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30 C ENTS                                                                                        N O T OMBSTONE I S C OMPLETE W ITHOUT I TS E PITAPH

Vol. CXXII        No. 20                                                                                    124 Y EARS I N T HE T OWN T OO T OUGH T O D IE                                                                                        F RIDAY, A PRIL 22, 2005

         ROUND UP                                        and Spanish, “Bryan
                                                         Barton Caught Me
   TOMBSTONE IN BRIEF                                    Crossing the Border
                                                         and All I Got Was
    The Minuteman volunteer who This Lousy T-shirt.”
was dismissed from project activities      Barton said the shirt’s slogan was
after his encounter with an illegal en- meant to put a humorous spin on il-
trant has been cleared of any legal legal immigration, but not attack the
wrongdoing.                             man personally.
    Cochise County Sheriff’s Depart-       Barton said he was unclear on the
ment spokeswoman Carol Capas said details of the Minuteman Project’s
a review of the videotape concluded no-contact guidelines, and said he
that the immigrant, a 26-year-old connected with the migrant because
Mexican, had not been physically de- he thought he was lost, tired and hun-
tained as he had reported.              gry.
    “He was free to go at any time,”       “I wasn’t completely clear on the
Capas said.                             no-touch policy, but now I think
    Bryan Barton, a San Diego resi- everybody is,” he said.
dent, and a companion approached           Minuteman co-organizer Chris
the man near a barbed wire fence Simcox said in a statement that Bar-
along Highway 92 between Sierra ton’s actions were “admirable, justi-
Vista and Palominas, about 10 miles fied and undeniably humane, but un-
from the U.S.-Mexico border.            fortunately they jeopardized our es-
    A video made by Barton’s com- tablished procedures and overall pur-
panion shows Barton gesture and call pose of passively monitoring the bor-
to the man, who was alone, and offer der.”
him a bowl of cereal, water, $20 and

Minutewomen report
a T-shirt. The T-shirt read, in English            -Hillary Davis / Epitaph

illegal border crossers
            Thuba Nguyen                       tive husband.
         The Tombstone Epitaph                     Smith said she has been volunteering
                                               in the area since March 31, and found one
    Eleanore Fahey, a Minuteman volun- illegal border-crosser while she went out
teer, sat on the truck bed with her two fel- to mail some letters. Like Fahey, she im-
low volunteers across the road from the mediately called the Border Patrol, who
U.S.-Mexican border.           She looked responded and thanked her for her quick
through her binoculars toward the distant action.

                                                                                                Minuteman leader moving on
mountains, searching for signs of move-            Aside from looking for illegal entrants,                                                                                                                                                     Photo by Taryn White / Epitaph
ment.                                          Smith said she has also been doing ad-            James Gilchrist talking to reporters during a Minuteman rally in Naco, Ariz.
    Finally, she spotted them.                 ministrative work, like answering phone
    Two Mexican nationals had been hid- calls from the communications center at
ing behind the bushes waiting for a chance the Bible College in Palominas, Ariz., and
to sneak past the barbed wire fence near- standing guard at the center from 8 p.m. to
by.                                            midnight.

                                                                                                Remainder of border-watch project under name, direc-
    Fahey and her fellow volunteers im-            “The more women the better,” said Al
mediately contacted the U.S. Border Pa- Garza, another volunteer who has been                                                                                                                                           Civil Homeland Defense is the organization formed in

                                                                                                tion of Chris Simcox’s local Civil Homeland Defense
trol.                                          with the project for the past five months.                                                                                                                               late 2002 by Simcox, a Tombstone resident and publisher
    Fahey, of Culver City, Calif., is one of       “It’s just another pacifist gathering,”                                                                                                                              of the Tombstone Tumbleweed newspaper.
the many women participating in the Min- Garza said, “and by having women there                                                                                                                                             Although Gilchrist will take the official Minuteman
uteman Project, trying to draw attention to it kind of helps the cause. They’re calmer.                          Hillary Davis                           phase of the Minuteman Project is now complete,” and he        Project name with him to future, anti-illegal immigration-
the Bush administration about the condi- They run offices.”                                                   The Tombstone Epitaph                      was taking early leave of the Arizona-based group to           related endeavors, the concept of citizens volunteering to
tion of illegal immigration across the bor-        Chris Simcox, field operations manag-                                                                 begin work on the next “phase” of the project’s goals.         monitor the border for illegal entrants remains under Sim-
der.                                           er and co-organizer of the Minuteman                                                                          Gilchrist and Minuteman co-organizer Chris Simcox          cox’s stead in a mutually beneficial balance, Simcox said.
    “We would like to have our president Project, said the project drew more                      A key member of the Minuteman Project leadership       said the shift does not signal a cessation of border moni-         “(Civil Homeland Defense) created the tactical orga-
come up with a policy that permits these women at the beginning. He recalled two               has withdrawn from border-watching demonstrations less    toring or an internal rift, but it indicates an expansion of   nizational model that provided the infrastructure for the
people in,” she said. “These people “van-loads full” of senior women who                       than three weeks into the monthlong operation, citing     the activists’ message.                                        Minuteman Project,” he said. “In essence, the Minuteman
shouldn’t be trying to sneak across the came and infused excitement in the pro-                “unconditional victory.”                                      On Wednesday, 20 days after Minuteman operations           Project has provided the recruitment mechanism for the
border.”                                                                   ject. He said          Co-organizer and founder James Gilchrist announced     began, the civilian border-watchers and their activities
    Barbara                                                                they decorated      Monday that “because of our tremendous success, this      came under the direction of Civil Homeland Defense.                                     See GILCHRIST / Pg. 3
Smith,           of                                                        their posts with

                                                                                              Authorities disagree on decision to replace marshal
Spokane,                                                                   signs, flags,
Wash., echoed                                                              ribbons and a
Fahey’s senti-                                                             pink flamingo.
ments. Smith                                                                   “It was like
said she is not                                                            a bridge club
against immi-                                                              party,” he said.               Laurie Laine                    wait, former Marshal Kenn Barrett               Barrett’s ejection from office was
gration “as long                                                               Although               The Tombstone Epitaph               was unnecessarily removed from of-          described by council members as “the
as people come                                                             the fun was not                                                fice.                                       removal of someone who was not
through        the                                                         lost amid the         The mayor and City Council can-             “No one ever contacted me to find        meeting job conditions.”
gates and not                                                              seriousness of     not agree if the word “acting mar-          out about APOST procedures,” said               County Clerk Marilyn Slade said,
under          the                                                         the     project,   shal” means temporary or indefinite.        Crosthwait, who is responsible for          “Basically, Kenn Barrett was hired
fence.”                                                                    Fahey said she        Mayor Andree DeJournett said             processing APOST applications for           conditionally, to be APOST certified
    Smith said                                                             was a bit shak-    Larry O. Talvy is temporarily operat-       peace officers in Cochise County.           in 45 days. He hadn’t asked for an ex-
she came with                                                              en by the sto-     ing as marshal, but three other council        The Arizona Peace Officer Stan-          tension.”
her husband to                                                             ries she had       members said by “acting” they meant         dardized Training, APOST, is a strict           “For two days we did not have a
participate in the                                                         heard from the     Talvy is “acting indefinitely and fully     qualifying process required for state       marshal,” said Anna Salcido, council
project because                                                            Border Patrol      authorized to operate in the role of        police officer candidates. All cadets       member for Ward 1. “Barrett expired
the state of                                                               officers about     marshal.”                                   go through this, Crosthwait said, but it    on Saturday and Talvy was sworn in

Washington has                         Photo by Hillary Davis / Epitaph drug lords who             According to Cochise County            usually takes four months to com-           Tuesday.”
been deeply af-                                                            killed and left    Chief Deputy Sheriff Lance Crosth-          plete.                                          Salcido said that because of Bar-
fected by the Minutewoman Barbara Smith talks                             skeletal remains                                                                                                           rett’s lack of certifica-

influx of ille- to reporters at headquarters.                             of        border-       Arizona Peace Officer Standardized Training Procedures                                             tion, “He couldn’t carry
gals who go on                                                            crossers.                                                                                                                  a gun, do an arrest, issue
the welfare system, causing the state to           “Those kinds of stories made me a lit-            1. Applicant must submit an A-1 form to Curt Milum in state APOST office                        tickets, or do investiga-
raise its taxes.                               tle nervous, but there really was nothing,”              in Phoenix.                                                                                  tions. He could only act

    Some have found low-paying jobs she said.                                                        2. File application for Waiver Test to determine eligibility:                                   administratively.”
where their condition is exploited by em-          Besides, Fahey said, she carried her                 This is a general work experience post evaluation to see if candidate is                         No one disagrees
ployers.                                       handgun while she was on duty.                           qualified to take the waiver test. (40 percent of all applicants fail this test).            with this information,
    “The wages they pay, it’s almost slav-         Smith said she did not encounter any              3.Complete the packet: All things in the packet must be completed prior to                      including Barrett.

ery, and we feel it’s not right,” she said.    problems during the eight times she was                 submission of packet.                                                                             But Crosthwait, who
    Fahey and Smith are two of about 250 on duty at the posts except for a little                         - Background investigation: (includes)                                                     served as Tombstone’s
women in the project who have been weather mishap.                                                             - Criminal history                                                                    interim marshal before
trained and served at least a full day as          “It’s hot and dirty. (The wind) would                       - Moral turpitude (meaning misuse of police authority)                                Barrett was hired, said
volunteers, said Grey Deacon, a project blow the dirt right at you,” she said.                                 - Drug usage in the past                                                              the council was misled
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Photo by Laurie Laine / Epitaph

volunteer and administrator.                       Smith and her husband left Friday. She                 - Polygraph test (test has to be submitted in 30 days)                                     about Arizona certifica-          Larry Talvy (above) and Kenn
    There are a total of 703 volunteers in said she missed her family and her two                         - Medical exam (only done after applicant is hired)                                        tion procedures.                  Barrett (below)
the project who have gone through orien- dogs.                                                            - Vision must be 20/40 and correctable to 20/20                                                “The 45-day period
tation and served a full day at their post,        Glenda “June” Cook, a nurse from                  4. Waiver Challenge Test (From time submitted applicant has 45 days to complete                 does not begin counting          begin until after the background check
Deacon said.                                   Parker, Ariz., said she decided to volunteer             the process)                                                                                 until after the back-            has cleared.”
    Both women said they had not been because she believes in the project and                             -Written exam: Extensive testing of general police knowledge and basic laws                ground check has been               Barrett was officially asked to re-
treated differently than their male counter- could use her expertise to help anyone in                    -Police physical agility test                                                              completed,” Crosthwait           linquish his badge April 11 for not
parts because they were at the border for need of medical attention.                                      -Shooting test: State certified instructor tests on knowledge and operation of             said. “Kenn (Barrett)            completing the certification process.
the same reasons.                                  Cook purchased extra water and food                     police firearms certification course                                                      could hardly be expect-          His background check results came in
    “We found there are a lot of people out to help people.                                               -Drive test: Police pursuit course                                                         ed to conduct his own            April 13, which, according to Crosth-
there that think what we think,” Smith             “To stop them from dying is to stop                                                                                                               background check. The
said about herself and her politically ac- them from coming in,” she said.                                                                                                                           testing process cannot                     See MARSHALS / Pg. 3
Growing up in Tombstone through different generations
PAGE 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               F RIDAY, A PRIL 22, 2005

