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“Thanks so much. The trainer was brilliant with the parents of the Spurgeons’ Base Project parenting course. His presentation and message fitted perfectly into the strategies taught on the course.” Spurgeons Base Project, 24th March, 2009 “Good, confident and lively. Very easy to relate to. Well explained to fit our group. Engaging – enjoyed it.” Ely School, Cambs, 11th March 2009 “All very helpful. Good balance of session & humour.” Caterham Baptist Church, 26th March 2009 “I liked talking about the units of drinks and it was very useful to know. I enjoyed everything about the session.” 15yr old - Lancaster Girls Grammar School, 20th January 2009 “Thank you very much for taking the time to visit our Club last night and giving such a well crafted and interesting talk. Clearly our Members were very impressed with the work that you are doing with Hope UK and of course it is such a topical subject.” Rotary Club, Coventry, 19th January 2009

Enabling young people to make drug-free choices

guidance about alcohol and childhood with its emphasis on prevention. Hope UK is well-placed to reach parents via its network of voluntary Drug Educators and the experience gained in the DCSF-funded Family Drug Prevention Project.

A Record Year
Hope UK’s Drug Educators reached more than 100,000 children and young people during 2008 (double that of 2006). Over 200 Educators provided more than 2,400 sessions across the United Kingdom. These community-based prevention activities provided alcohol and drug awareness for children, young people and parents as well as training for children’s, youth, church and family workers. Less structured approaches were used in informal settings. For example, Educators were out in Leicester Square, Tottenham Court Road and Embankment Gardens in Central London during the Pentecost Festival. ‘Beer goggles’ were used to simulate the visual effects of drunkenness by inviting individuals to walk a white line whilst wearing them. One of the major Policy themes to emerge from central Government was the importance of the family and the need to equip parents to help their children grow up avoiding alcohol and drug-related problems. This was reflected in the Government’s Chief Medical Officer’s The range of groups worked with includes: Coram Family Centre (London); Bewbush Children’s Centre (Crawley); Bonymaen Community Youth Club (Swansea); Rushden Night Shelter (South Rushden); Guildford College (Guildford); the Ethnic Minority Partnership Agency; Home-Start Glasgow South; YMCA (Milton Keynes); Camberwell Resident Involvement Team; Greenmount College (Antrim); South Staffordshire and Shropshire Health Care Trust; Faith Mission (Edinburgh).

Responding to the Recession
With great regret, Hope UK’s Trustees decided in April 2009 that cost savings had to be made in the light of falling income, particularly the narrow failure to secure government funding in the face of severe competition from a record number of charity applications. This includes reductions in staff numbers. The Trustees have also authorised the use of Hope UK’s reserves to cushion the effect of falling income. The practical effect will be that the roles of George Ruston, the Executive Director, together with that of Micky Bailey (Community Development Worker for London) and Ian Michell (Community and Training Team Administrator) have been declared redundant. In addition, Rev Dr Joseph Fell (Northern Ireland Convener) has retired and Mrs Liz Wynyard (Fundraising and Marketing Assistant) will be taking retirement in July without either being replaced. All of this is being done with the aim of focusing on making the most of our existing voluntary Drug Educator workforce and being in a position to continue our strategy to cover the UK with a thousand Educators (who would reach 500,000 children and young people each year) as soon as is practical. The Trustees took the view that the recession will last at least two years. Sarah Brighton, Deputy Director, has agreed to become the Chief Operations Manager. Sarah has fourteen years’ experience with Hope UK and will be assisted by Roland Tolley, Finance Manager (eight years’ experience). Hope UK has a wealth of experience available in them and their remaining colleagues who are very committed to Hope UK. Despite the difficulties, this is a time of great opportunities because Hope UK has the only Voluntary Drug Educator Training Programme in the country – and it has a massive potential if only the funding can be secured. David Tayler Chairman of Trustees Hope UK is grateful for the continued support received from Ansvar Insurance Company Ltd, with this being the sixth year of Annual Review sponsorship. Ansvar is an ethical general insurance company that specialises in insuring not-for-profit organisations - churches and charities. Ansvar also offers home, car and travel insurance. Hope UK is an alcohol and drug education charity that enables young people to make drug-free choices. It achieves this by training voluntary Drug Educators to work within their local communities. Because Hope UK has a Christian foundation, its Educators work within church networks, enabling local churches and Christian organisations to meet the needs of their congregations and surrounding communities. However, fifty percent of Hope UK’s activity is done outside of church networks with any group that has an interest in children and young people. Further information about Hope UK can be found at

