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April 2007



Dear Student We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to your student Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy placement in North Devon. This pack contains information about all the Hospitals/units within Northern Devon Healthcare Trust and an overview of North Devon as a locality. At the back of the booklet are some core standards regarding dress code, absence, note writing etc which would be helpful for you to read before you begin your placement. The induction pack is not intended to be a complete guide to your placement, so please do not hesitate to contact your direct clinical supervisor if you have any questions which are not covered. You will find their number on the attached front sheet entitled ‘Specific Placement Information’ If you require computer access whilst on your placement please complete the enclosed Third Party Confidentiality Undertaking form and return a signed copy to your clinical educator 2 weeks prior to your placement. You will find their address on the attached front sheet or in the appendix at the back of this pack. We hope you find this pack useful and would appreciate any feedback on its contents either through your clinical supervisor / educator or the Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy coordinator. We hope you enjoy your forthcoming placement and that you find it a valuable learning experience.

On behalf of the Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Services North Devon Healthcare Trust


Mission Statement Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy services North Devon District Hospital Bideford Hospital Holsworthy Hospital South Molton Hospital Torrington Hospital Tyrrell Hospital, Ilfracombe Lynton Resource Centre Specialist Services Rotations Trust Dress Code Sickness/Absence/working hours Health and safety Standards of Documentation Third Party Confidentiality Undertaking General Information Local Facilities 4 5 6 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Appendix One – Useful Addresses



Mission Statement
The aims of the physiotherapy / occupational therapy service are: • To ensure opportunities for students and staff to learn appropriate clinical and personal development skills to enhance patient care, and to encourage the culture of continuing professional development. • To enhance and audit the quality of provision, continually evaluating professional practice in line with national and local standards. • To involve the patients as equal partners in decisions relating to service provision, sharing staff expertise and resources across the Trusts to ensure patients have access to the most appropriate treatment available to suit their needs.


The Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Services
The Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy services in North Devon crosses boundaries between the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust, the Partnership Trust and social services.

This ensures continuity of service and the best possible quality of care by using pooled resources and facilities throughout the area.

The trusts together serve a population of over 160,000 and employ over 2,700 people.

The Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Service sits in the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust and provides its services from the hospital sites at:

North Devon District Hospital

Torrington Hospital

Bideford Hospital

Holsworthy Hospital

South Molton Hospital

Tyrrell Hospital Physiotherapy services are also provided from many GP surgeries and Lynton Resource Centre.


North Devon District Hospital
The 409-bedded district general hospital services a large rural area; the population fluctuates seasonally and can double over certain months. The Occupational Therapy department is based on level one of the hospital.

The physiotherapy department at the North Devon District Hospital is well equipped with a large gymnasium, hydrotherapy pool and separate inpatient therapy room for rehabilitation. The hospital provides all core staff grade rotations and student placements in most areas but is small enough to provide a friendly environment allowing easy access to information and expertise.

The main role of an Occupational Therapist within this setting tends to involve a large amount of assessment to ascertain whether an individual is safe to return home or not. Occupational Therapists work closely with other multi-disciplinary team members to ensure safe discharge planning from hospital.

Physiotherapy Services: Outpatient department: GP and consultant referrals, largely musculoskeletal, Orthopaedics to include aftercare, Rheumatology, general rehabilitation; Amputee Clinics, Neurology and Paediatric as well as Hydrotherapy for general rehabilitation, Rheumatology and the Adult Learning Disability Service. Large Gymnasium servicing a variety of class work including cardiac rehabilitation, spinal conditioning classes, OA knee, lower & upper limb classes.


Physiotherapy Ward cover: Intensive Care Unit, High Dependency Unit, Surgical, Medical, Orthopaedics (elective and trauma), Paediatrics, Rehabilitation, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Private, Coronary Care, ENT & Psychiatry

Occupational Therapy Services: Rheumatology outpatients & education group, Orthopaedic pre-assessment clinic, Amputee clinics, general medicine, community rehabilitation and Neurology.

