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SECOND LINE (personal) ON A STATE CELL PHONE FAQ�s 1. Can a second by vmarcelo


									           SECOND LINE (personal) ON A STATE CELL PHONE FAQ’s

1. Can a second (personal) line be added to a state cell phone?
   The state cell phone policy allows a second (personal) line to be added to a state cell
   phone if there is a business need to do so. Individual agencies may have a stricter policy
   regarding this, or may not allow it at all, and needs to be reviewed before proceeding. If
   allowed by the individual agency, approval must be obtained from the cell phone
   coordinator/liaison for the agency before ordering.

2. Can a second (personal) line be added to all state cell phones?
   The basic phones provided with the cell phone service under state contract can have the
   capability for a second line. However, those phones with a “walkie-talkie” line cannot
   accommodate a second (personal) line. There may be other types of phones which will
   not handle a second line.

3. What are the advantages of adding a second (personal) line to a state cell phone?
   There really is only one advantage and that is not having two cell phone devices – one for
   state business and one for personal business. In some cases, the monthly cost of the
   personal line may be slightly less.

4. What are the disadvantages of adding a second (personal) line to a state cell phone?
   There are many disadvantages in doing this which usually outweigh the single one
   advantage. These include:
      a. The cell phone can only handle incoming ringing for whichever mode (business
          or personal) it is in. If the phone is in the personal line mode, then calls to the
          state number will not ring and will go to voice mail. There will be no notification
          of the call.
      b. The second (personal) line must be from the same carrier as the state cell phone.
      c. There are a very limited amount of plans to choose from for your personal usage.
      d. You cannot pool with other family members that you may add to your personal
      e. You are not allowed to upgrade your unit as newer technology is released.
      f. You cannot take the personal line, or the phone number, if you change positions
          or leave state service since it is associated with the state account for the cell phone.
      g. The cell phone carrier usually requires a contract with the individual for a
          minimum of one year for the personal line. Depending on the plan it could be up
          to 2 years. If a person leaves state service before the contract expiration, they
          could be liable for the termination costs for the second (personal) line.
      h. Blackberries or other PDA’s are not equipped to have a second (personal) line.

5. What are the costs for adding the second (personal) line?
   The costs vary by cell phone vendor and are more that the contract rates provided to the

6. How do I order the second (personal) line to be added to my state cell phone?
   Once approval has been obtained from your agency’s coordinator/liaison for adding the
   second (personal) line, it may be ordered by calling the 800 telephone number provided
   for the cell phone vendor. All negotiations regarding type of plan and rate selected are
   between the user and the cell phone vendor. It is outside of the state contract. All billing
   for this service is sent directly from the vendor to the user and the state is not responsible
   for any usage on this second (personal) line.

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