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									                         Monthly Newsletter of Holy Spirit Council 9667

                                             November 2009

                                  From the Grand Knight
                                        By Allen Williamson, GK
On Tuesday evening, October 6th, our council             this very worthy charity.
hosted a Second Degree ceremony in Doyle Hall.
                                                         Our Filipino community at Holy Spirit hosted the
There were fifteen candidates in attendance that
                                                         FFRG's, 16th Annual Rosary Rally, at our parish, on
night for the ceremony. Of the fifteen candidates,
                                                         Saturday, Oct 10th, in celebration of the "Blessed
four were from our council; Chris W. Bernbrock,
                                                         Virgin Mary", Mother of priests. There was a five
Carlos A. Abascal, Howard Knott and Ronald
                                                         decade living rosary said in the church parking lot.
Charest. All four completed the ceremony and are
                                                         After the rosary there was a procession, of about
now brand new Second Degree Knights'.
                                                         three hundred people, led by an honor guard of
Congratulations, Chris, Carlos, Howard and Ronald. I
                                                         eight Knights'. The procession halted in front of the
hope that all of them will attend the next
                                                         church and all went inside for mass. After mass
scheduled Third Degree ceremonial on, February
                                                         everyone went over to Doyle Hall for lunch. I would
28th, 2010 at St. Pius the V in Buena Park. I would
                                                         like to thank our Filipino community as well as the
like to convey a personal thank you to our Second
                                                         FFRG for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful
Degree ceremonial team and to DD Ronn Knowles
for assisting them, and to George Bierkortte and the
"Singing Knights" for leading us in song. Great          Holy Spirit will be having a "Ministry Fair", in Doyle
job! Our next First Degree ceremony at Holy Spirit       Hall, on Saturday, Oct. 31st (Halloween), and
will be held on, Tuesday, November 3rd, at 7:30pm.       Sunday, Nov. 1st after all of the Sunday masses. Our
I would like to invite all of our council members to     council will have an information table at the fair for
attend this event and show your support for the          those who would like to learn more about the
candidates. Remember, this is Your council.              Knight's of Columbus. I will write more about the
                                                         fair in my December's GK report.
About an hour before our October business
meeting, we had our annual potluck dinner in             Wednesday, Nov. 11th is "Veterans Day." Let us all
celebration of "Columbus Day". Everyone brought          remember to pray for all of our servicemen and
their favorite food dishes and all enjoyed a great       women who have fought to protect our country's
meal together. Thank you Bev White and Knight's          freedom, especially for those who paid the ultimate
Ladies and Friends for your efforts in arranging and     price, and for those in our veterans hospitals. Please
hosting this event.                                      also pray for those men and women now in our
                                                         military around the world, especially for those in
We held our annual Drive for the Intellectually
                                                         harms way.
Disabled on Saturday, Oct.17th and Sunday, Oct.
18th, on the church patio after all of the Sunday        There will be a “Memorial Mass” at Holy Spirit on,
masses. Thank you DGK Tom Tighe for your efforts         Saturday, Nov. 14th at 9am, in honor of all of those
in chairing this charitable event. Both Tom and I        Knights' from our council who have gone to be
would like to extend our thanks to all of those in our   with our Lord. Please put this date on your calendars
