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					Requirements for the Bachelor of Science: Secondary Education in English
(Revised Fall 2003; applies to all students admitted after Fall 1999) Name: ___________________________ Telephone #_______________________ ID#: _________________________________ Email: ________________________________


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General Education Requirements
Requirement Composition Literature* Philosophy Art/Music Theater Speech World History Gov/Econ Soc/Anthro Psychology Lab Science Lab Science Mathematics Wellness Oral Interp Mathematics Elective Elective Course Number/Name ENGL 100 Composition ENGL 220 World Literature s.h. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 52 Date Completed Grade

THEA 110 Theater: An Orientation SPCH 102 Fundamentals of Public Speech HIST 101 or 102 World History

PSYC 103 Adolescent Psychology

SPCH 333 Oral Interpretation

Total General Education S.H.

*ENGL220 World Literature, is required for the Secondary Education/English major

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Secondary Education Requirements
Course Number/Name EDUC 101 Social Foundations of Education Block I EDUC 205 Educational Media I EDUC 311 Educational Media II EDUC 206 English Methods I EDUC 212 Classroom Management Block II EDUC 312 English Methods II EDUC 317 Educational Psychology Student Teaching/ EDUC 415 Student Teaching Practicum EDUC 417 Professional Practicum Total Secondary Education S.H. Sequence s.h. 2 1 1 2 2 4 3 7 7 29 Date Completed Grade

English Requirements
Requirement Literatures Course Number/Name ENGL 235 Adolescent Literature ENGL 230 English Lit. Before 1800 ENGL 231 English Lit. After 1800 ENGL 240 American Lit. Before Civil War ENGL 242 American Lit. After Civil War s.h. 3 3 3 3 3 3 Date Completed Grade

ENGL 336 Shakespeare Survey or ENGL 436 Studies in Shakespeare Writing & Language

ENGL 315 Composition Usage & Editing ENGL 280 Intro. Study of Language ENGL 405 Grammars of English

One of the following: ENGL 201 Advanced Composition; ENGL 258 Business Writing; ENGL 358 Business Report Writing; ENGL 360 Technical Writing; ENGL 264-464 Fiction Workshop; ENGL 266-466 Drama Workshop; ENGL 268-468 Poetry Workshop; ENGL 357 Rhetoric & Writing; JOUR 190 News Writing; JOUR 290 News Reporting; or JOUR 390 Feature Writing English Electives (9 s.h.) (Any 200-400 ENGL writing course or any 300-400 ENGL literature course)

3 3 3 3


Total English S.H. Total Program S.H.

3 3 39 120

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Other Requirements
Students are also responsible for meeting General Education requirements in Writing Emphasis (WE), Multicultural Emphasis (MC), Information Literacy (IL), and External Experiences (EE). Select courses wisely to meet these requirements. These courses can count as overlays as well as General Education or Major courses.

Overlay MC-1 MC-2 WE-1 WE-2 WE-3 IL-1 IL-2 EE-1 EE-2

Course Number/Name


Date Completed


Recommended Program Track
(Does not include overall Gen. Ed. Requirements)
Freshman Year Fall ENGL100 Composition PSYCH103 Adolescent Development Sophomore Year Fall ENGL280 Intro. Study of Language ENGL230 English Lit. I ENGl 235 Adolescent Literature Junior Year Fall ENGL240 American Lit. I ENGL 336/436 Shakespeare ENGL--Elective Writing Course Senior Year Fall ENGL405 Grammars of English ENGL --- Elective ENGL --- Elective

Spring ENGL220 World Literature EDUC101 Social Foundations of Ed.

Spring ENGL315 Composition Usage & Editing ENGL231 English Lit. II Secondary Ed I (Block I

Spring ENGL242 American Lit. II ENGL --- Elective Secondary Ed II (Block II)

Spring Student Teaching and Practicum

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Record Of Tasks Required For Graduation And Certification
Stage I: Complete by 45 Semester Hours (Advanced Standing) Date Completed

Earn required GPA in major and overall (3.0) Complete EDUC 101 (Social Foundations) and PSYC 103 (Adolescent Psych) Satisfy requirements for 6 credits each of English and Math. Complete Diversity Plan with Academic Advisor Register to take PPST (Praxis I) exams. Membership in Professional Organization/liability insurance (4 years) Obtain Act 34 and Act 151 (valid for 1 year) Get TB clearance at Glennon Infirmary (valid for 2 years) Complete and get approval of application for Advanced Standing Stage II: Complete by End of 60 Semester Hours Earn C- or better in History, Science, Composition, and Speech Pass PPST (Praxis I) exams Complete Sophomore Block (offered only during Spring Semester) Complete Reflective Diversity Essay #1 (20 contact hours) Complete Field Experiences Reflective Essays (60 additional hours) Sophomore Portfolio and Interview Stage III: Remediation Stage: Complete by 75 hours Earn minimum GPA overall and in the major (3.0) Obtain TB and Act 34 and 151 clearances for Secondary Junior Block II Consult with Advisor for recommended remediation courses Complete Stage II Requirements Stage IV: Complete for Student Teaching Maintain minimum GPA overall and in the major (3.0) Complete Junior Block (offered only during Spring semester) Attend student teaching meeting, submit application Register to take PRAXIS: Content Knowledge Specialty Test(s) Complete pre-student teaching portfolio and interview with school district Update Act 34 and Act 151 Clearances and TB test as needed Stage V: Complete for Graduation Maintain minimum GPA overall and in the major (3.0) Complete Reflective Diversity Essay #2 (20 contact hours) All PRAXIS tests passed Minimum of 120 Semester Hours Earned/Transferred All major classes passed with a “C” or better General Education Requirements and Overlays completed Certification check by advisor

