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									tigi creative academy
To book a TIGI Education course contact: Sharon Wellington TIGI Education Bed Head Studio Ransomes Dock 35-37 Parkgate Road London SW11 4np Tel: 0844 844 0950 Email:



tigi creative academy



There are so many reasons why I believe we should all keep learning. Firstly it’s the very best way to push your work forwards. Secondly it makes you reassess what you have already learnt. Thirdly it is great for building your team, because it’s inspiring, and drives your creativity; and lastly, it improves your customer service making you more competitive and profitable. I believe when we stop learning, then we stagnate!

….I am still learning, as are my Team. It’s our passion. We push ourselves continually, studying trends, practicing techniques, listening and watching. One way I believe that we can learn is by sharing our knowledge. That means we introduce all of our new ideas into our courses, as soon as we’ve perfected them. That drives us to create something new. We work in an increasingly competitive profession and our clients are becoming more demanding and aware. Through education we can stay on top and offer a truly professional service that makes clients look good and remain loyal. Importantly, it also results in a motivated and satisfied team.



anthony &


Bed Head Cosmetics has added a fresh creative edge to our work and many salons now understand the potential that using and retailing the Bed Head Cosmetic range can give their business. From a creative point of view, it gives a great opportunity to the team and is a true addition to customer service, especially when linked to the technical department. So many women want makeup advice and equally, view the purchase of makeup items as a treat. Our Basic Bed Head Cosmetic Course, encompassing product knowledge, has given a real insight into the possibilities of retailing and using the cosmetics in the salon, For 2008, we are introducing a more advanced, fashion-led course, to inspire students to push their creative skills further.



& pat

tigi london creative academy

Opened in the summer of 2006, the TIGI Creative Academy is a creatively stimulating environment that encourages both learning and artistic development. The contemporary interior, designed with input from Anthony Mascolo, is a perfect backdrop for the work of the TIGI International Team.
All members of the TIGI Education Team work both in the Academy and on shows and seminars around the world, as well as participating in the creation of TIGI photographic collections. The Team compliment each other’s particular strengths, constantly developing their work both technically and artistically. Courses include both demonstration and workshop sessions, with restricted places to ensure that there is a high teacher-student ratio in workshops. All workshops are done on head-blocks. These have both natural hair and a natural hairline. This ensures that students can always create their desired cut without having to consider an individual’s preferences. Two haircuts can be created using one block and at the end of the course the student is able to take the block away. For 2008 we introduce new courses that we hope will give students our ‘passion for education’.









Nick Irwin, TIGI’s European Creative Director, joined Anthony Mascolo 5 years ago to help him set up the TIGI International Creative Team. Previously Nick worked as a session hairdresser. He also spent several years as an educator and stylist in the UK and in Australia. Nick’s key role is to work with Anthony on the creative development of the TIGI brand. Nick also leads the TIGI International Creative Team, inspiring many of the looks used in their international shows.

tigi creative team

Originally from Hungary, Akos Bodi has worked alongside Anthony Mascolo for over 10 years, firstly in the USA and for the last 3 years in the UK. After gaining vital experience in salon and teaching during his period spent in America, (where he worked on many national hairdressing events, shows, product shoots and videos,) Akos returned to Europe in 2004 to take up the position of TIGI European Education Director. As well as leading the team at the Academy, he also works on image photo shoots and shows.

For several years Allan Hogg worked as an educator for Anthony Mascolo, before utilising his skills, both as a manager and artistic hairdresser, to run a highly successful salon. In 1995 Allan won the British Hairdresser of the Year, Southern Hairdresser of the Year award. With a passion for education and a desire for new challenges, in 2007, Allan joined the fast growing TIGI Creative Academy as Manager. Here his operational and people skills, have added a very valid and an important addition to the Team’s work.

Maria is an excellent hands-on educator. She teaches in a generous mode, sharing her experiences and with dedicated patience. Maria joined the UK Team in 2006, adding not only a much-needed feminine touch to the all-male team, but also a great deal of educational experience, gained in her native Australia. She previously worked with Anthony for many years, and she and Nick Irwin had worked together in Australia.