council who took the time to help collect donations      and plan to attend this mass. I would like to see as
after one or more of the Sunday masses. Thanks           many of our council members there as possible, to
also to all of our parish members who donated to         honor all of our brother Knights' who have passed.
                      Insurance                                                    In This Issue
                                                               GK’s Message                                    1
               By Michael Doss, F.A.                           October Business Meeting Minutes                3
Insurance check-up for 2010                                    Knights Ladies                                  4
                                                               Knight and Family of the Month                  4
Can you believe it will soon be 2010? I hope that
                                                               Birthdays and Anniversaries                     4
2009 was a healthy, prosperous year for you and
                                                               Our Catholic Faith                              5
your family. It’s said that time flies, and the older we
                                                               Program Director Report                         5
get, the more that statement seems true. As we re-
                                                               Singing Knights                                 6
view the past year and prepare to welcome a new
                                                               Membership                                      6
one, we wonder where the time goes.
                                                               Memorial Mass                                   6
If you’re like most people, you’ve made some reso-             Fairview                                        6
lutions for 2010. If I may, I’d like to make two sug-          October 2009 Calendar                           7
gestions regarding your resolutions. First, write              November 2009 Calendar                          8
them down. A resolution is really a goal for the year          Advertising                                     9
and, until you commit a goal to writing, it’s nothing          Activities and Chairpersons                    10
more than a wish. Writing a resolution down is the             Other Officials                                10
first step towards achieving it. Whether your goal is          Knights Elected Officers                       11
to lose weight, contribute more time and money to              Appointed Officers/Directors                   11
charity, read more or watch less television, you’re            Knights Ladies Officers                        11
more likely to accomplish it if you write it down.
Second, schedule some time to visit with me, your
professional Knights of Columbus insurance agent.
The “insurance check-up” that I’ll provide (free of            Prayer List
charge, by the way!) will quickly identify any gaps in         Please pray for the intentions of those listed below.
your family’s life insurance program. And you’ll               Please implore our Lord to grant mercy where it is
want to fill those gaps now, not later. Because                needed, healing if it is possible, comfort for those
unlike many other products, you need more than                 who grieve, and most of all the strength to endure
money to obtain life insurance. You also need good             what we must if what we ask for is not what HE wills
health, and no one will ring a bell warning you when           for us.
your health is about to change.
                                                               Pete Schellberg              Don DeFraine
Knights of Columbus life insurance offers something            Roy Sapp                     Paul Wautlet
precious few other financial products can – guaran-            Pat Nekoranec                Bob Wilke
tees. As long as you pay your premiums, the policy             Paula Horskey                John Fitzgerald
proceeds will be there for your beneficiaries should           JD Reed
something happen to you. We call that peace of                 The safe return of our men and women serving in
mind, and that’s (as they say in the credit card com-          our Armed Forces.
mercials) priceless.
Michael D. Doss, F.A.
562.728.3601 (Cell)

