How to Create an Effective Viral EBook Marketing Strategy

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How to Create an Effective Viral EBook Marketing Strategy By Fredi D

In today’s market, there seems to be some kind of guerilla warfare of marketing. Many approaches are taken to find that exact niche for branding their product across the internet. It is true; internet marketing is a whole other ball game when compared to traditional marketing strategies. Of all viral strategies, a viral eBook marketing strategy just might be one of the most effective ways to brand. Create some buzz with the following techniques often used by many effective viral eBook marketing strategies. 1. On the site your eBook is on, make viral eBook marketing easier. Most people, if they like what they read, will want to share their findings with others. It is a fact that if a person decided to share information, they will have at least three people in mind that they know would also enjoy it. The same is true for the people that received it and so on and so forth. The picture is clear at that point. Word of mouth tends to quadruple as it goes up in the ranks. 2. Another good tactic to use is to offer something free. Everyone likes something for free. This could be something simple like free information, small blurbs, blogs, newsletter, ideas and more. In these free items and selections, you can include your sale items and ideas. This is a great way to promote you on a more friendly level. 3. Link, link, link. The more information you get out there with your link in it, the better. It is very common in today’s viral eBook marketing place to create content that contains links to the website you are promoting or the viral eBook marketing campaign you are supporting. Places you can put articles with good content and links are on a site called Ezines, blogs, related sites, website directories, friend’s pages and more. The options are really only what you limit yourself to. 4. Provide a signup sheet in your free newsletter. Allow people to refer others to your site for further review. Make it easy for this to happen. 5. Affiliate programs are often one of the most effective of the viral eBook marketing strategies. The affiliate programs with third parties offer a win-win situation on both parties’ halves. On one side, the person achieves their viral eBook marketing campaign goals. On the other side, the third party gets a cut in profit for referring the customer. Typically, in an affiliate program, the referrer does not get paid
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
unless a sale is made. In turn, this is the most cost effective way to advertise, as it is not costing little or no money at all. Do not limit yourself to the information provided in this article. Allow for further education on this subject, as viral eBook marketing is one of the strongest tools available. If you have an eBook to market, get on the horn now and start spreading the news. The quicker you brand your eBook, the sooner you will see a return. Utilize the additional resources located on the page. Fredi Donosa is an Ezine expert as well as a qualified adviser for those interested in Internet Viral Marketing opportunities. You can learn more about Fredi and read additional articles on this topic at his website: Visit

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Start A Viral Marketing Campaign Using eBooks As Your Viral Salesman By Angela Meyers

Viral Marketing is a very effective way to generate lots of traffic to your website. You can compare the very concept of Viral Marketing to that of someone having a cold. As one person spread germs by coughing or sneezing while in the presence of others, more and more germs are spread until practically every person in that same area end up with a cold. That's the nature of viral marketing. Once you create a viral eBook to start a viral marketing campaign, include your affiliate links, links to your sales page or website and give it to a few people who in turn gives it to two or three other people, the viral effect begins. As more people get access to your viral eBook and pass it along (which is what you encourage them to do), eventually, your eBook takes on an exponential effect and is spreading all over the internet among thousands of people. eBooks are easy to duplicate and the marketing eBook has taken on a life of its own and has become a very important part if internet marketing. Unlike a regular eBook the marketing eBook contains a lot more. It contains navigation controls, text, links to other web pages, images, navigation controls and more. Your viral eBook can be your best salesman because you can present your story in a much different and effective way. It's better to write your own eBook and there are several ways that you can create it. You can create an eBook using articles or Private Label Rights Material or you could hire a ghostwriter to write an eBook for you. Always make sure that your eBook is very informative and interesting. It is also wise to include inside of your eBook, links back to your sales page or website. You have to make sure that you let your reader's know that it's OK for them to pass your eBook around the internet and that they have your permission to do so. You should provide a section in your eBook that explains the things that they can or can't do with your eBook. For instance, you can grant them certain rights such as the right to freely give away your eBook to other people, bundle it with other products, use it as a bonus, use it as content, etc. As you will be including links back to your website, be sure to test every link to make sure it is working properly and check the spelling and grammar before you release your eBook to the public. Obvious grammatical and spelling errors will reflect badly on you and could be very damaging. One

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way to check for errors is to use the spell checker on your computer. You will still have to proofread you eBook because the spell checker doesn't always catch everything. Another way to market your eBook is to use eBook directories. Some eBook directories are free. If allowed, post your eBook to those eBook directories. Though some eBook directories are not free, some will still allow you to post a link to your eBook on their website. Marketing your eBook this way will create a viral marketing effect for your eBook for years to come.

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