Heath Grout had worked for TIGI in California, USA, for several years before relocating to the UK at the beginning of 2006. Heath’s main role is to work in the TIGI London Academy and to help develop ideas for new collections. He regularly visits other TIGI bases across Europe and returns regularly to work in the USA. Heath has a great synergy with students at the Academy and is a fantastic mentor.

Since the TIGI International Creative Team was formed 5 years ago, Sarah Brookes has worked with Anthony on the creation of all the TIGI Collections. When the TIGI Academy in Salerno opened 4 years ago, Sarah transferred to Italy to head the technical team. During this period she also worked on the development of TIGI Colour.







Gen works in the TIGI Creative Academy and on seminars and educational programmes in the UK and Europe. Gen was originally trained by Anthony and worked with him in the same salon for several years. He is an excellent hairdresser, focused, creative and a very accurate, conscientious teacher.

Marco Iafrate is an experienced teacher and creative hairdresser and, before joining the TIGI Creative Team, had worked in the salon with Anthony and been trained by him. Marco has a good understanding of the TIGI product range and his focused approach to education instantly makes students feel confident about their own work. His salon experiences mean that his work is commercial and feminine whilst his passion for fashion and his personal creativity add an artistic streak to his work.

After completing his training with another top salon, Kieron Webb joined TIGI 3 years ago and has been mentored by Akos Bodi and Nick Irwin. His enthusiasm for training and his communication skills make him a great teacher, especially for Transition level students. Kieron has helped with TIGI shows both in the UK, the USA and Europe and assisted Anthony on campaign shoots for TIGI branding.

Since we opened the TIGI Creative Academy in the summer of 2006 we have met some wonderful hairdressers from all over the world and have learnt so much from them. We have become aware of the specific needs of today’s hairdresser, who is keen to not only improve technical hairdressing ability but also to push creative ideas forward and have the opportunity to be more experimental and artistic. We have also realised that many hairdressing salons are running their own education and training courses, but need help develop their teaching team. So, for 2008 we are introducing a new creative course: ‘Total Concept’ and we are also introducing a ‘Train the Trainer’ course specifically for those hairdressers involved in education.
We are all extremely excited about the forthcoming launch of TIGI Colour in Spring 2008, and to coincide with this we are introducing a new 2-day Creative Colour Course. This will cover both fashion ideas and technical know-how. We strongly feel that colour is the important final link to the absolute image and that with its introduction, our own work will get a new edge. These courses are all detailed over the following pages of this brochure, together with information on our successful Advanced Creative Cutting Course, our Transitional Course and our Bed Head Cosmetic Course. All students receive a ‘Course Completion Certificate’ at the end of their course.

courses 2008

creative cutting course

2 day course
The Creative Cutting Course takes your work to a higher level and keeps you constantly progressing. Anthony Mascolo believes that his team advance their own work by teaching and sharing their latest ideas. This means the course is always evolving and students can be sure they are learning the very latest techniques and creative ideas from highly motivated teachers.
The TIGI Academy Creative Cutting course breaks down in detail all new techniques from the latest collections of the TIGI International Creative Team and explains how these ideas can be translated into daily salon work. The Course allows you to experience ground-breaking education giving you confidence and a progressive attitude to your own work. The 2-day course is broken down into morning demonstration sessions and afternoon workshops. We maintain a high student-teacher ratio in order that each student can receive individual attention and can really benefit from all the new information that they are given. Workshops are conducted on head-blocks. We have found that this is a very successful way of running workshops as students can adopt a no-limitation approach to their work, and can be more experimental. The head-blocks have a natural hairline and are real hair, so the end result is a true representation of the cut. (And of course, students are able to take the head-blocks back to their salons at the end of the course.)

