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									       ‫,‬                ‫‪St. Nicholas Weekly Bulletin‬‬
                                                ‫‪Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church‬‬
                                              ‫‪Antiochian Archdiocese of North America‬‬
                                               ‫‪Diocese of Los Angeles and the west‬‬
                                   ‫13149 ‪5200 Diamond Heights Boulevard, San Francisco, California‬‬
                           ‫♦ 0025-846 )514( :‪Tel‬‬  ‫‪email: stnicksf@msn.com‬‬    ‫‪♦ website: stnicholas-sf.com‬‬

‫54 ‪Volume‬‬                                           ‫9002 ,‪Sunday, December 20th‬‬                               ‫64 ‪Number‬‬
                                                                  ‫ء ا ذي ل هذا‬          ‫إ‬     ‫و ّد ا وءة ا وردت‬     ‫آ‬
                ‫‪ The Sunday of Genealogy‬أ د ا‬
                                                                     ‫د‬                  ‫مُ‬      ‫و‬     ‫ا آ م ان ا م‬
   ‫وه‬         ‫أ دا‬           ‫د‬        ‫ا دا ق‬
                                                                                                               ‫.‬       ‫ا‬
‫ن أ داد‬                ‫ا ر . هذا‬              ‫وا ب وا د‬
                                                                   ‫ان هذ‬          ‫ون‬          ‫وو‬      ‫إ ء و‬
‫ذ ا راه م ا ذي دأ ا ب ا ري ن‬                              ‫ا‬
                                                                     ‫ت روح ا دس ن ا‬                ‫ا ة آ ت ذراء وا‬
                                      ‫.‬      ‫ث ذا ا‬
                                                                  ‫ول‬       ‫” آ‬       ‫وع ا‬        ‫ا ب و د هو “أ و ر‬
‫و ف ن ا ب هو ب او‬                                    ‫ا‬
                                                                                                                 ‫و س”.‬
‫ّ. و ف‬             ‫ا‬        ‫ا ظ ون أ ً و ُ ب ا و د‬
                                                                    ‫ا‬         ‫رة ان و ف “أ ذ ا رأ ”‬           ‫ا‬
‫. و ان ا د‬               ‫آن ا ب ا ر و س ا ب ا‬
                                                                      ‫َ دت ا‬‫و‬          ‫. و رة “ م َ ر‬        ‫ء ا‬
     ‫ا راه م‬         ‫آون ن‬                ‫ا دم و د ن ا‬
                                                                         ‫ا‬          ‫و ان‬            ‫وع”‬     ‫ا آر و ّ‬
    ‫ن داود آ ن‬            ‫د ن ذآر ا راه م، وآذ ك و د‬
                                                                      ‫نا ا ت‬                ‫ن و ف و ر م، و ول‬
                      ‫داود ا .‬              ‫د ن ان ر ا‬
                                                                     ‫ِن َ‬             ‫د. ان‬               ‫ر ط زو ّ‬
        ‫ود او . آ آ ن ا‬                        ‫آبا‬      ‫ان‬
                                                                  ‫د. و ن‬                        ‫آ‬
                                                                                          ‫ط ا ؤ ّد آ‬
  ‫ب ط‬                ‫و و‬         ‫ظرو وه‬                ‫ا ر‬
                                                                     ‫ا آو‬           ‫ا‬       ‫را‬       ‫ا ر وذآ ن ول‬
       ‫ط . وآ ن‬                    ‫ن ا‬        ‫رّ ، و آ‬
                                                                                          ‫ا س ا “ا دا ا و ”.‬
‫ان وع‬                ‫ء‬            ‫طرا ان و‬           ‫ا ر ول‬
                                                                        ‫اآ‬           ‫ر‬       ‫رأه‬      ‫ظ “ آر” ا‬        ‫ا‬
           ‫.‬        ‫ؤ وا ا ا‬            ‫ا راه م وداود‬
                                                                      ‫رت اآ‬         ‫م رد ا طوط ت ا د ور‬
     ‫ر م ا م “ ر وس” ا و‬                            ‫آ‬
                                                                      ‫” او ا آر ن ا وات ا‬             ‫ن رة “ آر آ‬
‫روح‬          ‫رّ‬      ‫وح‬        ‫وح اي ا‬          ‫ا‬         ‫ا‬
                                                                                                      ‫وردت د و س.‬
‫ذا‬            ‫ت او‬            ‫ا دس. وع هو ا م وا‬
                                                                  ‫ا آ م ا دي ط ق‬             ‫آن ن أ ر‬         ‫و‬
                                 ‫ا م د ان ا ذ ا د.‬
                                                                  ‫أ ّل و د هد ا س و و م ِ ر‬            ‫و‬      ‫ظ آر‬
‫داود‬       ‫ان وع آ ن ا ن ا ر‬                     ‫ت‬
 ‫داود. آون ا ّص ا ً‬                        ‫ن و ف هو‬
                                                                       ‫)‬         ‫وا رون و‬          ‫ور وس طران‬
‫داود. ر م آ ت‬              ‫ر‬        ‫ون و ف آ ن ا‬
‫رة داود. و ؤ ّد و : هو ن م ر م‬                      ‫ن‬     ‫ا‬
                                                                   ‫‪New Members on the Parish Council for‬‬
    ‫ا أه رو‬               ‫ط ر‬                    ‫آ‬
                                        ‫ود . و ؤ ّد و س‬
                                                                             ‫0102 ‪the Year‬‬
      ‫داود”. و آّم‬                ‫ا “ ا د ء ن‬
‫ان و ف‬             ‫وم‬         ‫ود‬         ‫ن ا ء ل ان‬                 ‫‪On Sunday, Dec. 13th the general assembly of‬‬
                                                                  ‫‪St. Nicholas Parish elected 5 parishioners and the‬‬
    ‫رما‬          ‫و د وع و آ ل ان و ف آ ن “ر‬                        ‫‪Pastor Fr. Nicholas Borzghol Appointed one to‬‬
                                              ‫و دت وع”.‬                      ‫.‪serve on the Parish Council‬‬
‫وع‬        ‫“ا رب ّص”‬                     ‫وع‬          ‫آ‬                           ‫:‪The new members are‬‬
                       ‫ن ط هم”.‬                ‫وف ّص‬              ‫‪Hanna Khoury, Maurice Kopti and Suhair Hanhan‬‬
                                                                                 ‫‪to serve for 3 years‬‬
‫ذراء اذ م د أب ري‬                          ‫ام وع‬                    ‫‪Ida Batshon and Michele Khoury for 2 years‬‬
‫”‬         ‫و اي “ا‬                  ‫وع ا‬           ‫. ود‬               ‫‪Maher Shami appointed to serve for 3 years‬‬
                                 Sunday Divine Liturgy December 20th, 2009
The Sunday before the Nativity of the Christ (known as the Sunday of Genealogy) Preparation of the Nativity in
                             the flesh of our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ
     Tone 3   Eothinon 6               Epistle Hebrews 11:9-10; 17: 23, 32-40 ~~~ Gospel Matthew 1:1-25