          Samantha Chase                     and build a fire under it with wood and an-    Mexican celebrations I would go dancing         cook for a few years. Dominguez earned           Growing up in Tombstone                         were mostly positive but some were neg-
        The Tombstone Epitaph                other tub was used to rinse the clothes out.   at the dance hall.”                             $1.50 per hour. She then worked at Nel-        with a 21st Century point of view                 ative.
                                             There was no inside plumbing. The out-             Upon remembering the city’s munici-         lie Cashman’s when it was a hotel. She                                                               “I would not have been as successful
  Meet Tombstone’s oldest liv-               house was in the back of the house. Later      pal pool, Dominguez said, “my grand-            said she worked there for three years and          Keoysha Ray, 18, enjoys the serene            in California as I am here. It’s easy to be-
ing resident                                 on we got a gas iron but I didn’t like it.”    mother wouldn’t let me go. Segregation          has had many other jobs since.                 living of Tombstone. The San Bernardino,          come a statistic there. Here at least some-
                                                 Her fondest memories are those of          took place in the early ‘30s. There were            Dominguez even made time to volun-         Calif., native came to live in Huachuca           one cares and at least one of your teachers
    Carmen Dominguez, 91, born Feb. 9,       playing such childhood games as hide-          even ‘no coloreds allowed’ signs at the         teer in the community.                         City at the age of 14. She is a senior at         pushes you, takes time for you.”
1914 in Cananea, Mexico, moved to            and-go-seek, tag, and baseball.                bars and restaurants. But I did take my             Dominguez said she volunteered at the      Tombstone High. Ray is a dual-sport ath-              She learned to appreciate sports at an
Tombstone when she was one month old,            Her worst memories are those having        children to the pool when they were             Visitors Center and the Chamber of Com-        lete, competing in basketball and track.          early age, she said.
and grew up on Ninth Street.                 to do with being called a “dirty Mexican.”     young.”                                         merce for two years. She also volunteered          “It’s easier to make friends, ‘true’              “I was about eight years old in Cali-
    “We had an old stove, oil lamps and at       Dominguez graduated from high                  “But it was hard raising 12 children,”      for 15 years at the senior center delivering   friends and easier to keep that close             fornia and my pastor said to me, ‘you
night it was real cold,” Dominguez said.     school at 20 and married Abram                 Dominguez said. “We were poor. I made           food to the homebound. Now,                    friend,” Ray said.                                should come to this track meet.’ I did and
“There were no houses north of Ninth         Dominguez soon after. They had been            all of the children’s clothes from material     Dominguez spends her time volunteering             She said she did not know anyone              I won a trophy. I came in second place in
Street. It was all clear land. We used go    married for 21 years before he died. They      the church gave me. I had to ask for cred-      at the food bank, as she has for the past 20   when she first moved to Tombstone. Her            the 100-meter and first place in the 200-
there to make bundles of wood, carry         had 12 children, including two sets of         it at the grocery store when we ran out of      years, with Helen Jendrzejak, 81, owner        best friend, Amanda Anderson, 18,                 meter,” she said.
them on our heads home. The other kids       twins. She never remarried.                    money and didn’t have any food for the          and founder of the food bank.                  showed her around in eigth grade and they             Ray said she has run track throughout
would make fun of us but we didn’t care,         She looks back on her young-adult          kids. I was embarrassed because I felt bad          “(The) food bank started 29 years ago      have been best friends ever since.                her high school career and participates in
we needed to stay warm.”                     years with fondness.                           asking for credit.”                             because workers were losing their jobs,”           “It’s different. I’m used to city life, al-   the 100-meter and 200-meter and triple
    “Growing up here was very nice. Very         “We had everything. We had miners,             Dominguez said although she had             Jendrzejak said. “I was getting young          ways doing something. The people are              jump.
jolly, mostly,” she said. “Tombstone was     the butcher’s shop, a barber shop, a movie     twelve children, she was not a stay-at-         children, families coming to the meal pro-     definitely friendlier and it’s easier living          Ray has been accepted to California
much different back then than what it is     theater, a dance hall, and a Chinese restau-   home-mom.                                       gram when the mines were closing down.         here,” Ray said. “When you’re new                 State University in San Bernardino.
now. It was a quiet mining town but it       rant,” she said. “Doctors even came to             “I had to work,” Dominguez said.            I sent them to St. Vincent DePaul in Sier-     they’re pretty curious about you. Every-              “I love science and chemistry,” Ray
wasn’t easy growing up in that era. I used   your house and there was a grocery store           Dominguez walked from Toughnut              ra Vista, now located on 7th and Barton,       body’s in everybody’s business.”                  said. “I’ll major in bio-chemistry at Cal-
to do the laundry on a washboard. I had to   on Allen Street. Sometimes on Saturdays,       Street to Allen in order to arrive at Bette’s   but Sierra Vista was turning Tombstone             In regards to her personal experiences        State. I’m going to work in sports medi-
warm water outside in a galvanized tub       for fun, I’d go to the movie theater and for   Café by 4:30 a.m. where she worked as a         residents away.”                               while growing up here, Ray said they              cine after college.”

 One dead in bus collision                                                                                                                                                                 City Council awards bus driver
                                                                                                                                                                                           key to city for quick thinking
              Taryn White                        “When the vehicle struck the bus it
                                             knocked the front wheel of the bus
          The Tombstone Epitaph
                                             off,” said Talvy. “The driver of the bus
                                             did an excellent job of preventing the
      A recent head-on collision involov-    bus from going off the road and rolling                                                                                                                   Jason Balakier                        Tombstone High School who was on
  ing a Tombstone High School bus and        the bus itself.”                                                                                                                                       The Tombstone Epitaph                    the bus, said Law was a hero and said
  a car left the driver of the autombile         Cochise County sheriff’s deputies                                                                                                                                                           she hopes to move on from the crash
  dead and 14 students injured.              were the first to arrive on the scene fol-                                                                                                                                                      she called “traumatic.”
      ATHS bus was returning from Bis-       lowed shortly by the Tombstone Mar-                                                                                                               The crowd at Tuesday’s City Coun-                Her parents, Emer and Barbra
  bee April 14, filled with JV baseball      shal’s office.                                                                                                                                cil meeting was brought to its feet               Wills, said they couldn’t believe how
  and softball players who had just              According to Talvy, four ambu-                                                                                                            when Glenn Law, the driver of the                 Law was able to keep the bus upright.
  played at Bisbee High School.              lance services and three different fire                                                                                                       Tombstone district school bus that had               “We were there about 20 minutes
      Around 6:20 p.m., Jodi Mudford,        department services responded.                                                                                                                a head-on crash with an oncoming car              after the crash and we saw the area,
  29, crossed her silver Pontiac over the        “We began doing triage on all of                                                                                                          April 14, was presented a key to the              they’d be dead,” said Barbra Wills. “I
  center line on Arizona 80 and drifted      the students to make sure no one was                                                                                                          city.                                             don’t know how he did it.”
  into the opposite lane, reports stated.    badly hurt,” Talvy said. “We had to di-                                                                                                           Law was lauded for his valor and                 The driver of the other vehicle, Jodi
      “She went head-on with the bus,”       vert traffic for about 12 hours until the                                                                                                     instincts that prevented the school bus           R. Mudford, 29, of Huachuca City,
  said acting Tombstone Marshal Larry        road was cleared.”                                                                                                                            from rolling over during the crash that           was pronounced dead at the scene.
  Talvy. “I don’t know why she did that.”        According to Tombstone Unified                                                                                                            left 14 Tombstone High School stu-                   Mudford’s car crossed the center
      The school bus was carrying 20         School District Superintendent Ronald                                                                                                         dents injured and the driver of the               line on the road of Arizona 80, approx-
  students, two faculty members and the      Hennings, Mudford was the mother of                                                                                                           other vehicle dead.                               imately 10 miles north of Bisbee,
  bus driver. Fourteen of the students       two children who attended Huachuca                                                                                                                Nearly 20 students and their par-             when her car crashed into the school
  suffered minor injuries including a hurt   City Elementary School.                                                                                                                       ents stood beside Mayor Andree De-                bus, which was filled with members of
  arm, a cut eye and bruises.                                                                                                                                                              Journett when the award was present-              Tombstone High School’s junior varsi-

