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									                                      3363 W COMMERCIAL BLVD, SUITE 202
                                            FT LAUDERDALE, FL 33309

                              RESALE AGREEMENT CHECKLIST
To ensure correct processing of your Resale Agreement, PLEASE REVIEW THIS CHECKLIST, to verify you are
sending ALL required documents, as follows:

1.      A completed Resale Agreement. This form must be signed by all current member(s).
        *PLEASE NOTE: If all owner signatures cannot be obtained, we must be provided with the necessary
        legal documentation: 1- Death certificate and court document appointing Executor/Executrix and his/her
        signature. (The Executor or Executrix must sign this form and must be notarized). 2-Divorce decree
        including Court signature and Seal and description of the Membership. (The granted member must sign
        and notarized the forms). 3-Power of Attorney with description of Membership. (The Executor or
        Executrix must sign this form and must be notarized). 4- Proof of name changed/copy of ID.
2.      Original Authenticated Membership Agreement/Contract including the original Addendum 1 and
        Addendum 2. Authenticated Contract will have a signature or raised seal on the last page. (Please do not send
        contract “FOR YOUR RECORDS”, it is a copy).

                      If original authenticated Contract with the Addendums cannot be located, please complete:

        ____    The LOST MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT/CONTRACT AFFIDAVIT”. This form must be signed
        by all current members/owners and must be notarized. If all owner signatures cannot be obtained, the
        Executor or Executrix must sign this form and must be notarized.

3.      Please see below for an example on how to fill section 4 of the agreement:

            •   Example A (Financing with a cash option discount)
                4a gross price $18,000
                Option to finance 12months
                4b Cash incentive $17,000

            •   Example B (cash only)
                If finance terms is not an option use-
                4a $18,000 this is the minimum amount you will accept for the timeshare.

4.      A check for $94.00 US for each Resale Agreement; please make this check payable to Premiere Resales, LTD..

        •   To pay by Credit Card, VISA or Master Card please complete below.

     ________- ________ - ________ - ________           Expiration Date _____/_____ Zip Code ______

     Name on Card _____________________                 Signature _______________________

        •   In order to process the Listing of your unit, your Membership must be in good standing and paid in
            Full. The Club Maintenance fee current year, must be paid prior to listing.
                                                                PREMIERE RESALES, LTD.
                                                                    RESALE AGREEMENT

IMPORTANT: All items indicated by an asterisk (*) must be completed by the Member or this Agreement will not be processed.

__________________             ________________________________________________________
*Membership No.                *Name of Member(s)

___________________            ________________________________________________________
*Unit & Interval               *Name and location of the Resort

*TELEPHONE NUMBERS: (WEEKDAYS) ______________________                    ______________________
                                        *Daytime                                  *Evenings

The member identified above (the “Seller”) hereby engages PREMIERE RESALES, LTD., a Belizean corporation (“PREMIERE”), to assist Seller in selling the
membership identified above (the “Membership”) at the Private Club indicated above (the “Club”), upon and subject to the following terms and conditions:

1.   ENGAGEMENT. PREMIERE will attempt, diligently and using such marketing and promotional techniques as it deems appropriate under the
     circumstances, to locate a buyer for the Membership (the “Buyer”). Once the Buyer has been located, PREMIERE will provide closing, billing and
     accounting services in connection with the sale of the Membership. PREMIERE will not assume any responsibility for the Buyer’s default, but will assist in
     collection if necessary. To facilitate and expedite PREMIERE’s administrative responsibilities hereunder, PREMIERE has engaged the services of Interval
     Servicing Co., L.L.C. (“ISCO”), located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. ISCO regularly provides various administrative membership services for the Club and its
     members. Unless otherwise specifically indicated, correspondence with PREMIERE should be addressed C/O ISCO, 3363 W. Commercial Blvd. Suite
     202, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 33309 U.S.A. If you need any assistance, contact ISCO toll-free as follows: U.S. and Canada 1-800-930-5050, Mexico 001-
     800-930-5050, or 1-954-485-5400.

2.   AUTHORIZATION. Seller authorizes PREMIERE to execute the Purchase Agreement for the Unit and Interval above mentioned, and to collect all
     payments due to Seller, to be sent to Seller by ISCO after deducting all charges due to PREMIERE and administrative charges due to ISCO.

