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									                               PER/MKUKUTA DIALOGUE CYCLE 09

                         CONFERENCE ROOM
                             2nd JULY 2009

1.     Attendance
       Table 1: Present
     S/N      Name                     Institution             E-Mail Address                      Tel. No.
         1.   P. Mpango                MoFEA -Chairperson                   2119190
        2.     B. M. Elikana           PRBS-Secretariat   0713 093398

        3.    0 S. R. Kavishe          MoFEA                           0754-492389
        4.    0 Angelo Haule           MoFEA                             0754986926
        5.    2 Donald Mmari           REPOA                            27000083
        6.    2 Steve Lee              DFID                             0754210103
        7.    2 Boniventure Godfrey    HAKIELIMU                        0714460815
        8.    2 Amarakoon Bandara      UNDP                    0786122655
        9.    3 Koji Tomita            Japan                            0784 555515
        10.   6 Yuzuru Ozeki           JICA                               0756779242
        11.   6 John M. Cheyo          MOFEA                            21123569
        12.   6 Albert Birnbaum        DK                                    0754784407
        13.   7 Eva Lupembe            PPRA                    eva.lupembe@ppra.go.ta              0756283732
        14.     Chelaus Rutachururwa   IMF                          0784335228

        15.    Retsu Hagiwara          JICA                     0574220905

        16.    Juma S. Maguru          MOFEA                         0754275653

        17.    Josaphat Kweka          WB                            2163265

        18.    Yuko Suzuki             UNDP/ppersecretariate                0755760729

        19.    Servus Sagday           MOFEA                         0784274615

        20.    Anna Mwasha             MOFEA                           0713453493

        21.    Paul Sulley             MOFEA                            2122844

        22.    Mark Temu               MOFEA                              0717475662

        23.    Buji Emmanuel           MOFEA                              0784748370

             24.   Mukajungu Kamuzora     MOFEA                          0713612172

             25.   David Robinson         IMF                       Drobinson2@IMF.ORG                2113971

             26.   Abubakar Killapo       MOFEA                            0777722728

             27.   Bahati Mgongolwa       MOFEA                         0754418846

             28.   Needpeace J. Wambuya   MOFEA                        0754616263

             29.   N. Mkwizu              MOFEA                     nmkwizu@mof.go.ta                 2110336

             30.   R.S.S.Hamisi           MOFEA                            022-2122844

     Table 2: Absent with Apology

     S/N           Name                   Institution               E-Mail Address                     Telephone No.

                   Sarkioja Tomi          Emb. of the Netherlands
                   Parminder Brar         WB              
                   Mathias Kabunduguru    PO-PSM              0784- 513469
                   Monica Mwamunyange     MOFEA                       022- 2120207
                   Singi Madata           State House                      0767505055
                   Bedason Shallanda      MOFEA                          0222110331
                                                                                                       0754 692448

2.     Agenda of the Meeting
        i.         Opening and adoption of the agenda,
       ii.         Review of the minutes and matters arising from the previous meeting,
      iii.         Updates on GBS 2009 annual cycle
      iv.          Discussions on the 2008/09 PEFAR report
       v.          A.O.B.

3.   Opening and adoption of the agenda

     The chairperson opened the meeting at 02:10 p.m. The draft agenda was presented
     and approved after a minor addition that the updates on the development of next
     generation of MKUKUTA & MKUZA to be discussed under AOB.

4.   Review of the minutes and matters arising from the previous meeting

     Members reviewed the minutes of the previous meeting and made the following changes;
              (i)  On page 1 the name Gregory Smith Ireland was changed to read Gregory
                   Smith and on page 2 the name Clelans Rutachururwa was changed to read
                   Chelaus Rutachururwa.
             (ii)  On page 4 item 4(i), the word ‘collected’ on the last sentence was changed to
                   read ‘updated’ and the words ‘one member said’ on the first sentence under
                   item 4(ii) were changed to read ‘it was noted’.

     Following these changes, members approved the minutes as the correct record of the 3rd
     PER/MKUKUTA/GBS main WG meeting for 2009.

     With regard to matters arising from the previous meeting, the following comments were made;
              (i)  MKUKUTA/MKUZA Review Road Map; the meeting was informed that
                   comments from both Government and DPs to improve the guidelines were
                   received and incorporated in the revised document. It was advised that the
                   comments that were incorporated in the revised document should have been
                   presented in the meeting while reporting the implementation of the matters
             (ii)  Status of uncompleted TPAs; It was reported that the updates on uncompleted
                   TPAs have been prepared and shared with DPs for the preparation of Troika
                   Plus meeting that was held on 12th June 2009 in Dodoma. A request was made
                   on getting updates on the progress made on merging dialogue processes and
                   updates on the development of next generation of MKUKUTA & MKUZA, but it
                   was agreed that these matters would be discussed under agenda item number 3
                   and AOB respectively.