cost: £525 + vat per delegate maximum of 24 delegates

transitional course

2 or 4 day course
We have found that many newly qualified hairdressers need to polish the basic knowledge gained from their initial training and to be empowered to grow a loyal clientele. The TIGI Creative Academy Transitional Course is based on a highly successful course that has been running in our U.S. academies. Akos Bodi, TIGI’s European Educational Director helped run the U.S. programme for several years before coming to London to help set up UK and European education. ‘The successful formula of the Transition Course is very comprehensive,’ says Akos. ‘It is an intense training, dissecting and explaining the fundamentals of the haircut in great detail.’
The Educational Team has realised that at this level many students do not gain enough information from watching demonstrations, so short 15 minute films of the TIGI Educational Programme are utilised, broken down by discussion and explanation with the Educators and shown in detailed diagrams on a black-board. We believe that the Transitional Course should ideally be taken as a 4-day course, although we will accept students for 2 days, or the course can be taken as two 2-day courses. During the course the techniques taught will include: texturising, bob shapes, men’s cuts and cropped cuts.

day 1
The course begins with an introduction to the course, then the Team gives an explanation of TIGI Methodology –Terminology. This is followed by a teaching session using a film as an educational source. The morning session is completed with a workshop using blocks to create the haircut. A teaching session with a film of the cut is followed by a second intensive workshop. • AM Cut 1 (Block 1) Femme Layers

• PM

Cut 2 (Block 1) Textured Length

day 2, 3 & 4
On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th mornings the session begins with an explanation of a technique on a head block. This technique is then re-enforced by a short film and followed with a hands-on workshop. A second technique is taught in the afternoon, with a follow-up workshop. On day 4, there is a demonstration of an advanced cut from the TIGI Collection.

day 2

• AM Cut 1 - (Block 2) Modern Bob

• PM Cut 2 - (Block 2) Rugged Crop

day 3 day 4

• AM Cut 1 - (Block 1) Soft Crop

• PM Cut 2 - (Block 3) Femme movement

• AM Texturizing

• Advanced Cut Demonstration

• PM Cut 1 - (Block 3) Advanced cut The last workshop of the course gives the students a chance to show how their skills have developed over the 4 days creating a cut taken from the TIGI Collection. The day ends with a presentation of diplomas. Students will be given a copy of the book: Urban Classics to use as a reference and to keep at the end of the course. (Please note that TIGI provides a maximum of 3 ‘heads’ per student as part of the Transitional Course fee.)

2 days - cost: £295 + vat per delegate 4 days - cost: £695 + vat per delegate maximum of 24 delegates

teacher training
4 day course
The need for a ‘Teacher Training’ course reflects the focus on education which is so important to many of today’s’ forward-thinking hairdressing salons. We have devised a 4-day course that concentrates in-depth on communication, methodology and terminology. The student teacher ratio is kept to 8 : 1 so that individual attention is guaranteed. During the work-sessions, students work in pairs to simulate real-life teaching experiences and to assimilate fully what is being taught. We expect students to leave this course full of ideas to develop their own education programmes, but also with improved presentation and communication skills and information on how to run training sessions and how to assess students’ progress. * Students must have completed the Transitional and Creative Cutting course to be accepted onto this course.

day 1
An introductory session introduces the TIGI Educational Directors. The course contents will be carefully explained and there will be a brief introduction to the history of the Company and the role of education in its development and growth. • Cut 1 - Femme Layers A film of this cut will be shown and then the cut will be broken-down in fine details using a flip-chart and head-block. During the subsequent workshop, students will work in pairs. • Cut 2 - Femme Movement This will run as Cut 1.

day 3

• Recap of Day 2 This will run as Cut 1

• Cut 5 - Textured Length • Cut 6 - Soft Crop This will run as Cut 1

day 4

• Recap of Day 3 This will run as Cut 1

day 2

• Cut 7 - Homme • Cut 8 - Rugged Crop This will run as Cut 1. • Implementation How to utilise the knowledge you've acquired for your staff training.