Thank you Ansvar

Going Local
Hope UK’s strategic aim is to have 1,000 Educators organised in local networks throughout the United Kingdom, reaching over 500,000 children and young people each year. Some excellent progress was made in 2008, although the timescale for achieving this target has had to be stretched because of the recession. • Clare Vincent and Camille Cummings were the first part-time Local Representatives appointed in Cornwall and Northamptonshire respectively. Their task is to recruit and support Educators, find groups for them to visit and raise the profile of Hope UK so that more young people make drug-free choices. • George Ruston, the Executive Director, visited the North East of England and Scotland to explore the possibilities of developing Hope UK’s work. He was left with the clear impression by everyone he met that there were wide-open opportunities as long as the finance was available to provide a support network for Educators. • The South Wales Educator group became a model for other areas as they met together regularly as well as providing drug education and prevention activities. • There are twenty-five areas where there is already a local Educator group meeting or the possibility of one doing so in the near future. These vary significantly in size. Each will be able to provide volunteers who can work ‘out of office hours’. They will help community and church groups give their children and young people the best chance to make the most of their potential and avoid alcohol and drug problems.

Enabling young people to make drug-free choices
25(f) Copperfield Street London SE1 0EN T: 020 7928 0848 E:
Registered Charity with the Charity Commission No. 1044475 A company limited by guarantee in England & Wales. Registered No. 3022470

Street work with beer goggles in Leicester Square

Statement of financial activities
INCOME Voluntary income
(eg, gifts from individuals & Churches)

2008 (£) 180,333 1,954 33,515 338,187 553,989

2007 (£) 148,840 2,702 34,062 307,973 493,577

Finance and Fundraising
Hope UK’s income amounted to £553,989 which was an excellent achievement given that the three year DCSF funding for training youth workers finished in March 2008. Income virtually matched expenditure although the advent of the recession resulted in a significant fall in the value of Hope UK’s reserves. The recession arrived just at the time when action needed to be taken to replace the three-year Parent project funding from the DCSF which finished in March 2009. This severely limited the potential for replacing this as grant-making trusts saw the value of their investments fall significantly. In the event, a programme of cost cutting was required (see page 4).

Voluntary Drug Educator Training and Support
The Voluntary Drug Educator Training Programme is central to Hope UK’s work and is now fourteen years old. Following a recruitment process which includes interview, references and a Criminal Records Bureau check, individuals are provided with residential and correspondence training accredited by the Open College Network (OCN). Educators are only allowed to represent Hope UK once they have been through this course and been assessed. This training was provided in Birmingham, Manchester and near London in 2008. In addition, local groups were trained in their home areas of Mitcham, South London, Cornwall and Northamptonshire. Additional training was provided for Educators from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Fifty-eight new Educators were recruited during the year, bringing the total of those trained or in training to 200 (as at 31 December 2008). One of the annual highlights is the Voluntary Drug Educator conference in November. Over 120 people attended in 2008, a new record. 40% of the Educators have a black or minority ethnic (BME) background which means that Hope UK reaches into BME communities, often working with churches active in inner-city areas. Voluntary Drug Educators come from all walks of life including a pharmacologist, an airline cabin manager, a police officer, teachers and college lecturers, and youth, church and schools workers. Educators are resident in all nine English regions as well as Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Educators give their time for free but require professional training, ongoing support and encouragement. The cost of providing basic training for a new Educator in 2008 was £1,266 and the ongoing cost of supporting a trained Educator was £574.
Annual post-recognition costs

Literature sales Investment income Incoming resources from charitable activities
(eg, grants from Government and trusts)

Total incoming resources EXPENDITURE General education activities DRUGNET (Youth Worker training) Educator training and local work Parents/Faith Communities Capacity Building Fund Fundraising and publicity Investment management costs Governance costs Total resources expended

147,344 29,495 219,101 110,793 41,251 5,657 4,759 558,400

133,396 113,216 110,695 110,718 23,250 5,312 5,410 501,997

Thank you
We are very grateful for the funds supplied by grant-making trusts, companies, central Government and the many individuals and churches that have supported Hope UK.

