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The Shrevewood Bulletin                                                                           DECEMBER 2009

The President’s Pen
Dear Parents, Teachers         through the end of            donation, consider
and Staff of Shrevewood,       January.                      donating to the PTA and
                                                             earmarking it for
Happy Holidays! I hope         The next PTA meeting is       technology/Smartboard
the busy hustle and bustle     scheduled for January 12th    purchases. These
of the season has not          at 7:30 pm in the library.    donations can be sent         Inside this issue:
made your lives too            At our last meeting,          into school in a well-
hectic…I barely have           Mr. M demonstrated how        marked envelope to the        President’s Pen (cont’d.)   2
started holiday shopping,      technology helps further      attention of the PTA.
so I know I better get         our children’s education,     Thank you in advance for      Help Save FLES Program      2
busy!                          and showed us how he          your generosity.
                                                                                           Wee Deliver                 3
                               works with the teachers’
December 10th was Silver       specific curriculum needs     If you are interested in      Silver Diner Night          3
Diner Night—always a           to assist the students. We    becoming more involved
                                                                                           Save Shrevewood Programs    4
hit!!! Shelley MacKeith        recently approved the         in the PTA, we have a few
organized a really fun         purchase of more Smart-       open positions. The           Box Tops                    4
evening for the                boards and projectors to      Fairfax County Council of
Shrevewood Community.          help in this effort, but so   PTAs recommends every         H1N1 Clinics                4
I kind of felt bad for the     much more is needed.          PTA have a Special
                                                                                           Dates to Remember           4
other people in the            With the drastic budget       Education Representative
restaurant! (Wait…it           cuts anticipated in Fairfax   who helps ensure PTA
seemed like EVERYONE           County Schools, now           activities are inclusive to
there was from                 more than ever is a good      all students and their
Shrevewood!). The              time to consider helping      parents and who is an
Vocelli Pizza Fundraiser       Mr. M and the technology      advocate on their behalf
has started. Order a large     department.                   at PTA meetings. We also
one-topping pizza for                                        are looking for someone
$10.99 and mention code        If you have any functional    who is interested in
916…$1 will get donated        digital cameras that you      helping our Treasurer,
to the Shrevewood PTA.         are willing to donate to      Laurie Beymer. Good
It’s that easy! Box Tops       the school, they would be     with money? This one’s
for Education are being        greatly appreciated. If you   for you! If either of these
collected again this year,     are looking for an end-of-    positions sound
with a prize going to the      the-year tax-deductible       (continued on p. 2)
class that collects the most
         President’s Pen (cont’d.)
         appealing, please e-mail me at                  Full day Kindergarten: or send a note to   
         school to my attention.                         Kindergarten

         Lastly, the budget discussions are              Music Education (band and strings):
         ongoing….so many advocacy groups have 
         been created – Foreign Language, Full-Day       fairfax-county-public-schools-band-and-
         Kindergarten, and Music and Arts to name        strings-programs
         a few. There are many electronic petitions
         circulating. Please take the time to review     That’s all the news that’s fit to print.
         and sign petitions if you support the           Happy Holidays and see you in 2010!
         causes—it is an easy way to show the
         County what you think is important.             Amy Yam
                                                         PTA President
         Foreign Language (FLAGS):    

         Help Save Shrevewood’s Foreign Language Program
         Please go to                    the School Board public           The FLES program is to sign    hearings on January 25 &          specifically designed to
         the online petition and         26. FLAGS specifically has        reinforce core curriculum
         indicate your support for       asked for support from            content while learning a
         our Chinese language            Shrevewood since we are           second language. The key
         program (FLES—Foreign           one of the few FLES               to developing second
         Language in the                 schools who has the               language proficiency is to
         Elementary School). The         program implemented               start learning in elementary
         petition has collected more     through the 6th grade.            school and continue
         than 1,800 signatures, but      Many FLES schools are             through middle and high
         only a few from                 only in their 3rd year of         school. There are
         Shrevewood have signed.         offering the program.             tremendous academic,
         When you sign the                                                 cognitive, and cultural
         petition, you will begin                                          benefits to early language
                                         Write to your school board
         receiving updates about                                           learning. Please get
                                         members and county
         efforts on how we can save                                        involved to help save our
                                         supervisors to show
         FLES and other valuable at-                                       Chinese program and other
                                         support for education
         risk programs.                                                    at-risk FCPS programs.
                                         funding and important at-
                                         risk programs. The FLAGS
         Consider more actively          website is a good resource        For more information,
         participating—you or your       for contact info and tips on      contact Fairfax FLAGS at
         child could be a voice for      letter writing.         
         this program and speak at

