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Volume 17, Issue 1

The thought of reconciliation has been a lingering thought these past few weeks and thus, this set of verses has come to mind: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold, the new has come. All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation; that is, in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation.” II Corinthians 5:17 – 19 The theme of these and surrounding verses is reconciliation or a change from enmity to friendship according to the Greek translation of Scripture. Paul is intending to convert the hearts of the Corinthians to one of love and not hate, construction and not destruction as members of the Body of Christ. Paul uses the great example of love as seen in Christ Jesus as a model for us, disciples of today’s church. Do we take the example seriously in our church? My mother had a phrase which she liked to use when I was growing up. “Do as I say, not as I do.” I have heard the same words come from my own mouth as a mother. As a child of God, a worker in the Kingdom I struggle with the phrase. Seems to me we are called to “do and say as our God does and says”. Doesn’t give us much wiggle room, does it? Our human nature makes this impossible to accomplish; our nature in Christ makes it a very worthy goal. One way to begin the journey to this goal is in how we treat each other, how we reconcile ourselves to each other as God reconciled himself to us in Christ Jesus. I especially like Paul’s reminder that we are entrusted to bear the message of reconciliation to the world. Hard to do

if we are too busy thinking about those things which irritate us instead of being thankful for how God in Christ has settled once and for all any enmity that existed or exists between Him, us and each other. Seems to me as a people called to reconciliation we are called to be a people of ongoing forgiveness, “….not counting their trespassed against them.” As we begin this new year let us take to heart what it means to be reconciled to each other in Christ’s name. Let us live like people entrusted with the message of forgiveness – a new creation! Pastor Bettye On a personal note……………… Thank you all so much for your generous gift this past Christmas season. My family and I appreciate your kindness realizing that such a gift comes at a time of economic instability in our world. Your hearts are indeed overflowing with your thoughtfulness. May the God we love and worship continue to bless you in this New Year. Dave, Bettye and Jodi

40 Days of Meaningfully Praying the Lord’s Prayer
This year our Lenten Journey will involve the discipline of daily prayer using the Words Jesus taught us to pray and the weekly study of the words themselves. What is it for which we are praying when we use those words? We will use the format used last year during Lent. We will gather every Wednesday beginning on February 24th through March 24th in Luther Hall at 5:30pm for soup and bread. Dick Kauffman will lead us in study beginning at 6:15 p.m. We will then move to the Sanctuary at 7:00 p.m. and Pastor Bettye will lead us in Evening Lenten devotions.

Remember: Lent begins on Ash Wednesday February 17th with a special service at 7:00 p.m.

GRAPEVINE (NEWSLETTER) Effective in March it’s back to the early days at CLC when the Grapevine was “handed” to our members in the Narthex. Well that’s the plan again. Which means very few Grapevines will be mailed; saving us an expense. However, we have come a long way. You will NOW have the ability to receive the Grapevine on-line: or our blog: For those who want to continue receiving our Grapevine BY MAIL, please notify the church office: Call: 302-732-1156 Mon-Wed 9 am to 12 pm E-Mail: Mail: 30897 Omar Road, Frankford, DE 19945 Place a Note in the Offering Plate on Sunday

CLC Budget Cuts
Please note, from the Council Highlights that, because of necessary budget reductions, the church will be closed Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays beginning February 1. This particularly affects Simple lunch/dinner, AA, and Men’s Friday Bible Study. Appropriate people have been notified and are working on alternate meeting dates. Please stay tuned for announcements. Some of the other budget cuts include: • Reducing the size of the Grapevine by half the volume • Stopping bulk mail of Grapevine and providing them for pick-up after worship • Eliminating worship folders and using the Evangelical Book of Worship (ELW)to guide our worship • Reducing benevolence proportionate to our lower budget • Removal of the office fax line There was a reduction of miscellaneous other expenses which will be identified in the revised budget to be presented to the congregation at our Special Congregational Meeting immediately following the 10:30 am liturgy on January 31. Our situation will be reviewed quarterly and further adjustments will be made as necessary.