                                                                    Monthly Newsletter of Holy Spirit Council 9667
                                                                          NOVEMBER 2009 Volume 10 Number 5
                                                               EDITOR:       JIM DELUCA 963-2125 FAX: 963-0364
             Knight of the Year                                PUBLISHED MONTHLY FOR THE MEMBERS AND FAMILIES OF HOLY
                                                               SPIRIT COUNCIL 9667 OF THE KNIGHT’S OF COLUMBUS, HOLY
                Jim DeLuca                                     SPIRIT CATHOLIC CHURCH, 17270 WARD STREET, FOUNTAIN
                                                               VALLEY, CALIFORNIA 92708
                                                               SUBMISSION DEADLINE: ARTICLES AND LETTERS TO THE
                                                               EDITOR, TO BE PUBLISHED IN THE DECEMBER KNIGHTS NEWS MUST
            Family of the Year                                 BE RECEIVED BY:
                                                                          9:00 PM TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2009
           Kent and Cindy Kraus                                      ADVERTISING: RATES ARE $5.00 PER MONTH AND UP.

 Monthly Newsletter of the Holy Spirit Council 9667        2                                               November 2009
          Minutes of the October 2009                              Old Business –
                                                                   •   A final vote was taken and passed by the council to
             Council 9667 Meeting                                      donate $300 toward repairing the Grotto.
The 250th meeting of Holy Spirit K of C Council 9667 was           •   Our new steam table is hooked up and ready to go. All
called to order on Tuesday, October 13, 2009, by GK Allan              that is needed now is more volunteers to help with the
Williamson at 7:05 PM. The meeting opened with the GK                  cooking and serving.
and the 25 council members present reciting a prayer. This         New Business –
was followed by the singing the Opening Ode and reciting           •  None
of the Pledge of Allegiance.
                                                                   Fourth Degree Report –
The meeting had been preceded by a potluck dinner with             •   Three members from our council were admitted into
the Knights Ladies, commemorating Columbus Day.                        the Fourth Degree last week. Congratulations to Joe
                                                                       Cesario, Tuan Tran and Donald Griffith.
The roll call indicated that all Officers were present or
accounted for. Absent or excused were the Chaplain,                Field Agent Report –
Chancellor, Financial Secretary, Warden, Second Year               •    None
Trustee, and the Lecturer/Historian. A motion was made,            District Deputy Report –
seconded and passed to accept the minutes from the                 •   None
previous meeting as printed in the bulletin.
                                                                   Good of the Order –
Admissions: No report.                                             •  October Family of the Month: Mark and Tina LeMay
Grand Knight Report:                                               •  October Knight of the Month: Tom Tighe

1.   There was a good turnout at our food booth at the Fall        The meeting closed at 7:55 PM with all present singing the
     Festival last month. “Thank You” to all of you who            closing ode and reciting a prayer for the Canonization of Fr.
     worked so hard to make this a sucess.                         Michael McGivney, led by GK Allan Williamson.
2.   Our annual MR Drive is the weekend, October 17 & 18.          Thomas Peters, Recorder
     Please sign up tonight to help collect donations after
     the Masses this Saturday and Sunday.
3.   Our Parish Breakfast is Sunday, October 25. We could
     use some additional volunteers to help serve the food.
4.   Our parish Ministry Fair is scheduled for the weekend                Raffle prizes and silent auction
     of October 31/Nov 1. We need to have a table set up
     displaying information about the Knights of Columbus.               items are greatly needed for the
     Volunteers are needed to man the table and talk to                          Christmas Dinner.
     interested people who stop by.
The Treasurer reported the following account balances:
                                                                                  Contact Brian Grasso
       Regular Acct:           $3,016.58
                                                                                    at 714-305-9922
       MR Acct:                  $152.08
       CD Acct:               $10,691.34
The Financial Secretary presented the following bills:
      Hospitality               $48.31
      Hospitality               $49.21                                       Fr. McGivney Guild
      Food & Refreshments $222.12                                  The Father Michael J. McGivney Guild serves as a
      Badges                    $43.00                             source for information about the life, works and
      Cards                     $52.04                             spirituality of Father McGivney. The Guild distributes
      Jackets                 $112.00
                                                                   informational materials about him, receives reports
The bills were presented to the Trustees who recommended           of favors granted through his intercession and
payment. The Council then approved the payment by vote.
                                                                   oversees the distribution of relics. Guild members
Committee Reports:                                                 receive regular updates n the progress of Father
•  Church: Knights are needed for the late night hours on          McGivney’s cause for canonization and are invited
   the adoration on the 4th and 5th of the month.
•  Community: Mayor’s Breakfast is this Thursday, 8 AM,
                                                                   to participate in promoting devotion to this Servant
   FV Hospital. Cost is only $2.00.                                of God. Members of the Knights of Columbus are
•  MR Drive: Volunteers are needed to cover the Masses             not automatically Guild members and must elect to
   this weekend.                                                   join the Guild. The Father Michael J. McGivney Guild
•  Knights in Need: Don Smith needs to be made aware of            Newsletter is published bi-monthly, except July-
   anyone who needs help. He is recommending a $500                August, and is sent free to Guild members.
   donation to J.D. Reed and his family. J.D. has recently
   suffered a severe heart attack along with the loss of his
                                                                   You can register at
   job. He, his wife and 5 children now live in Temecula.

