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									What nonprofits should know about Social Media...
A seminar for the 2009 GNLC
Copyright 2009, Deltina Hay

With Deltina Hay of Dalton Publishing, Social Media Power, and Author of A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization (found or requested anywhere books are sold) @deltina

What we will discuss...
What is social media (The Social Web) Why you should care... How you can use the Social Web Best practices in using social media Building an optimized foundation in the Social Web Integrating your Social Web presence Resources

What is the Social Web (Social Media)?
Online tools and Websites that allow people to: Share Interact Collaborate Built using similar technologies, so are easily integrated Most are free (all the tools mentioned here are) More than just blogging, Facebook, and Twitter...

What is the Social Web?
Blogs Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn) Micro-blogging (Twitter) Media Sharing Communities (Flickr/YouTube) Social Bookmarking & Crowd-Sourcing (delicious, digg) Viral widgets and social applications Social Media Newsrooms Social calendars and event sites (upcoming, eventbrite) Social Pages (Netvibes, Squidoo, Hubpages) Document Sharing (Scribd, Slideshare)

Why the Social Web? ( September, 2009)

Why the Social Web?
Add these facts (from
20% of Internet users use Twitter or some other service to share status updates about themselves, or to keep tabs on others up from 11% three months prior At 253 million users, that is 28 million (and growing monthly) 46% of Adult Internet users (over 18) use Facebook, LinkedIn, or MySpace up from 8% in 2005 116 million users

And it becomes obvious that it is the future of the Internet

Why the Social Web?
Internet users have new expectations The tools may change, but expectations will not Need an entire (Social) Web presence to succeed Driving traffic through SEO is not enough, need to increase your reach...

The Rule of Thirds...for your online presence (from Beth Kanter -
1/3 Web presence 1/3 One-way (email, newsletters, Adwords, etc.) 1/3 Social media

How you can use it...
Advocacy Awareness Fundraising Inspiring action Influencing change

Best practices...
Know what you want – what are your goals? Define & listen to your audience (see following slide) Create a strategy that fits Build a Social Web presence Develop procedures for maintaining it...

Best social media users discuss
philanthropy (

The Rule of Thirds...for content (from Cision Global

Make 1/3 of your content promotional: what great things are going on with your organization, fundraising, calls to action, etc. Make 1/3 of your content worth sharing: articles or other relevant content you have discovered that you think others might find interesting Make 1/3 of your content conversation oriented: converse with others, create a dialogue, increase your “social capital”

Building a Solid Foundation in the Social Web
Create a strategy based on your needs Prepare and optimize your content Implement and optimize your tools Integrate your tools Evaluate what it working

A Realistic Beginning Strategy
Blog Facebook presence LinkedIn profile Twitter account Flickr account YouTube account

Preparing Your Content
Key Terms! Key Terms! Key Terms!
Use Google Keyword Tool to research good key terms (AKA keywords/tags) Use them in: Blogs: In post body, within titles, as categories and tags Social networking: In profiles, postings, and status upgrades Images and Video Clips: In file names, descriptions, and tags

Preparing Your Content
Prepare & Gather (using key terms): Short and long Bios Short and long descriptions of organization Images and video clips with tags, descriptions, and file names Other content to use as posts

Implementing and Optimizing Tools: Blogs
What is a Blog? Chronological and categorized list of entries A blog is an RSS feed What is an RSS feed? RSS=Really Simple Syndication A “simple” way to subscribe to information New entries are “fed” to subscribers automatically Think of it as a steady stream or flow of information...

Implementing and Optimizing Tools: Blogs
Options for starting a blog: Host it yourself ( Free or nearly free options:

Implementing and Optimizing Tools: Blogs
Optimizing your blog: Remember your key terms Add your blog to Use a good search engine optimization plugin Add to many blog directories like Technorati Make it easy for others to subscribe and share...

Blog Subscription Options (subscribe using email,
RSS feed reader, or widget...)