Cut off date is March 15. Any questions,
please call or e-mail me. Thanks, Bev Stalnaker

Recycling the Box
Hard to believe that two years have passed since being elected as Council President. How the time flies when you’re having fun!! It has, indeed, been fun to have participated at a time when Community had just called a new pastor and everyone was looking forward to getting to some sense of normalcy with a new, full-time pastor! And when I look back and think of the accomplishments, I praise God for His Wisdom in giving us a pastor and council with such dedication and commitment that insured Community would carry out His work with our hands. I’m thankful, too, for each and every member of our good congregation and the tremendous participation in carrying out the many tasks to help others. It has been a pleasure to serve Council and the Congregation for the past two years as President and I thank everyone for their good help and assistance for, certainly, I could not have done it alone! I look forward to continuing to serve as Vice President in 2010 and urge all to render support to our new President, Joanne Strunck, and new Council Members.

CLC Year End 2009 Operating Fund Financial Report Budgeted: Received: Behind: Expenses: Received: Difference: $188,019 170,934 ( 17,085) $181,818 170,934 ( 10,884)

We have many challenges before us in 2010; and I remain optimistic that the Congregation will step forward to insure success. The future of Community is in our hands. Let us be good stewards. Peace Be With You All, Sophia A. Riehl, Vice President

HGS: In a nutshell, our focus is on three ministries: Helping, Growing, and Sustaining. All that we are called to do, as outlined in our Constitution (Chapter 4, Statement of Purpose) will be covered under these three ministries by a variety of teams. The only committees that remain are those required under Chapter 13 (Audit, Call, Executive, Nominating, and Mutual Ministry). Many teams have emerged during the past few months with a new focus on facilitating, coordinating efforts, and teamwork.

Special Congregational Meeting and State of the Church Open Forum Please plan to attend the Special Congregation Meeting which has been called for January 31st after our 10:30 am liturgy. This meeting is for the sole purpose of attending to our budget issues. No other business can be conducted. This Special Congregation Meeting will be followed immediately by one of our quarterly Open Forums in which you are invited to share whatever is on your heart regarding our life together as church. No voting takes place at Open Forums. Opportunities Abound!! Now that we’ve begun 2010, there are new signup sheets on the bulletin board in the Narthex to host coffee hour (the first Sunday in each month) and to sponsor flowers and candles for the alter and to also sponsor bulletins. The cost remains $26 to sponsor flowers and $5 each to sponsor candles and bulletins. This is a wonderful was to honor or memorialize a loved one. Sign up while there are still plenty of opportunities! Hosting coffee hour the first Sunday of each month is a good opportunity to participate in CLC’s hospitality and fellowship. Consider volunteering to host one month. Reorganizing to Meet our Goals The details of reorganizing to better meet our mission and encourage greater participation will be shared on January 31 at our next State of the Church Open Forum. Many have participated in transitional meetings, which will be an ongoing thing as we live into this new organization.

Let us pray: Help us, God, to embrace the changes you bring to our lives and to grow through them. Amen Volunteering is Sharing Time & Talents! Over the years, a large number of our members have been instrumental in stepping forward to volunteer for the many ongoing tasks that need to be done at Community. Many have performed the same tasks for years and, in some cases, are experiencing burn-out. Please consider volunteering. There is a wide range of activities for diversified talents AND training is provided! For example: *Are you good with numbers? Consider being an understudy for our financial secretary, participating as a counter, joining the Audit Committee, or participating as an Endowment Fund manager. Let Barbara Bartges, Alice Hanke, or Linda Riehl know of your interests. *Are you interested in being available to help with grounds maintenance, building maintenance or cleaning? Give Larry Forster, Ted Bryam, or Tom Koerner a call. *Do you enjoy hosting events? Community has always been recognized by our members’ warm and caring hospitality. Opportunities abound for teaming up to host coffee hours, receptions, and special events. Contact anyone on the Fellowship & Hospitality Team (Kay Portland, Rose Troutman, Tom Koerner, and Ruth Sacona). *Do you get satisfaction from helping others? Community has been recognized for work with Frankford Elementary, food and clothing programs, prayer shawls and quilts. Consider calling Pat Carroll and let her know of your interest!

