20 facts about Crimestoppers since inception (1988) by franklinr


									20 facts about Crimestoppers since inception (1988)

   1.    83,523 arrests and charges have been made
   2.    965,479 actionable calls have been received
   3.    £100 million of goods have been recovered
   4.    £145+ million of drugs have been seized
   5.    Around 17 people are arrested every day as a result of information given to
   6.    One person every five days is charged with murder as a result of information
         given to Crimestoppers
   7.    In 1988, Crimestoppers received just under 5,000 calls with useful information
         – last year, just over 80,000 such calls were received
   8.    Since 1988, 743 people have been charged with murder/attempted murder
         with the help of Crimestoppers information
   9.    ‘Most Wanted’ website established 2 years ago has already resulted in almost
         400 criminals being arrested i.e. 1 every other day
   10.   11 fugitives believed to be on the run in Spain have been arrested as a result
         Operation Captura
   11.   Working in partnership with CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection)
         with appeals for missing convicted sex offenders on Most Wanted – 9 arrests
         have been made since November 2006
   12.   The ‘new look’ Crimestoppers website was launched in January 2008 – nearly
         1 million hits on the first day
   13.   There is a 24/7 Bureau in Godstone, Surrey, ensuring calls can be answered
         around the clock, every day
   14.   Crimestoppers created Shadow CS – successful online method of connecting
         with young people and how crime affects them
   15.   Expanding partnerships with police forces throughout the UK and other law
         enforcement agencies, home and abroad
   16.   Pentameter 1 & 2 – successful operation aimed at crimes within the sex
         trafficking industry. 232 people have been arrested
   17.   There are a network of 39 Crimestoppers regional boards across the UK,
         Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, made up of volunteers successfully raising
         money and mounting campaigns
   18.   Crimestoppers has over 400 people volunteering their spare time to help fight
         crime in the UK
   19.   The millionth actionable call will be received in 2008
   20.   Crimestoppers has established the Integrity Line for private companies to pass
         on information about crime and wrong-doing in their industry

   For more information visit: www.crimestoppers-uk.org/

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