Occupational Therapy Ward cover: Coronary care, general medicine, orthopaedics (elective & trauma), general Surgery, General Medicine, Rehabilitation, Private, Gynaecology, Intensive care unit.

Multidisciplinary teams: Neurology, Rheumatology, Respiratory, Intermediate Care & Cardiac Rehabilitation, Dietician, Speech & Language Therapy, the Rapid Response & Multiple Sclerosis Teams.


Bideford Hospital
Bideford is the largest community hospital in North Devon with a total of 53 beds. There are 3 wards in the main hospital, one for GP access the other two being consultant led (medical and rehabilitation.) There is a separate unit for inpatient elderly mentally ill within the grounds.

Services within the hospital include a small casualty department for minor injuries, an x-ray unit, and regular outpatient clinics for local consultants of various specialities. The Independent Treatment Centre clinics also operate at Bideford. Physiotherapy Services: Outpatient Department: GP referrals, largely musculoskeletal; general rehabilitation; Consultant referrals - mainly Orthopaedic with some Rheumatology. Gymnasium with a variety of class work including Back Rehabilitation, shoulder class, Lower Limb Class and OA Knee Class.

Inpatient Department: Rehabilitation with a special interest in Stroke, MS & Parkinson’s. Outpatient clinics include Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) clinics.


Occupational Therapy Services:

Rheumatology outpatient clinics, Inpatient ward cover as well as intermediate care/community rehabilitation. Inpatient general rehabilitation with a special interest in stroke, Parkinson’s, MS and orthopaedic.

Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy ward cover: Medical, Rehabilitation and GP access.

Multidisciplinary Teams: Intermediate Care/community rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Speech & Language Therapy & the Orthopaedic Interface Service.


Holsworthy Hospital
The services available at this 28-bedded community hospital are physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, chiropody & consultant clinics. The hospital is set in beautiful countryside and has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Physiotherapy Services: Outpatient Department: Musculoskeletal; GP and consultant, general rehabilitation - largely Orthopaedic.

Gymnasium with a variety of class work.

Occupational Therapy Services: Rheumatology outpatients clinics, Cover inpatient 28 bedded ward and intermediate care/community rehabilitation referrals.

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy ward cover: Rehabilitation, general.

Multidisciplinary teams: Intermediate Care/community rehabilitation & Cardiac Rehabilitation.


South Molton Hospital
This community hospital has 28 in-patient beds, which are mixed GP and consultant led. Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Chiropody have bases at the hospital. Various consultant clinics are held. The hospital is set in the town of South Molton and has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Student placements are available in Physiotherapy Outpatients, Physiotherapy Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy Intermediate care. Physiotherapy Services: Rehabilitation: Intermediate care/community rehabilitation. Outpatient Department: Musculoskeletal; GP and consultant; General rehabilitation. Small gymnasium. Occupational Therapy Services: Rheumatology outpatients clinics, Cover the 28 bedded unit as well as intermediate care/community rehabilitation referrals.

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy ward cover: General, rehabilitation.

Multidisciplinary teams: Intermediate Care/community rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation & the Chronic Back Pain Service.


Torrington Hospital
This is a 14-bedded GP led community hospital based in the town of Great Torrington. The services provided are Occupational therapy, physiotherapy, chiropody, podiatry, ophthalmology and various consultant outpatient clinics. Adjacent to the hospital is a rehabilitation unit that houses additional services to include Intermediate Care and the Continence Service. Student placements are available in physiotherapy outpatients & Occupational therapy Intermediate care.

Physiotherapy Services: Outpatient Department: Musculoskeletal; GP and consultant, general rehabilitation, largely orthopaedic.

Occupational Therapy Services: Rheumatology outpatient clinics, Part time cover of 14-bedded ward as well as intermediate care/community rehabilitation referrals.