*Are you longing to participate in the worship experience by serving as an Assistant Minister, Communion Assistant, Greeter or Usher?? Give John Kearney a call. *Are you a computer guru? There are opportunities to manage CLC’s website as well as many computer programs. Contact Alice Hanke (website). *Do you have good writing abilities? Can you develop and make standard operating procedures easy to follow? Can you interpret rules/regulations? Your talents will be welcomed!! Contact Sophia Riehl. This is just a sampling of areas where your service and participation are welcomed whether your interest is for a one-time event, a few months, or a year. As indicated above, training is provided. Many, many thanks to all our disciples who have so willingly and unselfishly stepped forward to complete tasks in the past - and who continue to do so! Are We Safe at Community? The safety of our congregation is of utmost importance. We are again reminded to insure doorways are kept free of clutter, aisles are kept open and unobstructed and seating arrangements returned to original positions following events. Fire and Safety Codes as well as DE Building Codes (that incorporate ADA requirements) set forth procedures to be followed to assure the safety of members and visitors. Our Fire & Safety Team is responsible to keep us informed of necessary actions needed; however, everyone’s cooperation is necessary to insure the safety of others. Do You Know Your Constitution? This month we focus on Paragraph C12.05 that states that “The Congregation Council shall be responsible for the financial and property matters of this congregation. . . . . The Congregation Council shall be the board of trustees of this congregation, and as such shall be responsible for maintaining and protecting its property and the management of its business and fiscal affairs. It shall have the powers and be subject to the obligations that pertain to such boards under the laws of the State of Delaware.”

CLC Calendar Please note that all additions or changes to the CLC calendar should go through Deb Koerner in the church office. Her office hours are Monday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. She can also be reached at Deb will see that the information gets on the calendar in the church office, on the church website, to Doris Dillard for the church Sunday bulletin, and to Bev Stalnaker for the Grapevine (newsletter)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Evelyn Beaver Judy Striebig 2 Debby Koerner 3 Kay Portland 5 Suzanne Schaeffer 13 Leslie Rinker 14 Kelsey Magill 16 Dave Wolinski Gloria Naar 19 Sue McCabe 20 Dot Cooper 21 Nancy DeWeese 24 Fred Zimmerman 25 Bob Hagelstein 27 Roland Pattinson 27 1


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Hilmar & Carol Fricke Pat Baughman Diane & Richard Moses 6 Fran & Mary Kline 18 Ralph & Phyllis Browning 28

1 4

If we don’t have your birthday or anniversary dates, please call the office 302-732-1156 Flower – Violet Birthstone – Amethyst


THANK YOU FRIENDS Just a note of thanks for all the prayers for my brother Jerry. May “God” bless you one and all for the words of comfort that you have conveyed to me. I deeply appreciate all the sympathy, cards, I have received and will treasure each one, thank you – thank you so much. When I was in need of a smile and words of comfort you, my friends, were there for me! I will be forever grateful and I pray you shall be forever blessed! Alleluia, Norman Farlow

Highlights from the Council Meeting held on Sunday, January 10, 2010. Motions approved/disapproved Approved the minutes of the Council retreat of October 30 & 31 and meeting of November 7. Approved the minutes of December 13 as amended. Approved the Treasurer’s report. Approved changing the Nursery to a Supply Closet for the Service Team Approved the use of Stewardship Cards as part of our “Respond, Return, Rejoice” stewardship program. Approved moving the organ and piano back to the loft area in response to a report from the Safety Team. Approved assigning to the Music as Ministry Steering Committee the task of preparing a description of our requirements for an organist and choir director including the development of a position description, and of engaging temporary organists in the meantime. Approved a $9,412 reduction in the 2010 budget to be presented to the congregation at the special meeting on January 31 for their approval. Approved closing the Church facilities to all activities on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays beginning February 1.