 China Mary’s grand opening
                                                                                                                                                                                           ed.                                               ty baseball and softball teams, accord-
                                                                                                                                                                                               “The praise and the thanks don’t              ing to Tombstone Marshal Larry Talvy.
                                                                                                                                                                                           belong to me, they belong to the                     In other actions, the mayor and
                                                                                                                                                                                           Lord,” Law said. “Please don’t praise             council approved the request by Lion
                                                                                                                                                                                           me.”                                              Television to film its PBS series, “His-
             Jennifer Ellis
                                             was used when restoring the building.                                                                                                             The ceremony was followed by a                tory Detectives,” in Boothill Grave-
         The Tombstone Epitaph
                                                 The company began in San Diego in                                                                                                         two-minute standing ovation from the              yard, during the week of April 25.
                                             1982 before DeJournett moved to                                                                                                               crowd at Schieffelin Hall.                           The series will focus on the plot of
     Bovis Tombstone Bead Company’s          Cochise County, and continued the busi-                                                                                                           Law, who spoke to the crowd while             infamous Tombstone icon Doc Holli-
 new location opens this week, complete      ness in the Aztec House.                                                                                                                      fighting back tears, told Tombstone               day.
 with Feng Shui protection.                      The company imports beads from a                                                                                                          residents to “honor” their children, the             In other council business, the
     “China Mary’s is the heart of           900-year-old French Company, DeJour-                                                                                                          “future of the town.”                             mayor and council approved $1,200
 our...area,” said Shirley DeJournett        nett said.                                                                                                                                        “I know everyone’s concerned                  for a Walter J. Meyer Elementary
 owner of the Bead Company.                      “Beads are like a language. An 8-                                                                                                         about what the kids are doing and what            School field trip that will allow 40 stu-
     “The real China Mary lived in this      millimeter bead can have a history that                                                                                                       they do wrong, but the people of                  dents to go to the San Diego YMCA’s
 house in the 1880s. She was the most        would fill volumes,” she said. These are                                                                                                      Tombstone need to be very proud of                Camp Surf, May 4 to 6.
 important Chinese woman in Tomb-            beads that were commissioned in the                                                                                                           their children,” said Law. “I couldn’t               The total cost of the program is
 stone. All Chinese decisions went           last 900 years for royalty including                                                                                                          have picked a better group of kids and            $2,700, leaving the school to raise the
 through China Mary,” DeJournett said.       Napoleon, the Duchess of Windsor and                                                                                                          I can’t thank them enough.”                       additional $1,500 for its trip.
     The China Mary house has been ex-       Marco Polo.                                                                                                                                       DeJournett said he thought it was                The mayor and council also ap-
 tensively renovated during the past year,       China Mary’s includes three busi-                                                                                                         the first time the award has been hand-           proved Kimley-Horn and Associates,
 she said.                                   nesses: Bovis Tombstone Bead Compa-                                                                                                           ed out.                                           Inc., to provide engineering services
     The ancient Asian art of Feng Shui      ny, Quong Kees House of Eleven An-                                                                                                                “No one could deserve it more,”               for construction at the Tombstone Air-
                                                                                                                                                   Photo by Jason Balakier / Epitaph

 — combining the elements of earth,          gels (incense and oils) and China Mary’s       Council member Maurice Sinsley presenting a key to the city                                    said DeJournett.                                  port, via the airport grant that was
 wind, fire and water into a design —        Antiques.                                                                                                                                         Alexandria Wills, a sophomore at              awarded to the city April 5.

City airport ready for lift-off
                                                                                            to Glenn Law, the bus driver involved in recent highway crash.

                                                                                                                                            next five to 10 years, Tess Adams              improved airport.                                 We should have (an airport).”
                                                                                                                                            said.                                              “We’re not making a whole lot                    Cronen thinks the airport will be
                                                                                                                                               “None of the money is coming                of money if people fly into the air-              useful in other situations.
                                                                                                                                            from us. It’s all through grants that          port, but if they do, that means they                “Aviation is good for emergen-

State grants finance restoration of facility                                                   But commercial flights won’t
                                                                                            happen until the airport has a con-
                                                                                                                                            ADOT Aeronautics approves,” Tess
                                                                                                                                            Adams said.
                                                                                                                                                                                           spend more money in Tombstone,”
                                                                                                                                                                                           Tess Adams said.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             cies,” Cronen said. “It will defi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             nitely help since we don’t have a
for private, possibly commercial use                                                        trol tower, which will not be on the
                                                                                            “to do” list anytime soon, accord-
                                                                                                                                               Tess Adams said they want to
                                                                                                                                            have a running airport because peo-
                                                                                                                                                                                               “(Movie) directors will be able
                                                                                                                                                                                           to fly in their equipment,” said
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             hospital here.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                But others aren’t so sure.
                                                                                            ing to Adams.                                   ple love Tombstone, but currently              Ritchie Cronen, 51, a sales associ-                  Jane Mills, a visitor from Alpe-
         Jacquelyn Marum                     tant manager, said the facility is                Adams and her husband Sonny,                 the only option is to drive there.             ate at Rhinestone Cowboy.                         na, Mich., said having an airport
         The Tombstone Epitaph               getting grants from the Arizona De-            manager of the airport, said they                  “We just love flying. It’s our                  Cronen said Tombstone is popu-                may “take away from the Old West
                                             partment of Transportation Aero-               want to restore the airport soon to             passion, but when people find out              lar for Western movies and, if con-               feel.”
                                             nautic Division.                               attract more tourists to Tombstone.             we have an airport, they would                 venience is attainable, it would be                  Mills said she flew into Tucson
   A restored private runway, a                 The department’s aeronautic                    “We aren’t sure how much it                  probably fly their private planes if           easier to capitalize on this potential            International Airport and drove to
new fence and a place to park and            grants are used for restoring and re-          will cost in total or how long (it              they could,” Tess Adams said.                  income.                                           Tombstone.
tie down planes for $7 a night are           building the airport for private and           will take), but people can use it                  Tess Adams said the $7 fee to tie               Mayor Andree DeJournett said                     “It’s a beautiful drive, I don’t
only the beginning for the renovat-          eventually commercial use.                     now,” Tess Adams said. “That’s the              down the aircraft on their 4,700-              having an airport will also accom-                see why there’s a need for an air-
ed airport.                                     “Commercial flights are not out             great thing about all of this.”                 foot-long and 60-foot wide airport             modate those who love to travel by                port,” she said. “I think it’s great
   The Tombstone Municipal Air-              of the question,” Adams said.                     The Aeronautical Division is                 is competitively priced with other             air.                                              to keep it small because if it starts
port is coming back to life.                 “We’ve already had calls from                  funding the total cost of the airport,          airport fees and they are not trying               “People love traveling and fly-               getting too commercial you start to
   Tess Adams, the airport’s assis-          Canada.”                                       which should be completed in the                to generate direct revenue with the            ing,” DeJournett said. “It’s great.               lose the Old West feel.”

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PAGE 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 F RIDAY, A PRIL 22, 2005

Bikers making a rumble in Tombstone
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photos by Jacquelyn Marum / Epitaph

Bikers driving along highway 80 just outside Tombstone.

        Jacquelyn Marum                    people come here they want to see the             “I don’t have a problem with mo-        that. They have $60,000
        The Tombstone Epitaph              Old West, not bikes,” said Chris Lay-         torcyclists coming to Tombstone,”           bikes. Some of this is
                                           cook, Old Tucson Tours ranch-hand.            said acting Marshal Larry Talvy. “We        about education,” Sullivan
   Allen Street is constantly packed           Laycook said he doesn’t have any          understand they are a part of the           said.
with visitors from all parts of the        problems with bikers, but it becomes a        tourism.”                                       Sullivan said families
world and motorcycle riders are no ex-     problem when touring families are in-             But Talvy said there is some histo-     and bikers all spend money
ception.                                   timidated by them.                            ry of the Old West that needs to be         and the chamber will con-
   “I’m not against them. I’m a for-           “Families are year-round. Bikers          maintained.                                 tinue seeking a resolution
mer biker,” said Jerry Alves, owner of     are seasonal. They leave when they                “I do not…encourage them to park        to make Tombstone a
Curly Bill’s Bed and Breakfast.            see the bikers because their kids get         on Allen Street,” Talvy said.               tourist town for all.
   But Alves and other businesses see      scared,” he said.                                 Bikers tried to have an ordinance           But before that happens,
a problem.                                     Laycook said bikers are fair-weath-       passed that would allow them to park        the chamber and business-
   They said motorcyclists negatively      er tourists that like to visit when it gets   on historic Allen Street but were de-       es must continue catering
affect businesses that cater to tourist    warmer.                                       clined last year, Talvy said.               to all tourists because new
families.                                      “Bikers only come in the warmer               “We sometimes hear that they            motorcycle riding hobby
   “When they see bikers, they won’t       weather, so it hurts the business when        break laws like going the wrong way         clubs are popping up
stay,” Alves said. “They turn around       families all of the sudden see these          on a one-way street or squeezing into       everywhere.                    Gene and Joy Ostler, visitors from Florida, are avid motorcycle riders.
and go.”                                   bikers and leave,” he said.                   parking spaces illegally,” Talvy said.          And the Hells Angels
   Alves said parents are larger               Laycook doesn’t blame the bikers                                “These are all        stereotypes manage to carry over to siree Russell, waitress at Nellie Cash- ers stereotype them because of the
money spenders than bikers, but leave      exclusively. He said they have a bad                                things we’re try-     those hobby club bikers, too. These man’s Restaurant.                            way they look.
town without spending money and            reputation because of the Hells An-                                    ing to ad-         two types of riders wear the same style      Russell said motorcyclists are good    “We wear leather for protection,”
time because the parents do not want       gels.                                                                  dress.”            of clothing for protective gear with business for a tourist town.                Mrs. Shadgett said. “We’re just nor-
their children subjected to bikers.            “Most of them are lawyers and                                       Talvy said he     only one significant difference.             “They spend lots of money and are mal people. The leather is to protect
   “Families spend more (money)            such. But the families don’t know that                             is addressing the          “(The Hells Angels) actually have so gracious,” Russell said.                ourselves.”
than bikers because they stay over the     and don’t stick around to find                                   problems with the        a patch that says 1 percent on it,” said     Maland said riders help the busi-      Leather clothing is worn to protect
weekend and buy things. Bikers stay        out,” Laycook said.                                                  Tombstone            Charlie Maland, Tombstone Hawg nesses financially.                               the body during a vehicle collision.
for one night,” Alves said.                    Hot Biscuit Café                                                   Chamber of         Corral mechanic.                             “You’ve got people riding on The tough material attempts to protect
   Families spend more                                  owner Bill                                                  Commerce.            The 1 percent patch represents the $40,000, $50,000, and $60,000 bikes. the skin from road rash scrapes and
money because they                                             Jones                                                      “It’s a    percentage of total bikers in the Hells They’re business people. They like to other bodily injuries, according to mo-
buy things for                                                                                                           contro-     Angels gang worldwide.                    spend a lot of money,” Maland said.    torcycle clothing industries.
their children                                                                                                               ver-        Most parents do not see the patch-       He said most of the club riders are    While club members bike for fun,
and buy large                                                                                                                        es or realize a difference exists.        lawyers, doctors and business people they said others should try it too.
items to take                                                                                                                            “No, I wouldn’t (read the patches). who ride for the experience.                “It’s a comfortable way to enjoy
home as a                                                                                                                            If I didn’t know the area, I would           “They’re interested in the Old life and it’s economical,” said Jim
memorabilia,                                                                                                                         probably leave,” said Ray Ista, a visi- West. They’re no different than any Hoover, a biker from Kenai, Alaska.
Alves said.                                                                                                                              tor from Phoenix. “I’d be reluctant other tourist,” Maland said.                Hoover said he and his wife Mar-
   “Bikers                                                                                                                                to go inside with my boy.”              He blames the media for the con- alee, are stereotyped but makes it clear
can’t put big                                                                                                                                   Ista’s 12-year-old son, stant stereotypes of all riders.              that it is all wrong.
things on their                                                                                               sial                           Robert Downs, said he would          “Stupid television (always) shows      “Yeah, we’re bikers, but we don’t
bikes, but these                                                                                        topic     and                         feel uneasy about touring near bikers as outlaws,” he added.            stop at the bars. We stop at the ice
families pack                                                                                     we’re looking into                          a biker.                            Touring bikers supported Maland’s cream parlor,” Hoover said.
them in their                                                                            it,” said Jean Sullivan, director                       “I’d be a little uncomfort- observations and said it is the constant    The 63-year-old Hoover said being
cars,” he said.                                     said bikers donate a lot             of the Chamber of Commerce.                        able because of their reputa- movie stereotypes that paint the bad- a biker is a new experience for him.
   Alves said all riders                       of money to Tombstone, but their              Sullivan said the Chamber of Com-       tion,” Downs said.                        boy biker image.                          “Never thought me and my wife
are tainted by stereotypes that stem       stereotypes continue to paint a bad           merce is going to mail out letters to           Other tourists also say they would       “It’s true. They watch too much would be on a bike, but we’re looking
from the Hells Angels, a notoriously       picture.                                      businesses to get their input on the re-    not get near a biker to read the patch- TV. It’s the stereotypes that keep this for youth again,” Hoover said. “We
rebellious biker group.                       “I personally don’t have any prob-         cent topic.                                 es.                                       image going,” said Jim Shadgett, a see life in a different way. The air
   “Even the Choir image looks like        lem with them. But they have an ill               “All I can say is that it’s a dilemma       “If that (saloon) was full of bikers, motorcyclist from Tajax, Canada.       smells differently. The road looks dif-
the outlaw,” Alves said. He referred to    reputation from Hells Angels and              and we want all people to come (to          I’d go to (the) Longhorn (Restaurant)        Shadgett’s wife Linda said they ferently. We are enjoying life.”
the Choir Boys, a motorcycle club for      those gangs,” Jones said.                     Tombstone),” Sullivan said.                 because of the persona bikers have of ride for fun and donate money to char-        Florida bikers Gene and Joy Ostler
law enforcement officers and retirees.        Jones said families are “uneasy”               Sullivan said she doesn’t know          being loud,” said Andrew George, a ities.                                        said motorcycles are a different way
   Alves isn’t alone with his concerns.    about bikers’ presence and would              what it will take to have everyone get-     visitor from Phoenix. “I wouldn’t sub-       “We ride for (Harley-Davidson of enjoying life and people should
   Other businesses also complain          rather not be around them.                    ting along, but she did say it is partly    ject my kids to that.”                    Owners Group),” Linda Shadgett said. learn how to ride one.
about the presence bikers bring to            These are issues the Tombstone             because of unfamiliarity.                       Others see it a different way.        “We give back to the community and        “Everyone should get on one at
Tombstone.                                 Chamber of Commerce and the Mar-                  “A lot of these bikers are doctors,         “They have the wrong idea. raise money.”                                     least once,” Joy said. “You see life
   “This is a Western town. When           shal’s Office are trying to mediate.          professionals. People don’t know            They’re very nice people,” said De-          The Shadgetts said they know oth- differently.”