3.   ENCLOSURES. Seller already has provided or encloses herewith Seller’s original, authenticated Membership documents. Seller’s Membership will not
     be listed for resale without these documents. PREMIERE will retain these documents for safekeeping until the Membership is sold and payments
     completed at which time the corresponding Membership Company; will provide new Membership documents to the Buyer. Seller’s Membership
     documents will be returned in the event the Membership is withdrawn from resale under this Agreement.

4a.* PRICE AND TERMS. The minimum gross price Seller will accept for the Membership is $___________*. The down payment will be 25% of the actual
     sale price.
     The term Seller will accept is as follows: (check-one)        _________ 12 Months ________ 24 Months                 ________ 36 Months
     When the Interval is sold on installment terms, Buyer will be required to pay Seller interest at the rate in effect for Company-owned Club Memberships.

4b.* CASH INCENTIVE. Seller will accept the reduced price of $_____________* for the Membership if the Buyer selects a cash incentive to be paid in full
     within 45 days.

5.   RIGHT TO USE. Seller will continue to enjoy all use rights associated with the Membership until such time as the Membership has been sold and the
     down payment hereinabove specified by the Seller has been fully paid by the Buyer whereupon the Buyer shall be entitled to all Membership Rights. The
     foregoing notwithstanding, if the Buyer is delinquent in any payment due to Seller or the Membership Company, the Membership Company shall be
     entitled to withhold use by the Buyer until Buyer’s account is brought current.

6.   EXCHANGE. Seller may not apply for or execute an exchange involving the Membership while this Agreement is in effect.

7.   RENTAL. While this Agreement is in effect, Seller’s Unit/Interval may be rented only through Royal Club Vacations Rental Program (Fort Lauderdale,
     Florida, USA and Canada 1-800-221-8090 or 1-954-736-2200) and subject to applicable rules and procedures. The Unit/Interval may remain in the
     Rental Program up to the time it is sold and the Buyer has paid at least the down payment hereinabove specified by the Seller, at which time the
     Unit/Interval will be withdrawn from the Rental Program unless Buyer requests to keep it in the Program and all proceeds thereafter will belong to the
     Buyer. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Buyer is in arrears in any payment due Seller or the Membership Company, rental income otherwise payable
     to the Buyer will be withheld until Buyer’s account is brought current.

8.   ANNUAL CLUB SERVICE FEES. The party entitled to Membership use rights in accordance with the first sentence of Paragraph 5 above, either Buyer
     or Seller ultimately shall be responsible for the Annual Club Service Fee for the current interval period. Nevertheless, Club Service Fees must be paid as
     billed in accordance with standard procedures. If a Club Service Fee is billed to and paid by the Seller and the Buyer subsequently becomes entitled to
     Membership use rights, prior to occupancy the Membership Company will collect the Club Service Fee from the Buyer and will remit same to the Seller.

9.   SALE BY SELLER. Seller is free to sell the Membership by Seller’s own efforts unless a sale hereunder is pending. Seller will promptly notify PREMIERE
     in C/O ISCO of any sale arranged or made through Seller’s own efforts.

PRES-B1-0109.1                                                               Note:    Be sure you have completed all items indicated by an asterisk (*).
10. EXCHANGE ENROLLMENT. Since all members expect to be enrolled in an international exchange program and since the Membership Company pays
    the first year international exchange enrollment fee for all buyers of company owned memberships, the Seller of a privately owned membership must do
    likewise. Expenses to enroll the Buyer in an international exchange program are included in the commission fee schedule outlined in paragraph 17 (b)

11. SELLER’S ACCOUNT(S) WITH THE MEMBERSHIP COMPANY AND RELATED COMPANIES. (“Companies”) All amounts owed to the Companies by
    the Seller must be paid prior to listing the Membership for resale. Seller’s account(s) with the Companies must be kept current to avoid delisting. In the
    event amounts are owed to the Companies at the time of closing of a resale hereunder, a sufficient portion of the sale proceeds otherwise payable to
    Seller will be applied in liquidation of Seller’s indebtedness to the Companies.

12. ACCOUNTING AND DISTRIBUTION OF SALE PROCEEDS. A detailed accounting will be sent to the Seller as soon as practicable following the closing
    of the sale of the Membership to the Buyer. Distribution of sale proceeds to the Seller will not begin until amounts paid by the Buyer exceed (I) all
    amounts due hereunder to PREMIERE and (II) the total amount of Seller’s outstanding obligations to the Companies (if any). Seller hereby specifically
    authorizes PREMIERE, prior to the distribution of any sale proceeds to Seller to pay itself and the Companies sale proceeds sufficient to satisfy in full the
    obligations described in clauses (I) and (II) above. In the event of default on the part of the Buyer neither PREMIERE nor the Companies shall be
    obligated to reimburse the Buyer any amounts so paid.