For the new members and old ones – we have been collecting tabs from soda cans, beer cans, cat food cans, etc. Larry Agsten turns them in for cash which goes to our Building Fund. Please save your tabs and ask your neighbors and friends to save for you and place them in the container in Luther Hall. Last month was light – only collected $4.80. BUT every little bit counts and Larry reminded me that new folks may not know about this project. We thank all who have been saving their tabs and many thanks to Larry for taking care of this!! PLEASE REMEMBER TO PICK UP YOUR STATEMENTS AND ENVELOPE BOXES IN THE NARTHEX. Barb Bartges, Financial Secretary THANK YOU…… Dear Members of the CLC: Thank you so much for the classroom supplies you left by surprise at our Kindergarten classroom door. All supplies are greatly needed and well appreciated by the students and me. It was a great lesson for my students to learn and realize the importance of giving. Sincerely, Patti Bunting, Frankford Elementary Thank you for your generous “goodie bags.” All of the supplies will be put to use. It is amazing how excited teachers get over Kleenex, Clorox, wipes, paper towels, and office supplies. Thank you for thing of us! Fondly, Linda Maxwell, Pre-K, Frankford Elem.

Approved reconstruction of the railings in the choir loft, to meet required safety code standards. Approved, subject to ARC approval, the addition of lighting to choir steps, to meet safety code standards.
Reports and discussions A letter from Cora Bruner resigning her position as organist/choir director was read, as was the letter of acceptance sent to her by our Council President and our Pastor. This will be a topic at our congregation’s Open Forum on January 31. Beginning in February Pastor will offer a new bible study “Giving to God” as part of our “Respond, Return, Rejoice” stewardship program. Since we have no budget for snow removal, Church facilities will have to be closed if the parking lot is unusable due to snow. Discussed the need to develop plans for the future of our congregation given the present financial crisis.

NEW MEMBER BIO: Hi! My name is Andrea Booth. I am a widow and live in Ocean View. My mom, Dorothy, lives with me and has for over 3 years, since my father died. I have 2 sons: Michael, who also lives in Ocean View and is a chef at Café Sole in Rehoboth, and Eric, who lives in Queens, NY and is a college professor with a PhD is psychology. I have 2 brothers, Chris who lives in Dagsboro and Jerry who lives in NC. I also have 2 wonderful grandchildren: Mikey is 13 and Lexi is 10. They live in Florida with their mother and we usually get to see them twice a year. I am originally from Long island, NY. When I was 29, my husband, 2 boys and I moved to Dowingtown, PA and lived there for 25 years. I moved to DE in 2002 after my husband died of brain cancer. I worked at a little health food store in Bethany Beach for over 6 years before it closed in October 2008. I love to read, garden (both veggies and flowers), cook and watch NY Mets baseball games. I get to walk a lot as I “dog sit” Mike’s cute little Jack Russell terrier 3-1/2 days a week. I always loved the beach, but since living here never seem to get there anymore! I would like to start taking yoga classes. I love to play games and right now do dinner and dominos with my brother, sister-in-law and two friends once a month, taking turns at each other’s homes. I am glad I found CLC to attend and am looking forward to becoming more involved in the future.

NEW MEMBERS BIO: Ted and Linda Byram were both born and raised in north Jersey. Since retiring in 2007, they have lived in Delaware in the Long Neck section of Millsboro. Linda is a life long Lutheran and Ted, for the last 30 years. Both were active in Trinity Lutheran Church in Dover, NJ serving on Council, Sunday School, stewardship, choir, and property committees. Ted worked for The Maytag Co. for 35 years until his retirement and Linda was a school teacher for 33 years before retiring. They have 3 children, ages 39, 36 and 29, two of whom live with their families in Cincinnati, Ohio, and one who lives in San Clemente, California with her Marine husband. Several trips a year take them to Ohio to watch their four grandchildren, ranging in ages from 3-12, in various sporting events. Ted enjoys golf, reading and going to the beach. Linda enjoys reading, crocheting, yoga and the beach as well.