Costs involved in gaining recognition Interview costs Residential training, travel and accommodation Training Team staff and support costs Open College Network registration Total £109 £657 £460 £40 £1,266

£155 £419 £574

Balance sheet as at 31st December 2008
2008 (£)
FIXED ASSETS Tangible assets
(mainly value of HQ building)

2007 (£)

551,619 659,827 1,211,446

553,608 970,010 1,523,618 1,483 7,554 16,255 25,292 (20,318)

Investments CURRENT ASSETS Stocks Debtors Cash at bank and in hand

1,019 10,104 47,829 58,952

Creditors: amounts falling due within one year Net current assets/(liabilities) Total assets less current liabilities Income funds Restricted funds Designated funds – tangible fixed assets Unrestricted funds

(21,050) 37,902 1,249,348

The full set of Annual Accounts for 2008 and the Trustees’ Annual Report are available on request. Please contact Marolin Watson at Hope UK, 25(f) Copperfield Street, London SE1 0EN; 020 7928 0848;

Evaluating Hope UK’s Parents’ Project
Extracts from Charities Evaluation Service Report
The Charities Evaluation Service is an independent organisation appointed by Hope UK to evaluate the worth of the Parents’ Project “The project [funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families for 2005-2008] aimed to develop the existing drug education work carried out by Hope UK’s volunteer Educators in local communities, as well as support for a partner organization, Care for the Family, with its ‘How to Drug Proof Your Kids’ programme. It explored new areas of work by piloting a new drug prevention course for professionals and volunteers working with families, based on a programme called ’Children at Risk’ run by Blue Cross Norway in both Norway and Sweden.” “99% of the people who provided feedback on the talks they had attended rated these as good or excellent. They particularly valued the interactive, informal nature of the talks and found the resources used effective (for example, drug samples and paraphernalia). The experience and skills of the educators were also key to the success of the sessions. Other agencies working in the field noted that Hope UK’s sessions were particularly accessible to parents as they were offered in evenings and weekends and at familiar venues. Hope UK’s project is also of interest because it seeks to engage other family members (including grandparents, aunts and uncles) rather than focusing exclusively on parents.” “… in-depth analysis of the project’s outcomes, carried out through telephone interviews and a follow-up questionnaire to a small sample of parents showed that the talks had also: • helped parents feel better equipped to tackle drugs/alcohol issues • increased their understanding of the importance of a positive, healthy lifestyle • reinforced, and in some cases, strengthened parents’ ability to communicate effectively with their children about drugs issues.” “With the Government’s increasing focus on the family as part of its National Drugs Strategy, its relevance to the Every Child Matters agenda and the Youth Alcohol Action Plan, Hope UK’s work with parents has the potential to make a valuable contribution to national priorities.”

4,974 1,528,592 Chairman: David Tayler FCA Treasurer: Alan Earwaker BSc Executive Director: George Ruston MSc (until June 09) Chief Operations Manager: Sarah Brighton BA Solicitors: Wedlake Bell Auditors: H W Fisher & Co Bankers: Bank of Ireland Honorary Scientific Advisor: Alun Morinan, BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD; Research Associate in Addiction Science, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, London and South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Honorary Theological Advisor: The Reverend Professor Chris Cook, BSc,MB, BS, AKC, MD, MA, FRCPsych, Professorial Research Fellow, Department of Theology & Religion, Durham University

225,557 551,619 472,172 1,249,348

217,362 553,608 757,622 1,528,592

25(f) Copperfield Street, London SE1 0EN Tel: 020 7928 0848 Fax: 020 7401 3477 e-mail:
Registered Charity with the Charity Commission No. 1044475 A company limited by guarantee in England & Wales. Registered No. 3022470

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