 MARSHALS: Continued from Page 1                                                                                                                                              GILCHRIST: Continued from Page 1

 wait, is when the 45-day timeframe should have           said. “And without a pack-                                                our arrival last May. I will con-          CHD border monitoring infrastructure.”         next few months to reorganize, expand,
 begun.                                                   et, (Barrett) couldn’t file                                               tinue to serve the Tombstone                   Now, the Minuteman Project is set to       and to become larger, better, and
     The reason for the long background check re-         his application or take the                                               Marshal’s Office in whatever ca-           go beyond southeastern Arizona.                stronger,” Gilchrist said.
 sponse time, Crosthwait said, was because Bar-           test.”                                                                    pacity the mayor, the City Coun-               Gilchrist and Simcox will travel to            Minuteman-turned-Civilian Home-
 rett’s record is “pristine.”                                 This month, the Waiver                                                cil, and Marshal Talvy see fit,”           Washington, D.C., next week to meet            land Defense activities will continue until
     “I’ve never seen anything like it,” Crosthwait       Challenge was presented                                                   Barrett stated.                            with Congress’ Immigration Reform              April 30 as planned, and after a brief hia-
 said. “He has an unblemished, spotless record and        April 6, one week prior to                                                    Barrett also offered words of          Caucus, chaired by U.S. Representative         tus, will return to Cochise County indefi-
 is a top-notch professional.”                            receipt of Barrett’s back-                                                encouragement to the new mar-              and Minuteman supporter Tom Tancredo           nitely as Civil Homeland Defense pa-
     Experienced police officers, like Barrett, waive     ground check results.                                                     shal.                                      (R-Colo.).                                     trols.
 the training and just take the test as outlined in the       “I don’t have a dog in                                                    “Larry and I like and respect              The second phase of the Minuteman              Andrea Zortman, a spokeswoman for
 statutes, Crosthwait said. Law enforcement officers      this fight,” said Crosthwait,                                             each other,” he said. “He helped           Project, steered by Gilchrist, a retired ac-   the U.S. Border Patrol’s Tucson sector,
 must be certified before they can legally work in        “But (Barrett) is well-qual-                                              me, and I hope I am helping him            countant from southern California, focus-      said the agency’s stance on the civilian
 Arizona.                                                 ified and a great trainer. I                                              in his new position. We meet to-           es on protesting the employers who hire        watch groups had not changed – the Bor-
     After the background check is complete, appli-       can always use a good field                                               gether almost every day. Neither           undocumented workers.                          der Patrol neither supports nor condones
 cants can apply to take the standardized test, which     trainer. I’d hire him if he’s                                             one of us can control our own                  Additionally, Gilchrist and Simcox         the participants and worries for their safe-
 involves an extensive written exam on general po-        interested.”                                                              fate in this matter. It is up to the       both said residents from nearby states         ty.
 lice knowledge, a physical agility test, a shooting          Since he was out of                   Photo by Laurie Laine / Epitaph mayor and City Council to de-              along the U.S.-Mexico border have ap-              Still, Simcox said he is determined to
 test with a state certified instructor and a driving     town when contacted for                                                   cide what is best for the citizens         proached the Minutemen for guidance on         bolster the Border Patrol, and to see a
 test conducted on a police pursuit course.               comment, Barrett offered a Cochise County Chief Deputy                    of Tombstone.”                             beginning their own border-watch               military presence on the border.
     The Waiver Challenge test is offered on the first    few words via e-mail.           Sherrif Lance Crosthwait.                     Talvy is excited about his new         groups. Simcox said Civil Homeland                 “There is no compromise – we will
 Wednesday of every month.                                    “My wife and I moved                                                  post and also offered a comment.           Defense would help mobilize the civilian       continue to exercise our civic duty until
     “(Candidates) cannot file their application with-    to this town to participate in the ‘Tombstone expe-        “I want to be able to know that I’m doing what            groups.                                        relieved by the National Guard and the
 out a completed background check,” Crosthwait            rience.’ We have been active in civic affairs since the community would like to see done,” Talvy said.                   “The Minuteman Project will take the       U.S. military,” Simcox said.
Tombstone clinic needs a check up
PAGE 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       F RIDAY, A PRIL 22, 2005

                                                                                                                                                                                           Local musician is building
                                                                                                                                                                                           a career in Tombstone with
                                                                                                                                                                                           rock bands like Hydrociel
        Veronica Thaanum                          “They (the clinic) are just not               “I do understand the problem                the Epitaph and was out of the office
        The Tombstone Epitaph                 holding up their part of the bargain,”         though,” he said. “If we put EMTs              when they attempted to stop by and
                                              DeJournett said.                               (Emergency Medical Technicians)                speak with her in person.
                                                  The clinic put a sign up but never         here they would need a place to stay.”            The city needs to let the federal
   The Harold O. Love Building,               shows any signs of activity, accord-              Tombstone resident Gale Johnson             government know what it wants to do                       Adam Bernal                   skills in Hydrociel.
which houses a Tombstone clinic, is           ing to DeJournett. There is no docu-           said he knows a lot of people who are          with the building before the end of                    The Tombstone Epitaph                Many people find it difficult to
not operating as originally planned.          mentation of insurance, he said.               too afraid to move here without a              May or the money from the grant will                                                    open up to something new and dif-
   The clinic should be opened from               “We do not have a clinic,” he said.        health center.                                 be taken back, DeJournett said.                   It’s not easy living in Tombstone     ferent, Orgo Martinez said, but all it
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Fri-          “It’s a dangerous situation if some-              “There are also a lot of retired               “The only thing I can do is wait,”         and trying to be a young, successful      takes is having an open mind and
day, Mayor Andree DeJournett said,            one gets hurt.”                                people here, so it’s dangerous,” he            he said. “One of the problems is that         musician.                                 simply changing the radio to a differ-
but they have cut down to part-time               Alex Gradillas, the Tombstone              said. “What if something happens?”             rent is only $1. How much would you               Freddy “Orgo” Martinez Jr.            ent station.
hours so it’s only scheduled to be            water works director, said the clinic             The clinic’s five-year contract             care, or even pay attention if your           learned this while using his lifelong         “Playing all these different styles
open until 2 p.m.                             used to be open more but started cut-          ends June 2009. It has between June            rent for every month for five years           drumming skills in bands including        definitely made me more versatile as
   However, DeJournett said even              ting back hours when it did not have           15 and July 15 of this year to open            was only $1?”                                 Hydrociel, his personal project, and      a drummer,” he said. “You’ve got to
with this cutback the clinic is never         many patients.                                 full-time, according to DeJournett.               The mayor said no one in the city          Night Life, all well-known among          take some risks.”
open.                                             “It’s not a good feeling,” he said.           If the clinic does not open full-           is mad, they just want to use the             Tombstone’s local performers.                 On the other hand, he said some
   The land for the building was do-          “If you have to be transported for an          time the city of Tombstone will be             building. If SEABHS doesn’t want                  Living much of his life in Tomb-      of the best advice he has received
nated by the late Harold O. Love, and         injury, you’re talking about quite a           forced to take the building back be-           the space they should give it back to         stone, Martinez, 22, has been heavily     was from his father, who emphasized
the building was built with a grant for       lot of time.”                                  cause it is not fulfilling its contract,       the city.                                     involved in music all his life and        not to overplay other people’s music
more than $300,000. The building                  Although a lot of Tombstone resi-          according to DeJournett.                          “It’s not doing them any good,”            continues to pursue his goal of carv-     to the point where it would slow his
was taken over by Southeastern Ari-           dents have a regular doctor in Tuc-               Dana Johnson, the chief executive           DeJournett said, “and right now it’s          ing out his own distinct musical ca-      development as a musician.
zona Behavioral Health Services               son, they still need somewhere to go           officer of SEABHS was unavailable              not doing the town any good. We just          reer.                                         While learning music, there was
(SEABHS) in June 2004 and was                 in case of an emergency, Gradillas             for comment. She did not answer or             want to use it for the best purpose, for          He said, his major focus has been     the pressure to learn to read it effec-
opened as a clinic.                           said.                                          return any of the many calls made by           what the town needs.”                         writing and planning for his band —       tively, which Orgo Martinez openly
                                                                                                                                                                                          Hydrociel, whose members largely          regrets not trying harder to do.