OUR MILITARY PRAYER LIST PFC Don Abrams Kristina Marie Carroll William Calvin Carroll 2nd Lt. Geoffrey Gray ENS Robert Hastings AIC Joshua W. Mixon LCpl. A. J. Pasternak Spec. Stephen Sullivan

COFFEE HOUR Please take time to the monthly coffee bulletin board in the sign-up hour. Narthex. for See

Please let me know if you would like to add someone to this list. Thanks, Bev

Starting on February 24th thru March 24th we will meet each Wednesday at: 5:30 p.m. 6:15 p.m. 7:00 p.m. To Share Soup and Bread Bible Study with D. Kauffman Worship Service

THIS MONTH IN OUR HISTORY: (Excerpts) Ten Years Ago: Cora Bruner has been secured on a month to month basis to serve as our organist/choir director. Cora comes to us with a rich background in music. She is a teacher, who is presently completing her dissertation for a Ph.D. in church music. We are fortunate to have her services while we seek a contract employee for the position. Bob Druckenmiller Five Years Ago: Thank you for your response to the needs of the people struck by the Tsunami. Gifts that will be processed through our DE/MD Synod and passed on to our Lutheran World Relief amounted to $1,045. Of these monies, 100% will go to the needs of the people. Pastor John Barton Last Year: Praying for the President of the United States: As Christians we are called to prayer for ALL people. In this time of economic, social and personal challenge let us pray for not only ourselves and our loved ones but also for those who lead this country and the world. Today: After ten years we are again seeking an organist/choir director. If you know of anyone, please let us know. Bev Stalnaker

HAND & FOOT CARD GROUP On February 3rd our group will begin meeting at the Ocean View Presbyterian Church on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays. All are welcome.

NO FLOWERS DURING LENT If you signed up for flowers on the following Sundays: February 21, 28, March 7, 14, 21, 28 please choose another date. During Lent the altar is left bare. Flowers will resume on Easter morning. Thank you. SIMPLE LUNCH CLC will have a Valentine Day Party and Simple Lunch combination in February. Date and time to be announced later. Ticket prices stay at $6.00.

COMMUNITY AT THE CROSSROADS Anne Hanna Lectures: Bethany Beach Library – Kent Avenue Art in the Afternoon 2:00 p.m. January 21 February 18 March 18 April 15 Georgia O’Keefe & Alfred Stieglitz Ansel Adams, Photographer Rodin, Sculpture Chihuly, Glass Blower

Companions on the Road
The title for my monthly column is based on the model of Jesus walking with two companions on the road to Emmaus, and their recognizing him in the breaking of bread. I have borrowed the idea from a book written by The Rev. Dr. Stephen Bouman. “Companion” literally means someone with whom we share our bread (“con” “panis” = “with bread”). The relationships we develop in our life together as church flow from the sacramental table. This column will be an attempt to help keep us connected as companions on the journey we all began at our baptism; a journey that is nourished at the Table; a journey that is strengthened as we work and play, laugh and cry together; and a journey that does not end until we meet our Lord face to face on the last day. As we interact, we change and we grow personally and communally because the Agent of our interaction is the Christ, who accompanies us on the way and lights our path in the journey toward Shalom. So, each month I will attempt to lift up some aspect of our life together as church that enhances our journey toward Shalom and strengthens our relationships along the way. When people are on a journey together, they share both their joys and their sorrows – all the things on their hearts. So I invite you to do this with me. Let me know the things that are on your heart that you feel would contribute to our companionship on the road, and I will try to share that. This month I would like to lift up our Altar Guild. I am often struck, as I worship, with the quiet and faithful service of these women. Each Sunday our bread has been baked by a companion on the road (thank you Gloria Naar and Carol Agsten!); wine has been poured; linens and paraments (most handmade or donated by our members) have been carefully washed and pressed; worship supplies have been purchased; attention paid to seasonal liturgical colors….and so much more. It is easy to take these things for granted, until we stop and pay attention to the many gifts that surround us in our life together. We give thanks to God for these women who serve us on the Altar Guild each Lord’s Day and in between: Carol Agsten, Gloria Naar, Linda Riehl, Susan Pittinger, Deb Koerner, Mary Ellen Engler, Janice Fabian, Jeannette DiBlasi and Doris Egbert

I pray Christ’s continued presence on our journey, and our open hearts… Joanne Strunck, Council President

