th Street                                                                             Sex: 6 Males and 5 Females=11 total
Staples, MN 56479                                                                              Color: White, tan, Champagne

Adoption Agreement:                          By my initials next to each line…I am agreeing to the following:

______    I agree that the Labradoodle is being adopted for myself and will not be sold, adopted, or given to another party. If I do any of
          the above, I agree to pay WF Camp Canine the amount that I paid for this puppy in full and all costs to get the dog back safely
          to WF Camp Canine.
______    I agree that only under proper supervision the Labradoodle will be allowed outdoors. When taking my dog outdoors, they will
          be on a secure harness and wear proper ID. I also agree that his animal will be a companion animal only. (no guard dogs)
______    I agree that at no time will this Labradoodle be kept on a chain or rope.
______    I agree to care for this Labradoodle in a humane manner and to be a responsible animal guardian. This agreement includes
          adequate food, water, attention and medical care. I also agree to giving proper bedding and covering from the elements.
______    I agree that if at any point I cannot keep the Labradoodle, I will return him / her to WF Camp Canine without requesting a fee,
          and I will pay all shipping costs prior to shipment.
______    I understand and agree that WF Camp Canine makes no guarantees about the dog’s temperament and is not responsible for
          future damages or injuries caused by the Labradoodle.
______    I agree to contact Withage Farms Camp Canine if my companion dog needs to be euthanized for any reason, prior to being
          euthanized (unless the dog’s veterinarian determines this is a medical emergency), at which time I will still contact Withage
          Farms Camp Canine.
______    I agree to take my Labradoodle to the vet for a complete check no more than 1 week after adopting this dog and will send
          Withage Farms the proof of clean bill of health from your veterinarian, and sending a receipt as proof of the visit.
______    I agree that Withage Farms has provided me with the proof of health records that were kept from Week 1 through Week 8,
          which includes the worming, dew claw removal vet bill, the 6 week check up bill, the 6 and 8 week shot record .
______    If the Labradoodle is killed in an accident (plane crash or car accident), Withage Farms will reimburse you for the money you
          paid for the Labradoodle, but will not reimburse you for the plane ticket, health certificates, crates bought and money for
          driving to / from airport.
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______ Prior to the Labradoodle being release, I agree to provide WF Camp Canine picture of myself (or family)and the home it will
live in (either a pic of kennel and ample run room or a pic of our home). These pictures can be sent via email, fax or mail…
   I agree to allow WF Camp Canine to run my MC/Visa/Discover for payment of puppy (and shipping), my signature and
   date give WF Camp Canine this permission.

Withage Farms Camp Canine has made every effort to provide you with a healthy, happy companion dog. Withage Farms
Camp Canine is not responsible for any financial obligations that may occur due to the health after adoption.
Withage Farms will not guarantee anything pertaining to the Labradoodle after it has left the property.
 New Owner Signature
               Puppy Tag ID: ___________                        For Office Use Only                                         (    $800 received)

         Pick up from                       Delivery to Roger’s MN                                           Deliver to Airport
         Camp Canine                        Cabella’s – Pking Lot B
 Pre-Adoption:                              Pre-Adoption:                              Pre-Adoption:
    Adoption signed:                           Adoption signed:                            Adoption signed:
           Hold harmless option                      Hold harmless option                         Hold harmless option
    Picture of Family received                 Picture of Family received                  Picture of Family received
    Picture of Backyard received               Picture of Backyard received                Picture of Backyard received
 Mid-Adoption:                              Mid-Adoption:                              Mid-Adoption:
 Viewing date:                              Delivery date:                                 Health Cert / Vet Date:                              $25.00
 Pick up date:                              Delivery time:                                 Crate Purchased Date:                                $99.00
 Pick up time:                              Recd $ (puppy):                                      21 long x 15 wide x 15 high #233/24
 Recd $ (puppy):                            Recd $ (mileage-$25):                                20 long x 19 wide x 27 high #261/33
 Pmnt type:                                 Pymnt type:                                          36 long x 24 wide x 26 high #389/36
 CC#                                        CC#                                              _______Puppy weight
 Total Charged:                             Total charged:                                 Mileage charge to/from airport:                      $25.00
 Date charged:                              Date charged:                                  Airline Ticket Cost: ( *)                        $
 Adoption:                                  Adoption:                                      Puppy cost                                       $
    Puppy sweater on / spray                   Puppy sweater on / spray                Total Puppy & Shipping Puppy Cost                    $
    Go thru Baby Book                          Go thru Baby Book                       Pymnt type:
    Go thru Health Record                      Go thru Health Record                   CC#
    Give Puppy Basket                          Give Puppy Basket                       Total charged to card:
    Give Puppy                                 Give Puppy                                  Basket sent                        (shipping $__________)
    Take picture of family/puppy               Take picture of family / puppy          Pre-Flight: Airlines Used:
 Post Adoption:                             Post Adoption:                             Airline Conf #:                             Flight #
    Get ICA if requested                       Get ICA if requested                    Drop Off time:
    Vet exam proof                             Vet exam proof                          Airport Address:
                                                                                       Flight Leaves ____________ time:
 OTHER:                                     OTHER:                                     Flight Arrives: ____________ time:
                                                                                       Flight & Post flight
                                                                                           Crate & File (blanket/food/ice/spray/hlth cert/address)
                                                                                           Called that puppy arrived…time:
                                                                                           Vet exam proof                   Get ICA if requested
                                                                                           Pictures of family / puppy at new home received
*NOTE: Camp Canine does our best to provide to the airlines the best sizing measurements to the airlines for their crate and airlines charges.
 If the crate and puppy weigh in less / more than quoted, Camp Canine will not refund any monies.