 Monthly Newsletter of the Holy Spirit Council 9667            3                                                November 2009
              Knight’s Ladies
                      By Bev White
Hi Ladies!
We had a nice turnout for our October potluck and                           Knights’ Birthdays
I’m happy to announce we had six new ladies that
                                                              Nov 16   Glenn Leveque        Dec   05   Bob Murphy
joined our group from the parish. I’d still like to see       Nov 17   Reginald Hunter      Dec   06   Don DeFraine
some of our Knight’s Ladies at every meeting since            Nov 21   James Flores         Dec   08   Mark McCurdy
it’s only once a month and we have enough work                Nov 21   Mike Stevens         Dec   09   Steven Fallon
over the next several months for all to participate in.       Nov 23   Frank Gaidutis       Dec   09   David Leonard
                                                              Nov 23   Scott Myles          Dec   09   Frederick Clark
At our November meeting, we will need each of you             Nov 24   Rev Tim Peters       Dec   11   Sly Campos
to signup to cover the many activities we have in             Dec 05   Jesse Artiaga        Dec   13   Errol Broussard
December. Decorating the hall for the boutique,
working at the boutique, either with crafters or
helping out at the luncheon we serve. We also have
the decorating of the hall for our Parish Christmas                          Ladies’ Birthdays
Dinner, the more hands we have, the faster it will            Nov 17   Monica Towning       Dec   03   Pamela Moore
go.                                                           Nov 26   Paula Fitzgerald     Dec   05   Julia Marcarelli
                                                              Nov 28   Delia McClory        Dec   06   Antoinette Catanni
I encourage each of you to attend the Knight’s                Nov 29   Jenny Cheseborough   Dec   07   Terry Greenberg
Memorial Mass on Nov. 14th. Unfortunately, I will             Dec 02   Andrea Martell       Dec   08   Connie Novielli
have to miss this year as I’ve been asked to do the
Grand Opening and Ribbon cutting on behalf of the
Chamber of Commerce that morning at 10AM for                                    Anniversaries
Orange Coast Memorial Hospital’s new Pavilion                 November 30, 2001 Fernando and Isabel Tover Guido
Center.                                                       December 14, 1968 Ramon and Marina Garcia

Also at the November meeting, I will be taking
reservations for our Ladies Christmas Party in my
clubhouse on Dec. 8th. The food will be catered,                       WHAT ARE YOU MISSING?
just bring a gift with a value of $15 for our gift
exchange game.                                                Many of our activities happen on the spur of the
                                                              moment; too early or too late for this bulletin.
                                                              We already have an e-mail list of about 1/3 of our
Bev White                                                     members.
                                                              If you are not on it, send your email address to:
                                                              Jim Roberts

                       Knight                                                    Family
                    Of the Month                                              Of the Month
                    For October                                                For October
                     Tom Tighe                                                Mark and Tina

