Interreligious Dialogue by pck41883


									   Interreligious Dialogue
… is a positive way of communication and
cooperation between people with different
ideologies* desiring to share ideas respectfully. It
•the learning of similarities and the understanding
of differences
• the interaction between various perceptions
• the promotion of tolerance and equality in order
to reach social cohesion
This multilateral approach allows to enclose
people peacefully.
*In our opinion these are all the ways of thinking, not only religions but also other
Basic elements for
   Interreligious Dialogue
Each and everyone of us should be concerned about
the interreligious dialogue because conflicts between
religions could be a main issue in the future.
Interreligious dialogue is possible if people are open
minded, tolerant, respectful, willing to integrate, listen
and interact with others.
Furthermore, these qualities have to be supported by
the European Union and many other institutions, such
as governments, non-governmental organisations,
religious institutions and leaders, and the school
 What we can do to realize
 Interreligious Dialogue…

• Share our experiences and our knowledge
• Organise events at a local scale
• Organise competitions
What EU can do to realize
Interreligious Dialogue…

   • education, common book presenting the different
            ways countries deal with religion
   • organise interreligious events where the different
               cultures would be presented
• use the power of the medias to spread these actions
  in the whole Union, e.g. TV shows, official websites,
                    newspaper articles
   • construct a monument dedicated to interreligious
  European culture in the
   future should mean…

  • Consciousness of being both a citizen of
       Europe and a citizen of the country
 • accept that various religions are present in
Europe so that we could live together in peace
            and destroy prejudices
    • share and accept other traditions and

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