         St. Nicholas Parish family expresses its                  Altar Candles this Sunday,
      condolences to Fr. Gregory and Kh. Mary Jane                    December 20th, offered by:
       Ofiesh and their children on the passing into
     eternal life Fr. Gregory brother Albert Ofiesh of
                                                                                          ‫د ا‬
          Oregon. May his memory be eternal!                 Nadim, Basma, Ivette, Jennifer, Brandon and
                                                            Matthew Howell, Jane and Oscar Moran, Janan
           This Sunday the Holy Bread of                      and David Cordero for the good health of
             Oblation will be offered by:                   Jimmie Howell on the occasion of his birthday
                                                                     on Dec. 17th. Many years!
St. Nicholas Parish family for the good health of Dn.
                                                             Sponsors for December 27th are needed. Please make checks
John Tershay. Many years!                                    payable St. Nicholas Church in the amount of $25.00 or more.
Joseph & Nuha Stephan in Thanksgiving to God for
Baking the Bread every Sunday for the good health of
their family. Many years!                                              Coffee Hour for this Sunday,
St. Nicholas Parish Family for the good health of                       December 20th, offered by:
Sally Habeeb, Najla Jarjura, Wajdy Nasser,
Janette Tannous, Deeb and Fifi Batshon, Jamil               Saida Jaghab and family for the good health of
Howell, Nahil Dabit, Ellen Salfiti and Layla Eid.          Yesmeen Veirya on the occasion of her birthday
Many years!                                                        on December 17th. Many years!
Saba Family in loving memory of George Saba. May            Sponsors for December 27th needed. Please make checks payable St.
his memory be eternal!                                            Nicholas Teen SOYO in the amount of $25.00 or more.

