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Microsoft PowerPoint - saks education case study


Microsoft PowerPoint - saks education case study

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									CASE STUDY Saks Education Ltd

Saks Education on the Cutting Edge
Acknowledged as one of the UK’s best work-based training providers, Saks Education delivers NVQ apprenticeship training to over 250 learners throughout its network of hair and beauty salons. In 2006, the Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI) ranked Saks as Grade 1, for providing outstanding training, and they were awarded Beacon status in 2007. At the start of an NVQ programme, all Saks learners are put through an initial and diagnostic assessment to identify the learning gaps and to help educators develop an individual skills plan.

Recognising that something out of a box wouldn’t work for them, Saks were looking for an organisation who could not only deliver industry-leading assessments online, but were also prepared to customise a solution that provided a complete qualification framework ILP, performed learner reviews, set targets and built an online portfolio of evidence. An existing client recommended ForSkills, who worked closely with the Saks Team to introduce a range of solutions designed to meet their objectives. The solutions which were implemented by Saks included: 1. Conversion to Online Assessments Saks converted from paper-based assessments to the ForSkills suite of online assessments and resources. Written to the new functional skills standards, the assessments deliver significant improvements over the old assessment method. The assessments are selfmarking, adapt for each learner and draw from banks of questions. Continued…

Objectives and Challenges
With its ongoing commitment to best practice and excellence in training, Saks identified a need to get rid of its paper-based assessments, which relied on manual marking, and to introduce a new online system which would transform the process for both learner and educator and dramatically improve how learners are tracked and managed. The new system needed to deliver a number of key benefits, namely: Better tracking of learners Integration of learner data Improvements in the quality of the assessment process Reduction in teaching time Cost savings to eliminate the distribution of large workbooks A mechanism for employers to review and track their learners’ progress online

“Reducing the time it takes to deliver learner assessments has been a real boost ”. Tina Rook, Saks Education

CASE STUDY Saks Education

2. Integration of SkillsTrack & SkillsPortfolio Tools ForSkills worked with Saks to customise an e-tracker which is now used to track all of their learners through their NVQ. It is used to set targets, enrol learners to qualifications and carry out performance reviews. Decreasing the administrative burden and reducing the need to collect huge volumes of paper-based evidence was a key objective for Saks, which was solved by utilising the online SkillsPortfolio product. Designed to capture and build the learner’s library of evidence, it can be mapped against any qualification and criteria and flags up candidates’ work ready for review. It can also run management reports, and notifies the educator when new work is ready to be assessed, as well as providing feedback on the progress a learner is making. 3. Training Initial training was provided to ten Saks educators, who then created a simple User Guide for their other educators.

Today, Saks are achieving total integration of their learners’ data, with very low set-up costs.

Added Value and Benefits
•Learners are tracked and managed online •Employers have full access to the system •Educators can access learner data, wherever they are •All of the learners data is totally integrated and stored •Educators can spend more time focusing on learners •The sign-up process is dramatically reduced •Can be used to support OfSTED inspections •Learners enjoy using an online, interactive system

“Our young learners love using the Skillsbuilder Suite. They enjoy the interactivity and the fact they can access the resources at home.” Saks Education

For further information please contact: For Skills Limited Mansfield i-centre Oakham Business Park Hamilton Way, Mansfield Nottingham, NG18 5BR Tel: 01623 709818 Fax: 08456 431373 Email: Web:

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