 Monthly Newsletter of the Holy Spirit Council 9667       4                                                 November 2009
           Our Catholic Faith                                  From the Program Director
                         by Joe Kelley                                       By Tom Tighe, DGK
Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, the prefect of the               My Brothers, Happy Thanksgiving to all our
Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura [the              brother Knights and their families, may
Vatican Supreme Court], addressed more than 200               Thanksgiving be a blessed event for all.
guests at the 14th Annual Partnership Dinner of               Speaking of thanks, a great big thank you to all the He stated: "We must speak the             brothers who volunteered to collect donations for
truth in charity," but also, "We should have the              “Help for People With Intellectual Disabilities” after
courage to look truth in the eye and call things by           all the Masses on Oct. 17th & 18th : John Arnold,
their common names." . ..Throughout his 50-minute             Bruce Bailey, Rich Biegner, George Bierkortte, Ron
address, the archbishop returned again and again to           Charest, Al Concan, Jim DeLuca, Jim Fournier, Kent
the scandal of Catholic politicians who support               Kraus, Bob LeRoux, Jim Mc Clory, Tony Nekoranec,
abortion or same-sex marriage. He did not mince his           Richard Newhouse, Jonathan O’Conner, Roy
words: "It is not possible to be a practicing Catholic        Richards, George Riker, Roy Sapp, Don Smith, Joe
and to conduct oneself in this manner." . . .He stated        Soresi, Bill Stephan, Sully Sullivan, Gerald
that; "Neither Holy Communion nor funeral rites               Unterreiner and Allen Williamson. So far early
should be administered to such politicians. To deny           results of our efforts reflect the tight economic
these is not a judgment of the soul, but a                    times we all find ourselves in. We are looking into
recognition of the scandal and its effects.” He               additional ways of raising donations.
further noted that when a politician is associated
"with greatly sinful acts about fundamental                   Of Special note: My brothers we need your help
questions like abortion and marriage, his repentance          and support at our Parish Pancake Breakfast!! We
must also be public." He added, "Anyone who                   had a very light attendance at our breakfast in
grasps the gravity of what he has done will                   October. We also were in great need of your help, in
understand the need to make it public."                       the kitchen, at the serving line and clean-up
                                                              afterward. Again, “many hands make light work”. If
Brother Dick Radecki will conduct a class starting in         you can not help at least plan on attending, the
early January to prepare adults, who have made their          food is good and it is also a great way to socialize
First Communion, for the Sacrament of Confirmation            with your fellow brothers and parishioners.
at Pentecost. Classes will be Wed. evening at 7PM.
The curricula will generally follow the outline of the        Finally, the sign-up sheet for the November
Catechism of the Catholic Church. Watch the Parish            Diocesan Adoration on Wednesday night 11/04 and
Bulletin for details and updates.                             Thursday morning11/05 has quite a few openings.
                                                              Please contact Brother Tony Nekoranec (839-0108)
There are a number of special days next month,                if you are able to take one of the open slots
besides Christmas. You may note in the missal that            between 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM.
there are various degrees of celebrations;
Solemnities, Feasts, Memorials and Optional                   Vivat Jesus
Memorials. On December 8 we celebrate the
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, honoring
Mary as Patroness of our country. On December 9
we celebrate a Solemnity which is not noted in the
missal because it is celebrated only at Holy Spirit; it
is the anniversary of the dedication of our church.
Finally on December 12 we celebrate the feast of                    Golfers, Golfers, Golfers!!
Our Lady of Guadalupe, honoring Mary as Patroness
of our diocese and as Patroness of the Americas.                   Get a Grip and Let ‘er Rip!
While only the 8th is a day of obligation, let's do              Holy Spirit’s own “Dawn Patrol”
what we can to make them all "Holy Days" and
special.                                                                    SCGA sanctioned handicap
                                                               Open to new members. Dues only $35/year.
                                                                     Call Paul Catani; 714-964-6363, or
                                                                         Herb Baker; 714-488-2400.

 Monthly Newsletter of the Holy Spirit Council 9667       5                                           November 2009
                                                                      Memorial Mass
           By Herb Baker, PGK, PDD
We had four of our members take their Second
                                                                 Saturday, Nov. 14 at 9AM
Degree in October. Congratulations to Chris                      The Memorial Mass for deceased Knights
Burnbrock, Carlos Abascal, Howard Knott and                      and/or Knight’s spouses will be celebrated
Ronald Charest!                                                  on November 14th at the 9 AM mass.
In November, we will be hosting a First Degree and
                                                                 Following the mass, we will have a buffet
could use Council Members as sideliners and to
show your support for our new members as they                    breakfast at Mile Square Park.
take their first step to Knighthood.                             Reservations may be made at the November
                                                                 Please mark your calendar and try your best
   Support our Advertisers                                       to attend this important celebration.
Please support our advertisers on page 9. Not only
do they help pay for a portion of the bulletin costs,
some make a donation when you make a purchase!
John Fitzgerald of Connell Chevrolet donates $50 to
the Council whenever a member buys a new car                                         Bible Study
from him.                                                      The Men's Bible Study is held every Monday morning
Dick Radecki gives special rates to Knights and their          after the 6:30 AM Mass. The study meets in the parish
families for tax preparation.                                  hall and lasts for one hour. The scriptures for the
                                                               following Sunday Mass are the focus of the group. The
So, support our advertisers and let them know that             study membership is men only. For further information
you saw their add in the Knight’s News!                        call Bob Novielli at 556-8658.

