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									                 Performance Management 2008 – Q&A Changes
This document has been produced to assist staff to understand the changes to performance
management from October 2008. It is divided into sections for quick reference and will be added to
as questions arise from staff. It also includes commonly asked questions about performance
management principles.
             General questions about the change
             Planning Objectives
             Planning Development
             Assessing Performance
             Recognition of Performance [informal and formal]
             Ongoing Review and Feedback

What is             The core of the scheme is not changing but the processes that sit around the
changing?           scheme are changing:
                     There will be more opportunity to recognise both individual and team
                     The one-off financial cash bonuses will not be paid to individuals.
What stays the      Staff will still meet with their Performance Management Supervisor to set
same?               objectives, plan development, and be assessed on their achievements.
                    Performance Management is good practice as it provides staff with the
                    opportunity to get clarity about what they are expected to do and feedback on
                    how well they are doing. It also encourages open two way communication and
                    feedback. In this way the University can improve its performance and meet its
                    strategic objectives.
Why is it           The scheme has been reviewed as planned as part of the regular PIRI cycle. [Plan
changing?           Implement Review Improve]. It was not intended that a lot would change
                    however there was strong staff feedback about the scheme being inconsistently
                    applied and not contributing to University performance as effectively as it could.
                    It has been changed to take account of these concerns.
Will it change      It is not anticipated that further significant change will be needed. If we continue
again?              to get feedback from staff about how it could be more effective in achieving
                    University objectives, then the scheme could be changed to improve it.
What part does      The Division of Human Resources’ role is to assist Faculties and Divisions with the
HR play in this     change process
change?              to develop communication resources,
                     support staff and performance management supervisors to understand the
                     to update the policy and procedures and
                     provide ongoing resources and education about how the scheme works.

How do              Every year planning occurs at the Faculty/Divisional level about the expectations
individual          of performance that are needed to achieve the objectives in the
objectives relate   Faculty/Divisional operational plan and the University Strategy. This provides
to operational      clarity for staff and performance management supervisors so that appropriate
plans?              performance objectives are set that contribute to these higher order plans.

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What is the link   There was strong support for more recognition that individuals work in teams to
between            achieve results.
                   Good practice in performance planning requires Team/Section/School planning
planning and
                   to be done first so everyone understands their role in the outcomes being sought
team planning?
                   by the work unit/team. The individual objectives of each staff member should,
                   when combined, work together to achieve the team objectives.
How would team     Staff may set objectives with their performance management supervisors which
objectives be      clarify what their contribution to the team plan is or what evidence would show
set?               the part they played in the team outcome. Alternatively their objectives could
                   be aimed at working with and assisting other staff, e.g. mentoring a staff member
                   to help them achieve research productivity.
Are staff          Performance management is not about getting staff to do more, it is about
expected to keep   making sure that what the staff member does aligns with University outcomes
planning to do     and has a focus on improving University performance.
                   It is good practice for staff to have discussions with their performance
                   management supervisors about what work they need to keep doing and what
                   needs to change. This includes considering how to improve work processes and
                   streamline current work.

Why do we need     Professional Development Planning is central to performance planning.
to focus on
                   The knowledge and skills of staff change and evolve with changing work and ways
                   that services are delivered. Professional development is planned so that staff can
                   continue to update their skills and maintain their capability to perform in their
                   current role or in a future role. Discussing and agreeing on development
                   objectives ensures clarity and commitment in this process.
What are the       The CSU Professional Development Providers Network are working on a new web
development        resource Development @ CSU to provide a comprehensive list of options and
options?           resources that are available at CSU.
                   This will assist staff and performance management supervisors to identify the
                   appropriate development options to support their achievement of performance
                   objectives. This will include a combination of formal education programs, work
                   based learning and learning from others through forums, coaching and

Who makes the      The performance management supervisor will continue to assess staff
decision of        performance against duties, any relevant standards documents, the Generic
assessment of      Responsibilities of CSU Staff and planned objectives. They will inform and/or
performance?       discuss the assessments with the next level manager. Based on evidence staff
                   will be assessed as:
                           Meets Performance Requirements [performs well]
                           Exceeds Performance Requirements
                           Outstanding Performance
                           Below Performance Requirements
                           Unsatisfactory Performance

