Executive Board Meeting Recap #2

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					              Executive Board Meeting Recap #2
                      September 8, 2009
Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm                  Meeting adjourn at 8:18 pm

                               CASC WEBSITE IS:

                         Agenda for Meeting
                    Calvert Association of Student Councils

                            Executive Board Meeting

                              September 8, 2009

1. Welcome to the CASC 2009-2010 September Executive Board Meeting!
    Please sign in!

2. Approval of Minutes
     Thanks to Kirsten
     Did everyone get a copy? Receive the email?

3. Officer Reports
       Everyone, please give a report on what you've done in the past month,
        even if this is getting the information you needed via email
       Review list of ideas delegated to officers

4. MASC Update
     Advance went well
            - This years theme is synergy, to things working together to form a
            force greater then the sum of throe parts
            - I am in contact with Regional Presidents, and we will be sharing
      information and ideas
            - The MASC state Charity this year is the Sarcoma foundation of
      America (SFA) (http://www.curesarcoma.org)
            - All our donation money will be going directly to the Johns
      Hopkins' Sarcoma Center

       Justin, Sandie, anything to add?
5. Dues
     Have we collected any yet? With information?
     Tell your adviser to pay your dues!

6. Theme
     Ideas
              - Indiana Jones?
              - So you think you can lead?
              - CASC and the rise to leadership?
7. General Assembly
      To stay on pace with last year, let's address:
              - Icebreaker?
              - Energizer? Form Banana?
              - Guest Speaker?
8. New Business
9. Dates
      Next Executive Board Meetings (7PM at CHS)
              - Tuesday, October 13th
              - Monday, November 2nd
      First General Assembly: Thursday, November 19th (PHS)
      Next MACS events
              - MASC Executive Board Meeting Tuesday, October 27th
              - High School Leadership Conference/Middle School Leadership
       Conference Saturday, November 14th at Northwestern High School
       in Prince George's County

    "Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them
                        surprise you with their results"
                              - George s. Patton

                            Meeting Notes:


      So You Think You Can Lead

     Discover Your Talent
             - Motivation
     Choreograph Your Routine
             - Planning
     Nail Your Performance
             - Execution/ Performance

General Meeting#1
     Workshops
            - 40 Developmental Aspects run by Mr. Guffrie Smith
            - MLW workshop run by Nathan
            - Need a third workshop???
     Energizer
            - Form Banana
     Icebreaker
            - Survey Who Has Talent
     Speaker
            - Ask Mr. Guffrie Smith???

General Meeting#2
    Workshops
            - Smart Goals run by Kirsten
            - Need a second workshop???
            - Need a third workshop???
    Energizer
            - Little Red Wagon
    Speaker
            - Ask MASC president to speak

General Meeting#3
    Workshops
            - Need all three workshops
    Energizer
            - Human Knot
    Speaker
            - We need to find a speaker

Energizer Ideas
     Iggle
     Little Red Wagon
     Human Knot
     Form Banana

Icebreaker Ideas
     Survey Who Has Talent

    Convention is February 24-26, 2009
    Dance only one night
    Boardwalk event other night
    MASC dues???
    November 14, 2009 Leadership Conference
             - At least 20 people

    SMOB Elect
    For 6 months
    SMOB board document are going to be revised soon
    Lobbying for SMOB???
    SMOB emailing list will be carried over for last year

     Cut the speakers to one person
     Make workshops 10 min longer
     Send an invite for GA to members of the board and administrators of
     Bylaws need to be revised
     Voting on new polices for bylaws
     Homecoming tickets will sell for $20
     Greg King is our new newsletter editor
     Who is NHS adviser???
             - Contact NHS
     Feeder school meetings need to be longer
             - MCMS - PHS
             - SMS/CMS - CHS
             - NMS/WHMS - HHS
             - PPMS - NHS

If something is missing or I need to change something please feel free to email


Kirsten Sellers

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