FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ’s)

The following Frequently Asked Questions have been provided to assist internal and
external applicants in clarifying various processes and procedures in Human Resources.

Can I apply via email, fax, or by directly contacting the hiring department?
The School District of Palm Beach County only accepts applications submitted through
PeopleSoft, the electronic application system. For those without Internet access, Human
Resources has several “kiosks” that can be used to access the electronic application

How do I apply for a job?
You need to submit a complete application and provide all of the necessary support
documentation to apply for a position with the SDPBC. To begin this process, you need
to create an applicant user account under our Careers page. See “How to Apply” for
instructions or assistance.

Will I be contacted for a job interview?
After applications are reviewed, applicants qualified for specified positions are reviewed
by principals, directors or other hiring managers for their consideration. Principals,
Directors, or Hiring Managers then contact the candidates they are interested in
interviewing. The Division of Human Resources does not know who will be
contacted for interviews.

What happens to my application after I submit it?
Once you apply, you will receive an email confirming submission of your application.
All applications are reviewed and screened against position qualifications. Principals,
Directors, or Hiring Managers will contact candidates who best meet the position

I submitted an application, but have not heard back yet. Who should I contact?
Unfortunately, due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to
respond personally to all applicants. Should your qualifications meet a staffing need, you
will be directly contacted.

How frequently do you update the job postings?
Job postings are updated throughout the day with the addition of new positions and the
removal of filled positions.

Can I update an application once it has been submitted?
Once you have submitted an application, you will not be able to change the information.
The only information that can be changed is information in your profile (for external
applicants) such as address, email address, and phone number. If you need to change
information on your application you will have to complete a new application.
Do I have to re-enter my information every time I apply?
If you have already submitted an application in the past, the information you entered will
populate your new application so you do not have to re-enter the same information every
time you apply.

Once I add my resumé/cover letter, will it be attached to all the positions I have
applied for?
Yes, Principals, Directors, and Hiring Managers will have access to your resumé and/or
cover letter. It only needs to be attached once. In the event you want to upload a new job
specific cover letter you must delete the current one and add the new one.

How do I attach my resume and cover letter in PeopleSoft?
Once you have registered and completed “My Profile” on the district website, click on
“My Career Tools”, then click on “add attachment”. Go to the “Attachment type”
drop down menu and choose what kind of document you want to attach. Type a title in
the “Attachment Purpose” box. Click on “add attachment” again, then choose browse
to select the file you want to attach. Click “upload” and then “save and return”.

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