Note This form only ever prints one page by nqe48312


									       UA College of Science and Medicine
       UMS Implementation
       Mapping Worksheet: Interdepartmental Billing Form
       As of February 24, 2005                  Note: This form only ever prints one page.
                                                     Reference Number prints in upper right hand corner

Field # Interdepartmental Billing Form          UMS Procurement Input:

                                                Section            Field             Notes

  1    Date:                                    Header             Ordered Date
  2    Requisition, Invoice, Credit             -------            -------           Always check Requisition box.

       Payee Information

                                                                                     UMS will check the Customer Account for 3 letter
                                                                                     identifier and check the appropriate box. If 3 letter
                                                                                     identifier does not exist, UMS will print check the
  3    "Vendor" check boxes                     Header             Vendor Name       Other box and print vendor name on line.

       Customer Information
  4    Customer Department                      Header             Org Stamp         Reporting Node
  5    Contact Person                           Address Tab        Contact Name
  6    Phone                                    Address Tab        Contact Phone
  7    Title                                    -------            --------          UMS does not currently have this information.

       Ship To Information

                                                                                     If no Ship To address, check To Be Picked Up. If
  8    To Be Picked Up or Deliver To:           Address Tab        Ship To           Ship To address exists then check Deliver To.
  9    Name                                     Address Tab        Ship To           First line of Ship To address
  10   Phone                                    Address Tab        Ship To           Phone Number of Ship To
  11   Building/Room                            Address Tab        Ship To           Second line of Ship To address

       Funding Section

  12   Account                                  Funding            Center
  13   Object Code                              Funding            Acct. Obj
  14   Ref #1                                   ----               ----              Leave blank
15   Quan                                   Purchase Items   Qty
                                                                                 Based on the Item number on the Funding line pull
16   UOM                                    Purchase Items   Unit
                                                                                 the appropriate purchase item quantity. Description
17   Unit Cost                              Purchase Items   $/Unit
                                                                                 is max 20 characters.
18   Amount                                 Purchase Items   Amount
19   Summary Description                    Purchase Items   Description
20   Total                                  -----            ----                Calculate total from Amount column

                                                                                 Tags and Funding Lines

                                                                                 We will append the tag to the description field in
                                                                                 parenthesis or place on next line.

                                                                                 If there are multiple tags for one line, the user will
                                                                                 split the amount into multiple lines and we will group
                                                                                 them for the printing of the form. So, in Funding,
                                                                                 we will look for an exact match of Item, Center, Acct
                                                                                 Obj for grouping.

                                                             These Notes Print
21   Additional Descriptions and Comments   Notes Tab        on Form

22   Authorized Dept Signature

                                                                                 This area will be populated when the Object Code
     For IDB Use Only                                                            selected is classifed as a Revenue.

                                                             Invoice To
23   Contact Person                         Addresses Tab    Address field    The name must be entered in the first line
                                                             Invoice To Phone
24   Phone                                  Addresses Tab    field
25   Account                                Funding          Center
26   Object Code                            Funding          Acct. Obj
                                                                              If the amount is negative print the absolute value in
                                                                              the Credit field. If the amount is positive print the
27   Credit / Debit                         Funding          Init Commit      absolute value in the Debit field.

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