  Border patrol sensors sensitive to recent flurry of activity
                                                                                                                                                                                          have ties to the Tombstone area.              “When you read applications for
                                                                                                                                                                                              With Martinez on the drums, Hy-       musicians now, they require you to
                                                                                                                                                                                          drociel also features Chris Cray on       know it,” he said, emphasizing how
                                                                                                                                                                                          guitar and Marcos Martinez, Orgo’s        important it is to have at least some
                   Jennifer Amsler                                 Minutemen leaders often tell the volunteers to stay          Maheda said although the sensors have been react-         cousin, on bass.                          knowledge of musical theory.
                 The Tombstone Epitaph                         within 30 yards just to make sure the sensors do not set     ing a little less in the last few days, the Minutemen vol-        Starting with a mixture of metal          He recalls his first major break-
                                                               off on account of them, but Maheda said the volunteers       unteers are causing “somewhat of a hindrance” to their        and rap influences, Hydrociel quick-      through was when his father got him
      U.S. Border Patrol officials said many of the sensors    can trigger them without moving at all.                      duty of patrolling the border.                                ly switched gears and branched out        a double-bass pedal, although he ad-
  that are used to track movement in Cochise County                Phillips suspects the protestors and media frenzy            Ken Murphy, a resident in Naco, Ariz., where most         into a finer blend of metal with a dis-   mittedly “didn’t know what the hell
  have been triggered since the Minutemen arrived, but         surrounding the project account for the increase in sen-     of the Minutemen are patrolling, said the volunteers are      tinct Latin feel, Orgo Martinez said.     it was at first.” The pedal helped
  volunteers say they have been following regulations.         sor activity, not the protestors themselves.                 not catching more illegal immigrants and the Border Pa-           He credits the band Ill Niño with     speed up his playing and gave him a
      The sensors, also called intrusion devices, are placed       He said he sees people who are not volunteers, in-       trol was doing a fine job before they came to town.           being a major influence on Hydro-         larger variety of sounds to use.
  sporatically around the U.S.-Mexico border and are the       cluding civil rights groups, drive around the border, but        “They aren’t making a big difference,” Murphy said.       ciel’s work in terms of style.                His favorite song to play while
  primary tool for catching illegal immigrants, said Jose      Phillips does not let anyone get in the way of their mis-        Anyone can see the sensors that the border patrol has describes Ill Niño as “a      growing up, he said, had to be Mot-
  Maheda, public spokesperson for Tucson’s sector of the       sion.                                                        placed around the desert because they stick out of the        type of music that combines crunchy       ley Crue’s “Red Hot.”
  Border Patrol.                                                   “I just give them the peace sign and wave,” Phillips     ground and are on top of towers, Murphy said.                 heavy metal with Latin rhythms and            His being a lifelong musician also
      “The intrusion devices are a key component. We           said.                                                            “But they do not keep illegal immigrants from com-        lyrics that alternate between English     generated numerous requests from
  also rely on manpower,” he said.                                 Jeffrey Buck, a Minuteman volunteer and a Massa-         ing into the country,” Murphy added.                          and Spanish.”                             listeners too, who often asked for
      Meheda said he could not describe the physical ap-       chusetts resident, said the reason he volunteered was not        Murphy said he has never felt threatened by people            Bassist Marcos Martinez had also      him to play the same songs repeated-
  perance of the sensors, but said they are “highly techni-    to cause trouble but to keep immigrants from coming          who cross the border from Mexico and said the Min-            influenced the metal and Latin ap-        ly.
  cal devices and multi-functional.” The sensors ideally       into the United States illegally.                            utemen are acting like a “political toy” and are putting      proach as he listened to Spanish              “They always asked for ‘Wipe-
  would react when a person is near it and send a warning          Buck said when a person from a different country         on a big show for the media.                                  music and spoke some Spanish as a         out,’ ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ and any-
  to the patrol.                                               comes across the border illegitimately they forgo any            Maheda said he could not release information about        child. As he matured, he became in-       thing by Rush,” he said.
      Since the Minutemen have been patrolling Cochise         criminal background or health checks that could prevent      how much the sensors cost to implant and maintain, but        terested in heavier music, such as            Orgo Martinez is not the only one
  County, the Border Patrol has seen a spike in the sensors    harm to Americans. The Border Patrol needs assistance        said they all are functional, despite what some people        Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies.        in his immediate family with a huge
  activities, Maheda said.                                     and the sensors are not enough to regulate the area.         think.                                                            As a whole, however, Orgo Mar-        love for music. His father and grand-
      Minutemen volunteers said they are cooperating               Buck said he is paying for his own cost of living            Murphy said he questions if the sensors really work       tinez said the band’s music is “really    father have been heavily involved in
  with the Border Patrol’s agents, including following         while on patrol because he believes that it is his duty to   and thinks they are there more to scare people who cross      unclassifiable, it’s like asking how      music projects throughout their lives.
  their instructions of remaining within 50 yards of their     protect the border and the American people.                  the border from Mexico.                                       many taste buds you have, there’s             His father, Freddy Martinez Sr., is
  station spots, said Al Phillips, the second-shift supervi-       “The cost of losing the country is far worse than any        “People are still going to come across, they’re just      just way too many.”                       a prominent musical figure in Tomb-
  sor for the Minuteman Project.                               monetary expenses,” Buck said.                               going to find a way around the sensors,” he said.                 Hydrociel is undergoing a transi-     stone with his band Night Life. He

Minutemen hold rally in Naco to criticize Bush policies
                                                                                                                                                                                          tion period as the band searches for a    often plays in The Crystal Palace and
                                                                                                                                                                                          competent vocalist who will bring a       Big Nose Kate’s Saloon.
                                                                                                                                                                                          lot of variety to the band, Orgo Mar-         Having an early musical career
                                                                                                                                                                                          tizez said.                               like his son does today, Martinez Sr.
            Taryn White                           “This is not a race issue,” Gilchrist      during the time they are working in            and “stop illegal immigration,” the               “We’re looking for someone            began playing the drums at the age of
        The Tombstone Epitaph                 said “This is a law abiding issue. By          this country, was also a hot topic for         Minutemen marched in 90- degree               who’s very versatile,” he said.           4. After reaching 17, he switched to
                                              the year 2025, if we don’t seal this il-       many of the Minutemen volunteers.              weather and protested throughout the          “Someone who can do all kinds of          the guitar, which he has played ever
    About 60 protestors and Minute-           legal alien invasion crisis, our voting            “It’s a stupid program we don’t            day.                                          vocals.”                                  since.
man volunteers streamed in and out of         rights will be so diluted…you’ll have          need it,” said Jerry Ellis, a volunteer           “We are here to raise awareness,”              Orgo Martinez began playing the           His grandfather also was an expe-
a rally Saturday with strong criticisms       more representation from aliens that           from Garden Grove, Calif. “(President          said Gayle Nyberg, a volunteer from           drums at the age of 3, when his father    rienced musician, Orgo Martinez
about the Bush administration’s han-          are here illegally than from bona-fide         Bush) always said that these are jobs          Marrieta, Calif. “We are fed up with          started getting him into the idea of      said, performing as a background
dling of illegal immigration.                 American citizens.”                            that Americans won’t do. He’s never            the laws not being enforced; we are all       playing an instrument.                    guitarist for well-known artists such
    James Gilchrist, founder of the               An added 12,500 border patrol              named them, I don’t think there is a           against Bush’s policy of not dealing              “I didn’t know any Country, Tex-      as Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly.
Minuteman Project, was one of many            agents, a 400 percent increase in fund-        job an American won’t do for half-             with this issue.”                             mex or Oldies music at first,” he             As he has matured into an experi-
to attend the rally at the U.S. Border        ing for border patrol and a 400 percent        way decent wages.”                                President Bush is not the only             said.                                     enced musician himself, Orgo Mar-
Patrol headquarters in Naco, Ariz.            increase in funding for the immigra-               The problem of illegal immigra-            politician Minutemen are angry with.              As he grew, Orgo Martinez began       tinez accepts that struggling at times
Volunteers gathered early in the morn-        tion of customs enforcement is the so-         tion falls on employers and the Bush           Many of the signs held by the volun-          to play the drums by practicing on        is simply a part of the lifestyle he has
ing and stayed until late in the after-       lution to the illegal immigration issue,       administration, according to Ellis.            teers denounced Arizona’s Republican          familiar tunes such as “La Bamba”         chosen.
noon to protest the United States’ pol-       according to Gilchrist.                            “It’s the employers that hire them         Sen. John McCain.                             and “Wipeout.” He only played with            Stuck in what he defines as a cur-
icy on border control.                            Gilchrist said if illegal immigra-         that are helping this problem grow,”              “McCain was a war hero, but I am           Night Life occasionally until the age     rent trend where most bands try to be
    This rally was another event held         tion continues at its current rate, the        he said. “The employers need to start          a Vietnam veteran as well,” said              of 14, when he became the band’s          “like Metallica and Tool,” he said
during the monthlong protest where            consequences would include failing             getting punished more, or at all, for          Gilchrist. “We have as much right to          permanent drummer.                        Hydrociel’s determination and vari-
the Minutemen have been gathering             schools, bankrupt hospitals and a se-          breaking the law and hiring illegal im-        our opinion as he has to his. However,            Although learning such a large        ety will make them stand out.
along the U.S.-Mexico border to show          ries of drug infestation problems.             migrants. And the Bush administra-             he has had no opinion and has com-            variety of music took some getting            “It’s all about the different styles
their disapproval of the amount of il-            President George W. Bush’s recent          tion needs to start doing something to         pletely ignored this issue.”                  used to, he said learning many differ-    coming together,” Orgo Martinez
legal immigrants coming into this             temporary work program, where ille-            protect the law.”                                 McCain could not be reached for            ent styles helped his musical knowl-      said. “That’s what makes Hydrociel
country.                                      gal immigrants are given amnesty                   Yelling “Mr. Bush do your job”             comment.                                      edge and increased his drumming           work.”