Page 2
Wee Deliver Has Begun!
 The Shrevewood PTA                office. Mail must be                staff members are
 once again is sponsoring a        addressed properly with             addressed to 1
 program called Wee                both a return address and           Information Hwy,
 Deliver. This program             either a hand-drawn                 Shrevewood,
 was developed by the post         stamp or a sticker.                 VA 22043. These will be
 office to teach and                                                   put in staff mailboxes by
                                   Sample envelope formats             the office staff.
 encourage letter writing.         are shown below. We use
 Wee Deliver is an in-             special addresses at                Wee Deliver will sort and
 school postal system run          Shrevewood. A letter                deliver mail on Tuesdays
 by the students (fourth,          going to a teacher’s room           after the announcements.
 fifth, and sixth graders),        should be addressed with
                                   the grade as the number             We hope you will write
 and set up and supervised                                             letters to your children
 by PTA volunteers.                and the teacher’s last
                                   name as the street. All             and encourage them to
 All mail is put in the Wee        addresses go to                     write letters as well.
 Deliver mailbox in the            Shrevewood, VA                      Happy letter writing!!
 lobby outside the school          22043. Letters to other

  Andy Awesome                   Stamp         Joe Student                     Stamp           Heloise Sneedgrass            Stamp
  1 Friedrich St.                              4 Ice St.                                       5 Sheehan St.
  Shrevewood, VA 22043                         Shrevewood, VA 22043                            Shrevewood, VA 22043
                     Super Sarah                                  Mrs. Campet (mom)                               Mrs. McCoy
                     2 Pesce Street                               Attention: Thursday Folder                      1 Information Hwy.
                     Shrevewood, VA 22043                         4 Ice Street                                    Shrevewood, VA 22043
                                                                  Shrevewood, VA 22043

  Great Turnout for Silver Diner Night
  Silver Diner night was a huge success! We estimate nearly 100 families joined us for a night of great
  food and fun.
  A big thank you to all who volunteered their time—everyone from Mrs. McCoy and Ms. Peace as
  hostesses to the Shrevewood staff and students who bused tables—you all helped make this event

  Redeit Hailu, Fekerte Getachew Zenebe, and      Hever Castro, Spencer MacKeith, Crosby               Mrs. McCoy greeted
  Setota Tesfu enjoyed a great meal at the        Gamble, and Anthony Phan helped keep the             diners Austin Nguyen
  Silver Diner.                                   tables cleared—and had some fun too!                 and Mrs. Nguyen.

The Shrevewood Bulletin                                                                                                                  Page 3
 Save our Shrevewood Programs!
 Please help save the Shrevewood Elementary School
 Foreign Language, Music Education, and Full-Day
 Kindergarten Programs by signing these online petitions.              Box Tops Contest Update

 Foreign Language (FLAGS):                                             Our Box Tops Contest for lunch with Mrs. McCoy is in                       full swing! Please continue to collect Box Tops—the
                                                                       holidays are a great time to find them on all our favorite
 Full day Kindergarten:                items. Please neatly cut them out and have your child
 Full-Day-Kindergarten                                                 bring them to their classroom to deposit in the
                                                                       classroom collection bag. The contest will run through
 Music Education (band and strings):                                   the end of January 2010.
 schools-band-and-strings-programs. More information can               If you have any questions, please send an email to Staci
 be found at                                    Thompson at

 You can help make a difference in your child's education
 by signing petitions for programs you want saved.

Dates to Remember:
December 23: School Closes 2 hours early (1:55pm)
December 24 - January 1: Winter Holiday—School &                       H1N1 Vaccine Clinics
                               Office CLOSED
January 12:     PTA Meeting, Library, 7:30 pm                          Fairfax County continues to offer free H1N1 Vaccine
January 18:     Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday                         Clinics at five district offices. The next clinics will be held
                                                                       Monday, Dec. 21st and Tuesday, Dec. 22nd from 8 am to
                                                                       4:30 pm. Vaccine will be distributed to the first 400
                                                                       people at each location. The Falls Church District Office
                                                                       is located at 6245 Leesburg Pike, Suite 500, Falls Church,
                                                                       VA 22044, 703-534-8343.

                                                                       Vaccine will be offered to CDC target groups, which
                                                                       include: pregnant women; people who live with or provide
                                                                       care for infants younger than 6 months (parents, siblings
                                                                       and day care providers); health care workers who have
                                                                       direct patient contact; people 6 months through 24 years of
                                        P R OD U C E D B Y T H E       age; and people 25 through 64 years of age who have
                                        S H R EV E W O OD P TA         certain medical conditions that put them at higher risk for
                                                                       influenza-related complications.

                                                                       For more information, go to

 If you are interested in submitting articles or advertising for the
 PTA newsletter, please contact Kristy Peterkin at (703) 208-3239
                  or email

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