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Printable Vehicle Bill of Sale

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                              MOTOR VEHICLE BILL OF SALE

1. ______________________________________, Seller(s), hereby sell(s) and deliver(s) the vehicle
described in Clause 2 to ________________________________________________,Buyer(s).

2. The vehicle being sold under this bill of sale (Vehicle) is a ______________________________.
Its body type is _____________________________. It carries the following I.D., serial or Engine
No.: __________________________________. Vehicle includes the following personal property
items: __________________________________________________________________________.

3. The full purchase price for Vehicle is $__________. In exchange for Vehicle, Buyer(s) has/have
paid Seller(s) (choose one):
    ___ the full purchase price.
    ___ $_____________ as a down payment, balance due in _____________ days.
    ___ $_____________ as a down payment and has/have executed a promissory note for the
         balance of the purchase price.

4. Seller(s) warrant(s) that Seller(s) is/are the legal owner(s) of Vehicle and that Vehicle is free of all
liens and encumbrances except ________________________________________________
Seller(s) agree(s) to remove ant lien or encumbrance specified in this clause with the proceeds of this
sale within _____ days of the date of the bill of sale.

5. Vehicle (choose one):
   ___ has been
   ___ has not been inspected by an independent mechanic at buyer's request.

If an inspection has been made, the inspection report (choose one):
     ___ is attached
     ___ is not attached to and made part of this bill of sale.

6. Seller(s) believe(s) Vehicle is in good condition except for the following defects:

7. Other than the warranty of ownership in Clause 4 and the representations in Clause 6, Seller(s)
make(s) no express warranties. The Buyer(s) take(s) vehicle as is. Seller(s) hereby disclaim(s) the
implied warranty of merchantability and all other implied warranties which may apply to the extent
that such disclaims are permitted in the state having jurisdiction over this bill of sale.

8. The odometer reading for Vehicle is: ____________________________________________.
9. Additional items of sale for Vehicle are as follows:______________________________________

____________________________                    ___________________________
Date Seller(s) Signed                           Date Buyer(s) Signed

____________________________                    ____________________________
Signature of Seller                             Signature of Buyer

____________________________                    ____________________________
____________________________                    Signature of Buyer
Address of Seller

Signature of Seller

Address of Seller

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