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                   Supervisors will then plan appropriate actions to be taken to recognise good
                   performance and support staff to achieve expectations.
                   In most cases the Dean/Executive Director would support the assessment of the
                   performance management supervisor based on the evidence of performance
                   which has been provided.
                   For those few cases where staff do not meet expectations, sign off by
                   Dean/Executive Director would occur after discussion with performance
                   management supervisor and next level manager as appropriate.
What is            Moderation is the process by which CSU ensures consistency and equity in the
moderation?        way the scheme is applied across the Faculties/Divisions. Deans and Executive
                   Directors have oversight of the effectiveness and application of the Performance
                   Management Scheme in their Faculty/Division which includes:
                     planning at the Faculty/Divisional level about the expectations of
                         performance to achieve operational and strategic objectives
                     reporting on the outcomes of the annual performance management process
                     approving the recommendations from supervisors about appropriate
                         actions associated with outstanding performance
                     managing any disputed assessments and
                     approval of assessment of those cases that do not meet performance
Why are the        In light of the external reviews in the higher education sector, the Deputy Vice
guidelines for     Chancellors Academic and Research are reviewing the Guidelines for Assessment
assessment of      of Academic Staff Performance to ensure these will assist the University to
academic           achieve its strategic objectives.

Is incremental     Satisfactory performance has always been a requirement for incremental salary
salary             progression and staff will still have to be assessed as meeting requirements to
progression        receive their salary progression.
                   As per current human resources practice, Deans and Executive Directors have
                   the discretion to recommend accelerated progression for staff who are assessed
                   as have performed at an outstanding level.
How do common      To streamline processing, salary incremental progression dates have been moved
anniversary        to common dates. For Academic staff this is 1 March and for General staff 1
dates work?        June. For newly appointed staff, the letter of offer includes advice about when
                   salary progression will occur.

Why are the        There was strong feedback from staff that they wanted
ways we               more informal recognition by their supervisors
recognise staff       team awards as well as individuals awards and
performance           University level awards.
                   In the June Recognition of Staff Performance Survey (approximately 290 staff)
                   only 38% thought individual performance bonuses were a valuable way to
                   recognise performance.

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How will            It will be up to the performance management supervisor and staff to work out
informal            appropriate rewards that are valued in the local workplace.
                    As a guide, the feedback from the Recognition of Staff Performance Survey will
                    be made available to performance management supervisor s about the types of
                    recognition that staff value.
How will the        All current schemes will remain as they are for 2008.
formal schemes
                    Planning is underway to make changes to the range of CSU awards for individual
                    and team performance excellence from 2009. This will align, extend and simplify
                    the current range of schemes operating at CSU including: Research Excellence,
                    Teaching Excellence, and Performance Excellence for General Staff
So what             Informal – the performance management supervisor will provide feedback and
recognition will    local recognition in the workplace for high performing individuals and teams.
staff get if they
                    Formal - the performance management supervisor will be able to recommend
are assessed as
                    individuals and teams for new University level awards in 2009.
of exceeds or
outstanding in
this round?

Why do staff        Ongoing feedback about progress is good practice, especially as the work
need to review      environment changes rapidly and staff and supervisors often have to make
performance         adjustments to the work or the way work is delivered. Holding regular
plans?              discussions about plans, objectives, progress and performance allows staff and
                    supervisors to make adjustments as required so that each staff member’s
                    performance objectives are aligned with University objectives.
What happens if     As part of the changeover to a new role, staff meet with their previous
I change jobs?      performance management supervisor to get feedback about how they were
                    performing and progress towards their performance objectives. It is also good
                    practice to document the outcomes that have been achieved.
                    Then within 4 weeks of moving to the new job, they meet with their mew
                    performance management supervisor to set objectives and development plans
                    that are relevant to the new role.
What happens if     If a supervisor had not had the opportunity to supervise staff for the full period,
my supervisor       then they contact the previous supervisor [or project manager], for comment
changes?            that would provide a complete picture of staff performance over the entire year.

Does this affect    No but good practice in performance management would see a midterm review
the 2 year cycle    of reflection and adjustment of objectives and development plans as required.
for Academic
staff on top of
pay scale and

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