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									Why not join us on our trip to the RHS GARDENS at WISLEY on SATURDAY, JULY 11th? Wisley has a lot to offer with wonderful borders, acres of beautiful walks, veg and fruit areas, show gardens, a marvellous new glasshouse, very good eating facilities and a SHOP!! Cost is £12 for Adults, £6 for children. Pick-up points Monkton Park Shops at 8am, Chippenham Bus Station at 8.15am Please can you make your cheque payable to Chippenham Garden & Allotment Society. Please complete the tear-off slip and return to: Mrs Anne Bird, 7 The Tinings, Monkton Park, Chippenham SN15 3LX. Please indicate where you intend to join the coach.

Coach Trip to RHS Wisley Gardens on Saturday, 11th July

The Chippenham Gardener Spring 2009
Social Meetings

Chippenham Garden and Allotment Society


RHA Wisley, Saturday 11th July, 2009. Ticket application.

Please fill-in the enclosed tear-off slip for the trip.

April 14th “Humax” – the ingredients within your compost with Mr S. Hughes from Pershore. May 12th “Gardening” – a sensual experience of smells, colours and touch with Mrs Jenny Pape. June 9th “Annuals that deserve to be grown more often” with Mrs Lyn Miles. Plants for Sale. July 14th Annual BBQ at Cricketts Lane site – A fun evening with fellow alotmenteers. August No meeting. September 5th ANNUAL SHOW IN THE NEELD HALL. September 8th Plants for the winter garden with Gordon Cottis. October 13th Photography evening – bring along a selection of your own photographs. November 10th “Heritage Vegetables” with Chris Smith from Pennard Plants. Seeds for Sale. Robert Loud (1962 – 2008)
Members will be aware by now of the sad passing away of Robert Loud, a long-standing and conciencious supporter of the society. From Treasurer to “Chief raffle organiser” (many will remember him shuffling up and down the coach on day trips, insisting on us making an investment!), He was very active in many aspects of the successful functioning of the society, and is sorely missed. In his memory an annual £10 prize for the best dish of Any Soft Fruit in Class 80 is being established beginning in this year’ s Annual Show.

These are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Rotary Hall, Station Hill. We have a variety of speakers some with slides, others with plants for sale. There is also a raffle. Members are free, visitors pay £1. Why not come along and join us?


Telephone: Adult £12

Number of tickets required:

Child £7

Total £s

Please tick pick-up point: Monkton Park at 8am Chippenham Bus Station at 8.15am WE WILL BE LEAVING WISLEY FOR OUR RETURN AT 4 pm

We proved last year that it will take more than a bad summer to spoil OUR Annual Show! Against all the odds the 2008 show was a great success bringing a lot of enjoyment to many people, and with luck and a fair wind, we can make 2009 another year to be proud of. At the start of this year’s campaign please keep September in mind and try to enter as many classes as possible – if you produce a mouth-watering vegetable, a beautiful flower, a fabulous fruit, a pictorial masterpiece, a winning cullinary creation or a handsome handicraft . . . . . . remember that other people really do enjoy looking at them too!

Saturday 5th September in the Neeld Hall

The Annual Show for 2009

Its that time of year again to get planting and the wardens will be out and about on the site if you need help. In May the Management Committee will be carrying out their annual inspection. The Management Committee have agreed the following criteria to ensure all tenants are treated equally. Cultivation A good start on all plots is expected by the beginning of May A Minimum 75% of the plot is cultivated by the end of May New plot holders have a seasons growing period to cultivate their plot Weeds These should be kept to a minimum Milk Thistles and Dandelions etc should not be allowed to seed Ragwort removed and destroyed Rubbish Only appropriate items needed for cultivation of plants is allowed. The use of an allotment as a store is not allowed Paths A minimum of 18” is expected, sufficient width should be maintained for use of wheelbarrows, pushchairs and mowers Each plot holder is responsible for half of the path Should be free of holes, mounds, debris, discarded plants etc Reasonably free of weeds Kept cut to a reasonable length for the safe use by Tenants, including edges Termination of Tenancy

. . . . . . . . . . . .

