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You should contact…


You should contact…

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									The Drug and Alcohol Action Team’s general email address is and the general phone number is 020 7641 3466 If you would rather contact someone directly, the below might help you decide whom you need to contact for your specific query.

You should contact…
Selina Douglas, Strategy and Commissioning Manager, if You have any queries about services provided or commissioned by Westminster Drug and Alcohol Action Team (WDAAT). • You require details about WDAAT’s strategic vision and how it relates to the City of Westminster’s Business Plan and Westminster Primary Care Trust’s (WPCT) strategies. • You have any queries about WDAAT’s support services. 020 7641 3467, Ed Martin, Commissioning Officer, if • You have a query relating to the contracting and monitoring of services. • You want to know more about how Westminster commissions local treatment services. • You have a query about the development of Westminster’s Aftercare Service. • You require information relating to all treatment services for substance users in the City of Westminster 020 7641 3218,

Kerry Herbert, Training & Development Officer, if • You require details of training on substance misuse in Westminster. • You’re looking for a voluntary placement within drug and alcohol services in Westminster. • You want to know what qualifications are required/desired for certain roles. • You are a training provider wanting to raise awareness of your services. • You want to know about Westminster's strategy on workforce development and training. 020 7641 2863, Oteri Kueberuwa, Young People’s Substance Misuse Co-ordinator, if • You would like to know more about Westminster’s young people’s substance misuse strategy. • You require further information about Westminster’s Young Peoples Substance Misuse Plan. • You want information about projects as generated by The Drug and Alcohol Actions Team’s (DAAT) strategic groups for young people, including the Young Peoples Substance Misuse Task Group, the Be Healthy group, the Joint Commissioning Group and the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership. • You need information about the quarterly monitoring and evaluation of all commissioned young peoples drug and alcohol services. 020 7641 2862, Sharon Peppard, Communities & Involvement Manager, if • You need information regarding service user involvement, including meetings and events related to this. • You are a carer for a substance user and need advice or information about what support is available to you. • You are a carer for a substance user and would like to become involved in the Drug and Alcohol Strategy and Service Delivery for other users and yourself.* • You are a member of the community who is worried about drugs in the area that you live or work and would like to discuss concerns or set up a project in your area. * Training and expenses are offered for Substance users and Carers who wish to become involved in the Strategy and Service Delivery design. 020 7641 8546,

David Eastwood, DIP Programme Manager, if • You want more information about the strategy of the Drug Intervention Programme (DIP) in Westminster. • You have any questions on the Home Office's strategy for drug users involved in the criminal justice system. • You require information on how the drug intervention programme strategy dovetails with other social policy strategies. • You want to find out who and how the partnership delivers DIP in Westminster. 020 7641 2886, Amanda Earlam, DIP Operational Manager, if • You want to know more about the Drug Intervention Programme (DIP). • You have questions on the operational element of the Drug Intervention Programme within Westminster. • You need more information about Testing on Arrest, Required Assessment or Restrictions on Bail. • You want to know more about treatment pathways for those clients involved in the criminal justice system. • You are a drugs worker and need to request a DIP caseload closure or suspension • You need to refer or enquire about a client for a Drug Rehabilitation Requirement (DRR) assessment or refer or enquire about a Prolific and Priority Offenders (PPO) client 020 7641 8053, Dave Hume, DIP Police Liaison, if • You have any questions on police involvement in the Drug Intervention Programme (DIP) within Westminster. • You have questions on drug testing in custody suites. • You need information on the enforcement element of Tough choices (Testing on arrest, Required Assessment, Restrictions on bail). 020 7641 2968, Sheila Martin, Single Point of Contact Co-ordinator, if • You want to make a referral to the Westminster Drug Interventions Programme (DIP). • You need to check whether an individual is known to Westminster DIP. • You want more information on how to make a referral to Westminster DIP. • You are looking to track the progress of a referral made to DIP. 020 7641 7271,

Karim Mannan, Finance Officer, or Warren Hillier, Finance Manager, if • You require payment status of an invoice or clothing grant. • You have questions about an invoice raised by the DAAT. • You have questions about DAAT/DIP cost codes. • You wish to get information on projections and budgets (and you are authorised to request this). 020 7641 2866, 020 7641 8992, Ah Mun Kuan, Information & Performance Manager, if • You would like to talk about performance monitoring systems to support local and national strategies. • You would like to discuss contract performance reports. • You would like to talk about regular feedback on target and identify areas of risk • You require advice on statistical methods. 020 7641 8993, Julie Oliver, Data Analyst, if • You need information about PalBase, the DIP case management system, including training, technical issues, or information on processes. • You need statistical information regarding Westminster’s clients accessing treatment. • You need data about Westminster Drug Interventions Programme (DIP), including information from the Compact Target figures or reports from PalBase. 020 7641 5902,

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