Wards: General rehabilitation.

Multidisciplinary teams: Intermediate Care/community rehabilitation; Continence Service.


Tyrrell Hospital, Ilfracombe
This Community Hospital has 10 GP led In-patient beds. There is a minor injuries unit, x-ray department, chiropody, ophthalmology, ESP back care clinics, pain management clinics, Parkinson’s clinics, cancer information services and visiting Consultant Clinics. The Community Rehabilitation Team covering Intermediate Care is also based here.

Physiotherapy services: Outpatient Department, Musculoskeletal, GP & Consultant referrals, general rehabilitation, largely orthopaedic Small gymnasium. Cardiac rehabilitation. Occupational Therapy Services: Cover the 10 bedded ward and intermediate care referrals.

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Ward cover: General and Rehabilitation.


Lynton Resource Centre
The resource centre encompasses a daytime base for an integrated nursing team and minor injuries unit. There are consultant led clinics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and a chiropody service.

Physiotherapy Services: Outpatient department: Musculoskeletal - GP and consultant.

Occupational Therapy Services: There is Occupational Therapy cover from the Intermediate care team (Tyrrell), Assessments within the centre can be carried out or patients can be followed up at home within their own environment.


Specialist Services
Adult Learning Disability Service
Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists work in the community across North Devon as part of the multidisciplinary team. The approach to treatment is holistic, aiming to maximise a client’s physical potential and/or independence. This is achieved through assessment, hands on therapy, and advice on management of problems. Clients may be referred, or supported to use mainstream physiotherapy / occupational therapy if appropriate.

Places where treatment takes place: • Assessment and treatment unit • Day centres • Residential homes • Hydrotherapy pool • Domiciliary visits • Community location

Other Specialist Multidisciplinary Services
Chronic Pain Service based at South Molton Hospital Orthopaedic Interface Service based at Bideford Hospital to include Acute
Back Pain, Clinical Psychology & Podiatry

Continence Service based at Torrington Hospital Respiratory Service based at NDDH North Devon Hospice: An 8 bedded unit with a limited Physiotherapy and OT


Newly qualified Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists can expect to gain great experience in a wide range of specialities supervised by senior staff.

Physiotherapy: North Devon offers both Junior & Senior II rotations for four and eight months respectively. Rotations are offered are at North Devon District Hospital in Barnstaple, Bideford, Torrington, South Molton and Ilfracombe providing an excellent opportunity to work both in Secondary / Acute setting and Primary Care.

Occupational Therapy: North Devon offers a basic grade (band 5) rotation for 6 months in each area. There are 4 rotations included in this area – orthopaedics/general surgery, general rehabilitation, acute medicine, intermediate care/rehabilitation

Physiotherapy On-Call Structure
There is a physiotherapy on-call & weekend cover system at NDDH. Students are not required to be involved in this.

Physiotherapy After Hours Sessions
There are evening classes run in cardiac rehabilitation and for Ankylosing Spondylitis sufferers.


Dress Code
APPEARANCE ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ You must wear navy (physiotherapy) or green (OT) trousers with either a tunic

or polo shirt with black or navy shoes or plain white trainers. Staff in uniform should look smart, neat and tidy at all times. Full uniform should be worn at all times. Navy/ Green cardigans may be worn, except when involved in clinical duties. A clean uniform should be worn each day.

HAIR ♦ ♦ ♦ Hair should be clean and well groomed. Hair should be secured above the collar and not flopping over the face. Any hair accessories should be plain and simple.

FACE ♦ ♦ Make-up if worn should be used in moderation. Men should be clean-shaven or beards well kept.

JEWELLERY Clinical staff on duty should wear NO jewellery other than as follows; ♦ ♦ ♦

A plain wedding ring. Staff with multiple or single piercing should wear plain studs. Wristwatches must not be worn in the performance of clinical duties.