I would hope most of our members are now aware of our campaign to try and obtain an extra allotment site which we need to take some of the pressure off the waiting list for plots. The Town Council has agreed in principle to provide another site but the issue is finding suitable land in the right location. We have done our best to publicise our needs with an article in the Gazette & Herald for which I would like to thank committee members and people from the waiting list who gave up their time to appear in the accompanying photo. We will continue to explore every possibility and would be grateful for any ideas or even better, offers of land! As a result of the demand for allotments (a waiting list of over a hundred people) and the pressure we are putting on the Town Council, we will need to show that all plots are fully cultivated and meeting the requirements of the Tenancy Agreement. We hope we can rely on your co-operation to help our aims and hope that all plots will be in a satisfactory state by the first weekend in May when we will be carrying out an inspection of all sites. David Love


Adrian Dorney, 47 Orchard Crescent, Chippenham SN14 0BG. Tel 650227 Email


Committee Members

The society currently has a large waiting list and will use the following criteria to manage the condition of plots: In accordance with the tenancy agreement and following inspection by Warden and /or the Management Committee The warden will maintain a record of inspection for plots causing concern from March to end of May and note any conversations with the tenant. If at the end of May and following a final inspection the plot does not satisfy any of the above criteria then the Management Committee may write to the tenant expressing concern, highlighting the issues and expecting rectification within 28 days. The management committee will take into account any requests on Health grounds that may affect the tenants ability to cultivate their plot. Plots will not be kept available on health grounds for more than one complete growing season if there is a waiting list for plots Plots will also be inspected throughout the growing season and letters may be sent out in July/August requesting improvements to be made to plots prior to rent letters being issued. The Management Committee do not wish to serve notice to quit on any tenant and will always try to negotiate to resolve any problems before taking this drastic step. However if the tenant does not comply with the request of the management committee then a notice to quit may be served giving 28 days notice. Any tennant who receives letters of concern will in a consecutive year only receive a final notice to quit.

Anne Bird, 7 The Tinings, Monkton Park, Chippenham SN15 3LX. Tel 657494 Email David Love, 22 Rowden Road, Chippenham SN15 2AU. Tel 658467 Email


Membership Secretary Treasurer

Peter Roberts, 10 Lockswell Close, Chippenham SN15 Tel 0770 9508759 Email

To help save on time and expense we would like in future to email this Newsletter to those of you with email facility. If you would email with your name mentioning ‘Newsletter’, you will receive the next Newsletter by email. Please notify any change of email address. Thanks

Your email address

Cricketts Lane David Love, 22 Rowden Road, Chippenham SN15 2AU. Tel 658467 Lords Mead Gordon Scott, 18 Turpin Way, Chippenham. Tel 665074 Deansway Andrew Skelton, 38 Ashfield Road, Chippenham, SN15 1QQ. Tel 657109 Hungerdown Phil Canter, 130 Ladyfield Road, Chippenham SN14 0AP. Tel 656306 Ladyfield Gordon Kite, 11 Noyes Close, Chippenham SN14 0TP. Tel 654304 Hardenhuish Pete Griffin, 1 Neeld Close, Yatton Keynell SN14 7EQ. Tel 782545
The group really does need new people of all ages to come on board and take part in the running and organising of various aspects of the society. Have you any new ideas as to the future direction of the group or suggestions concerning social meetings and outings? If you would like to air your views and parcipate please make yourself known to a Committee Member or Warden for information as to what step to take next! COME ALONG TO OUR SOCIAL EVENINGS. Many traditional groups, such as our own, are being pummeled out of existance by the helter skelter of the modern world and I think you would agree that it would be terrible to lose the Social side of our Garden and AllotmentSociety!



Allotments – If you are thinking of giving up your allotment please ring David Love on 658467.

Wiltshire Wood Recycling

East Combe Farm, Upper Castle Combe, Chippenham SN14 7EY tel. 01249 783499

A Not for Profit Community Interest Company. We divert wood from land fill. Sell first grade wood at affordable prices to all. Make garden furniture and other wooden items to order.


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