 Line Dancing Lessons
                  By Larry Doan
We meet for lessons and all around fun on the
1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month, 6:30-8:00
                                                                             Join the Singing Knights!
PM. All Knights and their families are welcome to the                     If you enjoy singing, even though you may
dance group lessons. It’s fun and good exercise for all!                  think you do not have a great voice, come join
                                                                          us in the fellowship and the joy of singing
                                                               with brother Knights.
             Help at Fairview                                  For more information, contact George Bierkortte at 963-
                                                               3773 or John George 962-0721.
Our Council is committed to helping at Fairview on
the second Sunday of every month. We need about                Schedule for November
20 people every week to help move the clients from             Nov 02          Practice
their rooms to the auditorium where Mass is held.              Nov 03          First Degree
If every person in the Council commits to helping              Nov 08          Fairview
just once a year, we will have plenty of help. Please          Nov 09          Practice
mark your calendar now for the Sunday you will be              Nov 14          Memorial Mass
                                                               Nov 16          Practice
                                                               Nov 23          Huntington Valley
We meet at Fairview at 9:30 AM, Mass is at 10.                 Nov 30          Practice

If you need a ride or have any questions, please call          Upcoming in December
George Bierkortte at 963-3773.                                 Dec 07         Seaside Terrace
                                                               Dec 12         Parish Christmas Dinner
                                                               Dec 13         Fairview
                                                               Dec 14         Practice

 Monthly Newsletter of the Holy Spirit Council 9667        6                                              November 2009
                                   November 2009 Calendar
        Sunday             Monday             Tuesday       Wednesday        Thursday        Friday       Saturday

           1                  2                   3             4               5              6             7
                                               7:30 PM       Adoration       Adoration      Adoration     Adoration
                                            First Degree                                                   9:00 AM
                                                                                                        Parish Mass of

           8                 9              10                   11              12            13            14
    9:30–11:30 AM         Adoration      7:00 PM            Veterans Day   6:30 – 9:00 PM   Adoration     Adoration
       Fairview           7:00 PM     Knights/Ladies                       4th Degree Mtg                 9:00 AM
      Christmas       Singing Knights    Business                           and Memorial                Memorial Mass
    Cards/Dinner          Practice       Meetings                               Mass                    and Breakfast
     Ticket Sales

          15                 16                  17             18              19             20            21
   Pro-Life Rosary        7:00 PM                                                           Adoration     Adoration
                      Singing Knights                                                                     Christmas
      Christmas           Practice
    Cards/Dinner                                                                                        Cards/Dinner
     Ticket Sales                                                                                        Ticket Sales

          22              23                     24             25             26              27            28
   7:00 - 10:30 AM     6:00 PM                7:00 PM                      Thanksgiving     Adoration     Adoration
        Parish     Singing Knights            Officers                                                    Christmas
      Breakfast      Huntington               Meeting                                                   Cards/Dinner
                        Valley             Bulletin Input                                                Ticket Sales

         29                  30
      Christmas           7:00 PM
    Cards/Dinner      Singing Knights
     Ticket Sales         Practice

Adoration: November 4th and 5th and every Friday and Saturday.
Help at Fairview: Sunday November 15th. Meet at Fairview at 9:30 AM. You make a difference in many lives.
Business Meeting: Tuesday November 10th at 7:00. Participate in the meeting.
Pro-Life Rosary: Sunday November 15th after all masses. Volunteer to lead a decade of the rosary.
Parish Breakfast: Sunday November 22nd after the 7:30 and 9:00 masses. Help out and have some fun.
Officers Meeting: Tuesday November 24th at 7:00. Your input is important to the Council Officers, please attend.

