Week 09 Class Notes

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					                                                                 School of Information Technologies

                                     ISYS3400 Information System Project

                                          Week 09 Class Notes
1. Attendance
Require on all members of each team coming forward for the team’s progress report, so that attendance can be
Record team members P(resent), R(eporting), A(bsent), L(ate) or S(ick) on the attendance sheet. “P” and “R” count
as present, “A”, “L” and “S” all count as absent.
Give attendance sheet to Geoff at the conclusion of the classes.

2. Topic of the Week

 Progress Report Week 9: Testing and Evaluation
 Identifying targets, determining performance/satisfaction measures, test scenarios/research evaluation, testing
 1.      State the question/problem that your team is tackling
 2.      Comment on your team’s current progress v. plan
 3.      How your client is going to evaluate your research / prototype. How will you measure how successful or
         otherwise your work has been. Details of testing or evaluation strategies that you will use.

 Guidelines for Week9: Testing and Evaluation
 Explain how your team is going to get the client to evaluate your work.
 In the case of a research report,
 •       What aspects can the client evaluate? For example, are the references helpful? Will they actually be able
         to look them up? Will they want to?
 •       If you have carried out a survey how reliable are the statistics? Will the client trust them? How useful,
         convincing will the findings be? How will you know?
 •       Will the client be able to make use of the ideas put forward? Will they seek a second opinion?
 •       Will they replicate any experimental work or survey to see for themselves.

 In the case of a prototype system or web site,
 •       How will the client test the system? Who will operate the system?
 •       What test scenarios will you provide? How will the client ‘score’ the functionality or evaluate the
 •       How will you decide whether the test has been successful or unsuccessful?
 •       Are there performance variables to be measured e.g. speed of retrieval, turn around time, transactions per
         second? How will these be measured? What criteria for success?

                                                          1                                              Class Notes
3. Progress Report Evaluation
1.    Hand copies of “Progress Report Evaluation Sheet” to each supervisor present as required.

2.    Insist that the presenters announce their team (A1 – B3) and their name (First
      name and Family name) clearly so markers can record it. Most markers still
      failed to get this information last week! It has led to several errors in
      recording marks for individuals.
3.    Use a stopwatch, or the clock on the wall to keep time. Give “2 Minutes to go” warning after five minutes.
      Stop the presentation when time is up.
4.    Each supervisor should determine a final mark out of 10 on the evaluation sheet. Where time permits they
      may also provide helpful comments on the presentation where appropriate. The intention is not to return the
      evaluation sheets to the student. I will retain all the forms, so that students can inquire if they want to. I am
      not going to advertise this.
      Remind markers to conform to the marking guide. For a mark of 8, 9 or10 /10 the presentation has to be
      very good. In particular it must adequately deal with the topic of the week. Some markers seemed to be a
      little generous last week.
5.    Collect all the sheets. Staple sheets for each presenter together and calculate the average of the marks. Write
      the average on the front page in red. Arrange the sheets alphabetically within each class S1, S3 or S2, S4.

4. Feedback
If time permits make general comments on the presentations and/or on the topic of the week.

                                                          2                                                Class Notes

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