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									                                    authoritative, holistic information re-

  The Gynaecological Cancer
                                    garding all aspects of gynaecological
                                    cancer treatment and management.              What is a
Society is a registered medical
charity with the aim of providing       The Programme comprises:
practical assistance to gynae-
cological cancer patients, their
carers, healthcare profession-
                                    •    A 40,000 page internet site at www.
                                         gcsau.org                               Oncologist ?
als and others with an interest
in the field of gynaecological      •    24 titles of printed information and
cancer.                                  educational material

 The Society provides a range       •    A CD-Rom of the Internet site for
of direct services to stake-             use where Internet access is limited
holders. These may include:
                                     We rely heavily upon donations to
•   Financial distress assis-       fund our assistance Programmes. All
    tance                           donations to the Society are income
•   Authoritative information       tax deductible and greatly appreci-
    and education material          ated. Contact details are listed below.
•   Emotional Support Help-line
    1800-700-288                     Questions regarding this leaflet con-
                                    tent or any of our services may also be
 The Society is also involved in    addressed to the contact details below.
funding and fundraising for
medical research into the
causes and treatments for gy-
naecological cancer.

 A major element of the Soci-
ety’s work is the Information
                                          100 Kilkivan Ave
and Education Programme.                  Kenmore Queensland
                                          Australia 4069
 The Programme aims to pro-
                                          Phone: (07) 3878 4790
vide stakeholders with the op-
                                          Fax:     (07) 3878 8451
portunity to obtain timely,               Email: j.gower@gcsau.org
                                              The Centre For Gynaecological
                                                                                               Clinical Fellowships in Gynaecological
         What is a                              The Centre for Gynaecological Cancer is        Oncology
         Gynaecological                       responsible for the provision of gynaeco-
          Oncologist?                         logical cancer services within the state of      The Centre usually has three RANZCOG
                                              Queensland. The Centre provides a ser-           accredited training positions in gynaeco-
                                              vice based in Brisbane with satellite sub-       logical oncology. Currently, one of these
                                              centre services throughout the state.            positions is funded by Queensland Health
  A gynaecological oncologist is a doctor
                                                                                               and is usually filled by an Australian
who, having completed their specialist
                                                The Brisbane based Centre is the largest       trainee proceeding towards his/her certifi-
training in obstetrics and gynaecology.
                                              treatment facility in Australia and one of       cation in Gynaecological Oncology (CGO).
  They are then required to complete a        the largest of its type in the world. Its ser-
                                              vices involve the provision of clinical care      The remaining two fellowship positions
further minimum of three years additional
                                              with respect to the diagnosis, investigation     are usually filled by overseas candidates.
formal training in the care and
                                              and treatment of female genital tract malig-     These positions are accredited towards
management        of    women       with
                                              nancy.                                           the Diploma in Gynaecological Oncology
gynaecological cancer.
                                                                                               (DGO) with RANZCOG.
 These applicants must then sit and pass        The Centre also provides teaching, train-
                                              ing and research services with respect to          To date, the Centre has had trainees
an examination set by RANZCOG before
                                              the epidemiology, aetiology, screening,          from the UK, South-East Asia, North
they can become a registered
                                              prevention and management of gynaeco-            America and Europe.
gynaecological oncologist in Australia.
                                              logical cancer.                                  Student Electives
 Their training includes advanced
                                              Training Programmes                                The Centre welcomes overseas medical
surgery of the female genital tract, bowel
                                                                                               students from Europe, Asia and North
and urinary tract as well as training in
                                              Pre-MRANZCOG                                     America who wish to spend a period of
chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
                                               The Centre provides training for pre-           time in a large gynaecological oncology
                                              membership candidates working towards            service.
 They must submit themselves for re-
certification every three years to continue   their diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecol-
to practice as a certified gynaecological     ogy with RANZCOG                                        Gynaecological
oncologist in Australia.                                                                              Cancer Society
                                               Specially selected Registrars spend from
 Australia’s largest gynaecological           3 months to 2 years in the Centre where                 100 Kilkivan Ave
cancer treatment centre and one of the        they are involved with the day-to-day man-              Kenmore Queensland
10 largest in the world is the Centre for     agement of gynaecological cancer patients               Australia 4069
Gynaecological Cancer based at the            and further developing their skills as a sur-           Phone: (07) 3878 4790
Royal Women’s Hospital in Brisbane            geon.                                                   Fax:     (07) 3878 8451
Queensland.                                                                                           Email: j.gower@gcsau.org

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