Handout Lab Write-Up Requirements by jsf12239


									             "Handout: Lab Write-Up Requirements"

The lab write-up will be performed using Microsoft Word. In pairs, or as
individuals, write a one-page report on the Car Tally experiment. Your write-
up should be a minimum of one page.

In one paragraph, describe what you did in the “Car Tally” experiment.
Explain the procedures of the experiment. Use the questions below to
prompt your writing:
   • Who did you conduct the experiment with?
   • How did you get started?
   • How did you keep track of how many different colored cars there
   • How did you know you were done with the experiment?

Main Body:
The main body of this write-up will consist of two paragraphs. The first
paragraph should describe your spreadsheet and the second should explain
your bar graph. It is very important that in both of these paragraphs you list
and explain all relevant information (mean, median, mode, etc.) In addition
to this requirement, your spreadsheet and bar graph must be imported from
Excel into your Word document.

When concluding your write-up, answer these questions:
  • What went wrong in your experiment?
  • Do you think your data is accurate? Why/Why not?
  • What factors could have caused your data to be more or less accurate?
  • Do you feel your data is a good representation of the real world?

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