Sickness/Absence/Working Hours
SICKNESS ♦ ♦ Please try to report sickness as soon as possible to allow your diary/day to be

rearranged. Please call the number given on the placement information sheet and

speak to your supervisor. In exceptional circumstances leave an answerphone message. There is someone in the office from just before 8am. We will need to know what the problem is and how long you are likely to be off. ♦ ♦ If you have to leave a message, make sure that you let us know where we can

contact you. Don't forget that you also need to advise your course tutor at university of any

sickness. ABSENCE ♦ ♦ You are not generally entitled to any leave whilst on placement. In special circumstances you may be granted permission for leave during

placement. This will need to be cleared with your clinical tutor and the university.

WORKING HOURS ♦ The working hours on placement are not usually negotiable, except in special

circumstances. This is to allow us to provide you with adequate supervision and for you to complete the necessary clinical hours. ♦ ♦ ♦ If you do not complete enough hours during the placement due to absence or

sickness you will need to make up the lost hours at a later date. Please check your placement information sheet at the start of the pack for your

working hours You will work the same hours as your clinical educator unless negotiated



Health and Safety
FIRST AID ♦ ♦ Report any injuries immediately to a senior member of staff. They will direct you

in the appropriate course of action Any incidents requiring treatment or a 'near miss' must be reported in the

incident book. ♦ Please make sure that you read the collapsed patient protocol. (your educator will go through procedure during induction) ♦ IF ANYONE IN THE DEPARTMENT WERE TO COLLAPSE, AND


LONE WORKING ♦ Please familiarise yourself with the departmental lone working policy, when you

commence your placement. ♦

Students should not treat a patient alone unless their supervising therapist has

deemed them competent to do so. ♦ If you do ever become afraid of your own safety then shout for help.


Standards of Documentation for Therapy Students
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ All patients will have a set of POMR notes (Problem Orientated Medical

Records), kept in SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Analysis, Plan) format. Each patient will have at least one goal of treatment agreed and documented at

the end of the initial assessment. Following assessment, each patient's notes will contain a problem list and

treatment plan related to the problems identified during assessment. Every separate sheet of paper will have the patient's name, date of birth and

continuation sheets will be numbered. Every entry must be countersigned by the supervising Physiotherapist /

Occupational Therapist. Every entry must be signed and clearly dated (this includes entries split from

one sheet to the next). Next to the first signature on each separate piece of paper, your name must be

clearly printed. Notes must be written up at the end of each working day, preferably after each

patient intervention/session. Errors must be crossed through with a single line and initialled. A written record of the patient's consent to treatment must be made. Black pen should be used at all times. All patient records should be locked away at the end of the day.


Third Party Confidentiality Undertaking
I understand that in being given access to Northern Devon Healthcare Trust's IT facilities and data assets I may have access to confidential data or information collected for purposes of client / patient care, or for administrative, statistical and other purposes. Such information includes the identity of, and the personal and health information about, individual persons. I undertake not to knowingly access any personal health information unless such information is essential for me to properly and efficiently perform my duties. I agree to preserve the confidentiality of this information and not divulge any identifying personal or health information regarding individual persons, except to authorised staff of the Trust and accredited partners who require such information to carry out their normal working duties. I also undertake to follow other information privacy and security procedures as stipulated by the Trust in relation to any confidential information, which I access in the course of my duties. And will ensure that, as far as is in my control, such information whether in the form of paper documents, computerised data or in any other form, cannot be viewed by unauthorised persons, and that information is stored in a secure and orderly manner which prevents unauthorised access. Where applicable I agree to be bound by the conditions set out in the Trust's IM&T Security Policy, and I hereby acknowledge my personal common law duty of confidence to patients and other legislation relating to confidentiality namely, the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and the Data Protection Act 1998. I further undertake to inform the Trust's IM& T Security Officers if I become aware of any breach of privacy or security relating to its data/information. I understand that a breach of this undertaking, and/or of the conditions set out in the IM&T Security Policy could result in action being taken against me and/or the incident being reported to the appropriate professional body.