AddtoAny Service... subscription Options
(once the widget is clicked)

AddtoAny Service... sharing Options

(once the widget is clicked)

Subscribing to a Blog via Email (what the
subscriber receives)

Subscribing to a Blog via Feed Readers

Make it easy to share every post (using a

widget like the “bookmark and “tweet this” widgets below)

Implementing and Optimizing Tools: Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn)
Represent yourself authentically Follow submission guidelines Complete profiles completely Join or start groups Use key terms in your profiles Use applications to enhance your presence Know the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page...

A Facebook Page is for Your Business or Organization

A Facebook Profile is for You

Red Cross Facebook Page

Red Cross Facebook Page (with Causes Application)

An Optimized LinkedIn Profile
(entire profile filled out with key terms weaved throughout)

An Optimized LinkedIn Profile
(have joined many groups and using applications)

An Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Implementing and Optimizing Tools: Micro-Blogging (Twitter)
As a blogging tool: used for posting short posts or updates As a social network: used to interact in real-time Organizations and individuals gain “followers”

Implementing and Optimizing Tools: Micro-Blogging (Twitter)
Keep a consistent message Use key terms in posts to aid in search Utilize directories like Utilize tools like TweetDeck and HootSuite “Tastefully” personalize your Twitter page – is a good tool Use attribution when posting other people's info Use Twitter lists...

Twitter Profile with branded background

Twitter for nonprofits (with lists)

Twitter for nonprofits (microfunding)

Twitter for nonprofits (other tools)

Implementing and Optimizing Tools: Media Communities (Flickr and YouTube)
Share images on Flickr & Video on YouTube Use key terms in: Files names Descriptions Tags Meta information Landing pages Create playlists on YouTube even if you don't have video of your own

Dalton Publishing's Flickr Account (key terms in
file names, descriptions, and tags)

Yahoo! Search on “bookpeople” (only one image
is BookPeople's, the rest are Dalton's – power of optimizing)

Dalton Publishing's YouTube Playlists (none
are their videos, but they use the playlists to create galleries)

Integrating Your Social Web Presence
Social Web is an integrated system Make your tools work together using: RSS feeds Widgets & Badges Applications & Plugins

Integrating with RSS Feeds (click on

options/settings on your profile, then import feeds from your other social web accounts)

Integrated Facebook Profile (importing
RSS feeds from 2 blogs and Flickr)

Integrating with Widgets & Badges
(video gallery widget from YouTube, Flickr badge, widget showing events, and FriendFeed widget)

Integrating with Applications

(i.e. Facebook applications on a Facebook page: My Flickr for importing images, YouTube Box for importing video, Social RSS for importing blogs)

Integrating with Applications (Red Cross using the
Causes application and YouTube Box)

Integrating with Plugins

(showing 2 image galleries using a Flickr plugin for WordPress – so that whenever images are added to Flickr, they show up here, too)

Creating an Integration Plan
Want to create a plan that will streamline the following tasks: 1. Distributing our RSS feed 2. Updating our short status updates (including Twitter) 3. Distributing our images 4. Distributing our video clips The goal is to try and only enter content one time and in one we create a map for each...

A Realistic Beginning Strategy (revisited)
Blog Facebook presence LinkedIn profile Twitter account Flickr account YouTube account

Integration Map
Distributing Blog/RSS feed:

Integration Map
Updating status updates and Twitter posts:

Integration Map
Distributing Images:

Integration Map
Distributing Video:

Evaluate What is Working
Phase out tools that are not working Integrate & optimize new tools carefully Keep abreast of new features in existing tools Only you know what is working best for your organization... Base success on original goals

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media To Achieve Mission ( Nonprofit Technology Network ( We Are Media ( Social Brite ( Internet World Stats ( Pew Internet (

Presenter Contact Information:
Deltina Hay (to create and integrate your Social Web presence) @deltina Buy the book on Amazon,, or anywhere books are sold... 400 pages Fully indexed Resource CD with fillable forms to help you organize Five star reviews Used in universities

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