YOUR LOCAL BENEVOLENCE AT WORK: A spiritual reminder of who benefits from local benevolence(LB). On January 11, 2010, the Service Team placed Ark of Refuge(AOR) and Grace of God(GOD) on our local benevolence list. The following explains how they use this money given to them only when funds become available. AOR Mission Shelter helps support a feeding program on Saturdays. A large hot meal is provided to all in need during these difficult times. The average number fed is 130. These meals are eat-in or carry out and provide Jesus’ love and fellowship with each meal. This winter, thanks to LB, AOR provided tents, propane, heaters and warm clothing to those in need. It allowed AOR to pay several heating bills allowing families to stay in their homes for the winter, along with assisting with medical and household needs. Recently with the help of LB, a Soup Kitchen at Grace UM Church was opened. This soup kitchen is open on Thursdays and at present is feeding approximately 100 people. AOR’s vision is to open a full-time homeless shelter. Benevolence funds sent to GOG will only be used to support their Grocery Club, which helps feed the homeless and disadvantages in the Long Neck area, as well as their low income neighbors. The Grocery Club provides food for a group of families on a monthly basis. Club members are not charged, but they are involved in food choices and food distribution. Please call Bill or Pat Carroll if you have any questions or concerns regarding LB. They will try to answer any questions or concerns. Service Team

PANCAKE SUPPER Mariner’s Bethel UM Church is hosting again this year. Shrove Tuesday will be on February 16, 2010, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The dinner is FREE, but donations are accepted in order to defray costs. Please join us. LENTEN SERVICES These are services held during the season of Lent, but exclude Ash Wednesday and the Wednesday of Holy Week. The evening begins at 6:00 p.m. with a light supper of soup, salad and bread. Worship is then held at 7:00 p.m.
Feb. 24th March 3rd March 10th March 17th March 24th St. Georges UM Church - Clarksville Ocean View Presbyterian Church St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church - Bethany Mariner's Bethel UM Church - Ocean View St. Martha's Episcopal Church - Bethany

respect for members of Community Lutheran Church and for myself. As this decision evolved, memories of Gloria’s laughter, Janet’s warm smile, Kay Portland’s generosity, Norm’s incredible support, and Alice’s throat candy made me more determined to find the right answer. I’ve even pulled out the Barton family accordion and given it a few squeezes! The biggest surprise was your Christmas gift. A number of years ago when I was researching on Smith Island, the churches let me see the tradition of the Christmas Give. Each year the church and community members donate money to the Preacher. Seeing these people share with such open hearts and sincerity in spite of their own needs was profound. I never thought anyone would do this for me. Each year your gift is a surprise. This year I treasure the gift more than ever because you shared out of love and trust even Community Lutheran is experiencing difficult times. I am sorry I couldn’t be there to accept your special gift in person. Thank you so much for remembering me. As you continue your journey, I wish you good days filled with laughter and song. I will miss my music partner and colleague Bob Druckenmiller; you almost made me a Lutheran organist! Gloria Naar, Bill Mixon, and Paul Hanke have been wonderful Music & Worship Chair People to work with. The choir has been awesome – you are the best! Finally, the deepest gratitude for Gladys: you have been the backbone of this music program setting such a marvelous example of determination, patience, perseverance, and creativity so that we could raise monies to acquire the necessary items to function as church musicians. Thank you everyone for being such an important part of my life and that of my family.

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER The World Day of Prayer is Friday, March 5, 2010 at Community Lutheran Church. More on this later.


A Note from Cora
Sitting in my quiet classroom these afternoon, strains of familiar hymns flow through my mind, this one in particular: and God will raise you up on eagle’s wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shine like the sun. . . “ When we sang Michael Joncas’ beautiful chorus, from On Eagle’s Wings, my soul soared into musical heights supported by the trust and love in your voices. For nine years we have sung together sharing our souls, our most inner thoughts, and vulnerabilities. You, the congregation of Community Lutheran Church, have supported the music program (and me) with laughter, inspiration, prayers, and lots of music making. Sometimes you didn’t say or sing anything; you were just there. I chose not to return as organist/choir director, after a month of “temporary suspension,” as a matter of

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