What Is Rhetoric by franklinr


									What Is Rhetoric?
      a very, very brief introduction
Current Popular Meanings
• The art of public speaking

• Bombast (empty of content)

• Falsity (misleading content)
Historical Meanings I
• Rhetoric was initially a Classical scholarly
• Arose from the need of ordinary people to
  make arguments in court in Athens, which had
  no lawyers                                     Aristotle

• Popular democracy in Athens exacerbated the
  need for formal training in oratory
• Teachers and philosophers—particularly of
  the school of Sophism—began to schematize
  rhetoric and to teach their schema to others
  (for a fee)

                                                 A Sophist
Historical Meanings II
• Rhetoric was a scholarly discipline at medieval universities
• It formed part of the initial branch of higher education, called the Trivium.
  With Grammar and Logic, Rhetoric was conceived as a way of knowing
• This was in contrast to students’ advanced studies in the Quadrivium,
  (arithmetic, astronomy, geometry, and music) which were considered to be
  subjects rather than systems of learning
In Its Purest Form…
• Drawing from this history, rhetoric is a
  framework for exploring or creating truth,
  rather than the truth itself.

• It is a system, rather than a subject.
For Our Purposes…
Rhetoric is argumentation:

  A way of articulating your arguments in cooperation
  with an audience to clearly and accurately uncover
  and convey meaning

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