Board of Trustees (BOT) Meeting August 22, 2009 RECAP by ixo45167


									                               Board of Trustees (BOT) Meeting
                                       August 22, 2009

The following are the major decisions made by the Board/Executive Committee at its
August meeting.

Effective August 22, 2009, the price for of Lifeline subscriptions was increased as follows:
                              U.S.         Canada        Outside
       1 year (10 issues)     $23          $29           $38
       2 years (20 issues)    $44          $56           $74
       3 years (30 issues)    $63          $81           $108
The magazine will also undergo a significant redesign, beginning in November 2009.

The appointment of Region One and Region Two trustees were affirmed. Robert P. and Meg H.
will serve in the positions to the end of World Service Business Conference (WSBC) 2010.

The 2010 World Service Convention theme was revised to: “Now Playing – 50 Years of OA

Dr. Marty Lerner was selected to receive the OA Appreciation Award at the 2010 World Service

A suggested OA hotline voice mail message was adopted for use by OA service bodies. The text
will be available on the Web site in the Service Body Support section, and will also be in the
next issue of A Step Ahead and the next service body mailing.

The Strategic Publications Plan was adopted, which includes revising the Sponsoring Through
the Twelve Steps pamphlet draft which was defeated at WSBC 2009.

Guidelines for Locally Produced Literature were revised to now require that local literature must
be reviewed and approved by a service body above the group level. This does not include
newsletters, meeting lists, flyers, posters, letterhead and business cards.

The OA logo permission policy was revised to include in the two-year blanket permission
proviso the following items: posters, stationery, and business cards. In addition, applicants must
now include a printed sample depicting the customized trademark with the permission request.

The theme for WSBC 2010—“Half a Century = One World of Growth”—was adopted. The
tentative Conference agenda was also approved.

A skit about the Seventh Tradition was approved for distribution to OA service bodies. It will be
posted on the Web site soon with the other two Seventh Tradition skits that were adopted in
                                                                         BOT Meeting—August 22, 2009

The proposed script for a new television Public Service Announcement was approved.
Production will commence in September, and the PSAs should be ready for distribution in early

Registration fees for the 2010 World Service Convention were approved. They are as follows:

      Early full pre-registration (by July 2)     $95    Thursday only     $35
      Late full pre-registration (after July 2)   $125   Friday only       $45
      On site full registration                   $135   Saturday only     $65
      Banquet                                     $50    Sunday only       $35


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