Undocumented immigrants caught in legal Catch-22: can’t stay, can’t go
Young Mexican woman                                     legally come into the country and exit again                 “To this day, (the factories) don’t pay at           United States citizen and they wouldn’t know         Immigration lawyer Pamela Hartman said

still dreaming of citizen-
                                                        without difficulty.                                      all enough,” Maria said.                                 the truth,” Maria said. “At the time, I had a     the law stopped operating, time ran out, and
                                                           While in Tucson, she attended public                      Maria’s father did not bring home his pay-           school I.D.”                                      since then there has been no legislation ad-

ship after entering the
                                                        school. She enrolled in the fifth grade and              check, but drank his share of the wages in-                  Common questions asked by Border Pa-          dressing the gap in the 1996 Illegal Immigra-
                                                        began to learn English. She would go back to             stead, she said. Maria’s mother was offered              trol were “What is your address?” and             tion Reform Immigrant Responsibility Act.

United States illegally
                                                        Mexico for summer vacations and at Christ-               a job in Green Valley and decided to come to             “Where do you live?”                                 “Immigrants who have entered (the Unit-
                                                        mas to visit her dad.                                    America to make more money, she said. She                    In perfect English, Maria was able to re-     ed States) without being inspected could get
as a child                                                 During that time, she never thought of
                                                        herself as an “illegal alien,” a term consid-
                                                                                                                 needed to do something in order for her fam-
                                                                                                                 ily to survive.
                                                                                                                                                                          cite her Tucson address.
                                                                                                                                                                              But immigrants like Maria are not thumb-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            an adjusted status if they paid the $1,000
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            penalty under federal law 245(i) and applied
                                                        ered a racial slur by some. Maria and her                    “My father didn’t want the responsibility            ing their nose at the opportunities they have     for citizenship,” Hartman said.
                  Laurie Laine                          family were just trying to have a better life,           (of a family), even though he still was living           been given. Nor does she take this experi-           Now they must travel to a U. S. Consulate
              The Tombstone Epitaph                     she said.                                                (with us),” Maria said.                                  ence lightly. With the help of her American       in Mexico to apply for a visa, but if they
                                                           The Pew Hispanic Center states on its                     Maria’s mother had to do everything.                 family she has spent thousands of dollars to      leave the country they cannot return for up to
                                                        Web site that 11 million undocumented peo-               And, like most first-rate moms, she did what             gain the rights that so many Americans take       10 years depending on the length of their un-
    Of the thousands who illegally cross the            ple live in America. Fifty-five percent are              she had to do to subsist.                                for granted.                                      lawful presence, Hartman said.
border each year, Maria was one of the un-              Mexicans and Arizona is ranked among the                     As an undocumented worker, Maria’s                       Maria, now 25, is married to an American         Immigrants like Maria cannot leave the
documented millions who made it, over and               states with the highest population of unau-              mother embraced a better life.                           citizen and working on attaining citizenship.     country to apply for citizenship and they are
over again.                                             thorized migrants.                                           Maria said while applying for a permit to                “My mom came because a friend in the          not allowed to stay, said Kathryn Rodriguez,
    Maria has never seen the Statue of Liber-              When asked to recount the number of ille-             come into the United States, they were ques-             U.S. offered her a job,” Maria said. It was       coordinating organizer for Derechos Hu-
ty, but she would like to. She would like to            gal crossers, the Arizona Border Patrol                  tioned by border officers.                               the opportunity of a lifetime and possibly the    manos.
see the copper lady’s invitation for “your              spokesman Charles “Rob” Griffin said,                        “(The Border Patrol) took our passports              only hope for one struggling Mexican family.         “They are in limbo,” Rodriguez said.
tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearn-            “What we count is apprehensions. We only                 and wanted proof that we were living in                      Maria was one of the lucky ones who           “Forty percent (of the 6 million undocument-
ing to breathe free,” placed at the foot of the         speak in concrete terms.”                                Mexico,” Maria said. “They didn’t know I                 began her petition for citizenship in the Unit-   ed Mexican migrants) are waiting in the
monument in 1883. She would like to experi-                The U.S. Customs and Border Protection                was coming to school.”                                   ed States prior to April 2001 when the Feder-     wings in this country.”
ence that promise for herself.                          reported on their website that 384,954 un-                   Afterward, Maria had to come into the                al Immigration and Nationality Act stopped           Human rights organizations like Derechos
    For 16 years, Maria, not her real name,             documented immigrants were apprehended                   country illegally.                                       operating immigration law 245(i). The law         Humanos and migrants like Maria would like
has come into the United States at the No-              in 2004. But they do not acknowledge the                     “I came in once and wasn’t able to go                allowed people like Maria to apply for citi-      to see a law like the 245(i) provision revised
gales port of entry.                                    millions, like Maria who live here.                      back for three years,” Maria said.                       zenship.                                          so that the 2.4 million Mexicans waiting to
    In 1988, at the age of 9, Maria’s passport             Prior to her job as a caregiver in America,               During that time, her English got better so              Immigration law is complicated, but in        become citizens would finally have a means
allowed her to accompany her mother, who                Maria’s parents worked in the Nogales Sam-               that, by theeigth grade, she was able to effec-          simplest terms the loss of the 245(i) law         to establish citizenship.
had a job and a green card. Granted permits             sonite factory from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. What                tively communicate.                                      meant the provision for staying in United            Maria said that she, like millions of oth-
for three and five-day visits, she was able to          they earned did not meet expenses.                           “I was able to lie and tell them I was a             States was gone.                                  ers, wants the chance to “breathe free.”
PAGE 5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     F RIDAY, A PRIL 22, 2005

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Queen of quilt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Spencer is a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ‘Needle Nut’
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Samantha Chase
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Tombstone Epitaph

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Marian Spencer, 86, former
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tombstone snowbird of eight years
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    and permanent resident for 13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    years, is known as the “Queen of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        In 1984, at the age of 65,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Spencer began visiting Tombstone
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    as a snowbird with her husband and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    returning to the Thumb of Michi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    gan in the spring.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        She became a permanent resi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    dent of Tombstone after her hus-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    band, Lynn Spencer, died in 1992.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Cory Casey /             Spencer said she has quilted for 80

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “I quilt for the enjoyment of it,