George and Ghadeer Hanhan in memory of Jeries
Dahood Mousa Abdallah. May his memory be                    Head Usher schedule for following Sunday Divine
eternal!                                                                    Liturgy as follows:
Nadia Shatara and family in loving memory of Elias           Usher’s for Sun; Dec. 20th: Ghassan and David
Shatara. May his memory be eternal!                                     1st. Sunday of Every month,
Maha, Alex, Christopher and Alexis Dabit in memory                  Maurice Kopti and Bishara Wahab
of Rimon Dabit during the Thanksgiving season.                           2nd Sunday of Every month
May their memories be eternal. May his memory be                       Andy Azar and Nabil Khoury
                                                                         3rd Sunday of Every month
                                                                    Ghassan Rantisi and David Habash
St. Nicholas parish family for the good health of                        4th Sunday of Every month
Cheryl Messenser. Many years!                                         John Salih and Hanna Khoury
Maha, Susie, Naida, Ayman, Ghassan & their families                      5th Sunday of Every month
for the good health Rifka Rantisi. Many years!                        Hanna Dayeh and Issam Dabit
Nicolas Fashho for the good health of Johnny                     Altar Boys for the Following Sunday’s
Fashho on the occasion of his birthday. Many years!             Altar Boys for THIS Sun; Dec, 13TH Team I
Gloria Lama in memory of Norma, Emilia, George                     Captain:                  Mousa Khoury
and Antone. May their memories be eternal!                          Nicholas Qaqish          Rami Shnoudy
 Richard and Raine Evans for their good health and                 Abdallah Batshon          Anthony Mobarak
the good health of Jeanette, Silva, Frida, and their       Altar Boys for NEXT Sun; Dec, 20TH Team II
families, for the good health Sub-Dn. Michel and                   Captain:                  Yazan Dabit
Judy Khoury and children and Jamal and Alex                        Issak Qaqish              Amir Habash
Farhat. Many years!       .                                        David Husary              Matthew Nervaiz
Mousa and Nadia Husary and family in memory of
Issa Husary and for the good health of their family.
Mimi Hanhan in loving memory of Basem Hanhan,
Shukri and Wadia Hanhan, Nakleh Aho and Rimon
Dabit. May their memories be eternal!                     THIS Sunday Dec. 20th is St. Ignatius the God-
Mimi Hanhan for the good health of Chuck and                         bearer, Bishop of Antioch!
Juliana Hanhan and family, Randy and Susie               The members of the order of St. Ignatius are to wear
Hanhan and family, Nadene and Nabil Msalam                  there crosses, to usher and to read the Epistle.
and family and The Aho Family. Many years!
                                 Calendar of Events & More▼
      Event:                Date:            Time:
  Men’s Fellowship      Tue; Dec. 22nd     7:30 PM            THIS Saturday,
          Food for HUNGRY PROGRAM!
         WORLD FOOD DAY                ‫ما عا‬                   December 19th
 Please drop all canned food in the back of the church
 and/or pick up a FOOD FOR HUNGRY PEOPLE
         COIN BOX. Please give generously.

THIS Sunday, December 20th all children
 in the play to be in the church Hall by
   10:30 to practice . Please have the
          children wear white.
  Christmas Play with Carols for Children                    Mark your Calendar:
       December 20th after Liturgy…                                             Party
                                                         St. Nicholas Christmas Party

               ‫د‬        ‫ا‬
 Followed by Santa Clause and a luncheon.                         Proudly presents the vocalist:

                        Nativity of Christ
                                                         Reema (From Canada) &
                                                           Donation of $65 each ticket
                                                         Payment expected at the time of reservation to
                                                                  confirm your reservation
             ‫42 آ ن ا ول‬                                  More Reservation contact
                  Thursday,                                 Elia Saoud at 415-664-1817
               December 24th                                 Salim Qaru 650-642 0168
      Royal Hour 9:30 AM
 Matins 5:30 PM-Liturgy @ 6:30
 PM"‫ء‬      5:30      ‫ا‬       ‫ا‬
       "‫ء‬          6:30               ‫اس ا‬
             Thought for the Day
"I need all of you to bring peace and joy and
forgiveness to your homes, to your church, to your
friends, to your children, and to all your loved ones
during this holy season. Call your loved ones and
tell them you love them."                                  Layout for our Annual Christmas Party▲
-- His Grace, Bishop JOSEPH
                                  St. Nicholas New Year’s Family Fun Night Party!! !
                             For those who are not planning to attend a big party and have young children then
                             come and have fun! We are planning to have a family gathering at the church hall.
                                                        With DJ ALEX
                           Children under 12- $15~~~~~~Adults $35 PER PERSON
                          For reservation call the church office at (415)648-5200.

   Lebanese Cuisine
      120w 25th Ave; San Mateo CA, 94403
          Mon – Sun 11 am - 9:30 pm
Join us for live entertainment on Friday night
 For more info about our visit: www. tannourinecuisine.com
                     or Call: Tel: 1(650)638-1960
 Special offer for church members 20%*Note please inform the
            waiters that you are a church members*
*Catering and Private parties available by Executive Chef Paul *
                                                                                        Jewelry Center
                                                                                           Located in
                                                                                        Serramonte Mall
                                                                                         Raed Sousou
                                                                                        (650) 755-2299
                                                                           21K, 18K, 14K Gold & Platinum
                                                                   Jewelry, Loose Diamonds &Jewelry Repair

               Send address changes to St. Nicholas Church, 5200 Diamond Heights Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94131

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