• Recap of Day 1 This will run as Cut 1

• Cut 3 - Modern Bob • Cut 4 - Chic Crop This will run as Cut 1

cost: £795 + vat per delegate maximum of 16 delegates

total concept
2 day course
Many people have requested that we share some of the ideas that we have utilised in our photographic and stage work, so we have developed this new course expressly to inspire the artistic hairdresser. At TIGI we are certainly in the business of creating images and that is what this course is about. However pushing your creativity is also a great way to improve your commercial work as it refines and redefines your ideas and techniques. It is also about teamwork. We believe in not only sharing our ideas with each other – and with our students – but also in working together to create the Total Look. (Several creative brains are always better than one!) The first part of the course will be about showing you ‘how’: How to be creative with your hairdressing, how to see what the camera sees, how to create a total image. We’ll be showing you some of our ideas, things that have worked for us, images that we particularly like and tips to achieve the looks you desire. We’ll also explain how we get our inspiration, so that means thinking about what’s on trend and where we can look and research ideas. In the afternoon, we’ll discuss what to look for in a model and then we’ll hold a model casting, so that students can select a model for the second day’s photo shoot. The second day is a photographic shoot, held in Bed Head Studio with our Bed Head team on hand to support you. You’ll be doing the hair for your model on the photo shoot, but you’ll also be assisting each other, observing what goes on behind the camera and we hope, taking in as much information as possible.

cost: £1400 + vat per delegate maximum of 8 delegates

* Model fees are very complicated, so the images created on the course will have 'no model rights'. This means that they cannot be used for promotional purposes. If you want 'model usage' after you have seen your photograph, we will be pleased to explain the procedure.

creative colour

2 day course
TIGI Colour is an exciting development for everyone at TIGI and provides the finishing element to the service that we can offer salons. We believe that colour adds the final dimension to our work – giving our cuts the depth, strength and polish that sets them apart, improving image and adding a great addition to customer service. It makes business sense! TIGI Colour is a natural progression for TIGI, taking TIGI products to the ultimate level. This amazing development enhances our creativity and gives us the finishing element to the services that we offer salons.

“Colour adds final dimension – giving our cuts the creative ‘edge’ and strengthening our image.” Sarah Brookes European Colour Creative Director

day 1 - am session
An introduction to P .Colour Creative. A power-point theoretical session gives students a clear introduction to the development of the range, with chemical and technical know-how that will answer every question!

day 1 - pm session
Demonstration and presentation of models to illustrate the power of P .Colour Creative.

day 2 - all day
The 2nd day of the Colour with Style course comprises a whole day workshop in which students can re-enforce the ‘Colour with Style’ application techniques and colour choice, that they have observed on day 1. Students will leave the course with a thorough knowledge of the brand and its applications as well as creative ideas to use in their salon work.

cost: £450 + vat per delegate maximum of 10 delegates

bed head cosmetics stage 1
basic make-up course – 2 days
The Bed Head Cosmetic Course is designed to introduce you to the Bed Head Product Range with ideas on application, product knowledge and also how makeup can improve your customer service, team creativity and your profitability. The course is designed to improve skills, develop a creative ‘eye’ and an experimental attitude to make the application and retail of Bed Head Cosmetics a fun and professional service. Product knowledge is key to Bed Head Cosmetics, so part of the first morning is spent going through the individual products, their application and usage. The first makeup session looks at creating the ultimate flawless complexion and perfect natural makeup suited to a bride or for day-wear. The Bed Head makeup artist demonstrates different application techniques. This is then followed by a workshop to reinforce what has been seen.