  Historic district ‘slipping away’ without commission
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    pretty much,” she said. “My grand-
   Three men looking down Allen Street, one of Tombstone’s historic remnants that the commission seeks to preserve for tourists for generations to come.                                                                            mother wanted me to do something
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    to keep me out of mischief.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        As a child, Spencer said she
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    “happened to be around when old
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ladies were quilting.” She has con-
           Laurie Laine                                                                                                                                                                                                             tinued quilting over the years.
                                                Criteria for commission volun-           commission that will work for them,          the outcome of the recent issues.             away,” and the work of the commis-                  Spencer said she and her best
        The Tombstone Epitaph
                                            teers, according to the ordinance,           Lewis said.                                      “It was not handled well,” Hunts-         sion should prevent that from hap-              friend, Winifred Bombyk, of Ap-
                                            states “Members…shall have a                     “Good luck to anyone on the              man said. “There was only a couple            pening again. He also added that                plegate, Mich., grew up in Carson-
      Everyone seems to agree that the      demonstrated interest, experience, or        commission,” Lewis said. “If they            of people on ego-trips that needed to         Tombstone is not an 1880s town, but             ville, Mich. and participated in
  Historic Districts Commission has an      knowledge in at least one of the fol-        need help, I’m there to help them.”          be kicked off and a couple who knew           rather it is a 1920s town.                      quilting parties together at an early
  important function maintaining            lowing: history, architectural history,          When asked if she planned to             what they were doing and shouldn’t                “Some members of the board                  age.
  Tombstone’s landmark status. But          architecture, historic interiors, his-       apply for the commission, Lewis said         have been kicked off.”                        wanted to improve the old ordi-                     “We met at a neighborhood
  authorities disagree about the organi-    toric architecture, planning archaeol-       she will not.                                    “I’m glad Larry (Noyse) got the           nances, but they never got a hold of            quilting bee,” Spencer said. “We
  zation’s focus.                           ogy, historic archaeology, real estate,          “I’d like to be a part of the com-       position,” Huntsman said. “I think            what the existing ordinances were,”             became best friends and we’ve
      The commission’s purpose was          historic preservation or conservation,       mission, but I was let down,” she            he will be really good at it. The dis-        Huntsman said.                                  been best friends ever since.”
  not clearly stated in the seven-page      law or another historic preservation         said. “To see what we did and ‘poof’         tricts commission is a wonderful                  “The mayor is doing a good job,”                She said that her quilting was
  document highlighting the ordi-           or conservation related field.”              it was gone was disappointing.”              idea, but it hasn’t worked for a num-         Huntsman said. “He inherited a                  also useful for helping those in
  nances that govern the commission             Lewis said she was honored to                Shortly after the commission was         ber of reasons.”                              tremendous task and problems from               need.
  either.                                   have been asked to be on the com-            dismantled it was announced anyone               Huntsman said the lack of will-           the previous administration.”                       “Quilting parties were put on by
      Several former commission mem-        mission. She was added when the              interested in serving on the commis-         ingness to enforce existing historic              The historic districts policy must          the ladies of the neighborhood for
  bers could not agree on the commis-       mayor and council changed the num-           sion could reapply.                          districts ordinances is the primary           be consistently enforced so every-              people who suffered a disaster of
  sion’s purpose, nor could the mayor       ber of commission members from                   “Turn applications in to City            problem.                                      body knows what the policies are,               some sort,” Spencer said. “It was a
  or the city clerk.                        seven to 11.                                 Hall,” DeJournett said. “The more                “I applaud the new mayor’s ef-            Huntsman said.                                  good way to help people out. I did
      Some, including Mayor Andree              Born and raised in Tombstone, an         the merrier.”                                forts,” he said. “But rather than                 Tim Fattig, co-owner of Helldora-           it until age 14.”
  DeJournett, speculated this may have      honors student majoring in anthro-               The mayor said the council decid-        straighten out and work with what             do Town was an active member of                     Spencer said there were times in
  caused problems with the recent           pology and history at Cochise Col-           ed to reduce the number of commis-           they had, (the mayor and council) de-         the commission, but ceased to partic-           her life that were too hectic to keep
  commission making it unable to            lege, and a volunteer for the Tomb-          sion members from 11 to seven be-            cided to deconstruct and revamp the           ipate when Dan Arnold took over.                up her hobby.
  function effectively. DeJournett also     stone Courthouse State Historic              cause the larger number was too dif-         existing commission and ordi-                     “I quit,” Fattig said. “Conflict of             “I didn’t quilt while in high
  said it was well known that the com-      Park, Lewis was enthusiastic about           ficult to manage.                            nances.”                                      interest.”                                      school. I just couldn’t find time to
  mission was dismantled because the        helping preserve Tombstone’s 1880s               Applications were received from              The mayor describes the focus of              It is a problem in the commission           do it,” she said.
  members could not get along.              history.                                     Larry Noyse, the new chairman, Bill          the Historic Districts Commission as          to be seen as more of a personal com-               “The last year of high school I
      “The commission was fighting              “You have to have good inten-            Pakinkis and Derek Carewe immedi-            preservation of the 60 remaining              mercial interest than actual historic           worked for my room and board in
  and bickering and we got tired of it,”    tions and historic interests (to be on       ately following the invitation to sub-       structures that are still standing in the     preservation, according to Fattig.              town,” Spencer said. “I did house-
  DeJournett said. “The city attorney       the commission),” Lewis said. “I             mit resumes. Susan Remsik later ap-          downtown area. He said renovations                “Larry (Noyse) is an excellent              work, scrubbed floors, helped cook
  said it’s bad, so just start over.”       don’t fault the mayor for his decision       plied.                                       follow a standard.                            person,” Fattig said. “His ability to           meals. I also did laundry.”
      Former commission member              (to dismantle the commission), but I             The commission also includes ap-             “The (Park Service) is not look-          affect anything political is up in the              Upon graduation from high
  Nancy Lewis, said one problem with        don’t agree with it.”                        pointed positions, a building official,      ing for you to make everything old            air, but as for his motivations, I think        school, Spencer attended Eastern
  the commission was that some mem-             “I’m on the Tombstone Restora-           Tom Wright, and a council member,            here,” DeJournett said. “There’s not          he’ll be a great force for good.”               Michigan University. She majored
  bers were trying to initiate laws and     tion Commission,” Lewis said. “We            Stacy Korbeck-Reeder.                        much new building going on down-                  Dan Arnold, former Historic Dis-            in English. In 1938, Spencer earned
  police them without proper authority.     don’t have the same kind of prob-                “We’re just one member short,”           town. It’s maintenance. Preserve it           tricts Commission chairman, was un-             her bachelor’s degree in education
      “The Historic Commission can-         lems (as the Historic Districts Com-         said Marilyn Slade, city clerk.              and take care of it. That’s all.”             available for comment.                          with a life certificate in teaching.
  not make laws,” Lewis said. “We           mission). Everyone gets along and                Joe Huntsman, owner of Wells                 The mayor said the lack of an ac-             The new commission conducted                    “I taught for half a year before I
  were an advisory committee to the         they do a great job.”                        Fargo RV Park and former commis-             tive, functioning commission has al-          their first meeting at Schieffelin Hall         married my husband in 1939,” she
  council and mayor.”                           Tombstone businesses want a              sion member, was disappointed by             lowed historic buildings to “slip             on Wednesday, April 20.                         said.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Spencer and her husband raised

Minutemen may affect tourism
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    five children, Nancy, 62, Bonnie,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    59, Bob, 58, Mary Lou, 56, and
                                                                                                                                       actions might not have impeded tourism          be ignoring why illegal immigrants are       Bill, 54.
                                                                                                                                       revenue from first-time visitors.               risking their own lives to come to the           “I taught on and off during
                                                                                                                                           Gina Duran, an employee at Vogan’s          U.S.                                         World War II. I worked as a dairy
                                                                                                                                       Alley Bar on Fremont Street, said she               “There’s a bit of a mentality underly-   farmer most of my marriage to help
        Elizabeth Thompson                                                                                                             hasn’t noticed a slowdown in business.          ing this about hunting human beings,”        put my children through college,”
                                               “I think they’ve hurt tourism here,”      the first couple of weeks it seemed like a        “Common tourists haven’t been real-         Doty said. “What’s being lost in all of      Spencer said.
         The Tombstone Epitaph
                                           Wells said. “All of the media attention       lot of tourists were staying away,” Clark     ly concerned about it,” Duran said. “If         this is why people would be so desperate         Spencer said she quilted some of
                                           surrounding them has made people in           said. “It was definitely because of all of    anything, I think the minutemen have            to come over.”                               the time while dairy farming and
   Tombstone’s business owners are not     other parts of the country think it’s real-   the media hype too, people don’t want to      raised some curiosity in people about                Stephanie Komechak, of the Tomb-        continued quilting regularly until
sure if the Minutemen have helped or       ly violent here and they wouldn’t be safe     be surrounded by a political storm when       what’s going on.”                               stone Visitor’s Center, said she thinks      now.
hurt tourism since they arrived in town    if they came.”                                they’re on vacation.”                             Roxanne Doty, a professor of politi-        the Minutemen volunteers themselves              Spencer was a 4-H leader for 25
April 1.                                       Wells admits tourism season natural-          Doug Reinke, a tourist from Chicago       cal science at Arizona State University,        have helped tourism.                         years and a member of the Cooper-
   While the Minutemen, armed civil-       ly slows down in April due to warmer          said he had heard about the Minutemen         came to Tombstone for the weekend to                “I’ve had six Minutemen in here          ative Extension Organization in
ian volunteers spending April patrolling   weather, but some vacationers who             and the problems surrounding illegal          get a feel for the political climate in         today asking me where to buy things,”        Michigan.
the Arizona border between Douglas         make yearly trips to Tombstone have de-       immigration in the Southwest from the         southern Arizona over illegal immigra-          Komechak said.                                   She is also a member of the
and Naco, are filling the rooms of         cided to stay home this year.                 media, but he and his wife weren’t con-       tion.                                               She said tourists who might be stay-     Family and Community Education
Tombstone’s hotels, local business             “I know a few customers of ours who       cerned about coming.                              Doty said she is not sure about the         ing out of Tombstone and southern Ari-       Organization, which is now known
owners are concerned it may be keeping     haven’t made the trip this year because it        “I don’t see why people wouldn’t          motivations of the Minutemen’s pa-              zona because of concerns over violence       as the Extension Homemakers in
tourists out of town.                      may be too dangerous.”                        come because of safety issues,” Reinke        trolling and their presence in the media.       are misinformed.                             Tombstone.
   Judy Wells, co-owner of Shooters            Larry Grant, an employee at Nellie        said. “Neither minutemen nor undocu-              “This seems like it’s more to put on a          “I think a lot of people just don’t          Spencer has been a member of
BBQ on Fremont Street, said she thinks     Cashman’s restaurant, 117 S. Fifth St.,       mented citizens pose a threat to me.”         show,” Doty said, “and less about a le-         know what’s going on here, and that’s        the Tombstone Association of the
the presence of the Minutemen may          said he also believes the Minutemen’s             While some returning Tombstone            gitimate concern over immigration is-           why they’re scared,” Komechak said.          Arts, Ltd. since 1987.
have slowed down the flow of diners in     presence slowed tourism traffic.              tourists decided on another vacation          sues.”                                          “They’re just not watching the news              The association is a non-profit
the restaurant.                                “It’s starting to blow over now, but      destination this year, the Minutemen’s            Doty believes the Minutemen might           enough. The unknown is always scary.”        organization dedicated to the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    restoration of the historic building
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    housing the art gallery and gift
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    shop and providing a community
                                                                                                                                                                                    7. Ornate light source                          center for the arts in Tombstone.
                                   By Shawn Patrick Green / Epitaph
                                                                             Across              Down
                                                                               1. Plant pouch     1. Took place at                                                                  8. Pond find, singular                              Spencer said the association
                                                                               4. Quarrel         2. Place for spectacle                                                            9. Pre-tree                                     contributes to many local causes,
                                                                               10. Before         3. Temperature scale                                                              15. Pub order                                   including the food bank and the an-
                                                                               11. Setting        4. Abusive criticism                                                              19. Not operating                               imal shelter and provides two an-
                                                                               12. Number system  5. Planetary explorer                                                             21. Canines, for exam-                          nual $1,000 college scholarships,
                                                                             base                 6. High card                                                                    ple                                               one for excellence in art and one
                                                                               13. Pay back                                                                                         23. Seven Seas                                  for music.
                                                                               14. Consumption                                                                                      24. Tiny                                            Spencer also serves as the Sec-
                                                                               16. Pop                                                                                              25. Flutter
                                                                                                   Last Issue’s answers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    retary of the Pearl of Venus Chap-
                                                                               17. Hammer target                                                                                    26. Top notch                                   ter Six Order of Eastern Star, a
                                                                               18. __ v. Wade                                                                                       28. Gratis                                      branch of the Masonic Family, in
                                                                               20. Understand                                                                                       30. “Don’t pitch a __”                          Tombstone, Bisbee and Douglas.
                                                                               22. Current                                                                                                                                          She said she has been a member
                                                                               25. Distant                                                                                                                                          for 65 years.
                                                                               27. Erase
                                                                                                                                                                                      Answers for                                       Spencer said she has participat-
                                                                               29. Slacker                                                                                                                                          ed with the Needle Nuts, a craft
                                                                               31. Flower lover
                                                                                                                                                                                          this                                      group, since 1992.
                                                                               32. Write                                                                                                                                                “I quilt for recreation and when
                                                                               33. Campaigned
                                                                                                                                                                                     crossword on                                   people need something done,”
                                                                               34. Grow incisors                                                                                                                                    Spencer said. “I do quilting, em-
                                                                               35. A few
                                                                                                                                                                                        page 6                                      broidery, knitting, crocheting and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    make stuffed animals.”
Tombstone: a place to wed
PAGE 6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       F RIDAY, A PRIL 22, 2005

