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   What is a BlackBerry?
   A BlackBerry from Opal provides a complete wireless                                           Additional features
   communications solution that simplifies access to mobile email                                • Text messaging: texting is made easy with an optimised
   and provides calendar and contact functionality wherever you                                    QWERTY keyboard
   are. Additionally, it offers voice functionality, text messaging                              • Web: browse the web, read the news, check share prices
   and web browsing capabilities - all of which make BlackBerry a                                • Memo pad: make important notes for easy retrieval
   powerful business tool.                                                                       • Alarm: intuitive alarm function reminds you of important
   A BlackBerry provides a secure, scalable solution that integrates                             • Wireless on/off: control when and where you receive email.
   seamlessly with your existing email systems to provide mobile                                   Ideal for plane travel when mobile devices have to be turned off
   access to email, calendar, contacts and the Internet in over 65
   countries whilst addressing crucial corporate requirements                                    Easy application development
   regarding security, integration and cost.
                                                                                                 The powerful and expandable JavaTM platform provides an industry
                                                                                                 standard programming environment. This makes application
   The benefits
                                                                                                 development easy and gives access to a range of third-party tools.
   A BlackBerry is an ideal solution that makes you more productive:                             IT departments are guaranteed a solution that can grow to meet
   • Time saving: no need to return to your desk or find alternative                             your evolving needs.
     access arrangements
   • Easy to use: just like a mobile phone, with no passwords or                                 Global roaming
     logins to remember
                                                                                                 Users can stay connected in the countries where a GPRS roaming
   • Email finds you: new messages automatically arrive, so you
                                                                                                 agreement is in place.
     don’t need to keep checking and no more shocks of returning to
     an inbox full of emails
   • Fast response: reply to customers, sales prospects and
     contacts quickly and easily                                                                 The BlackBerry handheld from Opal incorporates password
   • Convenient: pocket size handheld which is there wherever you                                protection and a keyboard lock. End-to-end triple DES encryption
     need it                                                                                     is implemented on BlackBerry Enterprise data traffic. Advanced
   • You’re in control: filter messages to make sure that you’re not                             Encryption Standard (AES), which provides a better combination of
     overwhelmed - and you can always switch off                                                 security and performance, is available as an alternative or in
                                                                                                 addition to triple DES.
   Always on, always connected
                                                                                                 Opal product portfolio
   The ‘always-on’ connection and the real-time ‘push’ email
   technology means emails are automatically sent - no effort                                    Voice
   required.                                                                                     • Telephone lines, non-geographic numbers, premium services,
                                                                                                   ISDN routing
   Email and attachments                                                                         • Call plans, cost centre billing, extension billing, call logging,
                                                                                                   telephone preference service
   Seamless integration with your email system, providing a mobile
   extension to your mailbox. Read, compose, forward, reply, file or                             Mobile
   delete messages on the move. Ability to view a variety of                                     • 3G, handsets, BlackBerry, PDAs, data cards
   attachments.                                                                                  • Call plans, cost centre billing
   Phone                                                                                         • Connectivity (narrowband, broadband, leased lines, VPNs)
   All BlackBerry devices from Opal have both voice and email                                    • Hosting (web, database, co-location)
   capability: integrated phone support voice services, allowing you to                          • Security (anti-virus, anti-spam, firewalls, content filtering)
   make and receive calls easily.                                                                Networking
                                                                                                 • VPNs
   Personal organiser                                                                            • LANs, WANs, remote access
   The built-in calendar synchronises wirelessly with your office                                • Converged solutions
   calendar and provides quick and easy access to address book and
   task lists.

   Access company data
                                                                                                  For more information on the BlackBerry please contact us on:
   The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution from Opal includes software
   tools that companies can use to give always-on, push-enabled
   access to company information beyond email.                                                    Telephone: 0845 620 1 620
                                                                                                  Email: mail@opal-solutions.com
                                                                                                  Web: www.opal-solutions.com

Subject to status and acceptance. BlackBerry is subject to availability, compatibility and a minimum 12-month contract. Conditions apply.