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					Exploratory Factor Analysis This table reports an exploratory factor analysis using output from a standard statistical package such as SPSS. In addition to the factor loadings, eigenvalues, and % of variance explained are presented in this table. When a rotated solution is used, the particular method used should be reported. When an oblique solution is reported, the author should report the correlation between the factors in the text.

Table 1 Summary of Exploratory Factor Analysis Results for Family Relationship Measure Using Maximum Likelihood Estimation (N = 335) Factor Loadings Item Family Cohesion Our family works well together Family members support each other I can tell other family members anything I like being a part of this family I get along with my siblings I spend a lot of time with my siblings I trust my siblings I enjoy my siblings Eigenvalues % of variance Note: Factor loadings over .40 appear in bold. .75 .83 .45 .66 .22 .08 .23 .25 2.06 25.75 Sibling Cohesion .28 .17 .20 .15 .72 .65 .50 .42 1.53 19.12

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