5.    Updates on GBS 2009 annual cycle

     The meeting was informed that the CWGs meetings were held between May and
     June 2009. It was also reported that updates on implementation of PAF 2009,
     outstanding actions from 2008 PAF and agreed next steps from the 2008 GBS
     Annual Review were consolidated and shared with Development Partners. Further, it
     was reported that the Troika Plus Meeting was held on Friday 12th June 2009 in
     Dodoma and discussed areas of concerns in the progress of the implementation of
     PAF 2009, outstanding actions from 2008 PAF and agreed next steps from the
     2008. The summary of outcomes of the Troika Plus Meeting were presented to
     members. After this presentation, members advised the Government to provide the
     timeframe for reducing Port congestion and wanted also to know the status of
     MTPP. With regard to Port congestion, it was agreed that this will be shared once
     the road map is approved between stakeholders, and the revised MTPP was
     reported to be in the approval process.

     Members were also informed that the Troika Plus meeting has endorsed the
     proposal of Annual National Policy Dialogue for PER/MKUKUTA/GBS.

6.    Discussions on the 2008/09 PEFAR report
      The Chairperson informed members that the Government has prepared comments for all
      assessed PFM areas to be shared by main WG. As a matter of saving time it was agreed to
      dwell only on areas that have been ranked C+, C, and D. After the presentation the following
      clarifications and comments were made:-
           (i)   With regard to classification of the budget (PI-5); the meeting was informed that a
                 technical team from IMF will be in the country few days to come to assess GFS
          (ii)   On predictability in the availability of funds for commitment of expenditures ( PI 16) ;
                 It was observed that given the success that the Government has achieved with the
                 adoption of cash budget system, the expectation was to have a better rank than C.
                 However, members of the group were optimistic that future review would assist
                 more in achieving further milestones in PFM issues.
         (iii)   On PI-12, Multi-year perspective in fiscal planning, expenditure policy and
                 budgeting; it was observed that part (iv) of this indicator was not responded. The
                 presenter informed the meeting that respective comments will be incorporated in the
                 final draft.

      Finally Members wanted to know what would be the next steps after discussing the PEFAR
      report, the agreed way forward was that all parties were urged to play their roles proactively
      in a bid of improving areas with gaps and thus attain better ranking in the coming PEFAR.
      The meeting was further told that the final comments will be formally submitted to PFM chair
      (DP’s side) if the WG find it appropriate and the Government will take up the issues for their
      proper remedies.

7.   A.O.B
     The chairperson invited the Director of Poverty Eradication and Empowerment to provide
     updates on the MKUKUTA/MKUZA Review Road Map. Members were informed on the
     following progress:

        (i)   Technical notes has been prepared to finalize the preparation of TORs;
       (ii)   CWGs are now finalizing their specific TORs and budgets to undertake the study;
      (iii)   The draft note to prepare the MKUKUTA II strategy has been prepared and will be
              shared later;
      (iv)    The core team for drafting the MKUKUTA II strategy has been formulated;
       (v)    Joint secretariat including members form PER, GBS and MKUKUTA secretariats has
              been formed to add more efforts in the follow up of issues;
      (vi)    A need of putting up a small team of PSs to oversee the process and make
              necessary intervention to expedite the process on issues like financing and
              procurement process was underscored
      (vii)   Regarding to inventory of existing studies, the meeting was informed that the
              secretariat is working on them in order to identify those which could still be useful for
              the review.

     (viii)    Members raised concerns with regard to time which is left versus the tasks that are
               to be completed in the review. It was also suggested that given the time constrain
               there is a need to have a clear prioritization and sequencing of issues, otherwise
               extension of time will be required so as to get every thing done. On this one,
               members were assured that the process is still on track, however, procurement and
               insufficiency of funding were said to be the bottlenecks.
      (ix)     On procurement issues, the meeting agreed that PPRA to be invited in the next
               meeting to provide guidance on how to expedite the procurement process. On the
               issues of resources, it was suggested that we need to know exactly where we are in
               terms of TORs, and budget for the entire review process so as to establish the
               magnitude of resource gap to advise next steps

     In conclusion the chair reminded that time is running short, he therefore called for more efforts
     in expediting the review process.
8.   Closing
     The Chairperson thanked all members for their active participation, and then he declared the
     meeting closed at 3:52 p.m. Next meeting was scheduled to be held on Thursday 9 th July

     Approved and signed by:

     NAME: ……………………………                                  NAME: ………………………….

     SIGNATURE: ……………………                                SIGNATURE: ………………….

     TITLE: CHAIRPERSON                                TITLE: SECRETARY



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