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									Premises Liability Attorney
If you are injured on someones property, under certain circumstances, the law provides the owner to be
legally responsible for your injury under the law ofpremises liability. At The Falvello Law Firm in the
Bloomsburg area of Pennsylvania, our premises liability attorneys are experienced with dealing with
premises liability cases.
Premises Liability Law
If you are on someone elses property, they have a duty to provide you with a safe environment. If they
dont and you injure yourself, they may be legally responsible. Slip and fall injuries may be the most
common types of injuries for which property owners or occupiers may be liable.
The degree to which property owners owe you a duty to provide a safe property depends on what type
of visitor you are:
       Invitees invited (express or implied) by the owner to visit for business or social reasons.
        Examples are customers into a store or social guests for a party.
       Licensees enter the property for their own purposes and are present with the owners consent.
        Examples are cable installers.
       Trespassers enter the property with no right to do so and are there illegally
The duty to provide a safe environment for these visitors is usually highest for invitees and lowest for
Premises Liability Sites
Owners or occupiers may be held legally responsible for injuries sustained on their properties such as:
       Airports
       Amusement parks
       Apartment, Condo, or townhome complexes
       Bars and nightclubs
       Casinos
       Day cares
       Garages or parking lots
       Government buildings
       Hospitals or other health care facilities
       Hotels
       Malls
       Private properties
       Public swimming pools or other public properties
       Restaurants
       Schools (both private and public)
       Stadiums
       Stores
       Theme parks
       Universities and other places of higher education (both private and public)
Premises Liability Injuries
The following are kinds of injuries for which property owners may be held liable:
       Animal attacks or dog bites
       Assaults, attacks, rapes, or other injuries stemming from inadequate security
       Construction site accidents
       Elevator accidents
       Recreational accidents such as roller coaster accidents
       Slips and falls
       Spinal cord injuries
       Swimming pool accidents
       Traumatic brain injuries
       Trips and falls
       Wrongful death
Premises Liability Responsible Parties
Some of the people who have a responsibility to make sure you are safe when on their property include:
       Facilities managers
       General contractors and subcontractors (in workplace safety claims such as construction site
       Independent contractors/service contractors
       Installers and manufacturers (such as elevator accident cases)
       Property owners and occupiers
If you have suffered an injury because of the negligence of the owner of a property you were visiting,
please email us at The Falvello Law Firm in the Hazleton area of Pennsylvania. Our premises liability
attorneys will be happy to discuss your case with you. We offer you a free initial consultation and we
work on a contingency basis, which means you dont pay anything until we settle your case.

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