            Jennifer Ellis                  including a bridal path with a rose         take care of people and have good
        The Tombstone Epitaph               arbor.                                      food and be happy.”
                                                At the end of the path is a gaze-           It costs $65 for Legion members
                                            bo, perfect for a wedding, Sally            to rent the hall and $130 for non-
    It’s nearly wedding time in             Alves said. The B&B includes a              members. There is an additional
Tombstone.                                  bridal suite, complete with a king-         $65 cleaning fee and a $50 security
    Whether the ceremonies have a           size bed, a fireplace and a spa.            deposit.
western feel to them or fall on the             Although the bed and breakfast              People interested in renting must
more traditional side, weddings here        does not hold receptions, other             contact the bar manager two to four
tend to bring the community togeth-         places handle that aspect. Curly            months in advance, according to
er in celebration.                          Bill’s caters to small weddings,            Eve Holder. Most people pay half at
    Tombstone residents Casey Mor-          Sally Alves said.                           least two weeks prior to the wedding
ris and Thomas Olah said “I do” this            Other common places to get mar-         and the balance on the day of the
month at Curly Bill’s Bed and               ried include the churches, the Holi-        event.
Breakfast.                                  day Inn Express and the Tombstone               Tombstone takes a lot of interest
    The Rev. Harry Hanes performed          Courthouse State Historic Park.             in weddings compared to bigger
the ceremony. Hanes is an active                The Morris-Olah reception was           cities, according to Olah’s brother,
member in the community and often           at the American Legion where Ralph          Joseph. Many places ignore wed-
gives a lot of his wedding revenue          and Eve Holder run the kitchen. The         dings, but the community here takes
back to the town, Morris said.              Legion has a hall that holds up to          a lot of notice, he said.
    It’s common for people to dress         200 people.                                     “It’s like Cheers, where every-
in 1880s western style, but Morris              People have a choice of a buffet        body knows your name,” Morris
said she preferred to go the tradi-         or a menu for sit down meals, Eve           said. “It’s nice to do this in this town
tional route.                               Holder said. Prices run from $6 to          because it’s kind of like a family re-
    Sally and Jerry Alves own Curly         $9 a plate, she said.                       union…Everyone you care about is
Bill’s, which has accommodations                “We just have a good time doing         going to be at the same place at the
for an outdoor wedding ceremony,            it,” Eve Holder said. “We like to           same time.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Photo by Hillary Davis / Epitaph
                                                                                                                                      Left - Minuteman project volunteers at Naco rally.
                                                                                                                                      Above - View through a cactus at Tombstone’s Boothill cemetery.
     This week’s crossword answer                                                                 Photo by Taryn White / Epitaph


Reischl leaves his mark on Desert Christian in Tucson
                                                                                                                                              Bryan Pelekoudas
                                                                                                                                                                                        He signed his letter of intent to play          Playing sports at Tombstone means
                                                                                                                                             The Tombstone Epitaph
                                                                                                                                                                                    baseball at Gateway Community College           that the trips to other schools are usually
                                                                                                                                         As Tombstone’s baseball season             in Phoenix, where he will be playing            long and a lot of time is spent traveling.
                                                                                                                                     comes to an end, it’s time to say goodbye      under former University of Arizona assis-           “It can be draining. We call the 2A di-
                                                                                                                                     to the graduating seniors and team leader      tant coach Victor Solis.                        vision the ‘bus league’ because so much
                                                                                                                                     Byron Reischl.                                     “I’m really excited to move on to the       time is spent on the bus. But the team gets
                                                                                                                                         Reischl, a four-year varsity starter in    next level and get out on my own,” said         along so well, the time goes by quick. I’m
                                                                                                                                     baseball and football is finishing his high    Reischl.                                        going to miss hanging out with the guys
                                                                                                                                     school career in a big way.                        He hopes to play at Gateway for two         on those long trips,” Reischl said.
                                                                                                                                         He leads the Yellowjackets in many of-     years, and then move on to a university,            Outside of sports and school, Reischl
                                                                                                                                     fensive categories, including a batting av-    where he plans on studying engineering.         likes to spend his free time playing the gui-
                                                                                                                                     erage close to .500 and over 10 homeruns.          “I want to eventually be a civil engi-      tar and relaxing.
                                                                                                                                         But to Reischl, personal stats are not     neer in Tucson or Phoenix. But I am will-           “I just got a Les Paul, so I’ve been
                                                                                                                                     important in sports.                           ing to explore other things if they come        playing that a lot,” Reischl said.
                                                                                                                                         “I love spending time with the team,”      up,” said Reischl.                                  Reischl said his experience at Tomb-
                                                                                                                                     Reischl said. “It’s something I’m going to         While Reischl was growing up, he            stone Union has taught him some very in-
                                                                                                                                     miss when I graduate.”                         looked upon his brother Marcus as a role        tangible aspects that are hard to gain else-
                                                                                                                                         The Yellowjacket’s season started off      model.                                          where and added that he’s going to miss
                                                                                                                                     great, but they eventually fell short of the       “He plays arena football, and I always      hanging out with teammates more than
                                                                                                                                     playoffs for the second straight year.         looked up to him,” said Reischl.                anything.
                                                                                                                                         “It’s a bittersweet ending for my ca-          Sports were not the only thing that             “I have learned a lot about working as
                                                                                                                                     reer, but I’ve had a lot of fun,” Reischl      Reischl was concerned with in high              a team. Going to a small school is hard
                                                                                                                                     said.                                          school. His parents pressured him to excel      unless you have great teammates, which
                                                                                                                                         In his four years as a varsity baseball    in the classroom.                               we have,” said Reischl. “I think I am leav-
                                                                                                                                     player, Reischl has been selected to the 2A        “My parents always challenged me            ing an example of a kid that can achieve in
                                                                                                                                     All-Conference team all four years. He         academically. I’ve learned that an educa-       and out of the classroom.”
                                                                                                                                     has also been selected to the team the four    tion is the most important thing,” said             So with the end of his high school ca-
                                                                                                                                     years he played football, and three years      Reischl.                                        reer rounding third and heading for home,
                                                                                             Photo by Bryan Pelekoudas / Epitaph     for basketball.                                    “This has been the best year as far as      Reischl is looking to the future, and hopes
 Tombstone Yellowjacket Byron Reischl following through after hitting his second homerun of                                              So as the season ends, Reischl is think-   team chemistry. Everyone is getting             that his time spent as a Yellowjacket will
                                                                                                                                     ing about his future in terms of college and   along, and its just been a great year,” Reis-   help him as he moves on to college and the

Softball team’s fate lies in coin flip
 the game against Desert Christian April 8. Reischl is in his senior year at Tombstone and plans
 on playing at Gateway Community College next year.                                                                                  continuing sports.                             chl said.                                       rest of his life.

                  Charles Renning
                                                           vere about his team’s prospects of earning a trip to the       One specific player Devere mentioned was Maira
                The Tombstone Epitaph
                                                           state tournament for the second straight year and the      Alvarado. He said she had been taking on much of the
                                                           second time in school history.                             catching duties in Floyd’s absence.
   It will not be a clutch hit, a well-placed pitch or a       “We’ve got to step up and play our game, but               Although the Yellowjackets have a few under-
key defensive play that will determine the Tombstone       we’ve been playing well.”                                  classmen sprinkling their roster, they are a team
High School girls softball teams’ place in next weeks’         Tombstone is coming off a 12-3 win over Desert         loaded with seniors and both Devere and senior Kim
region tournament.                                         Christian High School Tuesday night in Tombstone.          Swift agreed this could help the team in the postsea-
   It is rather the flip of a coin.                            With the win, the Yellowjackets secured a region       son.
   The Yellowjackets, tied for second place in the 2A      playoff berth by way of their bats.                            “Experience always helps,” said Devere. “We
Desert Region with Pusch Ridge and the No. 2 seed,             Ashley Baker and Jessica Childers each hit home-       made mistakes last year that cost us a higher seed in
will be decided today at Tucson’s St. Gregory College      runs in the team’s second win over DCHS.                   the state tournament. I expect the team to learn from
Prep in a coin flip at 10 a.m.                                 According to Devere, the pitching against the Ea-      them.”
   Pusch Ridge and Tombstone finished with the             gles struggled a bit with Jeo Thompson throwing 5 in-          Swift said the experience gained from last seasons
same region record and split the season series at one      nings and Breanna Lee going the final two. The pair        trip to the state tournament, where the team won one
apiece, so the tiebreaker is a coin toss.                  combined for 11 strikeouts, but walked four batters.       game until falling to the eventual state champion, will
   If Tombstone wins the coin flip, it will face the           Devere said the team’s pitching will be a major        help them compete this season.
No. 4 seed from their region Baboquivari, who the          factor come postseason play.                                   “As long as we’re a good team we’ll be success-
Yellowjackets swept on the season.                             “In softball, pitching is always key,” he said.        ful,” she said comparing the Yellowjackets squad to a
   If they lose the flip they will drop to the region      “We’ve had some problems with walks, but nothing           family saying they are all like sisters.
tournaments No. 3 seed and would face the No. 2            major.”                                                        That family unit will be put to a test starting next
seed from the north portion of the region.                     Besides pitching, Devere said the team would           Friday, April 29 in Casa Grande when the region tour-
   That spot has yet to be determined with a couple        have to overcome the loss of catcher Jessica Floyd.        nament begins. Today’s coin flip will determine who
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Photo by Wesley Stangret / Epitaph

teams in the running.                                          Floyd, who Devere calls “the best catcher in the       and when Tombstone plays.                                     A Tombstone softball player slides into home in the
   No matter what spot the Lady Yellowjackets fall         conference,” broke her leg earlier this month and the          If the Yellowjackets can pull off a win in Casa           Yellowjackets’ win over St. Gregory last weekend. A coin flip
into, they will have to win one game in the region         team has had to replace one of its better players.         Grande, they will earn a berth in the state playoffs          today will determine the softball team’s seeding in next weeks
tournament in order to advance to state.                       “We’ve had a couple kids step up and fill that         which are scheduled to start Friday, May 6 at the             Desert Region Tournament in Casa Grande.
   “I feel pretty good,” said head coach Robert De-        spot,” he said.                                            Tempe Sports complex.