Monthly Newsletter of the Holy Spirit Council 9667               7                                          November 2009
                                   December 2009 Calendar
        Sunday             Monday             Tuesday       Wednesday     Thursday          Friday         Saturday

                                                     1         2               3              4                5
                                                                        6:30 – 9:00 PM     Adoration       Adoration
                                                                         Chapter Mtg
                                                                                                          Ticket Sales
                                                                                                         Boutique Setup

          6                  7                   8             9              10              11              12
      8:00 - 4:00         6:00 PM             Feast of                  6:30 – 9:00 PM     Adoration       Adoration
        Ladies        Singing Knights       Immaculate                  4th Degree Mtg                      6:00 PM
       Boutique       Seaside Terrace       Conception                                                       Parish
      Christmas                              7:00 PM                                                       Christmas
    Cards/Dinner                          Knights/Ladies                                                    Dinner
     Ticket Sales                            Business
          13                 14                  15            16            17               18              19
    9:30–11:30 AM         7:00 PM             7:00 PM                                      Adoration       Adoration
       Fairview       Singing Knights         Knights
    Fourth Degree         Practice            Officer’s
      Christmas                               Meeting

          20              21                     22            23             24               25             26
   Pro-Life Rosary     6:00 PM             Bulletin Input               Christmas Eve    Christmas Day
   7:00 - 10:30 AM Singing Knights              Due
        Parish         Carmel

          27                 28                  29            30            31
                        Feast of Holy                                   New Years Eve

Adoration: December 4th and 5th and every Friday and Saturday.
Chapter Meeting: Thursday December 3rd. Dinner at 6:30, meeting at 7:30 at St. John Neuman.
Ladies Boutique: Sunday December 6th. Your help is needed for setup on the 6th and cleanup on the 7th.
Knights/Ladies Business Meetings: Tuesday December 8th at 7:00. Come and participate in the meeting.
Help at Fairview: Sunday December 13th. Meet at Fairview at 9:30 AM. You make a difference in many lives.
Parish Christmas Dinner: Saturday December 12th at 6PM. Join the rest of the parish in celebrating Christ’s birth.
Pro-Life Rosary: Sunday December 20th after all masses. Volunteer to lead a decade of the rosary.
Parish Breakfast: Sunday December 20th after 7:30 and 9AM masses. Come and help or have a great breakfast.

Monthly Newsletter of the Holy Spirit Council 9667              8                                            November 2009
                                                                                Richard Radecki
                                                                                    Tax Preparation
                                                                                CTEC Reg. No. A128307
                                                                                  Senior Discounts
                                                                              Home appointments available
                                                         714-300-5634            9927 Kendall Circle
                                                                              Fountain Valley, CA 92708

                                                                                                    JIM FOURNIER
                                                                          S&S CUSTOM STAINED GLASS

                                                                                        16819 WOODRIDGE CIR.
                                                                                    FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA 92708

                                                                        Ed Martell & Associates
                                                                   FINANCIAL CONSULTANT
                                                                  ~Retirement ~ Tax ~ Estate Planning~
                                                                        ~Planning at no cost to clients~
                                                            Parishioner, KC                         (714) 962-1003
                                                           We Treat Our Clients the Way We Want to be Treated
                                                          Ed Martell is a Registered Representative with and securities
                                                                          offered through LPL Financial
                                                          Member FINRA/SIPC; California Insurance License #0639960

                                                         For Additional Information Contact:
                                                                              Don L. Smith 962-7960
                                                                              Denny Riopel 758-4510