13. BUYER’S DEFAULT. In the event the Buyer fails to pay the full price for the Membership after a reasonable grace period and the failure of reasonable
    collection efforts (other than litigation), the Membership will be restored to Seller and Seller shall be entitled to all amounts paid by the Buyer in excess of
    amounts owed PREMIERE and /or the Companies as provided for in this Agreement. Unless the Seller directs otherwise, the Membership will be relisted
    for sale. No additional listing fee will be required.

14. TERM. Unless the Seller notifies PREMIERE in writing C/O ISCO that the Membership has been withdrawn from resale under this Agreement (because
    of a sale resulting from Seller’s own efforts or any other reason), the Membership will remain listed for sale at the price and with the terms herein
    specified until the Buyer has been located. Seller should not expect any report on the status of resale activity, but will be notified promptly once a sale is
    pending. Once a sale is pending the Membership may not be withdrawn from resale under this Agreement. PREMIERE reserves the right to terminate
    this Agreement at any time.

15. MODIFICATION OF AGREEMENT. Any modification of this printed Agreement (other than the completion of optional items in paragraphs 4a and 4b
    indicated by and asterisk) will render this Agreement invalid.

16. SIGNATURES. This Agreement must be signed by all owners in whose names the authenticated Membership documents are recorded PREMIERE
    reserves the right to request that signatures be notarized.

17. SCHEDULE OF CHARGES. In exchange for its services under this Agreement, PREMIERE shall be entitled to the following:

     (a) Listing Fee: A non-refundable listing fee of $94.00, which is due and payable upon submission of this Agreement.

     (b) Marketing and Sales Commission: A marketing and sales commission of twenty five percent (25%) of the actual gross sale price to cover all
         marketing costs and expenses incurred by PREMIERE. The marketing and sales commission shall include cost incurred in exchange program
         enrollment (Paragraph 10 above), and all referral and prospect generation costs. These commissions will be due and payable upon sale of the
         Membership and will be withheld from the sale proceeds otherwise payable to the Seller.

     (c) Time Payment Processing Fee: If the Buyer pays on terms, a processing fee of $30.00 will be withheld from each payment otherwise payable to the

18. PAYMENTS. All payments due under this Agreement are payable in U.S. dollars at par.

19. REMOVAL FROM INVENTORY AND CONFIRMATION. Removal of Unit/ Interval from inventory must be submitted by written request. Upon receipt of
    Seller’s request, the transaction will take approximately three (3) business days to complete. Once completed, Seller will receive a written confirmation
    that Unit/Interval has been removed from inventory and the Membership documents will be returned via registered or certified mail.

20. ACKNOWLEDGMENT. This Agreement shall not be valid until accepted by PREMIERE at its offices in the City of Belize, C.A. This Agreement shall be
    construed and enforced under the laws of Belize.

*MEMBER SIGNATURE (S):                                                     *DATE:_____________________________________________

X: _________________________________________________                       X: __________________________________________________

X: _________________________________________________                       X: __________________________________________________

X: _________________________________________________                        X: __________________________________________________
PRES-B1-0109.1                                                                 Note:    Be sure you have completed all items indicated by an asterisk (*).
                                           THIS FORM MUST BE NOTARIZED

DATE:            _______



NAME (Please Print)                                      NAME (Please Print)

NAME (Please Print)                                      NAME (Please Print)

NAME (Please Print)                                      NAME (Please Print)



SIGNATURE                                                SIGNATURE

SIGNATURE                                                SIGNATURE

SIGNATURE                                                SIGNATURE

STREET ADDRESS                                           CITY, STATE AND ZIP CODE


Subscribed and sworn to before me this        day of                   , 20     .

        (SEAL)                                           NOTARY PUBLIC SIGNATURE

                                                         COUNTY OF___________________

*Please attach original amendment for each additional signature notarized
• PLEASE NOTE: If all owner signatures cannot be obtained we must be provided with the necessary legal documentation and the
    Executor or Executrix must sign this form and must be notarized.

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