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Summary of chapter 1 by vmarcelo


									Summary of chapter 6
    In this chapter we have told a different story about new media worlds, approaching
    them from the perspective of disability. We have introduced the new, critical ways of
    thinking about disability as a social, cultural and political phenomenon, and suggested
    that such an approach can dovetail productively with approaches from social studies
    of science and technology that also offer a counter to technological determinism.
     Our case studies of computers, email, the Internet, blogging and mobile cultures
    illustrate the rich, dense, diverse, overlapping yet relatively self-contained nature of
    disability and new media worlds.
    We have argued that to explore disability and new media technologies not only
    teaches us much about the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who identify as
    people with disability, it also teaches us much about the constitution and
    transformation of media, culture and technology—and the new forms of embodiment
    and mediation we inhabit.

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