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Web Video Conferencing
Web conferencing in is a very recent and exciting discovery that has been made in the field of communications and media. Web or video conferencing is actually a way by which individuals sitting miles away can interact with each other in person through video in person and exchange whatever they want to communicate with each other. Web conferencing of late has busted out in the field of communications, business and media owing to the time efficiency attach with it and the fact that in this type of interaction, individual’s can exchange their views personally with each other. Actually how web conferencing evolved has bit of history attached with it. What happened in the mid 90s was the evolution of internet. Very few individuals at that time knew the working and the importance of the internet. So, a few thinking individuals and companies, on realizing the potential of the unknown Internet, tried to take the advantage of this new medium. This prompt and wise thinking on their part helped there business a lot and gave them a relative head start on everyone else. Since then individuals have been trying and using the web and video conferencing for there needs and requirements. Even today companies have shown there liking and enthusiasm to embrace web and video conferencing to get great benefits through this medium of science. And in fact the use of this medium has traveled to long distances and at various other applications too. Now a day’s even schools and universities use web and video conferencing to conduct there administrative meetings with staff and also for setting up online courses or for conducting tutorial services for their students. Even god seems to have embraced web and video conferencing, it seems. Churches and other religious institutions use the advantages of video conferencing applications and even use it too enable members of their church to "attend" worship services without leaving their homes. This is one very dominant reason as to why video conferencing has been accepted so gleefully. Imagine things one would have to do by traveling miles can now be done by just sitting back at home. Web and video conferencing has made the life of individuals and companies easier too. Now a days organizations use video and web conferencing to conduct there sales meetings. Product demonstration through web conferencing is a recent phenomenon which has made the work of the sales organization, much rosier. And guess what? They reap good profits through it too. Thus we see what an important role can web and video conferencing play in this competitive world.