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									Q. What is CYNTRS      ?

A. The CyberSecurity Network Training Simulator (CYNTRS ) is a network
   security training capability developed by EADS North America, Security
   and Systems Solutions, Inc.

   CYNTRS is a customized tool that simulates the customer s full network
   environment, training operators to recognize and defend the most
   malicious cyber attacks. Functioning totally independent of the
   operational network, CYNTRS allows high risk activities to be
   performed in a controlled environment, and enables network operators to
   be exposed to real-life cyber threat situations.

Q. How does CYNTRS         work?

A. CYNTRS is based on the concept of a flight simulator, giving network
   operators high-fidelity training in defending and protecting networks
   against attacks. Configured indentically to the customer s operational
   network, CYNTRS teaches operators how to recognize and respond to
   attacks in a controlled network environment.

   The CYNTRS simulator is installed at the customer s location of choice,
   simulating all of the network architecture resources.

   Typical network resources include:

   ·   Switches
   ·   Routers
   ·   Application/File Servers (to include directory services, email and other
       application services)
   ·   Sensor systems
   ·   Firewalls

   A traffic generator simulates typical computer network users and traffic.
   Scenario scripts named AttackBots are used to conduct a full range of
   cyber attacks, simulate outages and malfunctions, and can emulate user
   problems on every level of the network.

Q. How will CYNTRS      benefit my organization?
A. CYNTRS     benefits organizations in a variety of ways including:

   ·   A full range of training capabilites to enhance the knowledge of
       employees regardless of their level of expertise.
       · Provides hands-on computer network defense training and training
          for the certification of system and network administrators/security
       · Gives organizations the means to develop targeted training
          material based on their actual network configuration with no impact
          to the operational environment.

   ·   Validation
       · Allows validation of security processes, procedures, techniques
          and communications.
       · Organizations can validate security management and information
          assurance policies.

   ·   Test and Evaluation Capabilities
       · Grants organizations an environment in which to evaluate and test
          new network security and system technology tools and resources.
       · Provides a means for organizations to perform risk assesment s on
          their current network architecture and policies, as well as
          identifying risks associated with future implementations.
       · Performance testing

Q. What is a scenario?

A. A scenario consists of a predefined network attack. The attack is
   designed to test a defender s ability to locate and fend off aggressive
   activity on a network. Through the use of a CYNTRS simulator , the
   operational network is safe while personnel receive the critcal training
   necessary to protect sensitive data and network dependability.

Q. How many scenarios are available in a basic CYNTRS       package? What if
   I want additional scenarios?

A. With the basic package there are three pre-defined attack scenarios.
   There are also additional scenarios available through our customized
   solutions offerings. Please contact the CYNTRS      Program Office to see
   what additional options are available.

Q. Are customized scenarios possible?

A. We can create customized scenarios built to your specific needs If there
   is a particular attack that you would like to have created, we have a
   dedicated software team to make it happen. The time required to make
   customized scenarios varies based on the complexity of the attack.
   Please contact us for more information.
Q.   What is involved in getting a customized solution?

A.   A customized solution involves having a team of engineers come to your
     location. We will sit down with you and go over all the current tools you
     have on your network and develop a solution that fits your needs. We
     will then create a package to mimic your network design. Our custom
     solution will use the same infrastructure devices, operating systems,
     firewalls, IDS/IPS, etc. that your network is currently utilizing.

Q. What is involved in the installation process?

A. First, we build the simulator at our processing center. Then we
   repackage and deliver the pre-configured equipment to the site location.
   Our installation team will then rebuild the range on-site using the site
   survey checklist. The site survey checklist lists requirements for
   space, electrical, and HVAC requirements and is completed by the
   customer and CYNTRS engineers prior to building the simulator.

Q. Can I purchase engineering support with my package?

A. Engineering support is available in several different ways.

        ·   Hourly Plan your events in advance and have an engineer
            available for just the time you need.
        ·   Yearly have an engineer on site all year long to assist in the
            planning and execution of any and all training events.
        ·   As needed Call to have an engineer available during your
            planned event.

Q. How much does CYNTRS          cost?

A. Please contact the following personnel for the most up-to-date pricing

        Larry KinCannon

        Malissa McLean
        malissa.mclean@eads -na-security.com

Q. Who do I contact for additional information about CYNTRS       ?

A. Please contact the people listed below for all of the capabilities
    provided with the CYNTRS network:

        Larry KinCannon
        Director of Program Management, EADS North America

Malissa McLean
CYNTRS Program Manager
malissa.mclean@eads -na-security.com

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