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Courses to Fulfill General Education Requirements
(Note: A course may not satisfy two requirements. For example, ENGL240, American Literature Before the Civil War, cannot be used to satisfy both the General Education and English Major requirements. The English Department reserves the right to make changes to this checklist.) Art/Music/Theater ART102 Art Fundamentals ART103 Intro. To Art ART205 South Asian Art ART210 Materials & Techniques ART215 Arts & Crafts ART217 Electronic Art ART225 Fibers & Fabrics ART230 Intro. to Computerized Design ART301 Art of the Renaissance ART304 Ancient & Medieval Art ART305 Pottery ART320 Drawing I ART325 Printmaking ART328 The Arts ART330 Painting ART335 Sculptures ART340 Jewelry I ART350 Photography as Art ART401 History of Modern Art ART423 Creative Processes ART425 Special Problems in Art ART430 Amer Art: Unity in Diversity MUSI101 Intro. to Music MUSI103 Basic Musicianship MUSI105 Music: Exploring Trends in Rock, Jazz & Musical Theatre MUSI108 Music Explorations MUSI110 Intro. to Singing MUSI111-116 Music Ensemble Performance MUSI203 Music Theory I MUSI209 Group Piano I MUSI305 Jazz Studies MUSI312 Music from 1450-1800 MUSI313 Music of the Romantic Prd MUSI314 Twentieth Century Music MUSI315 American Music MUSI319 Symphonic Music MUSI320 Music for the Theatre THEA110 An Orientation Composition ENGL100

Mathematics MATH101 Topics in Math MATH107 Basic Statistics I MATH110 Consumer Math MATH112 Intermediate Algebra MATH113 Elementary Functions MATH141 Calculus I MATH142 Calculus II MATH180 Math for Management MATH205 Foundations Higher Math MATH211 Linear Methods MATH225 History of Math MATH243 Calculus 3 MATH244 Calculus 4 MATH301 Differential Equations MATH302 Number Theory MATH307 Foundations of Geometry MATH310 Modern Algebra I MATH311 Elements of Linear Algebra MATH312 Probability & Statistics MATH313 Mathematical Statistics MATH320 Linear Programming MATH350 Numerical Methods MATH401 Real Analysis I MATH402 Real Analysis II MATH404 Applied Mathematics MATH405 Complex Analysis MATH410 Introduction to Topology MATH420 Modern Algebra II (Also all MATH 101 or higher, except 328) Natural Science BIOL101 BIOL106 BIOL107 BIOL108 BIOLl10 CHEM101 CHEM120 CHEM121 SCI201 AVIA115 GEOS101 GEOS105 GEOS110 GEOS120 GEOS150 GEOS210 GEOS215 PHYS101 PHYS130 PHYS131


Government/Economics POLI101 Intro. to Political Science POLI105 Amer National Government POLI107 World Politics POLI210 State & Local Government ECON101 Principles of Economics Literature ENGL 220

World Literature

Basic Biology Principles of Biology I Principles of Biology II Field Natural History Introductory Microbiology Chemistry in the Environment Principles of Chemistry I Principles of Chemistry II Science for the Elem Grades Aviation & Aerospace (3 sh) Earth Science Meteorology Physical Geology Oceanography Astronomy I Historical Geology Environmental Geology Matter & Energy Physics I Physics II

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PHYS170 PHYS171 Philosophy PHIL101 PHIL102 PHIL105 PHIL106 PHIL201 PHIL202 PHIL203 PHIL204 PHIL205 PHIL206 PHIL207 PHIL210 PHIL215 PHIL301 PHIL302 PHIL303 PHIL304 PHIL305 PHIL306 PHIL425 Psychology PSYC103

Intermediate Gen Physics I Intermediate Gen Physics II

Speech SPCH102 SPCH333

Fund. of Pub Speaking Oral Interpretation (GE elective)

Problems in Philosophy Ethics Philosophy of Religion Social & Political Philosophy Ancient Philosophy Medieval Philosophy Renaissance Philosophy Modern Philosophy Contemporary Philosophy American Philosophy Asian Philosophy Nineteenth C Philosophy Canadian Philosophy Philosophy of Science Philosophy of Language Philosophy of History Existentialism Metaphysics Theory of Knowledge Ethics in Business & Industry

Wellness HLTH105 HPED060 RECR205

Introduction to Health Wellness for Life Nutrition for Wellness

World History HIST101 World History I HIST102 World History II Substitutions (some limits apply) Philosophy HONR101 & HONR102 Literature HONR111 & HONR112 Composition HONR111 & HONR112 World History HONR101 & HONR102

Adolescent Development

Sociology/Anthropology ANTH101 Intro. to Anthropology ANTH102 Cultural Anthropology SOCI101 Intro. to Sociology

Lingjuan Ma Lingjuan Ma