                                                          The Catholic Men’s Organization Since 1952

Monthly Newsletter of the Holy Spirit Council 9667   9                                                       November 2009
                               2009 – 2010
                 Major Council Activities and Chairpersons
                       Activity                              Date              Chairpersons             Telephone
     Installation of Officers/PGK Dinner             July 18
     Retreat                                         Sep 4 - Sep 6        Tony Nekoranec           714-839-0108
     Parish Festival                                 Sep 11-12            John Arnold, PGK         714-847-7685
     MR Drive                                        Oct 16-18            Tom Tighe                714-968-7236
     Knight’s Memorial Mass                          Nov 14               Tony Nekoranec           714-839-0108
     Christmas Cards                                 TBA                  Tom Peters               714-963-3096
     Ladies Boutique                                 Dec 6                Bev White                714-963-9275
     Christmas Dinner                                Dec 12
     Youth Free Throw Championship                   TBD                  Jonathan O’Connor, PGK   310-420-5136
     Vocations Dinner (Parish function)              TBD                  Roy Richards, PGK        714-899-4232
     Clergy Night (Marywood)                         TBD                  Tom Tighe                714-968-7236
     Lenten Fish Bakes                               Lenten Fridays
     St. Patrick’s Day Dinner/Dance                  March 20
     Day of Sharing                                  TBD                  Don Sterling
     Family Picnic                                   TBD
                                                                          George Bierkortte        714-963-3773
     Singing Knights                                 Mondays
                                                                          John George              714-962-0721
                                                     4th Sunday of        Tuan Tran                714-775-3246
     Parish Breakfast                                every month
     Summer Bocce                                    Wednesdays           Joe Soresi               714-963-6119
                                                     2nd Sunday           George Bierkortte        714-963-3773
     Help at Fairview                                every month

                                                     Other Officials
     Ronald Knowles                           District Deputy                                      642-0303

     Honorable Guy Carrozzo                   Mayor, City of Fountain Valley                       968-5242

     Honorable John Collins                   Councilman, City of Fountain Valley                  839-1938

     Michael Doss                             Supreme Insurance Agent                              562-693-7800

Monthly Newsletter of the Holy Spirit Council 9667                   10                                           November 2009
                               Knights Elected Officers 2009-2010
     Grand Knight                    Allen Williamson                     714-968-0276
     Deputy Grand Knight             Tom Tighe                    714-968-7236
     Recorder                        Tom Peters     714-963-3096
     Treasurer                       Gerard Unterreiner                  714-968-1802
     Advocate                        Don Smith, PGK, PCP             714-962-7960
     Inside Guard                    Bruce Bailey
     Outside Guard                   Richard Newhouse                                          714-541-0507
     One Year Trustee                Roy Sapp, PGK                714-374-1064

     Two Year Trustee                Jonathan O’Connor,      310-420-5136

     Three Year Trustee              John Arnold, PGK              714-847-7685

                    Appointed Officers and Committee Directors
     Financial Secretary             Mark LeMay, PGK                    714-767-7722
     Lecturer/Historian              Phil Nisco, PGK                  714-964-0296
     Membership                      Herb Baker, PGK, PDD                714-488-2400
     Program Director                Tom Tighe                    714-968-7236
       Church                        Tony Nekoranec                 714-839-0108
         Respect for Life            Tom Leeman               714-963-0720
         Vocations                   Roy Richards, PGK               714-899-4232
         Our Catholic Faith          Joe Kelley                714-962-5244
          Hospitality                Tuan Tran                    714-775-3246
          Knights News               Jim DeLuca, PGK              714-963-2125
          Kitchen                    John Arnold, PGK              714-847-7685
          Scrap Book                 Roy Sapp, PGK                714-374-1064
                                     Jonathan O’Connor,
       Family                                          310-420-5136
          Knight in Need             Don Smith, PGK             714-962-7960
                                     Jonathan O’Connor,
       Youth                                           310-420-5136
       Community                     Mark McCurdy                   714-963-0369

                                            Knights Ladies Officers
     President                       Bev White                  714-963-9275
     Vice President                  Carol Baker                  714-962-0493

Monthly Newsletter of the Holy Spirit Council 9667           11                                         November 2009

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