bed head cosmetics stage 2
creative make-up course – 2 days
The Bed Head Cosmetic Stage 2 Course is designed for students who have already attended the Basic Course and have some knowledge of the Bed Head Cosmetic Range. The Stage 2 course has been created because our students have demanded more advanced knowledge and greater fashion information. The Bed Head Cosmetic Team believes in pushing your creativity and developing artistic ideas. Our Team constantly research ideas and take inspiration from catwalk shows, films, music, and fashion. We want to share some of our exciting information with you so that you can use what you learn to develop skills in your daily salon work, for photo shoots and shows. Over the 2 days, we will look at some of the ‘classic’ and contemporary makeup ideas that have given some iconic looks, taking elements from different decades and even touching on the future. We will discuss and demonstrate how to select and use brushes to achieve different effects and also focus on products within the range that we feel can be used creatively. We will explain and demonstrate some key techniques to create different moods and ideas that can be developed for photo shoots and shows. All new knowledge will be re-enforced with workshop practice sessions. The second day will look at fashion forward ideas from the catwalk with a demonstration showing how some of these looks can be created using different products from the Bed Head range. The following workshop will give students a chance to be truly experimental. On the final afternoon students will aim to create a perfectly executed: editorial/photo-shoot effect, red-carpet, or catwalk look that would be the perfect accessory to highfashion or couture clothes.

The second session focuses on an understanding of colour. The course makeup artist will explain how to advise and select colours, taking fashion, personal image and skin tones into consideration. A colour workshop will follow the demonstration. The last part of the course focuses on creative progression. Using TIGI’s photographic collections the final workshop: enables students to put their new ideas and skills together to create a high fashion look. This last workshop is always great fun, so that students leaves feel motivated and inspired.

cost: £375 + vat per delegate maximum of 20 delegates

cost: £400 + vat per delegate maximum of 14 delegates

“This was the first time I’d been on a course at the TIGI Creative Academy. It was beyond my expectations! The TIGI Team were really together. Everything was explained well and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’d give them 9.5 out of 10!” “I recently went on the Advanced Creative Cutting Course. The staff were very communicative and made me feel very relaxed. I felt it was tailored to my own needs and the demonstrations were clearly explained. And, I loved the fact that I could take the head-block back to my salon to show everyone.” “The TIGI Transition Course was the first I’d ever been to and it was fantastic. I feel so much more confident now and have been shown everything I needed and more. I found the ‘demos’ were really well explained and I could follow them easily. The teachers were helpful and supportive and I have learnt so much from the basics to a much higher level. I left not only feeling sure how to do the cuts on a head-block –but on my clients too.”

“I have attended many courses over the years with many different companies. I have to say this was BY FAR the best I have ever been on. The course was perfect, both technically and in the way that we were given advice on how to deal with clients and adapt the hair cuts to every day work in the salon. One of the cuts we were shown was a Bob. We were shown how to cut it in a way I had never seen before and the results were superb. I have used this technique and others that I learnt on the TIGI course at least 6 times in the past week, since returning to the salon. I was feeling a bit de-motivated about my hairdressing prior to attending this course, my passion is now back and I will certainly recommend TIGI courses to other hairdressers."



Sharon Wellington has worked for TIGI for several years within different departments. For the last 2 years, Sharon has been responsible for all regional and Academy bookings. Sharon has a vast knowledge of TIGI education and is able to advise and assist students with the correct choice of course and availability.

how to book
To book a course please contact our Educational Administrator Sharon Wellington. You can either phone Sharon on: 0844 844 0950 Or email: Or post to: Sharon Wellington , Educational Department, Bed Head Studios, Ransomes Dock, 35-37 Parkgate Road, London SW11 4NP On all correspondence please state: • Your Salon Name • TIGI Account Number • Salon Address • Salon Contact number • Salon email address • Name of course booking and date required • Name of delegates + delegates’ contact details ie mobile number Once Sharon has received your booking, a confirmation will be sent to the address provided. TIGI Creative Academy The London TIGI Creative Academy is located at: Union 3, Albion Riverside, 8 Hester Road, Battersea, London SW11 4AX Tel: 0844 800 9121 04 or Tel: + 44(0) 207 228 4815 For accommodation we recommend: For travel plans around London: visit for more information. The nearest underground stations are: Sloane Square and South Kensington. The number 19 bus runs from Sloane Square and from South Kensington take the 49 or 345 buses to Battersea Bridge. To arrange a taxi please contact: 020 7622 7777.

course bookings

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