Signature Name [print] Date Address

In the Presence of
Signature Name [print] Date Address

Phone No

The Trust also requests two additional items of information that may be used to confirm your identity should you request a password reset for any IT system that you may have access to as part of your job. The first is your mother's maiden name, and the second is any phrase of up to 100 characters. (Please use capital letters and enter in the boxes provided)

Mothers Maiden Name:


General Information

Hospital accommodation is usually available for students on a temporary basis at North Devon District Hospital. There is also a wide variety of accommodation to rent and B&B’s throughout North Devon. Please speak to your clinical educator for more details of accommodation locally to your placement.

Library Facilities
North Devon District Hospital has an excellent medical library with access for staff 24 hours a day. There is a wide range of journals and books available with access to the Internet and medical databases for employees. Speak to your educator about getting a code for the library door which is required for after hours working. Other hospitals have a variety of Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy reference books available. Please contact the appropriate hospital for more information.

IT Facilities
If you require computer access whilst on your placement please complete the enclosed Third Party Confidentiality Undertaking form and return a signed copy to your clinical educator 2 weeks prior to your placement. You will find their address on the attached front sheet or in the appendix at the back of this pack.

This is a quarterly newspaper produced jointly by The Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust and the North Devon Primary Care Trust. It provides an insight into both Trusts and their management. Employees are encouraged to contribute articles.


Local Facilities
The district served by the Trusts is widespread – stretching from Exmoor to Dartmoor, bounded by a beautiful coastline. It covers an area of over half-a-million acres and incorporates villages, small market towns and resorts around the two principal towns of Barnstaple and Bideford.

Superb road and rail links make travelling to North Cornwall, Taunton and Exeter easy and the M5 improves access to the rest of the country - Bristol is only 1½ hours away. The area boasts many sandy beaches with some of England’s best surfing with blue flag awards for cleanliness

The extensive North Devon coastline has a network of well-maintained coastal footpaths. Other facilities include: Tarka cycle trail and coastal pathways Outdoor and indoor climbing facilities National Parks with beautiful Exmoor and Dartmoor on the doorstep National Trust land and properties Excellent local leisure centre in Barnstaple incorporating swimming pool, gym, sauna, squash courts and numerous exercise classes. Several local swimming pools equipped with gym. Active local sports clubs – rugby, football, running, cricket, and scuba diving and the Tarka Tennis Centre

Local theatres, hosting national productions; cinemas, restaurants, bars, clubs


Useful Addresses
Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy Department, North Devon District Hospital, Raleigh Park, Barnstaple, North Devon, EX31 4JB Tel: 01271 322379 (Physio) or 01271 311680 (OT) Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy Department, Bideford Hospital, Abbotsham Road, Bideford, North Devon, EX39 3AG. Tel: 01237 420229 (Physio) or 01237 420238 (OT) Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy Department, South Molton Community Hospital, Widgery Drive, South Molton, North Devon, EX36 4DP Tel: 01769 573940 (Physio) or 01769 576352 (OT) Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy Department, Torrington Hospital, Calf Street, Torrington, North Devon, EX38 7BJ Tel: 01805 623797 (Physio) or 01805 625794 (OT)

Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy Department, Holsworthy Hospital, Dobbles Lane, Holsworthy, North Devon, EX22 6JQ Tel: 01409 253424 (Physio) or 01409 259073 (OT)

Useful Addresses (cont)
Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy Department Tyrrell Hospital, St. Brannock’s Park Ilfracombe, North Devon EX34 8JS Tel: 01271 863448 (physio) or 01271 865821 (OT) Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy Department, Lynton Resource Centre, Lee Road Lynton, North Devon EX35 6BP Tel: 01598 753310 (Physio) or 01271 865821 (OT) www.cot.org.uk – Official Occupational Therapy website www.csp.org.uk – Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website

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