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									             Prepared by
Seward Parks & Recreation Department
           Seward, Alaska
              Draft Two

            March 2007
Parks & Recreation Master Plan, 2007
             Draft Two, Feb 26, 2007

Table of Contents

• Waterfront Park
      Replace Pavilions
      Rip Rap / Beach Erosion Control
      Drainage / Grading
      Replace some Flower Gardens
      ADA Fishing Access

• Playgrounds & Skate Park
       Skate Park New Ramps, replace as needed
       New Playground for Children 0 to 5 years
       More Challenging Playground Structures
       Replace old wooden structure at Ballaine
       Rock Climbing Wall
       TYC Playground
       We love the skatepark. Kids respect the area.

• Fields (Play Fields or Sports Fields) & Trails
        Replace Storage Shed at Boulder Stadium
        Develop Long term Plan for Boulder Stadium
        Hockey (Ice) Rink
        Higher Fence at TYC Basketball Court
        Archery Range (indoor in winter &/or outdoor in summer)
        Frisbee Golf Course
        Sand Volleyball Court is under used. New idea, replace?
        Little League Field: top dress outfield, level
                               Improve infield
        Improve South end of Forest Acres Park (tennis, basketball, BMX)
        Trails System for Hiking/ Biking
        Keep the Bikepath clear of snow & ice in the winter for walking
        Put the volleyball net up earlier at Adams Street, and leave it up later in the season
        We love the bikepath

• Campgrounds
      Improve Systems/ Signage for Customers’ use
      Drainage, remove pot holes, level camping spots
      Permanent Restroom Facilities at Williams Park
      Permanent Restrooms at Culverts

• Facilities
        Replace Warehouse
        Bowling Alley
        Indoor Archery Range

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Facilities, continued….

       Community Center
                (Theatre/drama (comment: or small stage); Media & Sound room; Art room;
TYC; Pool; Place where families can come together to recreate.)
       Sports & Rec Gym (owned by the City)
       Ice Rink
       Storage Shed at TYC
       Bowling Alley should be non-smoking, no alcohol. Don’t let leagues “take over” the
program. Allow open bowling. Yes to a food court. (Comment: keep alcohol separate from youth
and teens, like in Anchorage.)
       Expand Exercise Room at Sports & Rec
       Improved Parking Annex at Sports & Rec Petting Zoo - summer
       Dance Club / no alcohol, but “bar atmosphere” “club” for underage adults, 18-23 yr
       Indoor Batting Cages
       Generator at AVTEC for Emergency Shelters use

• Programs / Recreation Programs
       Adventure Camps
       Art & Music Programs
       DJ Program Expanded: Professional Training
              Kids create their own tracks, sounds
       MS / High School Program right after school
       Sports Camp
              Field Hockey Camp; Basketball; Hiking; football; Baseball
       Expand “Neon Nights” TYC dark pool
       Web Page Design Classes
       Disco Roller Skating
       Field Trips
       Igloo Making
       Ocean Education
       Winter Sports: Snowboarding; Skiing & Cross Country Ski; Snow shoe
       Women’s Basketball League
       Conservation- Based and Recycling Program, City-wide
       Frisbee Golf

• Personnel
       Volunteer Coordinator
       Public Relations
              Community Support; Resources; Involvement
       Quality Control / Assurance
              Better Dept. Communication for better production
       Grant Writer
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• Miscellaneous
       Cemetery Overhaul
       Replace South End of Boardwalk
       Art Supplies
       Archery Supplies and Equipment (Grant through Com Schools?)
       Recreation Equipment Check-Out Program expanded
       Baseball / Softball Pitching Machine

• Legislative
       Meaningful Criminal History Checks
       Beach Erosion Study and Control Mitigation
       Registered Sex-Offender Local Registry and Limits from Schools, Day Care Programs &
Recreation Areas, Drug-Free Zones

     Appendix A.    Location Map
     Appendix B.    Listing of Key Milestones (SPRD History)
     Appendix C.    Capital Improvement Plan submission
     Appendix D.    Photos of Parks & Programs
     Appendix E.    Accomplishments from 1993 SPRD MP
     Appendix F.    Public Input: Groups & Agencies Listing
     Appendix ?     SPRD Organizational Chart ?
Seward Parks & Recreation Department Master Plan


During the mid-1990s, the City of Seward’s Parks and Recreation Department (SPRD) began an
evolution of services to the public. Through grants and private funding, more parks and programs
were created. The demand from the citizenry required a constant growth level of quality, as
required in the past. As the rest of the world was fine-tuning their computerized services, SPRD
grew from one, personally owned computer in 1989 to in desktop computers at each of the
various work-sites.

In 1993, City Council passed Resolution 93-xyz authorizing SPRD’s first Master Plan. Grants
and an eye toward tourism and beautification pushed the department ahead of the growth curve
adding parks, programs, restrooms and improving campground sites and operations. The demand
for more, faster and better “information” was met with the equal requirement for more, “cooler”,
and better programs. SPRD began a growth in personnel, culminating in a 2002 Department
Reorganization driven by then City Manager, Scott Janke.

The Plan

Goal:          An action-oriented document to guide the City and
               partnerships in completing the improvement of outdoor
               and indoor recreation programs and places

The SPRD Master Plan becomes a component of the City of Seward Comprehensive Plan.
Whereas the Comprehensive Plan contains both advisory and binding elements, this Master Plan
contains only advisory elements comprised of goals, issues and actions. The binding element of
the Comprehensive Plan is the Land Use Plan which is a legal document that must be adhered to
and can be revise only by ordinance.

As part of the process of finalizing the SPRD MP, the City solicits suggestions and input from
various public boards and commissions and groups. The draft plan was presented to the public at
advertised public hearings. The issues raised and recommendations made by those individuals
and organizations are reflected in this document. An effective plan is one which is implemented.
The City of Seward has a good track record of accomplishing actions outlined in its plans.
Recommendation s from the previous (1993) MP that have been accomplished are listed in
Appendix E. Accomplishments from 1993 SPRD MP.

Plan Implementation


For the City of Seward to realize the benefits of the SPRD MP, actions must be taken not only by
the City of Seward, but by many other agencies, volunteers and key players within the
community and other governmental agencies.

Following are specific actions which are necessary to ensure the successful implementation of
this plan
Adopting a Plan shows commitment and establishes policy. Council should, by resolution, adopt
the plan based upon the recommendations of the community groups and the Planning and Zoning

Use the Plan to guide the City 9of Seward in the appropriate quality growth and development of
the programs, activities, parks and recreation sites. Consistent with its original intent, the plan
will remain flexible. While it is intended that all actions presented in the plan should be
implemented, it is recognized that changing conditions in the future may necessitate
modifications of planed actions or the introduction of additional actions to satisfy local needs.
The City recognizes the critical role of plans a s key program documents to guide the
community’s capital budgeting process.

It is recommended that the SPRD MP be reviewed annually and updated within five years or
more often, as need. An annual review will help track accomplishment, changes and inadvertent

List Appendix again

Appendix F Public Input: Groups and Agencies, etc…

Community Values Meetings, Wed & Thr, Feb 7 & 8
Seward Senior Citizens Center, Thr, Feb 15
Seward Community Prevention Coalition, Tue, Mar 27

Seward Chamber of Commerce, Fri, May 4


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